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The boy wonder stood over the fallen girl and pointed his bow staff at her neck.

"I want answers," Robin began, his body leaning down and his hand grabbing a fist full of the mask. He began to yank the mask off of the girl's face. "And you're..."

Robin's eyes went wide as a pair of emerald eyes looked back at him. A wave of red hair fell limp around the girl's shoulders and orange face.

Robin's voice mirrored the shocked emotions he was feeling. "Starfire?"

Starfire narrowed eyes glowed green. Using her eyebeams she shot at him, throwing him a good distance away from her.

Robin's body was tossed like a pebble being skipped across a river. He landed on his back next to the other Titans who had recovered. With Cyborg's help, Robin picked himself off of the ground.

"Starfire, what's wrong with you?" Beast Boy asked.

Starfire glared at him, her fist glowing with power. "My name is not Starfire," Starfire threw a starbolt at him, knocking Beast Boy off the ground. "It is Darkfire."

"Alright, that's enough," Cyborg said furiously, running towards Starfire and tackling her to the ground. "Star, you need to stop! We're your friends, remember?"

"My only friend is Slade." Starfire replied darkly, launching herself into the air. Cyborg held on to her as if for dare life. Starfire flew quickly and stopped abruptly, causing Cyborg to lose his grip and fly off of her and into a nearby wall.

Raven opened up a portal and appeared behind Starfire. Using her powers, she wrapped Starfire up in her magic tentacles. Starfire struggled to free herself, but to no avail.

"This isn't like you, Starfire. Please, let me help you," Raven said softly, her hands reaching out and her eyes glowing white. She touched Starfire's face with the palm of her hands. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Starfire gasped and the world around her turned black.

A table... Straps...

A man in a mask... He was holding something.

A disc... The machine.

A girl. She was in pain... She was screaming.


Raven gasped as the images of Starfire and Slade clouded her mind. A look of worry crossed her face. "Starfire?"

"... You shouldn't have done that!" Starfire growled, glaring at the empath.

From below, Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg had gathered together. They looked up at the sky and saw an explosion of green energy. The next thing they knew Raven was being hurled to the ground.

"Raven!" Beast Boy cried out.

Raven opened her eyes, and at the last minute she levitated herself. Her face was mere centimeters away from the ground.

Beast Boy quickly went up to her, helping her to her feet.


Robin, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy looked up at Starfire. She was floating in the air, arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

"Let this be a warning to you now, Titans. This city belongs to Slade. Be wise and step aside from his path, or else... you'll have to deal with me!"

Starfire had nothing more to say, so she reached inside her belt pocket and tossed a smoke bomb into the air. It exploded, and a purple gas filled the air. When it cleared Starfire was gone.

The Titans stood in the street, unmoving.

Robin began to walk ahead.

"Robin?" Cyborg questioned in concern.

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven watched as their leader bent down on one knee and picked up the mask Starfire had been wearing.

Robin clutched the cloth in his hand and mumbled a loan word. "Starfire."


Starfire stumbled into Slade's secret lair, her hand gripping her head, and her other hand clutching the wall. Since the moment Raven touched her, visions had been flashing through her mind, visions of her with the Titans. They felt so real, but at the same time it was impossible. She was never friends with the Titans. They were never there for her. Slade was. Slade was the only one holding her hand through the tough times, not the Titans, and sure enough not Robin.

"Is something wrong dear? You appear as if something is troubling you."

Starfire gasped and quickly turned around. "Slade?! Please, excuse me. Had I known you were here I would have given you a proper welcome."

Slade coolly walked past her, both hands behind his back. "How did your meeting with the Titans go?"

Starfire froze. She didn't know whether or not to tell Slade about her visions.



"I asked you a question."

"My meeting with the Titans was... well. The message was sent. I have complete faith that they will not stand in your way."

"Good," Slade said, turning around. "Now, is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Starfire shook her head. "No."

Slade was silent, his eyes burning holes as he looked at Starfire. "Very well then. You're dismissed."

Starfire did a bow as a sign of respect and quickly took her leave.


Robin punched the wall, kicked a chair and threw papers off his desk in anger.

He couldn't believe it, he just couldn't believe it. Starfire, his best friend and most trusted alley, had turned against him. She had turned against him and was working for his mortal enemy. She was working for Slade.

