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Alec woke up by the sound of someone using his shower. Of course he knew that it has to be Max, but it was kind of strange to think about Max in his shower, naked…okay, what the hell is wrong with me? Since when do I think such things about Max?

Finally he came to the conclusion that it must be, because he spent two whole days with Max. Actually, he never spent so much time with a girl, without having sex with that someone. Well, except Rachel…and Max, now.

Max couldn´t find a better moment to make her entrance only wrapped in one of Alecs towels, hair even darker than usual, because of the water, small drops rolling down her petite arms. Of course she noticed the look Alec gave her.


„Nothing, I was just wondering if you´re ready to go to work again." It took him a hard time to avert his gaze.

„Of course. You know there´s one thing I have to thank Manticore for: My superhealing." Max smiled at him.

„Now come on, make yourself ready. Or do you want me to face Normal alone?"

Half an hour later Max and Alec entered Jam Pony.

„Max!" Original Cindy ran towards her and hugged Max.

„I was so worried, where were you?"

Alec cleared his throat. „Can we talk about it later? I think there are some details Normal shouldn´t know."

In fact was Normal on his way towards them. OC got the hint and decided that she should take her bike and blaze, before she got a telling-off from Normal about refusal to work.

„Good morning Golden Boy, morning Max! I never thought I would see you at work that early."

Alec wrapped an arm around Max shoulders. „Well that is my good influence, right Maxie?"

Max gave him her best fake smile in response and a blow to his gut.

Normal didn´t seem to notice and continued talking. „Well, I´m glad that you are alive and kicking again." With these words he left the two.

„What the hell was that?" Max asked confused.

„This is Normal´s normal way of talking with me." Alec grinned at her self-pleased.

„Oh, this is so unfair. Why is he always so nice to you?"

„Well, start cage fighting and come to work on time and you´ll be his little Golden Girl. Hm…Golden Boy and Golden Girl, sounds like two superheroes on a mission." He chuckled.

Max smiled at him. „Yeah right on the mission to deliever packages. I never felt so valuable and irreplaceable. By the way, I wanted to say thank you to you, because of…you know saving my ass and take care of me…and so…"

„Anything for a friend, Maxie." Alec smiled.

He was already on his way outside when suddenly something crossed Max mind.



„Who´s Lola Garzia? You know, you miscalled me in the hospital to save my real identity. And I want to know why you chose that name."

Suddenly Alec looked at her slightly scared and decided that know was the moment to take his job seriously.

„Hot run! Sorry, Maxie, but I gotta blaze."

„Alec, wait. Tell me, who´s Lola Garzia!"

Abruptly Sketchy was next to her. „You wanna know who´s Lola Garzia?"

„What, you know who she is?" Max looked at him in disbelieve.

„Yepp, Alec told me about her once. She´s a saint in his eyes, because he lost his virginity to her."

„WHAT? Oh, I´ll so gonna kill him for that." Max stormed out of Jam Pony ready to kick Alec´s ass into the next week.

Sketchy just stood there and shook his head.

Obviously some things will change never.


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