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Title: A Mere Digression
Author: elle6778
Rating: M (For sexual content)

Category: Inuyasha
Genre/Warning: Umm… A somewhat angsty dub-con lemon?
Summary: A digression was what Sesshoumaru called it. 'It' being the heated encounter(s) between him and Kagome which took place simply because neither of them could resist.

A/N: Yup, this is a digression from A Little Faith - not a proper story, just a short one. There's barely any plot in it and don't expect anything original or mind-blowing because I'm mainly concentrating on the lemons! And since ffnet doesn't allow explicit descriptions of adult themes, I've toned this down a little. The story won't be warm and romantic - some would even say that it is non-consensual.

It starts off loosely from the scene in episode 104 when Mukotsu kidnapped Kagome.

A Mere Digression - Part 1

The smell, it was killing her.

Much as she tried, Kagome could not avoid breathing in the fumes from the incense. Eyes watering from the effort of pushing against whatever that was paralyzing her, she snuck a glance towards the end of the room. That awful resurrected Shinchinintai was bent over something, and she had a feeling it was some sort of poison.

Even though she knew that it was useless, she glared at Mukotsu's wide back. She would kill him when she got out of this. And definitely before the madman succeeded in forcing her to marry him. All she had to do was to wait until he left the hut.

She tried to move again, and to her delight, she managed to move her fingers. The poison must be wearing off, she decided as hope grew within her. Concentrating hard, she focused on moving her toes, but realized to her disappointment that her feet were still paralyzed.

The smell from the incense was growing stronger, filling the small space with thick, grey smoke. She felt lightheaded but strangely languid, her mind gradually clouding over. There was something buzzing through her veins, heating her up, sapping away her determination to break away from this ridiculous situation. She could feel a trickle of sweat running down her forehead but much as she wished to, she could not wipe it off.

Something was happening outside. Dimly, she noticed Mukotsu rushing to the door. Soon, she was all alone in the hut. The only thing which accompanied her was the sound of shuffling outside. There was something she should do, but she could not remember what it was.

Oh, yes.


She jerked slightly when a loud noise exploded outside, bringing her a brief moment of awareness. Desperate now, she tried to move her legs, only to end up falling onto her side. Her frustration mingled with something else she could not name as she tried to summon the strength to get up.

A shadow fell over her.

Blinking rapidly, Kagome managed to make out the silhouette of a figure standing at the doorway. She recognized the person standing there, but her lips refused to cooperate.

Sesshoumaru, she called out wordlessly.

Sesshoumaru stood there at the threshold, simply watching as the miko stared up at him mutely. His nose itched at the unbearable scent which overpowered the scent of everything within the hut including the miko. There was poison in the fumes, but he did not know what it was and he did not care as it would not affect him.

The miko, however, would be affected.

Considering the role she played in the entire Shikon-no-Tama debacle, it might be wise to ensure that she remained alive. In which case, it was best if he removed her from the hut. His lips tightened in distaste at the notion of touching the human wench. It could not be helped, he told himself as he stepped into the hut.

The miko was still staring at him mutely, her brown eyes wide in her face.

He frowned when he noticed the glazed look, just before he lifted her up using his one arm. Her body was limp, offering him no resistance. She had succumbed to the paralyzing poison, he surmised. How weak. But what else did one expect of a mere human? Especially one as small as this one.

He stepped out of the hut, lifting his face to the sky to savor the relatively clean air before he glanced downwards at the miko. She was staring up at him with wide brown eyes filled with apprehension and something else.

It was only then that her scent hit him fully.

He was instantly paralyzed by the implication of her scent. One could not mistake the thick waves of pheromones which emanated from her body.

His own body began to react without his consent, and Sesshoumaru released a growl of annoyance. Instincts warred with reason, and he could do nothing but to hold himself immobile, lest he did something unacceptable. Still cradled in his arm, the miko blinked at him slowly.

Her voice was husky when she called out his name. "Sesshoumaru…"

A violent shiver ran up his spine and his throat went dry. Involuntarily, his arm tightened around her small form. He could not help but notice the flush in her cheeks and the dewy moistness of her lips, and the sight ignited a further reaction from his body. He immediately frowned. This situation was intolerable. He refused to allow his body to react in such a shameful manner at the sight of a human miko. The miko who accompanies his hanyou brother, no less.

