It was a new day in Jump City. A month had passed since the Titans had last seen Slade. Their other enemies had remained in jail where they belonged. Life in the Titan's tower was once again back to normal. Cyborg and Beast Boy still had their occasional food fights. Raven still had her head in the books. Even Silkie was back to his normal every day schedule. As for our other two Titans, life too had taken it's normal routine. But things between Robin and Starfire were on an awkward level. None the less, they still managed to keep their friendship in tact.

It was morning time and four of the Titans stood in the living room. Cyborg and Beast Boy sat on the couch playing a video game. Their eyes locked on the screen and their fingers clicking vigorously at the game controller.

"Your going down tin man."

"I don't think so grass stain."

Beast Boy wiggled his eyebrows. "Hey, Raven, how about a kiss for good luck."

"You're lucky I'm busy right now or I would have to hurt you for that remark."

Raven grabbed her cup of tea and left the living room, a book in hand. Once the doors closed Beast Boy spoke again.

"She so wants me."

Cyborg suddenly pulled ahead of Beast Boy and pushed his turbo button.

"He shoots...he scores!" yelled Cyborg, jumping up from the couch and doing a little dance. "Booya! Who's the man!"

"Dude, no fair! I was distracted."

"Well you should have had your eyes on the game instead of Raven."

Beast Boy hung his head in defeat.

"Wanna play again?"

Beast Boy raised his head. "You're so on. Watch, this time I'm gonna win."

"Let's make this quick. I gotta call Bumblebee."

Beast Boy nodded and they both focused on their game.

Starfire, who was in the kitchen, got up from her seat and left the living room. She traveled down the grey halls. It seemed like every one had somebody, every one but her. Cyborg and Bumblebee were still a happy couple. Even Raven and Beast Boy had each other, even though they were not a official couple yet.

She wanted that and at a time she did. She sighed. Why did Robin have to walk out on her? Why couldn't he let his obsession with Slade go? Why did she still have these feelings for him? They were still best friends but she wanted more, and at the same time she didn't. She didn't want to be thrown to the side again and be hurt.

She was so lost in thought that she wasn't watching where she was going. She crashed into something, or rather someone. She fell to the ground and opened her eyes. There was Robin, he too had fallen to the floor. She quickly got up and helped him.

"Please forgive me, Robin. I was not looking where I was going."

"It's ok, Star. It was an accident."

"Still, I am the sorry. You are undamaged?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. What about you?"

"I am fine."

The two stood in silence. Neither one of them daring to look at the other.

"So, um...I guess I'll be going."

"Oh, yes. I too must be going."

Starfire moved her way around him and proceeded to walk down the hall. Robin walking the opposite way. She stopped and turned around.


Hearing her voice made him stop as well. "Yeah, Star."

She sighed and her gaze fell to the ground. "It is nothing."

She continued to walk away. Robin looked down and walked away too.


Robin punched at the punching bag. He threw punches and kicks until he wore himself out. He walked over to his towel and water bottle which was placed on the bench. Taking a seat, he dried off the sweat on his forehead. He toke a drink of water, enjoying the cooling sensation it gave him when he drank. Robin leaned against the wall and his thoughts trailed off to a certain red head.

Robin remembered when he used to train with Starfire. Back when they were a couple. Now he sat all alone in the gym. He knew what he did a month ago was stupid and it cost him a lot, and he regretted it. He wished what happened between him and Starfire never happened, that they were still together. But they agreed to stay friends, and he had to live with it, no matter how much he wished they were more. They were only friends.


It was late and Starfire found herself in bed, her head at the end of the bed and her feet kicked up on the pillow. Her hair fell down like a red waterfall. Her eyes were closed and she began to think. Her thoughts went to Robin. Ever since they broke up a part of her was missing. She thought, maybe she was wrong to end their relationship. What if Robin's obsession with Slade would end?

Her train of thought came to a stop at the ringing of the alarm.


All of the Titans headed to the living room. What they saw made them stop in their tracks. Each one of them had wide eyes and mouths open that could reach the floor.

"Hello, Titans."

Beast Boy gripped his head. "Dude! Come on! Lava and falling off a cliff! Can't you just go away already!"

"Here I thought you would all be happier to see me."

"The sight of you makes me wanna hurl." Cyborg said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Each Titan had a flare in their eyes, most of all Robin. On screen was none other then Slade.

Robin narrowed his eyes. "What do want, Slade?"

A slight chuckle was heard from Slade. "Are you aware of Jump City Labs? They have extraordinary equipment there."

"What are you after, Slade?" Robin yelled. "Tell me!"

"If your so eager to find out, Robin, then why don't you come and find out."

With that said Slade cut of the connection making the screen turn blank.

"He's up to something." Raven said.

"Question is; what?" Cyborg added.

"I don't care what he's planning," Robin said, his eyes narrowed. "We will stop him."

Robin turned and walked for the door, the rest of the team close behind. Starfire looked down. She saw the look on his face. The same look he gets when Slade comes around. Then she thought, maybe the obsession would never stop.


She looked up and saw Raven near the door.

"We have to go."

Starfire nodded and flew to the door.


It didn't take much time for the titans to arrive at Jump City Labs. They stormed into the lobby to find it was empty. Robin turned to face the team.

"Slade's somewhere in this building and we have to find him. Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy, I want you guys to check the ground level. Starfire and I will take the top."

They nodded and separated. Starfire floated next to Robin as they headed for the top level of the building. She couldn't quite focus. She was worried. Slade showing up only meant trouble.

"Robin..." her voice cut through the quietness of the hallway.

He stopped to face her.

"What is it do you think Slade is planning?"

"I'm not sure, but we have to stop him."

