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A True Lover's Ed


Chapter 1: Hit and Run




Edd sighed in satisfaction, caressing his humble camera gently. Another road trip, another delightful collection of photos to add to his growing gallery. My, what an enriching hobby photography was.

He jumped in panic when the car hit another speed bump, clutching his camera for dear life. He shot a glare at the back of his oblivious parents' heads from his place in the rear seat, but calmed his anger down quietly as he had trained himself to do. Instead, he moved his gaze towards the side window, watching in content as the streets rolling by outside grew more familiar until they drove back into Peach Creek's city limits. Just a few more minutes, and he'd be home at last, eager to show off the week's fruitful work to his best friends.

There passed his school, Peach Creek Junior High, closed for the summer. A few more streets left. Edd could barely contain his excitement.

Then he noticed it: another car in front of them, bright taillights piercing through the evening gloom, was serving left and right in a dizzy fashion. Edd could easily assume the driver of the vehicle was drunk.

His parents had noticed this oddity as well, but before his father could turn off onto another road, a terrifying screeching tore across the pavement as the car turned around to expose its side, in their van's direct path. Avoiding it at that speed was impossible.

The horrific sounds of metal tearing and glass shattering deafened Edd's ears, and the last thing he knew was being shot out of his seat from the impact, his small frame slipping effortlessly out between his safety belt, and crashing through the windshield. After that, his world went black.



"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."


"When you've got a headache this big…"


"This is your brain on drugs…"


"Operators are standing by!"

Eddy couldn't have been more bored if he was sitting in an empty room.

"Ed…" he moaned tiredly from his spot on the floor. "You've been flipping channels for an hour now."

"Don't worry, Eddy, I'll find it somewhere!" Ed delightfully replied, leaning back in his comfy armchair and clicking his television remote in a rhythmic pattern.


"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful…"


"It keeps going and going and…"

Eddy groaned through his teeth, rolling onto his back and glaring up at the pipes lining Ed's basement room walls, the same pipes he had been looking at every evening for the past week. After all, there was nothing better to do. Not without their third party.

"I'd hate to say this," he finally muttered. "And I mean I'd really hate to say this… but I wish Sockhead were here."

"But he's coming home tonight, Eddy!" Ed chorused after losing interest in a bubblegum commercial and clicking the remote again. "We'll get to see him and all the pictures he took on his family trip!"

"Sounds like tons of fun." Eddy was less than excited, but it was better than this monotony, that was for sure.

And who knows, maybe Double D would be in higher spirits after the trip. After all, rarely did his parents ever have time to be with their only son. Maybe their week together did him some good. Eddy wouldn't openly admit it, but he knew it; he wasn't as oblivious as he came off as.


"…Cubic zirconium necklace!"


"I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

"ED!" Eddy sat up, his pal's activity wearing on his last nerve. "Cut it out!"

Ed's reply was a blown raspberry and another click.

"Why you..!" Eddy snapped, tackling Ed aside into a heated wrestle. The remote flew from Ed's hand, twirling in midair, then landed face-down in front of the television.


"…an accident on the corner of Rethink Avenue and Wilson Road."

"Huh?" Eddy glanced up at the local breaking news broadcast, ignoring how Ed had him pinned and was gnawing on his shirt.

"Forfeit, Eddy?" Ed hopped atop his back, beaming triumphantly. "Ed is victorious!"

"Get off, you dolt!" Eddy shoved him off, then yanked him back over to the television. "Check it out! There was a car accident just blocks away! Pretty cool, huh?"

Ed didn't respond at first, staring at the tube intently. Eddy sighed irritably, but before he had a chance to whack his dopey pal upside the head, his eyebrow irked, as if a string in his brain had been plucked.

"That van looks familiar."

"What?" Eddy gave him an odd look, than examined the vehicle. "You sure, Ed?"

"And so does that person lying on the road."

Edd took a look at where Ed's finger was pointing, seeing indeed an individual laying on the pavement in a pool of dark blood, most likely a victim of the crash, with several paramedics surrounding him or her. The person was lanky, probably in their late preteens… with dark hair? No, it would've been in a mess. Eddy squinted to try and see past the camera's crude quality, and when realization hit, his heart nearly came to a screeching halt.

He didn't want to believe it, but Ed's horrified gasp and proceeding proclamation turned it into doubtless reality.

"That's Double D, Eddy!"

Eddy didn't move; he couldn't, held in place by the overwhelming shock. All he could do was stare at the TV screen in utter disbelief. Ed did the same, tears welling up in his eyes.

After gawking at the scene for a few more seconds, they both decided, without exchanging a word or glance, to hurry to their friend's side, dashing out of Ed's basement.


The air that summer evening was warm, nearly suffocating for the duo of chums as they raced down the sidewalk, driven by sheer terror of one of their worst fears coming to life. Halfway through, Ed grabbed a lagging Eddy and carried him under the arm, package style, and kept running and running, willing to run to the ends of the earth if he needed to.

When at least the red flashing ambulance lights came into view over the hill, Ed slowed down upon Eddy's command to catch their breath. They then approached the scene of the accident, left in a stunned stupor when they saw the car.