Forcing the desire to the back of his mind, Sesshoumaru glanced around, noticing that they were surrounded by trees. It crossed his mind to simply leave the miko there, but he was uncertain of Inuyasha's arrival. The stench of incense and poison was still lingering in the air, and considering the hanyou's diminished capacity, he might not be able to find the miko.

The miko shifted in his arm for the first time. Her eyes were still somewhat unfocussed, but it appeared that she was regaining the ability to move. Much to his consternation, her next move resulted in her legs wrapping around his waist. Sesshoumaru grimaced. He did not wish to be discovered with the miko while she was in this abhorrent state.

Still, he could not leave her here. However, if he could help it, Inuyasha would not have the satisfaction of realizing that he, Sesshoumaru, had assisted in saving the miko. He needed to leave her somewhere safe for Inuyasha to find.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Sesshoumaru launched them both into the air. He kept his one arm around her even though it was unnecessary as her legs were still wrapped tight around his waist in the most unsettling and improper manner. As he scanned the terrain below for a suitable location to place the miko, she trembled in his arms. A waft of thick, spicy pheromones reached his nostrils, sending another jolt of desire through him. It was almost as if she was in heat. But he knew without doubt that it was simply something which was caused by the poisonous fumes.

"S-something is wrong w-with me," she choked out almost incoherently.

She was simply stating the obvious. Not having the inclination to converse with her, he simply scowled and continued his search, all the while attempting to ignore his rising arousal.

To his consternation, the miko slid lower, whether deliberately or not, he could not tell. But she was now pressed intimately against his hardening length. He tensed and immediately willed his body not to react. This was intolerable.

"You will cease your movements," he bit out.

"C-Can't…" she whimpered piteously.

Her hands were now clutching his shoulders in a surprisingly strong grip. The torture on his willpower worsened when she began to shift against him. Soon, the slight movement turned into a rhythmic grinding of her hips against his. Sesshoumaru growled low in his throat. His entire body was already protesting against the strain of resisting the lure of her pheromones. He did not need additional physical enticements to worsen his situation.

He ground his teeth together, realizing that she was far too weak to resist the poison. The urge to throw her off his person warred with the desire for her to continue her enticing motions, warning him that the situation had become increasingly dire.

His desperation had reached its peak when he finally spotted a small, secluded clearing at the base of a cliff, surrounded by large boulders. He instantly swooped down, ignoring the miko's gasp of alarm.

The short trip had taken much and his desire for her body was becoming unbearable. He needed to distance himself from her. The moment his cloud dissolved under his feet, Sesshoumaru released his hold on her. To his annoyance, she continued to cling on his person with her arms and legs.

"Get off," he ground out tightly.

Appearing not to have heard him, she simply tightened her hold around him, biting her lips as she did so. The scent of her pheromones was overpowering and he realized that he was much too aware of the curves pressed against him.

"You will remove yourself from this Sesshoumaru's person this instance!" he snarled harshly.

Her only response was to bury her face deeper in his neck. A groan broke from him when she continued to grind against him. The friction was unbearable. He tried to pry her arms away from his body to no avail. The small body was deceptively strong. Her hot breath against his cheek drew his attention. Eyes glazed with undisguised lust, cheeks flushed and lips parted as she drew in a shaky breath, the miko bucked against him.

He knew that he had to stop this before it went too far.

Extending a claw, he tore the white fabric of her sleeve and raked a shallow line down her arm, hoping that the pain would bring her to her senses. A hiss sounded from her, but she did not release her hold on him. Instead, her legs tightened around his hips. A heated shiver ran up his spine when his lower regions felt her heat through his layers of kimono and armor.

"S-Sesshoumaru… I don't know what to do."

His eyes widened. It was the first coherent sentence she had uttered in a long while. Perhaps the shock of being wounded by his claw had succeeded in awakening her capacity for speech. Reaching up to her hair, he yanked her head back such that he could look into her eyes.

"You will get a hold on yourself, Miko," he hissed. "Your behavior is most unacceptable."

Her face twisted as if she was in agony, then to his astonishment, a drop of tear trailed down the corner of her eyes. "I-I can't! I c-can't help it. P-Please stop this…" she pled.

Her fingers were now tangled in his hair, and he had to forcibly refrain from closing his eyes at the pleasurable sensation of her digit massaging his scalp. Kami help him, this was possibly the worst thing that could happen to him. His mind was clouded from the scent of her pheromones and she was offering herself, demanding that he took her, even though he was certain that neither of them would have wished for such a thing if they were in the right frame of mind.

