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It is hard to explain the beginning of my wondrous tale. But I will re-tale my tale, for it should be known.
I lived in New Orleans for ten years of my life before what happened to my parents.
When I was ten, my parents were coming home from the movies and were killed in a violent car crash.
I felt so sad and lonely and wished it never should have happened, but I can't control time.
The news spread though my family like a wildfire.
But then, my twenty-year-old sister took me in, to be kind and sweet. I moved to their house and raised me like their only child.
She and her husband lived in Alexandria, and they raised me there. They were the best, and they let me do whatever I wanted.
Their names are Ghislain, my sister, and Sabin.
Well I have been living with them for about five years, and about a month ago my sister had her baby. His name is Louis.
My aunt then announced that she was moving to this place called Destiny Islands.
I did my sister a favor and went with my aunt to live there, for the sophomore year of high school.
My sister was not happy to let me leave, but she understood why and thought that was the nicest thing ever.
We live right next the beach, and I have always wanted to go to the beach.
Well tomorrow I begin my first day of school here on these islands. I hope I make some new friends, and maybe, I might begin an adventure.
Today is Wednesday.
What surprises will it hold...

"Hey Desi. (Des-a) wake up, or you'll miss your first day of school!"

"Ok I am up!" said Desiree. (Des-a-ray)

"Well hurry and get dressed into your school uniform and come down here and eat."

"Ok, auntie!"

As the girl got out of her messy bed, she trudged over to her table and looked at the uniform. She did not like it one bit. She did not like the fact of wearing a skirt and a tie but that was the school uniform, and she stopped complaining.

It was a plaid skirt with a white shirt. She then put on her tie and her black Converse.

While she was putting on her socks, she looked at the sign on her right ankle. It looked like a heart with wings.

Then she got back on putting on her shoes. She looked into the mirror and put on her favorite fleur-de-lis necklace and her black, square glasses.

As she was putting on her glasses, she put in her ear rings.

She had three holes in each ear. The bottom hole had a small hoop ear ring, the next one up had a heart one, and the last one had a ruby ear ring.

She had long black hair, which came to about the middle of her back, with red highlights. She started to brush her frizzy and nappy hair.

Her eyes were a beautiful hazel.

She then put on a little makeup since she did not like it that much but she wanted to make a good first impression on her fellow classmates.

She then looked back into the mirror, fixed her hair, and made sure she put the eye shadow in the right spot.

She then grabbed her small, black purse and ran downstairs.

"Hey Desi.! I cooked you some waffles, and I packed your lunch for you." said Claire, Desiree aunt.

"What did you pack me?" asked Desiree.

"Oh, I packed you some dirty rice!" she answered.

"Oh, thank you auntie!" Then Desiree got up from eating her waffles and hugged her aunt.

"Oh, child it was nothing!" said her aunt while blushing.

"It is everything auntie! You let me stay with you, and you remembered my favorite foods!" She then stopped hugging her aunt and sat down to finish her waffles.

"Oh, you should go Desiree!"

"Oh, you right!" She then finished her waffles, grabbed her lunch and her backpack, and headed out the door. Her aunt was in the doorway smiling and waving at Desiree.

That wonderful child...

She was still running to find the school. Her aunt had said it was next to the flower shop, but where is the flower shop? She then noticed a flower sign in front of a store and noticed it was the flower shop. So she then hurry down the street and found the school.

She then came up to the schoolyard. It was not big, not like her last one, but she would have to deal with it. She then walked inside and went into the office.

"Oh, you must be the new student Desire(she pronounced her name wrong)!" said the desk worker.

"It is Desiree! Yes, I am the new student!" said Desiree.

"Oh my bad, and you are from New Orleans."

"Yep that's me!" As she said that, she smiled and pointed to herself. The desk lady smiled and asked how she was, but Desiree, trying not to be rude-and-all, asked "Please, where are my classes?!"

"Oh sorry child, here is your schedule and your locker number!"

As the desk lady handed her the sheets of paper, she started to walk out the office, but before she did, she said "Thank You!" and she walked out the office. She looked at and her schedule and saw what she had. She had Spanish first hour, art next, composition third, lunch, P.E. fourth, Math fifth, English sixth, and Science seventh.

Oh boy just like at back home! She said to herself and frowned.

She noticed that no one was in the hallways and then looked at her watch.

Oh dang! I got to hurry or I will be late on the first day.

So she hurried to find her locker number. She then found it and stuck her back pack in it and ran to find her classroom. She then saw a map and ran up to it.

Ok locker number 151 and homeroom is 9a. Ok now, where is that?! Ok that is on the second floor. Jeez I better hurry up!

It took her a while, but she had found her classroom. She walked into the classroom, and Mrs. Tracy, the teacher, smiled at her and got up from her desk.

"Attention class! This is your new classmate Desiree!" said the teacher as she pointed to Desiree in the doorway.

"Hello!" said Desiree while waving her hand.

Please quit staring at me, please quit!

"Please Desiree, why don't you sit down and tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Ok" said Desiree. She sat down in the front row in the middle.

I wish they would stop staring at me!

