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Nighttime eased into the warm summer atmosphere, a fitting end to a beautiful Saturday. The commotion of that afternoon had eventually died down, and the cul-de-sac fell into a pleasant hush. One that was broken by happy laughter.

"Geez Louise!" Edd laughed heartily as he walked down the sidewalk with an equally merry Ed at his side. "When those undead dogs crashed through the window out of nowhere, I nearly soiled myself!"

"Told ya it was a scary movie!"

"Tell me about it!"

Ed giggled. "You jumped into my arms so many times…"

"Ahh…" Edd sighed contently, leaning comfortably on his lover, who replied by pulling him closer. "Of course. Because you're soft and warm."

Ed grinned and wrapped both arms around him. "So are you."

Edd retuned it with his own smile. Too soon, they found themselves in front of his house, and he very subtly caught the sight of a couple figures in the poorly-lit window. So, they were watching, judging, waiting…

And that didn't bother him one bit. He had nothing to hide.

Halfway down the front walk, Edd stopped and turned to face Ed, wearing his delighted smile. "…I had an enjoyable time with you today, Ed."

He beamed. "Me too, Double D."

Edd took his hand tenderly. "Really, I… I don't remember a time in my life where I've been this… this…"

"Happy?" Ed found the word for him, pulling him into a hug with a hum of content. "Me neither."

Marveling the warmth wrapped around him, Edd nuzzled closer, and the pair remained in that embrace for what felt like an eternity.

Ed pulled away when he felt his partner tense up and let out a small, inhaled hiss. He frowned at Edd, who was clutching his splinted arm with a slight cringe, as he did his best to bite back the pain.

"…hurts?" Ed asked in a hushed voice.

"A little…" Edd replied tightly, sighing. "…gets a bit sore on occasion."

Ed reached up and delicately rubbed it to soothe the ache away. "…I hope your arm heals soon, Double D."

"Thank you, Ed," he breathed out as his discomfort faded. "The doctors said it will. I hope they're right."

Ed nodded. "Me too."

Edd looked up and took a moment to stare at his beloved, watching the concern on his handsome face melt into his innocent, charming smile as he proceeded to stare right back. A comfortable silence wrapped around them before Edd continued.

"…You know, I…" He cast his gaze down demurely, his adorable cheeks tinting. "…I-I never thought I'd find a partner before me college years, let alone before high school… a-and the last person I'd expect to end up with, if I did turn out to be homosexual, or course, was you…" He shrugged. "…and yet here we are."

Ed cocked his head. "…is that a good thing?"

Without hesitation, Edd nodded. "Of course it is, Ed." His voice grew hushed as he leaned closer, taking his hand. "I question things all the time, but…" He descended into a whisper as he at last looked back up at Ed. "…I know this is right. I feel it."

"…Me too," Ed murmured, his hot breath a tantalizing invite.

Before they knew it, their lips met for a last goodnight kiss.

Every instinct within Edd told him to pull away, but he refused every one of them. He knew his parents were watching, but he couldn't have cared any less. In fact, he wanted them to see, wanted them to understand that this was real, unadulterated love they were witnessing. And that was why he continued as long as he did.

Edd deeply resented how this lovely gesture was becoming so manipulative, but even as he tried to brush those thoughts away from his mind, he couldn't revoke the sense of rebellion as their tongues reached out to caress each other, triggering a wanton moan from his throat.

Instantly, things shifted; Edd's train of thought came to a screeching halt. It might have been because Ed tasted so damn good, or that his oral movements were so gentle and fluid, or the way his hands ghosted up and down his spine made his entire body tingle with ecstasy. An incredible sensation he had never, ever felt before flourished within him at each of their kisses, and he would accept any and all punishment, as long as got to keep his intoxication, his love, his friend…

His Ed.

Gradually, they parted, still connected by the nose as they nuzzled each other affectionately.

"…Are you sure you wanna stay home tonight…?" Ed asked in a cutely sad voice.

