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"Bless you," the Doctor said after another round of Rose's sneezing fits.

She blew her nose before looking up at him. "You don't believe in God," she replied before blowing her already red nose again.

"Saying 'bless you' after someone sneezes isn't based on religion," he told her rolling his eyes. "It's simply a way of saying 'I hope you don't die'."

Rose couldn't help the giggles that escaped her, which inevitably set off another round of sneezes.

"Bless you," he said again once she finally finished.

It was Rose's turn to roll her eyes. "You can't die from sneezes," she told him huffily, snuggling deeper into the blanket she'd brought with her to the control room.

"You'd be surprised," he replied as he tweaked a couple of levers and pumped on the refurbished bicycle pump. "Even on Earth sneezing has been linked to death." At Rose's sceptical look he continued. "In the early nineteenth century it was believed that when someone sneezed their heart actually stopped…which it does, but only for a second. Anyway, it was believed that it was necessary to say 'bless you' in order to restart it. If no one did they thought it would either not restart or not start properly, either way ending with the sneezer's death. Then there's always 'Ring a ring o'roses'---"

"Okay, okay I believe you!" she cut him off, just before another round of sneezes.

"Bless you."

"You're gonna need the blessing when Mum sees me," she said warningly, taking out her frustration on him.

"But it's not my fault!" he quickly countered, though he new the argument wouldn't hold against Jackie.

Rose just laughed. "It doesn't matter if you planned for me to get dumped in that stupid lake or not, she's still going to blame you."

"But you're the one that wanted to go see the pyramids!" he moaned.

"Yeah pyramids, not freezing cold lakes! I thought it was meant to be hot in the desert!"

"The desert…umm you know when you said pyramids?" he asked, beginning to fidget.

"Yeeaah," she replied, already narrowing her eyes.

He scratched the back of his neck, not meeting her gaze. "Well it was an easy enough mistake to make…I just kind of…assumed you meant," was all Rose could make out before the last words were so softly mumbled she had no idea what he'd thought she'd meant.

"What was that?" she asked getting up, wrapping the blanket tighter around her as she stalked towards him.

"I thought…well I just assumed you meant the ones on Mars!"

"Mars!" she half yelled. "No wonder it was so damn cold!"

"Technically even Egypt gets cold in…" he trailed off at his withering look.

"So not only were we on the wrong side of the planet, we were on the wrong planet?!?"

He scratched the back of his neck again. "It depends on," he stopped at her look. "Yes," he replied cowering.

"Oh mum is going to kill you," she sung as she headed out of the control room as the Tardis whirred into flight.

"But it wasn't entirely my fault, just a simple misunderstanding," he rabitted on as he followed her out. "What if I gave you a sneeze suppressant just this once?" he asked pleadingly.

A large smile crossed her face, though she quickly hid it as she turned back to face him. "You want me to pretend to not be sick in front of my mum?" she asked, pretending to find it outrageous.

"It's just a little cold, it'd be gone in no time anyway," he tried reasoning with her. "Just this once," he added hopefully as she raised her brow at him. "Pretty please," he added pleadingly.

She sighed, "I suppose if it's just this once," she managed before he engulfed her in a hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," he told her before hurrying off to the infirmary, giving a little leap for joy that his face was safe from another Jackie slap.

Rose sighed with relief as she lent against the wall. She hated lying to him, but she didn't know any other way to get around it. And really it couldn't be much more than a cold anyway. She was sure the fever and dizzy spells would go away in a few days, but if her mum found out there would be no way she'd let her leave with the Doctor again till she was fully recovered, and Rose couldn't be sure the Doctor would wait for her. She didn't even want to think about what her life would be like without him.

"You okay?" the Doctor cut through her thoughts.

Opening her eyes she smiled at him. "Yeah, nothing a dose of mum's pumpkin soup can't fix," she told him as she took the tablets and water he was holding. "Could you ask her for some? Just if I ask she'll know..." she trailed off before swallowing the pills.

The Doctor nodded, absently rubbing his cheek. "Sure. We'll be there soon, you should go get ready."

Rose woke up in her old bed the next morning feeling even worse than she had the previous morning. Her head was pounding and she was dripping with sweat despite wearing only a singlet and boxers, her blankets and sheet strewn on the floor around the bed. She sat up slowly, waiting for the light headedness to pass before getting to her feet, the cold floor coming as almost a relief.

