This chapter is kinda short it's just a kinda small introduction to the characters

"O.k open eyes." my father said moving his hands from over my eyes.

Infront of me was a white Mercedes.

"Oh my god!" i cried jumping up an down.

I turned and hugged my dad. "Thank you,Thak you, Thank you!" I cried still jumping.

My father smiled.

"Can I take it on a ride?" I asked.

My father scratched his head. "Hinata it's kinda late."

"Pleeeaaaaaassse!" I begged making the sweetest face I could. "I won't go far."

"Alright." he said handing me the keys.

I jumped into the car and backed out the driveway.

I couldn't believe it. I had my very own car. My father had promised me one once I turned 17 he said the better my grades the better car.

I had gotten all A's except in math which i got a C.

I couldn't wait to show Sakura and Ino. They would probly just congradulate me and say I was a daddy's girl but I didn't mind.

That was the truth. I loved my father and not just because he spoiled me and brought me anything I wanted.

I loved him for him.

I pulled back into the driveway after my short drive. It was 10:00pm. My father had just gotten home from work when he had surprised me.

I thanked him again before running up to the bathroom and brushing my teeth.

I decided I wasan't going to tell Ino and Sakura until tommorrow. I wished I was still dating Naruto just so I could share the news with him.

But that was over. IT had been over for a few months now and he had moved on. It was just me who still lingered on our lost relationship.

Me and him hand been a couple since we were thirteen. My father had grown to love Naruto. I still hadn't told him about our breakup.

He's probly freak about the fact that I was back in the dating mode. But I hadn't had a date since I broke up with Naruto.

Sure alot of guys have asked me out but they were all phoneys. They only liked me because I was popular.

I was only popular because I had money and no other reason. My personalty wasan't all that great. I'm very shy and queit most of the time but

having Sakura and Ino as friends and my recent joining of the dance club is kinda changing that.

I brushed my hair and changed into my night gown before laying down and falling asleep.

(Shikimaru's PoV)

I stepped off my motorcycle and waited for Tenten to get her books.

"They are just so annoying." she said staring at a group of girls who were screaming about some new car.

"Just ignore them." I said grabbing her backpack from her.

She snatched it back. "That girl Ino is the most evil bitch ever!" she added sticking her toungue out at Ino Yamanaka who wasan't even looking our way.

"What's she do to you this time?" I asked as I pushed her along up the stairs.

"If you had been in school for the past few days you'd know she started a rumor that I was a lesbian."

Tenten was my bestfriend. Well my only friend. We had known each other since we were 10. She didn't like dressy clothes

or makeup and she had never had a boyfriend before so some girls thought she was lesbian or something.

I knew she wasan't.

"Like I said before ignore them." And keep walking too." I added.

Tenten sighed.

"I'm gonna seriously hurt her.' she said balling her fist.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door to our highshool. People were running around the halls.

I wondered where they got so much energy so early.

"What brings you back to school?" Sasuke Uchiha said a smirk on his face. I knew he wasan't expecting an anwser.

"Shut up Sasuke." Tenten said.

"Stay away from my girlfriend." Sasuke said to Tenten as he walked away.

Tenten's mouth dropped. She was about to run after Sasuke and do who knows what but I grabbed her.

"Forget him." I said.

Tenten was breathing hard and kicking and elbowing me.

Just then the girls from outside entered the school.

Ino Yamanaka Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuuga passed by us. Ino and Sakura giggled when they saw Tenten. Hinata just stared then looked away.

"If I let you go will you run after them?" I whispered in Tenten's ear. She shook her head.

I let her go slowly.

To my surprise she didn't go after them instead she opened her locker and shoved her backpack inside.

(Hinata's Pov)

I sat down in my homeroom class. the teacher hadn't arrived yet. I played with my hair as I looked around the class room.

None of my friends were in this class. I glanced at the empty seat beside me. It had been empty for 2 weeks now.

I forgot who used to sit there. I could barely remember his face.

Suddenly a tall boy with brown hair plopped down in the seat next to me. He startled me a bit.