Edd nodded against him. "I enjoy and deeply appreciate your hospitality, Ed…" Very reluctantly, he drew away. "…but I'd like to sleep in my own bed tonight."

"Okay," Ed replied simply, ever understanding. "I gotta clean my room before you stay over again, anyways."

Edd lightly chuckled. "Good luck with that."

Giggling, Ed led him to the door, reaching down under the doormat and retrieving the front door key for him.

"Oh…thank you, Ed." Edd gratefully took it into hand, giving him his last meaningful gaze for the night. "…I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Mm-hmm!" Ed nodded energetically. "…Good night, Double D."

Edd smiled, placing a tiny smooch on his cheek. "Good night, Ed."

"…I love you."

Edd beamed. "And I love you too, Ed."

Like any good boyfriend should, Ed waited until his lover got the door open and was safely indoors before beginning his own walk for home.

Edd quietly shut the door behind him, taking a moment to revel the sight of his own home's entry hall and living room, a sight he nearly dreaded he would never see again. Most of the house was dark, but a small source of light drew him into the kitchen.

He faked a look of initial surprise when he saw his parents seated at the table. The shock became real when he saw the sincere apology in their eyes, the regret for their rash and cruel actions.

Edd found forgiveness instantly.

When they opened their arms welcomingly, he flew into them, marveling the blissful feeling of parental love that he thought he'd have to wait a long time to feel once again.

And never would he ever feel neglected again.


A quiet week passed by uneventfully. The new couple became old news, and things slipped back into normalcy. Even so, kids still threw whistles and delighted comments towards the two whenever they walked down the street, hand in hand. Which was all the time.

They were deep into the summer now, at the point where it was hard to keep track of the days that floated by. Because of this, Eddy didn't complain about the wasted time that could've been utilized in scamming the other kids out of their allowances. Instead, they were working on their last idea, cutting and sewing and putting together 'the scam of the century.'

"Either centuries have grown shorter, or you're in a completely different time-space spectrum, Eddy," Edd had snidely commented. Eddy scoffed teasingly, while Ed laughed, understanding the joke for once and more encouraged to show it.

Before anyone could get any more suspicious, the grand opening of Ed's Raincoat and Umbrella Emporium finally arrived. Since they hadn't been scammed for a good long while, the other kids decided to humor them and pay a visit.

"How does this fit, Jimmy?" Edd, always one for customer satisfaction, slipped a bright green raincoat on the youth. "Designed especially for your petite size!"

"It's perfect! I love it!" Jimmy cried happily.

"The ducky print on the back is so cute!" Sarah joined him in his bouncing dance. "Can I have one in purple?"

Edd had anticipated this, smiling. "We'll check our stock."

He whispered quickly to Ed, to which the oaf laughed and scampered off to his tool shed. Edd watched him go lovingly, when tiny giggles caught his attention, and he turned his amused grin towards the children.

"Something amusing?" he questioned, his grin failing to fade.

"N-no, nothing, Double D!" Jimmy snorted.

"Yeah, nothing… you dog, you!" Sarah smirked, delivering an usually playful punch to his arm. Though it was light, Edd still cringed and clutched it in pain. "Oh, geez, sorry!"

"Careful, baby sister," Ed approached with a bundle under one arm as the other wrapped around Edd and rubbed his arm to soothe the hurt away. "The sling might be gone, but Double D's arm is still healing."

"R-right, sorry…"

"Ah… that's quite alright, Sarah," Edd sighed as the soreness faded, motioning to Ed and taking part of the bundle. "Please, try this on while we attend to other customers."

"Ooh!" The near-rabid girl snatched it from his hands.

"We'll be matching in rainy weather, Sarah!"

"Let us know how you feel in it when we return. Excuse me…"

"Table for two!"

Business, for the first time ever, was bustling, and Eddy watched it unfold from their makeshift front counter with the most dreamy, satisfied grin on his face. To him, to eager voices of dedicated lackeys and potential customers were music to his ears, like the jingle of change inside a glass jar.

