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Let Me Hear You Roar

Chapter One

Knock, knock

Noone in the living room got up. It was by a thumb gesture that Harry Potter was directed to answer the front door. As it was night and Vernon Dursley's family didn't feel much for turning away another pesky peddler or salesman. The wide tv was the center of attention and was now advertising an automobile facility.

Harry Potter had been living at this house for the past six days without much food, save for at least half of a loaf of bread and a few glasses of water. Right about now, he was quite dizzy and really to fall down as soon as he was ordered to get up. Feeling sick, weak and tired he stumbled to the door with as much dignity his famished state would allow.

"Serves 'em right for not getting their sales up, the price they ask nowadays for such a true piece of trash, speaking of trash, boy -", the wild-haired teen stopped in his tracks to see what was ailing his uncle now, " - why the ruddy hell are you just standing there for? Get the bleeding door!"

Harry started to smell the rum coming off him in waves now, as he had been drinking for the past three hours now, because his company had just lost the biggest account. Harry had been beaten to a pulp because it was all his fault.

Knock, knock; a bit more harder and seemingly impatient this time.

Harry got to the door and looked through the window, it was night time so he couldn't distinguish anybody from the shadowy darkness, the front light wasn't even on. Harry opened up the door and looked out at the visitor…

"Potter you are almost slow to get the door as you are to learn anything" said the snide voice of Severus Snape.

Well-known git and potions master. Harry was about to reply when the back of his head was taken hold of and literally ripped out of the doorway. The head Dursley stood before Snape now. Harry could feel the ominous danger signs of an angered Dursley. Snape pushed past the drunken man as he would any other.

"Wait just one second, you can't just barge in here like the wind! I don't even know your ruddy name!" snarled Vernon.

Spit flying out of his mouth, Snape just spared him one disgusted look before turning his back on him. While having his back to the man, and with a sneer on his face he said,

"I can come into your home and I just did, as for my name, you have no need for it just as you have no need for Mr. Potter, who I am here for to take back to his school for the rest of summer, so if you will excuse the both of us"

With that Snape was punched full-force in his side. He moved but a little and turned around and looked down at Harry who was still on the ground but was now making the effort to get up.

"Potter I suggest you make your way up to your room, now" said Snape with a menace in his voice that made a tingle race up Harry's spine. Harry had never heard this kind of force in Snape's voice before. Harry got up and nearly made it to Snape's side but his drunken uncle had caught his throat and throttled him.

Harry started to feel dizzier than ever and ran out of breath, then everything went black.


Severus watched in horror as the beefy man throttled his own nephew. Though he could not allow it, Dumbledore would have his ass.

Such a bother one young man is thought Severus bitterly.

The boy passed out and Snape launched himself at the man who, was shorter but twice the size of Severus. The man let go of Harry and started to throw punches at the intruder. Each one missing as Severus dodged them with ease. Then, he wound up a fist of his own.

With one large blow to the face, he knocked down his opponent. Once the larger man was down, Severus went and stood beside his head and then, stepped upon his windpipe. This man would suffer the exact same punishment that he had done to Potter. For the boy had been through quite enough without having to work extra hard to breathe from now on. Merlin knows he has to work extra hard at anything.

Helpless both physically and emotionally thought Severus. Right after the man under his foot passed out Severus lifted his foot away and walked back over to Potter. His ribs were nearly showing through his shirt. Severus gave an exasperated sigh.

"Oh Vernon!" said the thin blonde woman that came hurrying over to her husband's side. The kid that must have been the family's son was quivering in his seat back in the living room. Severus scoffed at this pathetic excuse for a family. Though, thinking back on it, his had been no better.

Severus walked over to the deathly thin form of Harry bloody Potter. He picked him up from under the arms and leaned the teen against the wall. Then he ascended to the second floor to get his things. He reached his room, spotted his trunk and owl and with a flick of his wand he said,

"Pack", and so they did.


When he arrived back downstairs with all of Harry's things, trunk and owl. To find Potter nowhere to be seen. Vernon had disappeared also. Severus walked only a small way to find the family was cowering in the kitchen.

"Where's the boy?" he asked. Petunia ducked her head, the son was copying her and the head male was passed out again.

Mostly likely from alcohol, the smell is awful thought Severus.

"That boy is to stay put….-burp-…..he's a freak" slurred Vernon Dursley. Severus almost smirked but decided against it, he could be a jackass too when under the influence. He was over with as much intimidating aura emanating from him as he possibly could muster. The Dursley shrunk away from his shadow even.

