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An actual UPDATE?!

Yes. I'm back, though maybe not better than ever. I want to apologize to anyone who is still reading this for my prolonged absence. Hopefully this will make up for it? I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, so forgive any horrible writing that may come within the next month or so. But the main thing is I'm Sorry! gives hugs all around I've missed writing here, so hopefully anyone who is actually still going to be reading this story will be pleased! Enjoy!

Finally, after months of waiting without my favorite thing to watch on TV, the day was here.

Superbowl Sunday.

Sure, I didn't have an abundant spread of snacks laid out in front of the couch. I chuckled at the image of my snacks sitting in the living room. Not exactly practical.

I was still just as excited as anyone, though. Well, anyone except Edward…and Alice, and Carlisle…and Esme and Rosalie. But they weren't being any fun anyway. At least Jasper was betting with me on who would win. Too bad he was going for the Giants. It was so obvious that the Patriots would win, I laughed

at him when he suggested his choice.

I did have to wonder if he had Alice's help in the decision, but he denied it—with Edward backing him up. Which almost made me feel better, if it weren't for the fact that I wasn't exactly in Edward's "good graces" for the moment.

Three weeks later, he was still upset about the movie/condom incident. Not that it bothered me at all. I still looked back on it and laughed.

And he still hadn't retaliated. I wondered if he had already run out of ideas. There was so little that got under my skin, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

Not that I cared right now. I was just ready to win my bet with Jasper.

I sat down heavily on the couch, leaning back into the cushions. Feet propped up on the inappropriately named "coffee" table, remote in hand, I settled myself in for the game. After getting myself comfortable, I turned on the TV.


I tried again.

Click. Click.

Great, the remote wasn't working. Not that it was over-exerting to get up and turn on the tv, it was still annoying.



Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

I froze.


I heard him chuckling in his room upstairs, so I yelled, his name becoming a curse. He appeared at the top of the stairs in a fraction of a second, leaning casually against the banister.

"Something wrong, brother?"

I glared at him. "What the hell did you do to the TV?"

"What do you mean? Is it not working?"

"Seriously, smart ass. This isn't funny."

His smirk made me want to rip his face apart.

"Fine," I began after he didn't respond. "It's interesting that you would think I'm so easily deterred."

I grabbed the keys to one of our less conspicuous cars and ran to the garage. Edward was right behind me, and stopped right behind me when I froze for the second time—this time looking up at the sky.



My skin threw light under the sun's rays.

"You might want to rethink going out. I don't think Rosalie would be very pleased with having to move just because you blew our cover in name of a stupid football game."

Then he was gone, running as fast as he could in the direction of Bella's house.

Damn him! If I could catch him, I would have been running after him immediately.

I clenched my jaw and fists. He was going to have hell to pay for this. I would be sure of it.

"Emmett," Alice chirped, suddenly appearing at my side.

"What is it Alice? I'm not really in the mood right now."

"Oh yes you are, trust me. Bella's going to help you out this time."

I paused, considering.


So how was it? Horrible, maybe...okay? Please please please let me know! I will be eternally grateful to you!

(And I might be re-writing this chapter in just a little bit to add some meat the bones. Sorry it was so short, but I wanted to get something posted)

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