More things fell to the ground and Robin pounded his fist against his desk.

He couldn't understand it. Why? Why would Starfire turn against him? Was Slade threatening the team like last time?

No, that couldn't be it... Robin, with all his heart, truly didn't want to believe that Starfire would join up with Slade on her own free will.

Robin quickly dismantled that thought. Starfire wouldn't willingly work for Slade. No... there had to be some other reason, but what?

The boy wonder consumed himself in silence and thought about recent events involving Slade.


The answer quickly came to Robin. It was the disc, the one Slade had worked so hard to steal. It was mind altering. Slade must have used it to change Starfire, to turn her against her friends. It was the only logical exclamation.

Robin nodded his head and walked out of his office. As soon as the door opened, however, he was face to face with Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven.

There was a moment of silence.

Robin turned his heel and began to walk down the hall.

"You don't think he's going to do anything stupid, do you?" Beast Boy asked softly.

Cyborg and Beast Boy honestly didn't know how to answer that question.


Robin landed on a rooftop and hunched over in the shadows. His eyes scanned over the city, hoping to find what he was looking for. He was disappointed when he didn't see any trace of Starfire above or below.

Robin sighed deeply. "Where are you?"

Suddenly, a starbolt came out of nowhere. Robin was quick on his feet and dodged. He looked up at the sound of a chuckle.

"You wouldn't happen to be talking about me, now would you?" Starfire jeered while floating in the sky, her arms crossed.

"As a matter of fact," Robin began. "I was. I was hoping we could talk."

"The time for talking is done." Starfire answered, shooting a ray of starbolts at Robin.

Robin quickly pulled out his grappling hook and jumped over to the next building.

Starfire followed suit, her hands glowing.

Robin narrowed his eyes. He didn't want to fight Starfire and risk hurting her. All he needed was to buy some time so he could talk to her. Maybe if she listened to him he could get her to remember.

"Come and fight me, Robin!" Starfire demanded, throwing a volley of starbolts at him.

Using his bo-staff Robin managed to deflect most of the starbolts, but a few made their mark, causing him to fall to the ground.

Starfire's feet touched the ground and she slowly began to walk up to Robin.

Robin smirked. Once she was close enough...

Starfire smirked. Once she was close enough to Robin she would capture him. He would make an excellent gift for Slade. Slade would be proud.

Starfire took one step closer... Now!

Robin reached into his belt and threw his weapon at Starfire. It was an exploding disc that blinded her, catching her off guard. When she finally regained her vision another weapon was thrown at her. Another exploding disc. Only this exploded into pink goo that binded her to the wall.

Starfire thrashed widely but couldn't budge an inch. She glared at Robin. "Release me!"

"Not until we talk, Starfire."

"Stop calling me that, my name is Darkfire!

"No, it's not. That's just some name Slade gave you," Robin said, stepping closer. "Your name is Starfire. You're the princess of Tamaran and a Teen Titan."

Starfire laughed. "I've never even heard of a place called Tamaran."

"That's because Slade brainwashed you. He used a disc to reconstruct your memories. Everything Slade has told you has been a lie."

"Slade would never lie to me, never!"

"Starfire... can you honestly say that you don't remember the Titans at all? That you don't remember me?"

Starfire squeezed her eyes shut and turned her face away.

"Alright, Starfire, are you ready to hit the mall?" Cyborg asked, a smile on his face.

"I am the ready of going!" Starfire answered, her smile outshining Cyborg's.

"Actually, that's ready to go."

"Oh." Starfire blushed.

"Okay then little lady, hop in!" Cyborg said, pointing a thumb over at the T-car.

Starfire giggled and did as she was told.

"... okay, so you just push the x button to go faster and that's basically it." Beast Boy had just finished telling Starfire how to play Ultimate Racer.

Starfire looked at Beast Boy. "Are you positive that I am ready to play this game?"

"Of course! I've taught you everything I know. You'll do fine," Beast Boy assured. "Now start it up!"

Starfire nodded and began the game. Beast Boy was by her side, cheering her all the way through. Their laughs and cheers filled the entire living room.

"So we have the popcorn, ice cream, chips and soda," Raven said, sitting besides Starfire on the couch. "And the boys are out on some secret mission."

"Which is really waiting on line for a new video game." Starfire cut in.

"That means girl night won't be disturbed by burping, immature pranks, or combat practice."

