Darla, The Forgotten Chapters

Chapter 1
A brave new world

Golden locks flowed as she walked the city streets of the New World she grew up in called America. Her brilliant blue eyes fluttered and sparkled as she looked upon the sky with hope and wonder. Her father soon came to her side and began to tickle her sides playfully.

"Oh father, you are so silly." She giggled as she tried to escape his loving grasp.

"My dearest Diedra…you are my greatest joy in this new land we have come to." He said with endearment.

The golden haired little girl smiled with the same love she returned for him, her father was so good to her despite the fact that her mother had gone away to heaven. She thought he would never get over the loss and neither did she. Life without her was difficult but she knew things were going to change for the better. This land was going to bring them such prosper, such fortune.

"That's what I tell everyone about me when they ask. If only they knew, if only they knew the real me."

A woman with golden hair sat across the table, cigar smoke floating about, curling around her like fingers. The man across from her was intoxicated and was a bit blubbery. But she expected that in her line of profession. The ale wore heavily on his scent and it made him all the more sentimental. He blinked for a moment as if what she had told him was incomprehensible.

"The truth of the matter is that it was quite the opposite, my father was a bumbling drunk. He made me what I am today. The "New World", as he called it, was nothing more than another dank and heartless place. There were times when we had nothing more than a crust of bread to eat and he was the one who ate it. Then one night he brought home a man…his name was something I wasn't allowed to say it. I was only allowed to call him the Baron. He had dark hair, green eyes, he looked like an angel. He was my first, customer, that it but I did love him. He adored me more than any man had ever. But my father didn't pay attention to him outside of the money he could potentially bring him. One night the Baron told my father of how he loved me and how I was beautiful. My father was too drunk to neither pay much attention to what he was saying nor believe that there was a drop of sincerity within his words. But when he did catch the part when he said I was beautiful. And so that night my father told him that as long as the Baron gave him some sort of monetary compensation that I was his in any way he sought fit. The Baron could never have thought of making me into one of those women and so though he agreed to my fathers terms he never once made me do anything that would make me impure. Until the night my father went to him and asked him what he thought of me. Was I fit to be his whore or was too good. After a while my father's addiction to the whiskey and cheap ale deepened and so did his dept with the local tavern owners. The Baron insisted many times to my father that he was doing what was in the contract with him to do and if he wanted more money in exchange for his peace of mind but my father, though often drunk and not really mentally sound, knew better. He grabbed hold over me and forced me to the ground. He stripped me of the clothing I had and then began to examine me, to put it lightly. He saw that I was untouched and he went furious. He accused the Baron of not holding his end of the deal and that he wasn't being paid for him to love me. I began to cry and he slapped me in the face so hard that I couldn't turn my head to look at him. The Baron tried to reason with him but my father said to him…do it or you'll never see my daughter again. And so with those words he came in and picked me up off of the floor. The look in his eyes told me he loved me but what happened next shook me to the core. He took me into the barn. I asked him repeatedly what was wrong and he never once answered me. Then I felt his hands creep up my bodice and he began to untie my bindings I had holding my body within my clothing. I began to weep silently as he removed the rest and there I lay naked on a haystack. Then with my father standing at the open barn door the Baron began to rape me. It seemed like an eternity before he stopped and got off of me. He pulled his slacks back up and walked over to my father. Then with a smile my father took a leather satchel containing the payment due to him for my services."

A tear crept across the woman's face now. The patron began to pull out a cloth to wipe away her tears but she had already done so with her hands.

"What ever happened to the Baron?" Asked the man in front of her with a slightly sober tone.

"He left, forever. I never saw him after that night. Life would only be logical after this point. My father took it as no personal blow that he was no longer a customer. There were wealthier men looking for love, he said, there were bigger fish in the sea. The truth of the matter is, he was right. There were wealthier men in the land we lived in but to me they were not bigger fish. They were as small as tadpoles and twice as careless. I serviced all of the town's elite, mayors, lords, plantation owners, and politicians, even businessmen who were married. They all gave my father what he wanted and I felt like it was something I deserved. All of this eventually led me to a place where I was numb. God had left me and the devil was someone I knew very well. Those who had ties to him were treated as badly as I was. I never thought them to be of the devil but many of the white men of my time did. The slaves were very into the supernatural side of life, they believed in mysticism that none of us could truly ever grasp and so it was evil. But I knew on some level that it was real…that they knew of beings, of powers, that none of us were able to comprehend. But what was I to do? I was a whore, a blemish on society that was only to be seen in the darkest of night when loneliness was worse than what I stood for."

The man in front of her look so saddened, it was as though something somewhere inside him awoke and he doubted his mind. He had the same intentions with this woman as all the other men he had mentioned.

"Do not be mistaken good sir, I do not say this merely to make you disheartened at your choice of action this night. I am merely telling you this to put your mind at ease for nothing you do to me this night or any other night can phase me. I am numb to the pain of mortality."

And with the finished words the golden haired woman took his hand and led him to the cobblestone streets of Ireland. He followed her with much reluctance. Soon they made their way into the deepest outskirts of the town near the entrance of a nearby sewer. He looked at her with such confusion and when he was about to speak she merely shushed him with the gentle press of her fingers to his lips. He then began to kiss her, slowly unbuttoning her dress and removing her corset. He stood back and gazed upon her naked torso in awe. With all the things she went through he was amazed that she was free of marks or scares.

"You are a goddess, you are an angel."

She leaned in and slowly blew in his ear seductively. It was warm at first but then grew cold as ice. It was as if death itself blew in his ear. He looked up at her and what he saw scared him out of his wits. He did not move, he was paralyzed in fear.

"I'm no angel."

He looked upon her face, it was distorted and looked as if the visage of the devil had replaced her angelic veneer. Her teeth had lengthened and as he looked at her she smiled in an evil fashion and then bit down upon his neck. His eyes rolled into his head as she began to drain his. He grunted in pain one last time before she felt his heart begin to slow and with the last beat she dropped him. His dead body now littered the floor. Then in the distance the echoing sound of clapping resounded.

"Marvelous my child…you are indeed gifted."

She turned around and looked upon the man who spoke to her. His bat-like appearance was one she knew very well.

"Thank you master, I live only to serve you and the order of Aurelius."

As she walked towards him her face returned to her normal appearance and with a warm embrace she listened to his words.

:"I never knew you lived in such turmoil my beloved Darla."

She looked up and with a cold tone returned his conversation.

"Well those days are gone and I am now your child. I know you will keep me safe."

She then began to walk down the way to the sewer tunnel and the sounds of rate and her shoes clicking made the master's ears twitch with glee.

"Yes my child," He said softly to himself, "I will keep you safe."