A new story I thought of, I feel so mean for some parts but... life isn't very nice, now is it? Kataang, their may be some Taang sounding parts, but they are not meaningful...

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Aang could feel the wind in his black hair and the sun on his face as he glided on his motorcycle, he finally got a licence to drive it, and a car. So for celebrations, he and his Uncle Gyatso went on a road trip to the beach to hang with friends, including his best friend Toph. Aang was distracted by thoughts of what he could do, too distracted. "Look out!" he heard his Uncle say. Aang looked up and saw a car heading toward him but his uncle got infront of him, taking full force of the crash as the car hit him, his uncle was sent flying back hitting Aang's bike as Aang flew off landing on the road in front of the car as it ran over his legs, Aang fell into darkness...

1 year later

1 year ago I got into the crash that changed my life. Being disabled isn't that bad, if you don't count the people making fun of you all the time and pulling you out of your chair and having your best friend, who is a girl, pull you back into said chair all the time. Yep, I am disabled, paralyzed from the waist down, never able to feel my legs, you get the point. I go to Roku High, a place where disabled kids, and perfectly fine kids can go to learn bending! Oh joy. Did I mention my best friend is blind? Well she is, and she can 'see' with earthbending. I can airbend, infact, I am the Avatar, but that status doesn't seem to matter when your 'disabled' and being 'disabled' doesn't help to get away from jerks either. Bending requires 'legs' and, frankly, my legs just don't seem to work! As you can tell, I have a pretty bad attitude, and I am very sarcastic. But when you have to live the life I do, things don't always turn out positive.

First day of school

I got through the doors and heard the snickers and whispers I hear practically everyday, everywhere I go. I got my schedule and and my locker and all of my books set on top of my lap, actually, dropped, on top of my lap, that I can't feel, at all. I rolled to my locker which was a top locker, perfect, just out of reach. I finally got the lock and started to twist the combinations in when I heard a familiar voice. "Hey Twinkle Toes, what are ya up too?" I sighed.

"Would ya stop calling me Twinkle Toes? I can't walk at all, or feel my toes, the name just doesn't make since!" I opened my locker and put the books in one by one, making sure they don't drop out.

"Would you rather me call you Mr. Sarcasm?" She asked.

"Makes more since than Twinkle Toes."

"Hm, nope, I'm still callin ya Twinkle Toes, I've called you that since the second grade, I can't just stop!" Toph said. I just sighed and closed my locker and grabbed all the books I needed and put them in my backpack. I compared mine and Toph's schedules, hoping I would have my one friend in at least one of my classes. She was in all, except electives. I helped her get the right books, she was blind after all, and told her where to go. I went in the opposite direction to art. I can't draw very well, but what can I do? If I try to swich, I just get into a bad class for my physical well-being, or at least, whats left of it. So I went to class, drew a crappy picture of what was supposed to be a dog, which ended up looking like a dieing hamster with a long tail, and floppy ears when the bell finally rung for regular classes.

The day went by normally, one seemingly too long class after another when the bell rang for lunch, I put my books in my locker, put my wallet in my pocket, and rolled to lunch with Toph strolling by me asking my about art and how exciting it must be. That was when Toph sensed Jet and his gang he calls the 'Freedom Fighters.' I would just act like I didn't see them, most of the time they'd leave me alone, walk right past me as if I was invisable, but not today. As he walked by, Jet grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and flipped it forward. I in return, fall to the ground, unable to move the lower half of my body, landing with an "Oof!" They all laughed, and Toph's eyes where muderous. If she was allowed to bend at this school, I bet you Toph would have paid them back double-time. But instead, she could do nothing as they took a twenty from my wallet, and 'thanked' me for paying for their lunch. Toph tried to get it back and lunged at them, but stopped soon enough as a teacher walked by. Jet got away with it, again. Toph helped me up onto my wheelchair and we went to lunch, she insisted on buying me lunch as that twenty was all I had to get lunch, but I said no. When I say no, its a no.

Toph nodded and sighed. "Your gonna get super skinny if we don't do anything about them taking your lunch money." She commented. I didn't care, my stomach rumbled as she ate guiltily in front of me. "Do you want some of my sandwhich?" She asked. "No," I answered. "Its your lunch, eat it, enjoy it."

Toph sighed. "This is gonna be a long year."

"Like always, Toph, like always." I said looking at the table. But at the time, I didn't know a new girl was coming, to change my life, yet again.

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