"Splendid!" Starfire turned the television on to a soap opera. "Thank you for agreeing to a girls night with me, Raven."

"No problem, Starfire. I like spending time with you."

The door opened and Robin stepped out on to the roof of Titans Tower. He made his way over to Starfire and sat besides her. "Sorry I'm late. Beast Boy made a mess of the paper work."

Starfire giggled. "That's alright. I'm just glad that you came to watch the sunset with me."

"Actually... I didn't come to watch the sunset." Robin cupped Starfire's face and brought his lips to hers.

"Starfire? Starfire," Robin cupped her face. "You remember me, don't you?"

Starfire squeezed her eyes shut even harder. "Leave... me... ALONE!"

Starfire's whole body glowed green and a huge amount of energy was released from her body. Robin was thrown backwards and the roof was almost completely destroyed. Starfire quickly flew away from the scene, hoping to clear her head.

Robin watched as she soared into the night sky and disappeared. He reached into his belt and pulled out a tracer. Starfire had no idea that Robin had slipped a tracker on her.


Starfire hated to admit it, but Robin was right. Something was defiantly wrong here. Those visions she had felt so familiar, yet at the same time very distant, as if they weren't supposed to be there. Things were beginning to get confusing, and Starfire didn't know who's word to chose. Who should she trust, Slade or Robin?

She was Slade's apprentice, but other than that there was nothing else there. Could it all be true? Was Robin right?


Starfire placed a hand over her heart. There was something about the masked boy that she couldn't quiet put her finger on. It was as if they shared a bond of some sort. Something inside of her told her to trust him.

Which is why she was back at Slade's lair. Maybe if she could find something, anything, she would know who to believe.

Starfire walked into Slade's lab, which was mostly empty, save the huge computer with controls against the wall. She walked around, looking at every inch of the lab. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Starfire sighed and leaned against the control desk. Perhaps this was a waist of time.

Or perhaps...

Starfire's hand accidently pushed a button on the control desk, turning the computer screen on. Startled, Starfire turned around. Her eyes went wide.

On the computer screen was information about a disc and the Titans.

Using the controls Starfire looked on, bringing up more information. The thing she saw next shocked her.

A whole file was dedicated on one Titan in particular. That Titan went by the name of Starfire.

Starfire's eyes went wide. "It's true..."

"Indeed, it is."

Starfire turned around and gasped. Slade was standing there, and he was holding something in his hand.


"Man, I really wish you would have filled us in on your game plan." Cyborg said, looking at Robin while they snuck into Slade's lair.

"It's very unlike you to behave in such a way." Raven added.

"C'mon guys, give Robbie a break," Beast Boy said. "He was doing what he had to do in order to get close to Star."

"Quiet," Robin demanded sternly, looking at his tracking device. On the screen was two dots, one of which that was blinking. The blinking one was Starfire's location, and by the looks of things, she was close. "This way."

The others followed Robin. He lead them to a large door.


Cyborg nodded and grabbed the rim of the door, using his hands to push it away from the door frame. Once the door was open, the Titans ventured inside.

"It looks like a lab." Beast Boy mumbled, looking around.

"I saw this place when I entered Starfire's mind." Raven told the others.

"Okay, so we have the right place," Cyborg began. "But where is Starfire and Slade?"


The Titans gasped and turned their attention towards the computer screen. On screen was Slade. Robin narrowed his eyes.

"I'm so glad that all of you decided to show up. I have something that I want to share with you all."

As soon as Slade spoke Starfire stepped out of the shadows, her eyes glowing green.

"Starfire," Robin could tell by looking at her that something was wrong. She didn't respond to him. He glared at Slade. "What did you do to her?!"

"I merely fixed her."

"Fixed her? What do you mean?"

"It seems that the effects of the disc I stole weren't permanent. I had no other choice but to increase it's power and alter Starfire's mind some more."

"I don't understand. Why Starfire? Why go after her?"

"Honestly, Robin, you haven't figured it out? I guess I'll just have to explain. You see, I desire an apprentice. You were my first choice, Robin, but things didn't go as planned. Terra was also a lost cost. So, I turned my attention to your other teammates. The first one being Cyborg."

Cyborg pointed a finger at himself. "Me?"