"P-Please, Sesshoumaru…" Desperation tinged her tone even as she continued to grind against him.

He shuddered involuntarily when a particularly violent move pressed against a highly sensitized spot beneath the silk of his hakama. He would resist this, he decided firmly. There was no other option.

He clenched his fist tighter around her silky strands of hair. "You will stop this," he gritted out.

Unfortunately, it appeared that the poison had taken full control of her. Her demanding lips latched onto his neck, nibbling and sucking at the responsive flesh. An erotic shiver ran up his spine as her blunt teeth scraped up to his ears. A growl appeared from his throat.

The limit of his control was drawing closer. His body was crying out for fulfillment, urging him to bury himself in her, to thrust into her warm, welcoming depths and slam into her repeatedly until he sated himself.

It was imperative that he removed her from his person before it was too late.

Fisting his hands at the back of her attire, he jerked hard. Obviously shocked, her hold loosened. Desperate to remove her, he threw her down on the ground none too gently, but the soft grass cushioned her fall. A gasp of protest escaped her lips, and she immediately bent her legs in an attempt to rise, causing the green fabric to slide down her thigh to pool above her hips.

Sesshoumaru growled at the view before him. All that was separating his gaze from her flesh was a piece of thin fabric stretched between her thighs. The fabric drew his attention, beckoning him to approach. To tear it to shreds so that he could feast himself upon what was hidden underneath.

Teasing him.

Taunting him.

Challenging him.

Blood roared in his ears.

His last, tiny shred of control snapped.

One moment she was touching him and the next, she was on the ground, cold and alone. The loss of the heat of his body was unbearable. Why did he reject her?

She needed to get to him, to touch him, to feel his muscles under her fingers. Something at the back of her blurry mind told her that this was not what she wanted, that this was wrong, but her body refused to obey. Instead, she strained to get close to him, even as her mind continued to tell her to stop this madness.

Before she could push herself off the ground, Sesshoumaru streaked towards her, landing between her parted legs. Though still clad in his clothes, she noticed absently that his armor was now laying down forgotten to one side.

Eyes blazing with unmistakable desire, Sesshoumaru reached out a hand.

Her breath quickened in anticipation.

The first touch of his fingers against her inner thigh seared her skin, almost as if he was branding her. Biting her lips, she struggled to push herself closer to him, to feel more, only to be greeted by a warning growl. Instinctively, she froze, but the sharp stabs of desire continued to course through her.

"Please…" she whispered.

He did not respond. Instead, his hooded eyes remained fixed on the junction between her legs. In a move she did not quite see, he ripped the flimsy strip of fabric from her and tossed it carelessly to the side. Cold air brushed against her, making her shiver. Incapable of speech, she offered no resistance when he pushed her legs apart. Heated blood roared through her veins as she watched him untie and then lower his hakama to reveal himself.

Her breath was growing shallower by the second as she continued to stare at him. She knew what was going to happen and yet, she was helpless to prevent it.

Deep at the back of her mind, she knew that she should feel scared at the sight of Sesshoumaru in this state, but all she felt was an overwhelming desire for him. Her entire body screamed out for it, wanting nothing more than for Sesshoumaru to ease this overpowering ache within her.

Without conscious thought, she reached out to touch him, only to be thwarted by his hand. Her fingers twitched as he tightened his grip around her wrist briefly before placing her hand on his chest.

Her gaze lifted to stare right into his red-rimmed golden orbs. The light within his eyes was intense, as if he was struggling determinedly against something. Dimly, she realized what it was. Sesshoumaru did not want to do this, but he was helpless to prevent it just like she was.

"Miko…" he growled low in his throat, his voice sounding tortured to her ears.

Remorse momentarily distracted her from the calls of her flesh, just before his arms went around her. The next thing she knew, she was on her hands and knees with her skirt bunched up around her waist, exposing her fully to him. Vaguely, she noticed that she was flattening the grass under her palms, even as the rest of her awareness was fixed on the hot body pressing behind her.

Then all thoughts evaporated from her mind when she felt him touching her. Her fingers curled around the grass in response to the wave of desire which coursed through her and she pushed herself backwards, trying to feel more.