A certain, silver haired boy was sitting right next to her, and his best friend, with brown, gravity defying, spiky hair, was on the opposite of him. He looked at her and then back to his best friend. He whispered something but then turned to face Desiree.

"Ok! Well, my name is Desiree."

"Can you spell that for us?" asked Mrs. Tracy.

"Ok it is D-E-S-I-R-E-E. It is a southern name."

"Southern where?" asked Mrs. Tracy.

"Southern United States ma'am! I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I then moved and went to live with my sister and then moved here with my aunt."

"Oh, ok! Now class, let's begin with the lesson."

Desiree pulled out a red notebook and took out a pencil. She then opened it up to a new page.

"Now, can anyone tell me what does, De donde eres?,mean? Anyone?!" Well no one raised their hands, well except Desiree.

"It means, 'Where are you from'? ma'am" said Desiree.

"That is correct Desiree, now class, homework tonight it is page catorce."


The bell went off, sounding for the next class to start.

Everyone started to walk out the classroom, but Mrs. Tracy held Desiree in.

"Desiree, do you want to have a guide so that you could get around more easily?" asked Mrs. Tracy.

"Um...no ma'am" answered Desiree.

"Ok..." Then Desiree walked out of the classroom and down the hall to her next class.

Wow, this is been a...good day I guess.

She then pasted Sora and Riku, who were at their lockers.

"I wonder..."

"You wonder about what, Riku?"

"Nothing Sora" said Riku.

"You like her, don't you?" said Sora.

"What makes you think that?" he asked.

"Well Riku, for one, you kept staring at her!" said Sora.


"Just admit it Riku!" said Sora.

Well Riku hit Sora on the head and said "Let's go before we miss our next class"

"Whatever!" said Sora still rubbing his head where Riku had hit him. They went to P.E.

She then walked into the next class. It was a beautiful, rainbow room. There were four tables that were each different colors. Desiree then looked for a spot and found one at the red table next to a certain reddish-pink haired girl.

"Hi, you must be new here?"

"Yes! Oh, my name is Desiree!"

"Nice name, well mine is Kairi!"

"That is a cool name!" said Desiree.

"Wow, thank you!" said Kairi then smiling at the new girl. "Well, we better get started on the work!"

"Yea! Um...what are we doing?" asked Desiree.

"Oh we are doing cat pictures!" answered Kairi.

"Oh that sounds fun! I love cats!" said Desiree.

"Ok class, let's begin with markers and then we will go over them with oil pastels" said Mrs. Diana.

50 minutes later

"Well, that was fun!" said Desiree. She and Kairi were talking about some new ideas that they could put into their pictures. Kairi thought of putting pink flowers were the cat was standing, then Desiree said to have a black sky to make the flowers stand out. Those two were like two peas in a pod. "Well next I have composition."

"Oh, I don't have that" said Kairi.



The two girls got up from their seats and put the makers and oil pastels up. They walked out of the room.

"Well, I will see you at lunch then!" said Desiree.

"I guess so!" said Kairi. As the two girls spit up, Desiree walked down stairs and Kairi walked down the hall but now there were best friends.

Her next class was not that special. It was a regular classroom that had those 'Do good' posters and 'Try Your Best' signs. She then sat down at the only available seat that was right next to the spiky hair boy.

"Hey, I know you! You are in my homeroom!" exclaimed the spiky hair boy.

"Yes I am! I am Desiree." she said.

"Oh ok well, I am Sora!" he said with a big grin on his face. She shook his hand, knowing back home, that was proper even for a girl. She looked at him and smiled back. Then Desiree looked at the board and started to work on the topic. The topic was about what would like be like in another person's shoes. She could not think of something and then looked at what Sora was writing about. He was saying stuff like 'in his shoes, he is a keyblade master but he wonder what would be like not being chosen' which did not make any sense to her. It puzzled her. What was a 'keyblade master?' After a few minutes, she found out something to write about and started to work on it.

40 minutes later

"Well class...and that is how to make a good topic paragraph!" said Mrs. Clue. "Well then, tomorrow we will decision on make your paragraphs and idea flow!" The students all packed up and were ready for the bell to ring.


"Well I was nice talking to you! Bye!" said Desiree.

"Bye!" said Sora as he walked to the cafeteria. Desiree walked to her locker that was not far from where it was. She then got her lunch and looked out the window at the end of the hall. Out of the window, she could see an island in the ocean.

Lunch was ok. The students got to choose to sit inside or outside. So Desiree chose to sit outside. She love to sit outside, but back home she sat under a giant oak tree, but this would have to do. She started to unpack her lunch, when two of the high schools biggest bullies came up to her. (yes i added bullies! it would not be high school without them...)

"Hey new girl, what do you have for us?" said the first one. The first one was tall and had red hair. The other had black hair with green highlights.

"Nothing for you, you snapping gators" said Desiree in her Cajun accent.

"Oh, we got here a big talker!" said the second bully.

"Biggest big talker back in deep Louisiana! But home we called you a 'a crawdad fighter' which is weak and small." said Desiree.