I stared at him. He turned to me then turned back to his desk and rested his head.

Just then the teacher walked in.

"Good morning class." Shizune sensei said as she sat down.

She looked around the classroom and her eyes fell on the boy beside me.

"Shikimaru you cannot just leave class for weeks and come back whenever you want." she said in a stern voice.

The boy stretched. "Are you the principle?" he asked.

A look of anger and embarrasment shot across Shizune sensei's face.

"I'm the vice principle and-

"Yeah yeah just teach your class o.k lady?" he said resting his elbow on jis desk and closing his eyes.

Shizune sensei let out a huff and began to teach.

I stared at Shikimaru atleast I think that was his name. I had never talked to him before or really ever recognized him. he wasan't popular.

He was rude and he seemed like he had no cares in the world. He didn't talk much and when he did he usually wasan't saying anything nice.

He was the type of person my father would despise. I didn't even know him and I didn't really want to. I knew I wouldn't like him anyway.

Our personalities would clash. I twisted my hair with my finger and turned my attention back to class.

At lunch I met up with Ino,Sakura,Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba at our usual table.

Although me and Naruto weren't a couple anymore he was still friends with sasuke and Kiba who were Sakura and

Ino's boyfriends so he stuck around.

I put a fry in my mouth and watched as that Shikimaru guy walked into the cafeteria with that girl he was with earlier.

I think they were bestfriends or something. She didn't look like the type of person he would date and besides

Ino and Sakura said the girl was lesbian.

"Hinata hellllooooo!" Sakura said waving her hand in my face.

"I'm sorry." i said smiling.

"What were you looking at?" Ino asked.

I shook my head. "Nothing."

Sakura shrugged.

I half listened as Sakura and Ino made plans for the party Ino was throwing.

She had invited most of the school except a few people she absoulutly hated. Like that girl Shikimaru hung out with.

The party would be tommorrow night. I had already gotten permission from my father to go.

Yes i still aked my father for permission. I just felt wrong doing things behind his back.

I knew he wouldn't even be home at the time but I still asked.

After lunch we headed to P.E.

I followed Sakura and Ino into the locker room and changed into shorts and a shirt.

That girl Shikimaru had been with sat in the locker room putting on her socks.

"They let you in here?" Ino said to her.

The girl stared at her. "What's so surprising about that?" they let the number one slut in didn't they?" she said getting up and walking into the gym.

"Bitch!" Ino cried after her.

I lowered my head and pulled on my socks. I didn't think it was right that they bugged that girl but it wasan't my problem.

Once we got into the gym Gai sensei made us do push ups 20 for the girls and 50 for the guys before we could do anything else.

I sighed and got on the floor.

I hated push ups they were so hard and I was really weak. I have always been.

"Hinata move it!" Gai sensei cried. Then he tuned to the guys.

"That's a good time Shikimaru." he said. "Maybe you can help Hinata over here." he said directing Shikimaru to come over towards me.

I closed my eyes. This was so embarrassing.

"What a drag you do something right and you don't get a reward." Shikimaru mumbled as he sat beside me.

His friend was on the other side of me. She finished her last push up and sat up. Man she was fast.

"Your problem is your back isn't straight." Shikimaru said. His arms were crossed.

I sighed and tried to straighten my back. I could Naruto staring at me as he did his push ups. A look of jealousy in his eyes.

He seriously had nothing to worry about but I wasan't about to tell him that.

"Now go down." Shikimaru said.

I tried to go down but I fell on my stomach. The girl laughed.

Shikimaru hit her playfully. "Shut up tenten." he whispered.

"It's funny." she whispered back.

Shikimaru grabbed my arm and helped me up. "Bend your arms." he whispered.

I took a deep breath and tried again. It worked. it was so much easier than doing what I had been doing before

which I know wasan't even a real push up just something I had made up.

Shikimaru watched me finish my 20 push ups then he got up without a word and walked away with Tenten.

"That must have been torture." Sakura whispered.

I shook my head. "Actually it wasan't that bad"

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