A soft, furry appendage snaked around her hip, stopping her movements, holding her in place so that he could do whatever he wanted with her. The very thought of it further inflamed her hunger. She whimpered helplessly, wanting more, not satisfied even when his fingers found her and stroked her. The heat was growing more intense and there was a coiled tension which was not there before. A whine of protest escaped her lips when he removed them only to move into place at her entrance.

A sharp stab of pain jolted through her when he entered her, drawing a strangled gasp from her. She felt so full, so stretched.

He did not pause.

He simply moved into her over and over again. Pain mingled with a tight pleasure and she could only bite her lips in response to the assault on her senses. Then her breath caught in her throat when the raw, stinging feeling receded, leaving only a sensation of burning pleasure throughout her entire body. She could not see what he was doing. Her arms strained from the sheer force of his thrusts. Not able to hold herself up any longer, she dropped to her elbows with her backside still raised.

Still, he continued to drive deep into her with wild abandon, pushing her elbows hard against the ground. Her breaths came in increasingly shallow gasps as spikes of pleasure bombarded her.

Something was happening. She could feel her entire body tensing further. Not knowing what to do, she could only moan continuously as the aching coil within wound tighter, begging to be released. She needed more.

"More…" she whimpered involuntarily.

A snarl sounded behind her as the furry grip tightened around her hips. The speed of his thrust immediately increased to a frantic pace. Kagome squeezed her eyes shut as she drew in open-mouthed gasps, helpless to do anything else.

A jolt of intense pleasure rocked her when his fingers slid lower. His motions were rough, untamed, but she wished for nothing else as his fingers rubbed her. She felt the heady rise of something and her body wound up even tighter. The ache within was almost painful now. She arched her back, pushing desperately against the body behind her. Wanting more.

Then everything exploded around her in a rush of release, sending the warmth of her miko power spreading outwards. Waves upon waves of pleasure crashed over her.

Behind her, Sesshoumaru snarled triumphantly as he pulsed into her in completion.

When he withdrew abruptly, a brief moment of clarity presented itself to her, sending shockwaves slamming into her. Her eyes widened in horror as comprehension sank in. It was Sesshoumaru who had been inside her. A growing panic overwhelmed her even as her pleasure-weakened knees gave way and she slumped bonelessly to her side.

What has she done? What should she do now?

Tormented by indecision, she glanced backwards. Kneeling on the ground, Sesshoumaru's chest was heaving erratically as he stared at her with a pair of unreadable red-rimmed golden eyes.

"Sesshoumaru…" she whispered.

However, exhaustion overtook her before she could form another coherent word. Willingly, she gave in to the welcoming darkness.

He welcomed the rain on his face.

As the soft, gentle drops turned into a heavier, more persistent downpour, Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and tilted his head up. The sound of the rain thundered in his ears and the forceful drops stung his cheeks. His attire was soaked through, sticking tight to his skin.

And yet, he welcomed it.

He welcomed it because it washed away the scent of her pheromones and it removed the evidence of their rutting. It cleansed away what he considered an act which should not have occurred.

An act which he should have tried harder to prevent.

Still, he could not help but admit, albeit angrily, that the intensity of their frantic coupling had astounded him. Even though part of the act had been lost to him in the haze of his lust, he could not recall experiencing something as potent prior to this event. Whether or not this was the result of her miko heritage, he could not tell. When she had found release, a pure warmth so unlike her previous offensive powers had washed over him, instantly bringing him to his peak.

It did not matter, as such an act would not happen again. This was simply an aberration. Something which he had accidentally let slip.

He should leave before she awakened. The rain should have washed away the evidence Inuyasha would have recognized otherwise. Opening his eyes, Sesshoumaru pushed himself up.

Involuntarily, his eyes honed in on the sleeping miko not far from him. The rain did not seem to bother her either, or perhaps she was overly exhausted by their coupling. He grimaced when he recalled just how uncontrolled he had been earlier. There had been no restrain on his part and yet, from what he could tell from the even rise and fall of her body, she was merely exhausted. It was truly astounding.

He did not realize that he had approached her until the scent of blood reached him. Only then did he remember the wound he had inflicted on her earlier in the attempt to wake her from her mindlessness. Her strange white kimono was tinged red around her arm where he had slit it, telling him that the bleeding had not stopped.

