No more black holes…

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- - - - - - -

"GOTCHA!" And, with that, he laughed as Kim and Ron came into the room, Ron handing Kim a $20.

"Well, Slick, I told you it would happen this week. You owe me $50." Slim Possible walked in the room and gave his brother a high-five.

- - - - - - -

"Did y'all bet on us, agin?" Joss glared at the four smiling, guilty parties.

"Well…" Kim stammered, and Slim laughed.

"Sweet Tea: it was so obvious, from the first time you two met when Wade stepped out of that jet, that you two were destined for each other," Slim laughed, then squealed as his wife came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"You think that was bad, Slim?" Dr. Elizabeth Director-Possible countered. "You weren't in the jet with him on the way up there, and you certainly couldn't wipe that smile off his face on the way back," she added.

"Listen, MTB: you weren't exactly quiet and demure, either," Wade laughed as he squeezed Joss' hand. "You were a blubbering bunch of insecurities: not a good look for the Director of Global Justice," and Betty grinned.

"It could have been worse, Wade," Joss laughed and pointed at Kim. "At least, we didn't hang from a cactus," and Kim blushed and Ron grinned.

"Hey, don't knock the cactus: it worked for me," Ron pointed at his fiancé and kissed her cheek. "Besides, Wade, look at what it did for you."

Joss looked over at her almost- fiancé and grinned. 'We're talking rich, dark chocolate, Ron, and quite tasty, too!" she kissed him, and Wade, to his learned credit, kissed her back.

"You saved me, Wade, from all of those demons of Momma's death, the attack at the school, our dealings with Weatherbuggg," and Kim laughed: there was an absolute faux-villain.

"And, you pulled me, Joss, from my room and my agoraphobia, and you helped me break though my own Stephanie demons, as well," he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it. "Thank you for my life, my dear," and grinned as she wriggled her finger that contained the promise ring he'd given her.

"Not yet, Sweet Tea," he chided.

"Soon, Aggie," she smirked back, and she wrapped her arm around his waist.

"I guess we'd better get your stuff over to Walter and Marisa Kay's; they're probably wondering what took us so long to pack your stuff," Wade chuckled.

"We'll all go," Anne smiled as she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck.

"Besides," she told James, "You're cooking tonight," and James smiled.

"Dinner? And…" James grinned

"TMI!" Kim and Ron laughed.

"I'm buying," Wade announced. "It's our anniversary, after all," and they all laughed.

"And, no Bueno Nacho!"

- - - - - - -

A/N: This is a direct request from Wade and Joss for their anniversary.