Chapter 6
New Arrival

"Ahh Madrid."

Luke stood out on the balcony of a nearby church, inside lay three dead nuns. Their throats had been torn from the ferocity of the bites. He smiled and wiped a smudge of blood he had on the corners of his lips and licked the blood clean off his hands. Beside him stood Darla, her blond hair hanging down her shoulders in tight curls.

"You love this place I take it?" Darla said playfully as she looked outward to the night-cloaked village. There were flickers of light from the oil lit lanterns from every other house but otherwise it was very dark.

"I do my sister…it is the mother of all cities. The people here have a more robust flavor."

Darla giggled and walked over to the room containing the corpses of the nuns and smiled, kicking one out of the way as she tried to make her way to the door. In the back of her as Luke stood and eyed the dark city she turned back to call him forward.

"Come now, we cannot loiter here tonight. The smell of the pure blood is intoxicating, I know, but you need to come along."

Luke frowned slightly, he was new to the world of the immortals but he didn't understand why Darla was constantly pushing forward the ideal that immortals had to fear death. He walked slowly and stopped before the nun he had bitten with more fury than the rest. He crouched down and lifted her hand taking in her scent.

"She was a special one…she was untouched."

Darla scoffed looking at him with annoyance.

"They all are…that's why they are nuns my dear brother."

Luke scoffed and looked at her with equal annoyance.

"You might as well be a nun if that is the case." He snorted before letting the dead nun's hand fall to the ground with a small thump.

"And what does that mean?" Darla asked with anger and spite in her voice.

"The answer is simple, these maids were sleeping in close quarters with more than just their lord and piety to keep them company. I was merely making a generalization that if they are what is considered pure then you should be the holiest of them all."

Darla then smacked him across the face and strode away.
"Why the master chose to sire one so ignorant and idiotic as you is beyond my understanding."

Luke smiled and walked away muttering.

"Where are you going? The master said you are not to leave the church unless he is certain that we haven't been followed to this safe house he has acquired for us."

Luke turned and gave her a blank stare. He then walked up to her and placed his hand firmly around Darla's shoulders.

"Let me explain something to you." He said softly

With blunt force he shoved her back, Darla forgot her position in the room and where the bodies were. Losing her bearings she fell over the body of a nun and growled as she looked up at Luke.

"How dare you!" Darla shouted at him.

"Yes…I dare. In fact I know that you are nothing in my shadow…in fact your are nothing in my shadow's wake. You are a mere piece of glitter in a rusted sword handle. The order does not need such degenerate pieces of common demonic trash to tarnish the order's reputation."

Darla then stood up faster than Luke had anticipated she would and then rushed him. H growled and hissed as he felt her nails dig into face and neck. She took hold of him with such a strength he had not had in him and was thrown into a glass oak lined door, shattering it into sharp wayward shards.

"You are so close to death you cannot comprehend."

Darla quickly grabbed a large splintered piece of wood and pressed it firmly against his heart. The wood began to puncture the top layer of his skin making him wince in the pain.

"Now I don't need a reason to make the master angry right now but I doubt he'll miss a newborn as expendable as you. This night could very well be your last and as for what you've told me tonight, there has never been a more fierce, loyal, and powerful member of the order not since the master himself. Don't make me kill you my dear."

The glass on the floor echoed with the sound of crunching and from behind a harsh blow was delivered to both of them. Darla looked up and could only see the outline of the creature in the darkness. They smelled the scent of human but also something more.

"Now play nice children or I shall have to make you confess your sins to my stake"

Darla could see the dark hair of the woman in front of her and with the strength of the blow and the stake in her hand she was frightened. Her eyes glared and were shocked at the same time.

"Slayer…" Darla whispered.
"That's right…" Victoria said but then with her instincts and adrenaline flowing in vast amounts in the anticipation of the battle she began to attack them at full force with a pounce.

Darla and Luke quickly dodged and ran to the doors.

"No you're not leaving here that easily you monsters."

In hot pursuit Victoria gained ground as she chased Darla and Luke to the streets. She reached in her pockets and found a small vile of holy water and a newly sharpened stake. The streets of Madrid echoed with their quick footsteps. She began to pant, they were faster than she. She then noticed the male of the two was slowing down. She could see his chest move even though he couldn't breathe. He was exhausted and over exerting himself. It was clear to Victoria that he was a newborn. H had no stamina or adrenaline for a good chase despite the demonic blood.

She got close enough to place her foot in front of his causing Luke to trip and fall down.

"Way too easy."

She flipped Luke over and tried to drive the stake downward but was stopped just before it plunged down.

"You're right…" echoed Darla's voice as she held the slayers hand firm.

"Way to easy."

Darla smirked and jerked her hand with the stake back so hard she was thrown far away from Luke. He smirked and walked over to Darla who was now fully vamped along with him. Victoria looked up and quickly scanned her ground to gain a sense of the surroundings just as Virginia had taught her in training. Darla giggled and began to slowly walk towards her.

