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Three years had passed since the Cullen's moved to Forks, Washington. Three years had passed since I had last seen Edwards. Three years had passed since I recovered from my humility and rejection.

Time had gone and went. No, I wasn't bitter. Edward was simply not the one. Not like I would ever have that one person. The fates didn't envy me in that way. I suppose that even with all the chaos, I healed. I didn't mope around like some pathetic human girl would. I was strong. I was Tanya. I was a leader.

Needless to say, I was surprised when Edward showed up for a short amount of time. He didn't explain his unannounced stay, but nevertheless we welcomed him to our home. It was the courteous thing to do. Edward locked himself inside one of the vacant rooms and asked to be left alone. He acted like such a child.

Then he left the next day. I found the behavior strange and called Carlisle. I was concerned for Edward's well being. He seemed so strained; so reserved. Carlisle said it wasn't anything serious and that Edward was back to normal. His normal, arrogant self. I didn't expect to see Edward any time soon.


I turned around and smiled at my sister Irina. "Yes?"

"Rosalie is one the phone," she said as she held out my phone. "She sounds…"

I sighed and nodded while taking the phone from my sister's hand. "Hello Rosalie."

She seemed distracted and annoyed all at the same time. I could hear Emmett trying to reason with her in the background, but Rosalie hissed for his silence. I raised an eyebrow at her discontent.

"Rosalie, what is wrong?"

My eyes widened slightly as Rosalie told me of her woes. Who was this Bella girl?

"What are you talking-"

She interrupted and explained the situation to me. "A human?" I gasped. The phone slipped from my very grasp and crashed to the floor.


Edward…how…this had to be a mistake. The very idea of Edward and a human-no-it simply couldn't be real. Rosalie was known for her dark humor but even this joke wasn't very amusing. But if this was indeed a joke…why did Emmett protest the call in the background?

"Carmen, Irina, Kate!" I said softly. My family appeared in front of me. Each had a guilty look on their face and I then knew the truth. All three gave me a hug but I pushed them away.


"Don't." No. I didn't want their sympathy. I recovered long ago and refused to suffer through that humility once more. It was enough the first time.

"It won't last," Carmen said, "It's only a matter of time until he kills her."

"Rosalie told me it was something about her blood," Irina insisted. "He is merely besotted with this human girl. Nothing more than an infatuation. He'll fall just like Emmett once did-"

"Stop," I hissed. "Don't speak ill of our friends."

"But Tanya!"

I turned around and glared at my sister. "Don't defy my right now. Run. Go. Leave me be."

Irina and Carmen left the room at once, but Kate stayed in her place. She always was the defiant sister. I studied her expression. She was hesitant. "Tanya," Kate said slowly. "What if this isn't just a crush. What if he ends up changing her?"

I closed my eyes, turning my back to my sister. I gazed at the snow covered mountains and the Alaskan waters. "Karma," was all I said.

Indeed. Karma would take its place. Even though the fates didn't envy me, that didn't mean they envied this Bella girl either.