His lips tightened. It would not do for her to bleed to death from his poison. He would have to heal her, regardless of how distasteful the notion was. A disobedient part within him nudged him, mocking him about how he had enjoyed her flesh earlier, that he had not found her distasteful when he was driving himself into her repeatedly.

Leaning down towards her, he raised her limp arm. She stirred slightly, but did not awaken. Deciding that he should make haste lest she woke, he parted the slit in her sleeve and lowered his mouth to it. His saliva should heal the wound.

Extending his tongue, he lapped at the gaping flesh.

He immediately froze.

Too late, he realized his error.

All his senses were filled with her; her blood, the scent of her skin and the residual pheromones which he did not realize was still seeping out of her. Spreading out from his mouth to the outer extremities of his body. Realizing that his lust was awoken once again, Sesshoumaru groaned inwardly as he attempted to suppress it.

He managed to pull himself away a short distance from the miko only to tense when a small hand snaked around the back of his neck. His eyes shot towards her face. The miko's eyes were dilated as her lips parted soundlessly. Raindrops adorned her, clinging on to her flushed skin.

Heat rushed down his body at the inviting look on her face.

Lust, thick and demanding, permeated the air.

He needed to fight this. He could not let it happen again. Once was disturbing enough. Twice would be…

"Sesshoumaru… I need…" She sucked in a sharp breath as her expression tightened in what appeared to be agony. "Please help me," she choked out, rolling abruptly towards him.

Her unexpected movement dislodged his hand from the ground, sending him to his back as she climbed onto him. A growl escaped his lips as her legs went around him. The only thing which separated them was the fabric of his hakama. The barrier was too small, too insignificant to offer any kind of shield.

"Miko, you will regain control of yourself," he gritted out, restraining the small hand which had snuck between the lapels of his kimono. He should throw her off but his body was not obeying his mind. His body wanted this.

Cheeks flushed, she bit her lips as their eyes met. He could see the turmoil and remorse in those brown orbs and it mollified him somewhat. The miko did not want this and like him, she could not resist the demands of her body.

Indecision coursed through him, even as she pressed her hot mouth against his throat. A groan broke from him when he felt her velvety tongue running down to the side of his neck. The miko would not relent until she was satisfied. Perhaps he should simply leave her now to her own devices. However, leaving her in this state would be unwise. What should he do? It did not help that the taste of her pheromones was clouding his mind, urging him to satisfy his own desire.

He should oblige.

Just this one more time.

His train of thought was broken when the miko ground against him, instantly sending more heat rushing though his entire body. Her lips traveled down his chest. A hiss escaped his lips as he fought to think past the lustful haze.

He would definitely leave after this, he insisted firmly to himself, forcing the thought though his sluggish mind.

But for now…

He reached out to touch her, growling when the wet fabric of her garment hampered his movements. He wanted it gone. He wanted to feel her slick, wet skin sliding against his while he feasted his eyes upon her naked form.

Abruptly, he sat up with the miko in his lap, and then twisted around to land on his knees. Flipping her over onto her back, he hitched her hips onto his thighs and proceeded to slice open the fabric covering her body. The miko did not remain still. Pushing his kimono off his shoulders, her greedy hands roamed his chest, sending shivers of pleasure skating up and down his spine.

Their eyes met momentarily before he returned his attention to her body, removing every bit of fabric until she was completely exposed. Her form was slight, but it curved at all the right places. His breath suspended in his chest, he took note of her creamy thighs parted around his hips, up to her small waist and then up further. He twisted his Mokomoko-sama around her wrists, holding them in place over her head as his eyes took in her heaving breasts. Giving in to the urge, he reached out to he fill his hand with her rain-slicked flesh, kneading it roughly. He could smell the spike in her desire even through the downpour, drawing his attention downwards to her parted thighs.

Quickly, with shaky hands, he untied his hakama, pushing it down his hips. As he shed his remaining garments, she drew her legs up to wrap around his hips, her back writhing on the grass. Sesshoumaru swallowed a groan as she ground herself recklessly him. He could smell the evidence from their previous encounter, mixed with her own fluids and the rain, and for some reason, it excited him further.

His mouth watered to taste her but through the haziness of his mind, he knew that he had to refrain from the urge. For doing so would mean that her taste would linger in his mind long after this encounter. And he had no intention of allowing thoughts of the miko to settle in such a private place. It was bad enough that he had tasted her blood.

The miko moaned in discontentment when he withdrew his hand. A surge of male pride rushed through him as she eyed him longingly, licking her lips as she did so.

