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The street was quiet when Bumblebee rolled in. The meeting went on for longer than he thought but the thought of going home to Sam, who promised a car wash, kept him in line.

However the sight of the blue Honda in the driveway threatened his hard-to-maintain patience.

Parking just behind it, he turned on his hologram. The 18-year old image entered the house to find a distressed Sam with his furious parents shooting daggers at their "guest".

Sam beamed as he sat beside him, taking his hand. Bee grinned back as Sam rested his head on his shoulder. He managed to pick up some of the conversation from here, one sentence that managed to explain everyone's behaviour.

"News Station…" he murmured "So you're a reporter?"

Their guest, a middle-aged woman, dressed as a provocative teenager, turned her attention onto Bee, finally noticing him.

"Yes. Anything to say about the rumored robots running run here?" She pushed a recording device under his nose.

'Well she has her alliteration down.' Bee thought.


"Well maybe you can get your boyfriend here to tell us more about his relationship with the bots?" she smiled sweetly at Sam who scolded at her. Her sickly perkiness evaporated instantly.

"Look kid, we can get a statement real easy or I can make things very difficult for you. Camara footage has you on scene at the battle a few weeks ago. Rumor has it these robots were there. Hero. Terrorist. It makes no never mind to me, I'm getting paid. So what's it going to be?"

"Are you threatening him?" Bee's voice grew hard and cold as he stood. She smirked; a cruel glint entered her eye. Suddenly a series of thumps sounded from outside before the reporter could respond.

The humans in the room ran to the front door, the reporter taking the lead.

Her mouth hanging open at what she saw. A sixteen foot robot was hopping on her car, what could be seen as a smile gracing his features as he made each leapt higher, the car protesting under him, crumbling as he continued to jump on it. In an instant, he turned, bending so that he was optics-to-eye with the woman.

"You are in my space." He growled.

With a very intellectual response of "Epp!" the woman nodded dropping her recorder.

"I want you out of here and I don't want to see you ever again, now go." He ignored protocols to put as much venom into his voice as possible.

"We'll leave it to you." Sam's parents smiled before heading into the backyard.

"But-" she stuttered.

"NOW HUMAN!" he roared.

Another "Epp!" followed before she skidded to her car, it pitifully spluttered before starting, trudging and dragging itself down the road.

Bee transformed back in a car as the holo-form crept up behind an amazed and amused Sam.

"So-" he took particular pleasure in stamping on the recorder.

Sam laughed, flinging his arms around Bee.

"You are incredible!"

"I know. I can see the headline's now 'Sam's super sentient saves-hey!" his weak joke was cut off by a smack on the back of the head.

"Not funny?" he grinned sheepishly

"Not funny." Sam confirmed.

"Don't I any reward for my heroic deeds?"

"You were jumping on a car like a five year old!"

"It still got her to leave."

Sam went to argue but had to admit he was right.

"Good point."

"So my reward?" Bee prompted, venturing a grin which was soon matched by Sam, who moved closer.

….I'll leave the rest to your imagination.