For IrisEclipsed.

Skeleton Rose

They called her by a name she no longer remembers in a place she would rather forget.

It was a day of routine, one she'd been through a thousand times before. Training to become stronger, faster, better than she already was. It was only the fault of her teammates to make her believe that a woman could only be a medic. She didn't want a conformist future; she wanted her own.

That may have been how she'd gained his attention. She hadn't been sure why a Grass nin was in her training grounds and requesting a spar, but she was not one to recline from a challenge.

She found him to be a formidable foe, much to her delight. But he left after he'd had her pinned roughly to a tree, leaving her only a vow of return. She held him to his word each time he visited her.

It soon became an unspoken promise on both of their part; he would always come back if she was there waiting for him with a blade.