Breakfast at Grissom's

Grissom walked into the lab with a slight bounce in his step. He couldn't help himself. While sitting at his desk just as shift was ending this morning Sara popped her head in like every other morning to say bye. She was just about to go when from no where he heard someone asking, "have breakfast with me?"

He looked around to find the person who had spoken it then realized the words had come out of his own mouth. She just looked at him for a second before spouting, "excuse me?"

Apparently she was having just as hard a time realizing what he had said. Maybe she just wanted to give him a chance to change his mind. Well this time it just was not going to happen.

"Have breakfast with me?" he managed to say it a little louder and more confident this time. She must have still miss interpreted him because she asked, "do you want me to call the guys, their in the break room?" she motioned behind her with her thumb.

"No, have breakfast with me, just the two of us." Her eyes grew round as saucers but she agreed. They met ten minutes later in the parking lot and headed out.

Sara assumed they were just going to go to the local diner and was surprised when they passed it. "Grissom, I thought we were going to grab some breakfast?"

He turned down a side street, "we are, at my place. I'm going to make it." This seemed to astonish her and she did not make another noise the entire way to his house, afraid of breaking the spell. When they arrived he guided her to the front door with a hand gently placed on the back of her spine just above her rear.

The touch was warm and welcoming but Sara refused to give it too much meaning as he unlocked the door and held it open for her. She had been in his house only one other time during a particularly hard case and it hadn't changed much.

It was clean and organized. It had an airy feel to it and the walls were covered in preserved, framed butterflies. "Would you like something to drink? Orange juice, milk, coffee?"

Without turning around from her inspection of one the specimens on his walls she answered. "Orange juice sounds great. If I drink coffee right now I'll never get to sleep. It doesn't take much to keep me awake."

"Orange juice it is" and he reached in a cupboard and grabbed two glasses filling them both and placing hers on the island before turning back to the fridge and retrieving the ingredients for omelets. Sara walked over to the island and took a sip of her orange juice.

She sat down on one of the stools and watched him work. "What are we having?"

"Omelets" he looked up quickly, "you do eat eggs right? I'm sorry, I forgot to ask."

"Yes, I eat eggs, thank you for thinking of that." She leaned over and watched him work. He could feel her eyes on him but continued to cut the vegetables.

She could see the muscles in his arms working as he cut the vegetables and could feel the heat begin to pool between her thighs. "Grissom, can I use your bathroom."

"Yeah, of course. It's the first door on the right."

"Thanks" she headed to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. If she continued to watch him she was going to lose control and jump him right there. She used the facilities and while she washed her hands looked around her. The bathroom was positively male. The walls were painted slate blue and the towels were a stark white, contrasting with the dark marble countertop.

She grabbed the towel off the rack and dried her hands. She couldn't help herself as she brought the towel up to her nose and took in a lungful. It smelled like him and just as she thought she had her hormones under control she could feel the heat pooling at her middle again.

She placed the towel back in its place and exited the bathroom. He must have turned on the radio because when she opened the door soft music was filtering from the speakers. He was whisking the eggs when she entered the kitchen, his body moving to the rhythm created by his actions. All sense left her as she quietly crept up behind him.

He was taken by surprise when he felt her arms encircle his waist and her breath on his neck as she spoke softly. "Grissom, I am hungry, but not for food. I need something I have been craving for the last ten years and I'm afraid if I don't get it soon…" she slowly slid her hand down from his waist and gently brushed it against the front of his pants, "I may just expire." With her last word she cupped him. He closed his eyes and practically dropped the bowl with the eggs in it, catching it just in time and placing it on the counter.

He placed his hands on the counter to brace himself. She had him pinned against the counter and began to grind her hips into his back end as she massaged his front. He couldn't help but groan at the sensations she was creating.

"Sara…hmmm." He became hard in an instant and this only made her more amorous with her actions.

She was kissing and nibbling at his earlobes and the sensitive flesh at the base of his neck. "I've always wanted to kiss you here, to feel how soft the curls at the base of your neck felt against my lips." She continued to kiss and nibble, occasionally tasting him with the tip of her tongue.

Her grip on his waist loosened just enough for him to turn around and deep blue met brown right before he swooped in and took possession of those lips that were torturing him just moments before. His hands encircled her waist as hers reached up and around his neck.

The kiss deepened as he gently rubbed her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, silently pleading for admission and receiving access. His hands moved from her waist and slid up her sides and under her shirt. Slowly, inch by inch he lifted her shirt, she raised her arm's above her head and allowed him to completely remove it, exposing the black lace bra she wore.

He leaned down and nipped one of her peaks through the thin fabric, eliciting a moan of approval from Sara. She leaned her head back to allow him better access and he reached up and undid the clasp in the front, releasing her milky white breasts for his perusal.

"Beautiful" he said as he took a hard peak into his mouth and began to suckle as he massaged the other.

"God, Griss" Sara moaned as she reached down and began to unbutton his shirt. A minute later it joined hers on the floor. Breakfast by this time had been completely forgotten. Once Grissom's shirt was gone Sara began working on his pants.

Only moments passed before the two of them had completely removed all their clothes and Grissom had Sara pinned against the counter. Sara had no idea he would be this receptive to her advances but she was ecstatically happy when he pulled one of her legs up to his waist.

"Sara, I need you now." He said desperately through passion filled kisses. Sara lifted her other leg and wrapped it around his waist with the other in response. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up and onto him. He looked her in the eyes as he thrust into her. Sara took in a sharp breath with the size of him.

Grissom waited for her to adjust and then started moving slowly within her, in and out. The rhythm started out slow and then increased in speed. Sara placed her hands on the counter for leverage, moving her hips in rhythm with his and arching her back to allow him deeper access.

He leaned in and took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking hard making Sara buck her hips and sending her flying into her climax. "Oh…God…Gil!" Her walls began to pulse around him and he picked up the pace, thrusting deeper and deeper until his own climax took him over.

They stayed there for what seemed like hours before Sara gently lowered her legs and placed her feet back on the floor. Grissom placed a hand on her cheek and gently kissed her on the lips. "Sara, you are amazing."

"Takes one to know one, I guess." She replied back.

"How about some of that breakfast now, huh?"