It looked worse than it did on camera; the front end was completely scrunched up, with a large hole in the windshield, its scattered remains littering the street and glittering in the flashing light like diamonds. The side windows were all shattered from the impact, and the front doors hung open, barely on their hinges. The deployed airbags laid limply in their deflated state, broken in order to save the parents, who were being loaded unto ambulances by the quick-working paramedics.

It seemed like the other kids on the block had also seen the crash on TV, as they were roaming the scene in astounded curiosity. Jonny was examining the wrecked car; he prodded one of the front doors with Plank in hand and yelped when it broke off its hinge and collapsed to the ground with a loud clatter.

Ed and Eddy's attention was torn away from the damaged van when their entrance was noticed with a hostile greeting.

"Well, look who finally decided to show up."

Eddy glared darkly at the offender, a glare that was equally returned until a manicured hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Come on, Kevin," Nazz chided softly, shaking her head. "Not now."

Kevin scoffed, but caved in and remained silent.

"Nazz!" For now, Eddy's usual uneasiness around her had been dashed as he grabbed her desperately by the arms. "Where's Double D?"

But Nazz wouldn't have the chance to answer that, as Ed tugged Eddy away by the hair.

"DOUBLE D!" he cried out as he approached the crowd of paramedics, pushing past a few and pulling Eddy within to get a look as well, who nearly threw up at the sight.

Edd was unconscious, lying limply in a puddle of blood, staining his torn clothes. A once bright white towel was soaked in rust red as it was held to his head, putting pressure on a wound that wouldn't seem to stop bleeding. Several smaller scratches blemished his face, frozen in a pained expression, and dark road burns scuffed his limbs and left cheek. At the sight of his left arm, bent in places in wasn't supposed to bend, Eddy had to cover his mouth and turn away to bite back oncoming vomit.

"Double D…?" Ed, on the other hand, disregarded the horrid condition he was in, trying to get closer. "Double D…" he whimpered, lip quivering. "…wake up, Double D…"

"…E-Ed…" Still looking away, Eddy tried to hold him back. "He can't… He can't hear you, Ed…"

But Ed shrugged him off indifferently and ignored him. "Come on, Double D, wake up!" he commanded, tears running rivers down his face. "Wake up!"


"Why won't you wake up?"

"Ed, stop! Enough already!"

"No!" When they began to move his battered friend onto a stretcher, Ed lost what little control he had over himself, and it took half the man to hold him back. "Leave him alone! Double D!"

"ED!" Eddy yanked him aside, his stress level only adding to his angry tone of voice, one that made Ed flinch. "They're gonna take him to the hospital to help him! Lay off!"

"BUT EDDY!" Ed wailed, until Eddy gave him a fierce smack across the face, leaving a good red mark on his cheek.


Others cringed at the gesture, but Ed only froze, gazing at his incensed friend with wide, terrified eyes, gushing with helpless tears full of hurt. When Eddy had realized what he had done, his rage dwindled, and he felt like sinking into the ground in shame.

His best pal in the whole world was hurt, and he was solving his problems by taking it out on others? No, that was low. Lower than low.

"Eddy…" Of course, Ed was always the forgiving kind, and he was more worried about the true issue at hand, gazing off to the side. "…Double D…" he whined weakly.

Eddy followed his gaze to where they were loading Edd into the last ambulance, and with this distraction, Ed was able to break free of his grasp and rush towards the emergency vehicle.

"Double D!" he continuously called out as they shut the back doors and began to drive off, sirens blaring.

"DOUBLE D!" He waved his arms up and down desperately to call the driver back. When it disappeared into the night, Ed hopelessly fell to his knees and screamed.


The pathetic sight of him hunched over, bawling in the middle of the street, was enough to leave everyone quiet. Jimmy clutched at Sarah's side and sobbed into her shirt. Rolf even made a prayer in his native tongue under his breath.

In the midst of his sorrow, Ed glanced up to find a dark object resting on the ground before him. With shaky hands, he lifted up Edd's beloved hat, discarded earlier by the paramedics, and a few drops of blood fell to the ground, glimmering like ruby jewels.

Staring at the poor, limp items in his hands, Ed began to tremble, dry sobs escaping his throat. He barely noticed when his other friend approached his side.


"Ed-dy-dy…" Ed stuttered in between each sob. "D… Dou… D-D-Double…"


Finally, Ed broke down, burying his face in the hat's soft fabric as he continued to weep miserably. Eddy awkwardly wrapped an arm around his shoulders, unfamiliar with means of comfort.

"So…" A voice that dared to break the silence brought his attention to where Kevin and Nazz started chatting again. "…where's the other car? Y'know, the one that hit 'em?"

"Well… I heard the police say the other driver was possibly drunk, but drove away before they could get here."

"Hit-and-run? Geez. That sucks."


Hearing this, Eddy's rage began to build up again, and he clenched a fist without knowing it. Hit-and-run? Drunk? Some drunken bum hit his friend's car and ran?

"Ow!" Ed pulled away from his one-arm hug, clutching his own arm. "Eddy, that hurt!"

Eddy cringed and held his fist to his chest, trying to keep all his fury to himself. He remained tense for a few seconds, then sighed unsteadily, plopped onto the ground, and buried his face in his hands.

Ed, completely understanding, frowned and pulled his small frame into an embrace, quietly sobbing into his shoulder.

After all, he was always the forgiving kind.


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