He made a fist and punched his hand. Starfire looked down. She knew defeating Slade was important but she didn't want to lose Robin in the process. Robin saw the look of distress on her face.

"Everything will be okay, Starfire."

"Touching words, Robin."

Robin and Starfire turned around. There was Slade.

"Slade," Robin growled. "I don't know what your after but I'm not letting you get away so easy."

"Really, you'll have to catch me first."

Slade then hit a button next to him causing a barrier to form between Robin and Starfire. Slade then made a run for it. Starfire turned around and tried to break the barrier but could not, it was made of some kind of blue energy.

"Starfire, go after Slade."

"But, Robin, I can not leave you here."

"Don't worry about me. I'll catch up as soon as I can."

Starfire hesitated at first but then ran to catch up with Slade. Robin then pulled out his communicator.

"Titans, I need you to go help Starfire. I sent her after Slade and she'll need back up."

Raven appeared on screen to answer him. "Robin, we can't. We're surrounded."

She lifted up her communicator to show him the dozens of Slade robots that surrounded herself, Cyborg and Beast Boy. Robin closed his communicator and began to work on the barrier. He had just sent Starfire to go fight Slade by herself. He needed to get out and find them before it was to late.


Starfire followed Slade as fast as she could. He made a turn and she followed. When she made the turn she found herself in front of a large door. She took a deep breath before pushing the door open. As she opened the door, the lights to the room turned on. She took a look around. There was computers and numerous machines in the room, but where was Slade? She ventured deeper into the room. The door shut behind her and someone's laughter filled the room. Her eyes started to glow as someone stepped out of the shadows.


"Starfire, I was hoping you show up."

That took her by surprise. Slade was glad to see her?

"I was hoping to have a talk with you."

"I do not wish to talk to you! You are a very bad man!"

"So then I suppose you don't wish to hear of my plans."

Starfire stayed silent. As much as she would like to pound his face in, it was important for them to know what Slade was planning. It would be what Robin wanted. Her eyes stopped glowing and Slade smirked under the mask. He then pulled out a small blue computer chip for her to see.

"I bet your wondering why I came here. It was to get this."

She had to ask. "What does it do?"

"This is a device so powerful, it can even be used to destroy a Titan."

This made Starfire come alert and her eyes and hands began to glow.

"I will not let you hurt Robin."

Slade laughed and put the chip back in his pocket.

"Who said I was talking about Robin."

Her eyes widen in realization. He wasn't after Robin. This gave her relief and great worry. If he didn't want Robin, then who? She didn't have time to react as Slade ran in to attack.


Robin ran as fast as his feet would take him. His mind was rushing with thoughts. His main concern was for Starfire's well being. He hoped she was holding her own against Slade. His eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched. If Slade had hurt Starfire in any way he will pay. Robin ran faster hoping he wasn't to late.


Starfire groaned in pain as she tried to lift herself up. Slade didn't give her the opportunity. He picked her up and threw her into a wall. Starfire's eyes started to glow green but she didn't get the chance to attack as Slade grabbed her by her throat and pinned her to the wall. She clawed at his hands in a attempt for him to release her.

"I thought you would be stronger then this, Starfire."

Starfire ignored him and opened her eyes. She shot her eyebeams at him, releasing her from his hold. She fell to the floor and collapsed. Her body couldn't take anymore. Slade stood up and eyed the girl. He wasn't expecting her to use her eyebeams. She was filled with surprises. He walked over to her and moved her with his foot so she faced up. She was unconscious.

"Your lucky you're the key to my plan or else I would have finished you by now," with that said he walked away. "Oh, before I forget..."

He reached inside his pocket and took out a control. "Enjoy the present."

He pushed the trigger and explosions could be heard. The ceiling started to crumble and pieces fell to the floor. The whole building began to rattle.


On the lower level of the building Raven and the guys heard the explosion and saw the effects. Raven changed into herself and carried the boys to safety.


Robin stopped when he heard the explosion. No doubt in his mind Slade was behind this. He ran faster to where Starfire's signal was. He kicked open the doors and looked around the room.



The others made it out just in time. The building began to collapse and it caused dust to rise in the air. Beast Boy squinted his eyes. From the dust a figure walked out. The others ran up to him.


"Dude, what happened?"

Robin had Starfire in his arms and gently placed her on the ground so Raven could get a good look at her.

"She's fine. Just a little beat up."

"What happened to Slade?"

Robin narrowed his eyes. "He got away."



Slade opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room. He tossed the disk on the table so Professor Chang could see it.

"I want the machine built as soon as possible."

Professor Chang nodded and took the disk.


The next day...

The suns rays showered her room in a brilliant light. The light bothered her eyes, but none the less she opened them. She was surprised to see she wasn't in her room but in the medical room. She lifted herself off the bed and winced in pain. That's when the door opened.

"Easy, Starfire. You need to rest."

Starfire looked up and saw Robin. She obeyed and laid back down in bed. He had come in to see if she was okay but it was clear she was still in some pain. He took the seat that was placed by her bed and sat down. He wanted to ask her about last night, about Slade, but decided against it. It would have to wait, for now.


"Huh?" Robin snapped out oh his thoughts to gaze at her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just thinking."

"Oh," was all she said and looked away. "I am sorry."

"Sorry? For what?"

"For letting Slade get away. For letting you down."

Robin took her hand in his. "Starfire, it wasn't your fault. You didn't let me down. I'm just glad your okay."

She smiled at him and their was a brief silence. Robin gazed at her hand to see he was still holding it. He quickly let go and blushed.


"It is alright."

"I guess I should go." he stood up but Starfire grabbed his arm.

"Robin...if it is not to much trouble could you stay here with me, until I fall asleep.

He smiled and nodded, sitting back down in his seat. Maybe there was some hope for them to be more then friends after all.