"You are going to get it now!" as the first one said that, he drew his hand back to hit Desiree.

"Hey, what is going here!" The bullies turned around to see Riku, Sora, and Kairi.

"Nothing!" said the second one.

"Oh really, I see two against one!" said Sora.

"Leave now!" said Kairi and with that she pointed her hand away.

"Whatever!" said the two bullies. Riku looked at both of them, and then they walked away.

"Are you alright?" asked Kairi.

"Yea" answered Desiree. The three sat next to Desiree, Riku the closest. They each started to eat their food and then Sora looked up at Desiree

"Hey, what is that?" asked Sora.

"It is dirty rice. Want some?"

"Sure" said Sora and Kairi. Riku just nodded his head slightly. She each gave a little bit to each one and put in on their trays.

"Be careful, it is spicy" she said. They each eat a bite.

"It is good!" said Sora.

"Good" said Kairi. Riku nodded too.

"Thanks, it a southern dish" said Desiree.

"Really" said Sora.

"Yea my favorites are gumbo, it is a stew; jambalaya, which is like dirty rice but spicier and has chicken in it; crawfish, and my favorite deserts are king cake and beignets" said Desiree.

"Wow, that sounds all good!" said Kairi.

"They all are" said Desiree.

15 minutes later

"Well we better go throw away our trash" said Kairi.

"Ok" said Desiree. They each got up and went to the trash cans.

"Hey after school do you want to come to my house?" asked Desiree. "I don't think my aunt will mine!

"If it is ok with aunt, sure?" asked Riku. The other two nodded.

"Nope!" she said as the bell rung.


"Bye" they all said to Desiree.

"Bye!" she said waving back and going to her next class.

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"Hey Riku! Sora! Kairi! Over here!" said Desiree waving to the group.

"Hey Desiree, so where do you live?" asked Kairi.

"Oh I live on Seashell Road.

"Oh, I live a short way down from there!" said Kairi.


"So are we going or not?" said Sora impatiently.

"Yes" both girls said.

"Ok follow me!" said Desiree. They walked about fifteen minutes till they got to a white house with a little red rose garden in the front.

"Oh this is pretty" said Kairi.

"Yeah" said Riku.

"So, let's go in!" said Desiree. As they walked in, Aunt Claire was in the kitchen.

"Oh Desi. your home!" she said as she walked into the room, she noticed her new friends.

"Oh, this must be your new friends!" she said. She shook hands with everyone.

"I am Claire Hall. You can call me Claire!" she said.

"Ok" said the three.

"Well, let me show you around" said Desiree.

"Oh don't mind me! Oh, are you going to stay for dinner, I am cooking gumbo and rice!" said Aunt Claire.

"Yum, thanks auntie!"

"You're welcome!"

"Maybe, we don't know" said Riku.

"Well I don't think your parents will mind!" she said with a smile on her face.

"Well I will call mind and ours just in case" said Kairi as she pulled out her pink razor. She was dialing numbers as fast as lighting.

A few minutes later

"Ok, we can!" said Kairi.

"Ok, I will go get ready, and Desiree why don't you show our guest around?"

"Ok auntie!"

"Ok this is my room! It is kind of messy since I got here a week ago!" said Desiree. Her room was a ruby color and had a rose border. Her dresser was black and her bed had an ocean scene on it. "Well that pretty much finish the tour, so let's go eat then" said Desiree.

"Ok" the three new guests said.

Each one sat down. The table had six seats. Aunt Claire sat the end and Desiree sat on her right. Next to Desiree was Riku and across from him was Sora. Kairi was across form Desiree. Each one had a bowl that had gators and crawfish pictures on it.

"So these animals are alligators?" said Kairi.

"Yep" said Desiree.

"And the red things are crawfish?" said Riku.

"Yep too" said Desiree.

"Well we better start eating before dinner gets cold" said Aunt Claire.

"Ok" said the four teens.

2 hours later

"Well that was good diner!" said Kairi.

"Thank you!" said Aunt Claire. Then the three teens got up and gave their plates to Aunt Claire who went into the kitchen to wash them. Then they started to walk towards the door. Desiree opened the door, and then Aunt Claire walked up.

"Well, good night kids" she said.

"We will! Bye" said the three teens.

"Well, see y'all tomorrow!" said Desiree.

"Yea" said Sora.

"Bye" said Riku. As he turned a face her, he smiled and then walked away. They left out the front yard and started to walk down the road.

"I think someone like you!" said Aunt Claire.

"Auntie!" said Desiree as she gave a sight moan with the embarrassment. "Well I am going to change and get some sleep, ok! Night auntie!"

"Night!" said Claire.

She then kissed her aunt on the check and walked up stairs. What amazing child, and she made friends that fast just like her mother!

She had got up to her room and went inside. She had put on her black shirt that said 'See you later, alligator' and slipped on some shorts. She was talking to herself and said "Wow! That was awesome and maybe auntie was right, Riku and me! Naww who am I kidding! Well night!" She then took out her ear rings, washed her face, brushed her teeth, and took off her necklace and glasses. She then fell on her bed and went asleep.

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