To our readers- Thank you all for enjoying our two My Big Fat G. I. Joe Wedding stories where two couples found their world. Now, we introduce you to the next chapter in the saga, Bloodlines. – Which takes place over twenty years after Wedding 2!

Disclaimer: We do not own G.I. Joe, never had and probably never will. We do not own any of the Joe characters in this story. But we do own our characters that we have created. Please ask for permission if you would like to use any of our created characters. Thank you.


Authors: Scarlett Slipper and Alison Hart- Burnett.

Summary: It's twenty years later! What has happened between Duke and Scarlett, Flint and Jaye? What deadly secrets hide in the their worlds? And is Brutus still having adventures? Read and find out, for Bloodlines will take you in a world where you will find yourself, laughing, crying and smiling.

Pairing: Scarlett/Duke


Rating: PG 13 some M

Category: Suspence/Drama, Romance, with some Humor. Note: recommend reading with tissues!

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