She grabbed clothes from her drawers at random before heading for the bathroom where she had an icy cold shower, waiting till she shivered with cold before finally getting out.

"Oh don't tell me you finished all the hot water," Jackie moaned at her as she came out.

"Na, there's still some left for ya," Rose told her, forcing a smile.

Jackie just looked at her disbelievingly as she wrapped her gown around her more tightly. "You're wearing shorts and a t-shirt, looking all rosy when it's middle of winter and you expect me to believe there's still hot water?" Jackie asked, shaking her head as she turned into the kitchen, turning the kettle on. "Are you staying for breakfast at least?"

"Umm it depends on the Doctor," Rose called as she made her way back to her room to change into jeans to arouse less suspicion despite the thought of more clothing seeming completely insane to her.

As if on cue there was a knock on the front door and a moment later Rose heard Jackie letting him in. "Brr it's almost as bad as Mars out there," she heard him say before the scuffing his sneakers clean on the front mat.

"A hot breakfast will fix you right up," Jackie replied.

"Uh it depends on Rose," he replied cautiously, not sure if he wanted to stay too long.

"Oh she said you would be," Jackie quickly informed him.

"Well if she said---"

"It's settled then, you're staying for breakfast," she cut him off before he could change his mind, and set about making it.

Rose walked out her room to find him leaning against the kitchen doorway and couldn't help but smile. He never seemed comfortable unless he was in a doorway. "You know she was lying right?" she asked him as he looked up at her, his smile making her shiver.

Noticing her shiver, he frowned slightly. "Might want to put a jacket on, it's even colder out there then in here," he told her.

She just waved it off, already sweltering as it was. "Just a cold draught," she reassured him as she squeezed around him into the kitchen. "Mum I can't believe you lied straight to his face," she scolded her mother, avoiding the Doctor's worried gaze.

"It wasn't lying just bending the truth," Jackie said as she turned the bacon and stirred the scrambled eggs.

Rose rolled her eyes as she went over to the toaster that had just popped up and started buttering it and piling it on a plate.

"Tea?" the Doctor asked them both, wanting to feel helpful.

"Ta," Jackie replied, but Rose shook her head, pouring herself a cold glass of orange juice instead remembering hearing something about Vitamin C being good for colds and flu.

Once they'd eaten, Jackie enjoying the meal while the Doctor and Rose struggled through it, the former because he wasn't a particular fan of Earth breakfasts and the latter because she was petrified she was about to return most of it out any second, Jackie looked between the pair of them forlornly. "Can't you stay a bit longer?" she begged.

Rose didn't give her a chance to work her magic on the Doctor though. "We can't mum…we'll be back soon though," she added, suddenly feeling guilty about being in such a rush to leave.

Jackie nodded sadly as she pulled her only daughter into a fierce hug before turning to the Doctor. "You take care of her!" she told him firmly.

The Doctor nodded, not able to speak around the lump in his throat. It's only a cold, he reminded himself as he glanced over at Rose. It's winter, of course her cheeks would be rosy, he tried convincing himself as well. But he couldn't seem to get rid of that uneasy feeling as they left. Even back on the Tardis he couldn't help but worry that maybe he should have let her stay at her mum's a bit longer to recuperate.

"So where we going?" she asked, breaking him from his thoughts.

He looked over at where she was leaning against the railing, a trickle of sweat running down her face.

"It's hot in here compared to outside," she said, seeming to read his thoughts as she swiped it away.

"Right," he replied as he made his way over to the control panel. "How bout a Tardis lucky dip?" he asked, giving her a broad smile, glad to see her return it.

"Sounds perfec'," she replied with a smile. "I might just go have a kip while she's travelling…can't seem to sleep well without her humming away," she added, indicating the Tardis. It was half true, she had struggled initially to get to sleep in the silence of the old flat, though she'd felt so exhausted that it hadn't lasted long. But now she felt like she hadn't slept at all.

He nodded, watching her worriedly once again. "I'll come wake you once we arrive," he told her, though making a mental note to let her get a few hours sleep first.

As soon as she was out the control room she lent heavily against the wall, the dizziness consuming her. She stumbled her way to her room as quickly as she could, asking the Tardis to lower the temperature to a blissfully cooler level. Deciding she was still to hot, she treated herself to yet another icy shower before falling into bed, not even having the strength to change from the towel wrapped around her to clothes before sleep took her.