"Here you are, Jonny, with an adjustable elastic band!"

"Cool! It matches your storm cap, Plank!"

"Hey, Double D? Which coat do you think looks better on me, rutabaga red or puddle blue?"

"Oh, the red. Most definitely. It accents your lovely blonde locks, Nazz."

"Hee hee, okay! I'll go with that!"

"These clodhopper goulashes fit Rolf's feet like gloves! Rolf will certainly consider a purchase, fruitcake-for-brain Ed-boy!"

"Ooh, nice shoes, Rolf!"

Eddy sighed in complete content. Music to his ears. Too bad all their merchandise was under five bucks, or they'd be making a serious killing with this scam. They'd be swimming in jawbreakers 'til the end of…

"Yo, dorky."

Eddy was snapped from his enchanting trance, throwing Kevin an irate glare. "Whadda you want?"

There was a slam, and he glanced down to face a beautiful, twenty-dollar bill laid out on the counter before him. Eddy's eyes grew as wide as dinner plates as Benjamin Franklin stared back with a very tantalizing gaze.

His face was covered by Kevin's pointing finger, bringing Eddy's stupefied stare up to his smirking face.

"You see this twenty?"

"…Y-yeah," Eddy squeaked.

"It's all yours…" His grin grew malicious. "…if you can get Thelma and Louise over there to make out, right here, right now."

Eddy visibly flinched and took a step back. He shot a gaze towards his two pals, where Ed was modeling umbrellas and Double D was offering a discount if they bought it with a matching set of a coat, hat, and boots. The playful oaf was dancing to the tune "Singin' in the Rain" he was belting out, trotting circles around his boyfriend and making it very hard for him to sound professional as he and the others broke into laughter.

Very slowly, he turned back to Kevin. "…you've got to be kidding."

The jock raised a brow. He wasn't kidding.

Eddy bit his lip, glancing back and forth erratically between the money and his best friends. Once again, the inner conflict, of loyalty versus monetary gain this time, was killing him.

"…Well?" Kevin prodded. "You gonna do it or not?"

Eddy was sweating. He was so used to making rash decisions on all his actions, but here he didn't know what to do. He was trapped like a deer in the crosshairs.

As if psychically sensing this, Edd turned his gaze their way. Seeing the panicked look on his chum's face, he politely excused himself for a moment and approached in the same condescending way a policeman walks up to a pulled-over speedster.

"Is there a problem over here?" he asked rather lightly.

Neither replied. They only eyed each other warily.

Used to that, Edd ignored their exchange and focused on the dollar bill on the counter. He then eyed Eddy, very strangely, in fact.

"You're not accepting money, Eddy?" he questioned in mild, yet mock surprise. "And a twenty, no less?" He brought a hand to Eddy's forehead, wrinkled in irritation. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Knock it off!" He slapped the hand away, which made a fluid move to its hip in a pose of wily amusement as Edd chuckled. "Square-face won't give it up until you and Ed kiss," he rushed out, crossing his arms and sulking in frustration.

The mirth faded from Edd's face slightly as he blinked, as if that didn't register right. He glanced at Kevin, then the twenty, than at Ed (who was entertaining the others with interpretive dance), then back at Eddy.

And then his smirk returned. "Is that all?"

Feeling quite satisfied by both their shocked reactions, he crossed his arms very smugly, reveling the fact that he could do so again now that the splint was gone.

"Oh, Ed!" he called out, turning to face the crowd as his dear turned as well.

"Yes, Double D?"

In a very kinky manner, Edd beckoned him over with a single finger.

Already the catcalls began, distracting Ed slightly s he tried to make his way over. Meanwhile, Edd turned back to Kevin and Eddy, who were still left flabbergasted by his peculiar, un-Double-D-like behavior.

"Kevin," he spoke up, breaking the hypnosis. "Give Eddy the money first, if you will."

The jock didn't protest as he handed it over.