"Let me go," she pled, struggling against the damp fur around her wrist which stretched her arms above her.

Finding himself strangely incapable of speech, he simply shook his head.

"I want to touch you," she breathed out raggedly. "Please…"

Something broke inside him. With a snarl, he released his Mokomoko-sama from her wrists only to secure them around her waist. In a blink of an eye, he sank backwards into a sitting position and lifted her up. The miko's eyes shot open to connect with his as he entered her swiftly.

Growling at the pinpricks of pleasure shooting through his body, Sesshoumaru gnashed his teeth and began to surge up into her. He did so once, twice and then losing count, he pounded mindlessly up into her tightness.

Hands released, the miko began to touch him feverishly, sliding her hands over his rain-slicked body. He felt her everywhere, her blunt nails scraping down his back even as her teeth bit his chest, uncaring that she had broken his skin. He hissed at the sharp pain only to find that her violence excited him.

Frenetically, they moved together as one. Her breath was shallower now, telling him that she was nearing the peak. Knowing that he was about to do the same, he quickened his pace as his hand reached down. As he continued to pump up into her, his fingers stroked her over and over again.

She immediately went rigid.

As she cried out in release, her walls convulsed around him. Her miko powers surged outwards, hitting him with waves of ecstasy. Helpless to do anything else, Sesshoumaru threw his head back with a snarl as his body jerked.

Breathless from the intensity of his climax, he remained buried in her, feeling her muscles spasm around him. Pulse pounding in his ears, he could only rest his head against her shoulders as he attempted to regain his composure. Less affected by the pheromones this time, he had felt every touch and every shiver. Or perhaps it was simply because her flesh was bared.

He could feel her hot, uneven breath brushing against his hair as her hands clenched spasmodically on his shoulders. Absently, he noted that the rain was slowing.

With unfamiliar gentleness, he lifted her off him with his Mokomoko-sama, hissing as her swollen flesh dragged along his length. When their eyes met, he was unsurprised to find the consternation in her brown orbs. The effect of Mukotsu's poison must have dissipated for her to exhibit such a reaction, Sesshoumaru surmised.

Abruptly, she scrambled away from him. Turning her back to him, she wrapped her arms around her naked body. A myriad of unfamiliar feelings swept over him at the pitiful sight she presented; remorse, sympathy, anger.

Still, what was done was done.

He eyed the tattered remains of her clothing and grimaced. Those were hardly serviceable and it would not do for her to remain in this unclothed state. Glancing at the white under-layer of his kimono, he decided that it would have to suffice. The rain had washed his scent away. A moment later, using his youki, he dried the dampness off.

Without a word, Sesshoumaru stepped towards her and extended his clothing. She tensed before she turned around, eyeing the white fabric with undisguised uncertainty.

When she finally took it, the miko raised a pair of troubled eyes at him.

"I'm sorry, Sesshoumaru," she whispered.

He tensed. The miko was apologizing? This was the last thing he had expected. Perhaps he had expected her to scream at him, to blame him for what had just happened, even though he had decided that the responsibility laid with neither of them. The circumstances had been beyond their control.

"Your apology is unnecessary," he said stiffly.

Her eyes widened in patent astonishment.

There was no reason for him to draw this out. It was time to leave. Without another word, he spun around and walked away, leaving her to sit alone against the cliff face.

When he was certain that she could no longer see him, he paused and launched himself up into a tree. Through the gaps in the foliage, he could see her small, huddled form. He did not understand his own actions, but he remained motionless where he was as he watched over the motionless form of the miko.

The sun slowly descended down into the horizon and still, he remained seated on the branch, his eyes not straying from the miko's lone form. The only time he shifted was when he saw her shoulders shaking, a telltale sign that she was crying.

He continued to watch when Inuyasha appeared.

His eyes never left the couple, even when it appeared that a tense argument had begun. As it grew more and more heated, their voice grew louder. The balmy breeze brought their words to him, informing him that the miko told Inuyasha nothing of the truth.

He continued to watch when Inuyasha swept the miko into his arms, launching in the opposite direction.

It was much later when he finally jumped off the tree, mentally marking the end of yet another incident in his long life. He would move on from here. The incident was simply a deviation from the norm. A mere digression which he had no intention of repeating.

It was something he would never speak of to anyone.

But he knew that it was something he would never forget.

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