"Yes. I learned a great deal about you from Brother Blood. You were an excellent candidate, but after hearing the rest of Brother Blood's story I came to the conclusion that it would never work. My eyes then went to Raven. Her powers are impeccable, but at the same time I would rather not deal with a demon. My last experience with one didn't go well."

Raven narrowed her eyes.

"Then there was Beast Boy to consider. I quickly decided that he would be a waist of time."

"Hey!" Beast Boy cried out, insulted.

"All that was left was Starfire. She was perfect for my plan. Not only is she very powerful, but she is your greatest weakness, Robin."

"We don't care about your stupid plan, Slade," Cyborg snapped. "We want our friend back!"

"Your friend is gone. Now, Starfire... attack!"

Starfire rose to the air and flew towards Cyborg. Cyborg dodged out of the way but Starfire grabbed hold of his wrist. Using her strength, she picked him up and threw him like an old rag doll. Cyborg was sent flying towards Beast Boy and crashed into the green changeling. The two of them landed on the floor in a tangled mess.

Raven materialized behind Starfire. Starfire caught sense of her and quickly flew away. Raven was hot on her trail. Starfire suddenly switched her position so she was facing Raven and shot a ray of starbolt energy at her. The blast was so powerful that Raven fell to the ground.

Starfire grounded herself, her fist glowing green. She took one step towards the fallen Titans when a birdarang crossed her path. Starfire stopped and turned around. Robin was there.

"You have to stop this, Starfire. This isn't you," Robin pleaded. "I know you. You're a good person."

"Don't listen to him, Starfire," Slade cut in. "He can't be trusted."

"You're stronger than this, Star! Fight back, I know you can!"

"Listen to me, Starfire, and attack Robin."

Starfire raised a fist at Robin, her hand glowing. Robin gasped and stepped back. He wondered if Starfire would really attack him. There had to be something he could do to break through to her. But what? What would make Starfire remember him? He had to think fast.

The starbolt in Starfire's hand grew brighter.

Robin jumped up, catching Starfire off guard. He took out his grappling hook, giving him and advantage of height. He landed behind Starfire and grabbed her from behind. His arm was around her neck and his hand grabbed hers. Leaning in close, Robin took his only chance at freeing Starfire, and whispered something in her ear.

Starfire's eyes stopped glowing and went wide. Robin let her go and she turned around to face him. Tears rimmed her eyes and she fell to her knees.

"Starfire, destroy Robin NOW!"

Starfire lit up a starbolt.

Robin frowned. So his plan hadn't worked. She was still going to attack him. Robin prepared himself for impact and closed his eyes behind the mask.

Starfire fired her starbolt.

The impact never came.

Robin opened his eyes. He looked at Starfire, and then at the broken computer screen.

"Robin..." Starfire's eyes closed and she fell forward.

Robin moved quickly and caught her. Robin couldn't stop the smile from coming to his lips and he held Starfire closer.

The other Titans had finally awaken and walked up to the two. Smiles also adored their faces.


Robin opened the door to the roof of Titans tower. He stepped outside and found Starfire waiting. She smiled when she saw him.

"Hey, Beast Boy said that you wanted to see me," Robin said while stepping closer to her. "Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong," Starfire responded. "I just wanted to see you... Is that the o of kay?"

Robin smiled. "It's fine... Uh, you look nice."

"Oh, thank you. It is most joyous to be back in my old uniform."

"You do look better in purple... I mean, you look good in anything, but, uh... am I making sense?"

Starfire giggled.

"Starfire... how are you?" Robin asked, his tone serious.

"Raven and I have talked. Any effects of the disc Slade used have worn off. All of my memories are exactly as they were before... this happened. I've also spoke with Cyborg. He has assured me that I am in perfect health."

"That's good. I was really worried about you. We all were."

"Robin, I need to ask you something," Starfire began. Her cheeks turned red and she looked away from Robin. "When Slade told me to attack you... you whispered something to me. I wanted to know if you really meant it."

Robin's cheeks turned red and he looked away from Starfire. How was he supposed to answer her?

"Star, about what I said...," Robin rubbed the back of his neck. This was awkward. "I... meant it. It's taken me a long time but--"

"Robin," Starfire cut him off and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I feel the same way."

The gap between them closed and Robin wrapped his arm around her waist. When they pulled away they both smiled.

"It's good to have you back, Starfire."

"It is good to be back."