Eddy gazed at the twenty in his hand, shooting Edd a rare look of hesitation. "You… you sure, Double D?"

"Why shouldn't I be? It's not like nobody knows. Besides…" He elbowed his unsure pal. "A publicity stunt like this could possibly attract more sales… don't you think?"

Eddy gaped at Edd's rather shrewd grin, then replied with his own, pocketing his loot. "Well, when you put it that way…"

"See? It's won us extra profit already."

"I have rubbed off on you so much, you have no idea."

"I've come to accept that."

Kevin gave the laughing buddies an odd look before making his proclamation. "You dorks are weird."

And without missing a beat, Edd retorted. "Well, Kevin, since you're the one requesting to see a homosexual kiss, I don't think you're in a position to determine who of us is 'weird.'"

It took all of Eddy's willpower not to burst into hysterics, especially from Kevin's gape of defeat. That was one of the best burns Sockhead had ever unleashed. He'd commend him for it later.

For now, Edd turned back as his beloved approached, ever innocently loyal. And that's what Edd loved him for.

"What is it, Doubl…?"

Once again, his question was swallowed up by soft lips, catching him completely off guard. The calls, whistles, and whoops escalated, and he had every right to push his partner away and ask why.

But Edd was too appetizing to pass up. Already he was massaging their lips, daring him to let restrictions fall, let them see, and let caution be thrown to the wind. And that's exactly what Ed did, shutting his eyes and pulling his delectable lover closer by the waist, lifting him off his feet. For one of the first times, he felt both of Edd's hands lace behind his neck, fingers digging into his locks of apricot in a passionate manner that made his heart swell with joy. Forget the rules, forget everyone else, all that was on Ed's mind was his Double D and his Double D alone.

If anything, the cheers around them were encouraging.

"Wow! Lookit them go!"

Jimmy sighed dreamily. "…ah, the sweet kiss of star-crossed lovers… so beautiful!"

"Ho HO! Go, Ed-boys, GO! Rolf has not seen such passion since his last cousin was conceived!"

Somehow, someway, Plank was covering Jonny's innocent eyes. "Hey! I can't see!"

"Too cute!"

Nothing in the world felt more right than this moment, where they were praised for being different, driven towards passion with absolutely no need to hide it. It changed everything, but didn't at the same time.

And the one voice that tried to ruin it only garnered more amusement.

"Oh, man! This is crazy! Whoa, was that their tongues?? Aw, dude! That's sick!"

Kevin's jeers were briskly ignored, but strangely enough, Edd needed a little more satisfaction than that.

Still kissing Ed, his head fogged by pleasure, his foot blindly poked and searched until it slipped inside an oversized boot. Slowly, he lifted it off the ground, suspending it by the toe of his shoe, and with a thrusting kick and flick of his ankle, launched it behind him. Without aim or calculation, seemingly by karmic justice itself, the boot smacked Kevin square in the face, knocking him into the ground with a thud.

When the laughter began, the couple briefly parted, Edd shooting a fleeting glance backward. "Did I get 'em?"

Ed giggled. "Nice shot, Double D!"

Edd turned back with a smile. "Thank you, Ed." And then he recaptured his lips.

As the kissing and cheering continued, Eddy watched from the sidelines, his content grin resurfacing as his thoughts began to wander. A while ago, this wouldn't have been possible. They would've never learned to truly appreciate their friendship had it not been for the accident, and even the cruel abandonment by Double D's parents allowed a seed of compassion to bloom within the cul-de-sac. That was fate for you, throwing curveball after curveball.

But in the end, it worked out alright. They became the poster gay couple, and he garnered the reputation as the straight, supportive friend. Not bad.

And as sappy as it sounded, it had all started with a true lover's kiss, breaking the spell and opening the door into a new chapter of their lives.

There was no guarantee this journey would be any less difficult, but that was alright. Whatever challenges came, they'd face off against the world together as comrades, as lovers, as brother, as friends…

…as Eds.






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