"Where is the boy? Answer me man!" snarled Severus. Vernon Dursley fainted, Severus sighed.

"Potter!" called out Severus. He stood up and faced away from the family, if they won't help then maybe Potter will help himself.

No reply. Just a whimpering sound coming from behind him.

"Shut up or tell me where he is!" spat Snape. He was on a tight schedule, Dumbledore had requested his presence soon after fetching Potter with the utmost care and in the littlest time possible. Though he didn't say anything about a weak-willed and violent family. He didn't want to have to muggle-duel with cruel fists. Stupid way of fighting.

Bump, rattle, rattle, bump, bump!

Then a small moan from somewhere. Severus quickly located where the commotion was coming from, it was issuing from inside the cupboard under the stairs.

They couldn't possibly have - ?!

Severus saw that the cupboard was locked, he pulled out his wand.

The door swung open and Severus peered inside. It was the first time, Severus noticed how flexible Harry Potter really was. The boy had been stuffed in the small place without any care whether his spine snapped or not.

He was a human pretzel. Severus had the wonderful desire to laugh out loud but kept it in. Happiness is always welcome in these dark situations. Then he knelt down and pried the unconscious teen from the cupboard.


Harry awoke, he was looking down onto the streets of London. He started at the height and his dizziness was not helping. Harry noticed he was on a Thestral. He started to struggle until he found someone was holding him to their chest. Those arms felt strong. It was also a chilly night and Harry was wearing nothing but his scraggly t-shirt for a top, he leaned into the chest. Then his eyes widened as he realised exactly whose chest he was leaning on.

"Potter, if you fall, you will be nothing more than an insignificant splatter of guts upon the ground -," Harry looked up to his right and found himself staring into the face of the potions master, "- and we cherish our ground now don't we?"

Snape didn't seem to mind the contact that Harry had just given him.


If he ever does that again, I'll lose my mind thought Snape. Though he couldn't decipher whether he should be angry or ignore him, he chose to ignore.


"Where are we going?" asked Harry. Snape just ignored him. Harry had not been getting any letters as Hedwig had been locked up. He saw her flying freely beside them.

"Where are we going?" asked Harry again. Snape replied,

"Has your uncle knocked you so hard that that's all you can say? You'll see Potter, I don't know what you feel like holding on to but you should just about now"

The Thestral did a small dive and Harry looked to find they were flying over the Forbidden forest towards Hogwarts.

"SSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!" came a cry from below them. A winged creature with two legs that looked like dragon came flying at them and started to pursue them. The Thestral did dives and flips and turns that Harry only clung to Snape, but he was wearing out. He had been suffering from starvation and sleepless nights for a bit too long now. The dreams were beginning to frighten him much more...


Severus felt the boy slid out from in front of him he tried to made a wild grab for him, but just then, the Thestral had to dive upwards. The Wyvern that was after them saw Harry fall and dived.

Severus pointed the Thestral to follow and it did so. Barely hanging on against the cold moonlit night, he got his wand out. Pointing his wand at the Wyvern he shouted the killing curse.

The Wyvern fell from the sky like a rock. So did Harry.



Severus jumped off the Thestral and ran off into the bushes.

"Accio Harry Potter!" rang out Severus.

The something was being summoned but Severus was sure it wasn't a teenage boy. It was hairy and huge with enormous front paws with matching claws that looked lethal.

It was a lion. Harry Potter had somehow been transformed into a lion. The lion was set down about a metre away from him. It wasn't golden like he imagined a Gryffindor lion would be.

Maybe that's his Slytherin side?

Harry was a very dark lion, his coat was a tawny brown, his under belly and toes a dark beige and his mane was jet black.

"How, why?" asked Severus. There was something in the teenage lion's mouth. Severus tiptoed his way over very carefully and looked with the utmost care, ready to leap out of the way.

There was a liquid of bright blue coming out of Potter's mouth. It was Wyvern blood, Severus did not know the properties of a Wyvern's blood.

They weren't far from the school either, but Severus Snape couldn't drag a half-ton lion through dense undergrowth at night in the Forbidden Forest. He had his wand but Severus himself was close to fainting, for he had been injured in the fall and was quickly losing consciousness.

"Wrenkaster! Wrenkaster, where are you?" came the voice of Hagrid the groundskeeper. Severus never would have thought the time would come ever better...still...

The bloody hell is Wrenkaster?

Then Severus Snape fell forwards upon the gigantic male/teenage lion.

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