"You know…you should have been more alert, I do believe you did see two of us when this began."

Victoria didn't respond and began to get up but was only slapped down by Luke.

"I guess that comes from your lack of training slayer…or lack of true instinct."

Luke smiled and then walked over to the slayer. She quickly shattered the vile of holy water over his face causing him to scream out in pain and smoke to seep from his hands as he covered the burns.

"I guess you vampires are dumber than you appear."

With a swift low kick Victoria knocked Darla off balance and landing hard on her backside. Victoria then grabbed the stake from Darla as she went quickly over to her and pinning her down with her forearm.
"Tell the master I said hi."

In the background a voice rang out.

"Tell me yourself…"

Before Victoria could say another word, a firm and powerful grip the master's hands made the snapping motion which caused Victoria to fall lifeless to the ground.

"And that is what the last thing I see when before I wake up."

Virginia sat intently with her hands over her lap and a pot of tea sitting next to her steaming away. Victoria buried her face in her palms as tears crept from the cracks between her fingers. This dream, this nightmare, completely disturbed Virginia. The slayers dreams were something more than what any other person would interpret them to be.

"Do you feel like these dreams are real or do you believe it is just a shot of nerves Victoria?"

Victoria raised her head and tried to figure out what it was that she did feel.

"I don't know…but these vampires, they were from the order…including the one at the end who kills me. He was so powerful I can only hope he isn't real. What am I going to do if this is no dream…if he is real and that is a prophetic dream the slayer's of my past have been so well known for?"

Victoria raised herself from her chair and stared at Virginia imploring for her answers with her eyes.

"This vampire…you said he claimed to be the master?"

Victoria nodded silently and began to recollect her memories.

"From what you've described I believe you have had a prophetic dream. The thing with these dreams is that you have in this case seem to be a glimpse of not what will happen but are of what may happen should you fall. Prophecies are not always cut clean as they are written. They can be changed or altered for a willful purpose as long as it fits into the grand design."

Victoria sat on the lavishly upholstered leather chair in the study, she fumbled her hair which was now in curled at her bangs and held tight in the back in a bun and hair clips. She was dressed lavishly in a big gown, her corset was laced tightly. As she then stood the bright yellows and pinks of the embroidered flowers and honeybees. Victoria was now beside herself with her own doubt.

"What does that mean!" She yelled.

Victoria found herself short of breath as she sat with her legs crossed.
"I don't want to die! I'm sixteen! This master is here and when I leave everything behind in good judgement and faith that I can defeat him these dreams of my inevitable doom come calling and you tell me they are only as good as the will to stop them?"

Virginia sat up and gave her a stern look. Her features were very delicate, almost so much so that you could barely see the wrinkle of her nose. She was dressed similar to Victoria, her hair even fashioned with the same as the young slayer.

"You will not disrespect me young lady…you are the slayer and I am your watcher! Now take your seat and listen to me."

Her voice was lulling and stern all at the same time. With the stern order given Victoria sat down on her chair and listened with caution.

"I will not let this happen…but you must realize that as a slayer you know that if you die…"

Victoria then tried to protest but was silenced with a wave of her watcher's hand.

"If you die another shall take your place and your efforts will be honored as it was for the slayers before you. Do you think they were ready to die? They were all younger than you, some exactly like you. But there is one difference between you and them…"

Victoria looked up and with her eyes asked what she mean.

"They knew it wasn't what they wanted that mattered. They knew it was the mission that mattered. Now if you're willing to grasp that concept then I will train you. More fiercely than any other slayer has ever been trained and you will not fail."

Victoria looked up and with slight curiosity she began to speak.

"Have you ever trained a slayer that way before?"

Virginia shook her head and looked upon the young slayer.

"No…the last slayer was under my mother's training…I learned everything I knew from her."

Virginia began to look away, Victoria then came to her side.

"I will honor my promise if it will keep me alive…you have my word."

Victoria then grasped her watcher's hand and then they stood together making their way through the vast manor down towards the wine cellar where the weapons and battle simulation arenas were.

" We shall begin now."

The cellar of St Valentino convent.

"Welcome to our new home my brothers and sisters. I'm sure glad the mother superior was so negotiable with the rent."

A body then slumped to the ground, a woman with her hair caked in blood and her habit stained. The crowd of vampires laughed and smiled as they took in the scent of the dead corpse.

"Master…may we venture up to sample some of the holy women?"

The master turned and looked upon Luke who smiled with a look of evil so splendid in his eyes.

"Yes you shall…shortly but you must go with a chaperon."

Darla then crept out into the open with her hair down and her dress flowing around her like clouds.

"I shall accompany him master only if he swears to obey me as he would you if things go badly."

The master nodded his head in understanding and looked over to Luke.

"You heard her…do you swear her your oath?"

Luke was reluctant to say anything at first but then quickly nodded his head.

"That's my boy."