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There she stood in the queue, waiting fort the gasoline she needed to leave all her bad thougts behind. Although the rainy cold weather just underlined her mood. Max never was a very optimistic person. She always thought hope would be something for losers who couldn´t accept the truth, but that attitude helped her through all the hard times she went through. Now, nothing could save her from the large black whole that suddenly appeared in front of her. Max was so happy when she thought she had found the cure for the virus that was keeping her from the love of her life. Actually, the cure did just last for twelve hours- twelve hours in which they had no time to enjoy their short luck. And now it was far more worst than before. Logan didn´t answer any of her countless calls and that hurt her more than everything else. So she decided to leave the city for a ride on her motorcycle to clear her head. Max just needed some gasoline to feed her baby. Suddenly the policeman who stood besides the truck informed the people that they should go home because there wasn´t any gasoline left. Some guy couldn´t except the fact and reached for his gun. Panic waved through the crowd of people and everybody tried to get away as fast as possible. Max- thanks or no thanks to her training in her childhood stayed calm and tried to overlook the situation. Suddenly she realized that a small boy stood right in the ballistic curve. She ran and threw herself in front of the boy, when she heard a shot. She felt nothing but pain when she fell to the ground and saw her blood flew onto the wet underground.

Alec walked into Jam Pony and was kind of curious if Max would show up today. Since the happenings on the dump she had avoided work, Crash and even the Space Needle. So he never had the chance to talk to her about what had happened. He wasn´t so sure why he had the desire to talk, but he felt guilty for the problems between Max and Logan. Of course he knew that he was a soldier back then and didn´t have a choice than to take the orders he had gained, but he knew that Max was still mad at him and he wanted her to know that her belief towards him wasn´t something he didn´t care about. He saw Original Cindy enter all alone so he decided to ask her about Max´ actual condition. He leaned against the lockers next to OC and asked her with a voice like he couldn´t care less: „So, what kinda illness has our princess today? Again the influenza?" Original Cindy looked at him with up-lifted eyebrowes: „I think that´s none of your business, Pretty Boy. Why do you even ask?" Alec shruged. „Maybe because I´m worried about her?" Suddenly OC´s features softened a bit and he could see the concern in her eyes. „You really should. Since the twelve hours thing she is not the same again. Max wants to be left alone but I don´t think she can handle it by herself. And than there ist this asshole of „Boyfriend" that ignores her since then, which isn´t very helpful either." Alec suddenly felt a lot of sympathy towards Max. „Do you think it would help, when I call her and talk to her?" Cindy shruged. „Don´t know, but just try it. It´s better than just to let her drown herself in her black negative thougts. But, Boo, you have to call her pager, cause she wanted to leave our apartment and ride her motorcycle." Alec smiled. „Kay, thanks Cin, for the information upload." She grinned. „You´re welcome.But now I´ve got to go, before Normal fires Original Cindy´s first-class ass." So she disappeared with a package and headed towards the entrance. Alec immidiately grabbed his cell and called Max´ pager not knowing that she was too blearily to answer the call because of the bloodloss and the narcosis that a team of medics in exactly that moment sedated her- In the Harbor Lights.

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