Welcome to the world...

where the right of way belongs to those with the biggest guns.

where killing is ok, as long as its not premeditated.

where most of the world's food supply is divided into an edible species of algae,
fruits and vegetables grown in hydroponic vats,

and an experimental breed of grain made within a small town within the US Midwest
with the potential to feed the rest of the world.

where chaos is just a step away from your front door and your own survival depends on
your wits and weaponry.

Welcome to Anime Car Wars...

"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me... Going to bed saying we've done something wonderful...that's what matters to me." - Steve Jobs

Wednesday - Press conferences and Pre-dawn Pandemonium

Karakuchi Industries Complex Conference Hall – 12:00 PM, Wednesday

A well-dressed group of people had sat quietly in their respective seats on the temporary stage. All of them were intently listening to Karakuchi Industries' founder and chief executive officer Koji Karakuchi talk about his company's latest breakthrough in the field of robotics.

At least, almost all of them were listening to him.

Koji had stood behind the wooden lectern at the center of the stage. He had spoken through the the fixed height post lectern's microphone that had amplified his voice enough to be heard in the back row.

As he was talking through the wireless mic strapped in his suit's lapel, Koji had sometimes swiveled to his left and used his green laser pointer at the projection interactive white board.

The black haired CEO did this to point out specific parts in the shown images of mechanical and electrical schematics as he explained each one in detail. On the left side of the brown lectern had sat the well-known Karakuchi Dueltrack Racing Team.

From left to right, the Dueltrack Racing Team was (and still is) composed of Ikki Tenryo - driver of the Karakuchi Kobra (the company's duel track race car), crew chief and main mechanic -Tir Mcdohl, assistant mechanic - Riou Sanada, diagnostic technician - Kasumi Mcdohl, and their newly added member - Eilie Hibiki.

Eilie was actually a cybernetic engineer working in the company's laboratories but was re-assigned to the team for still undisclosed reasons.

On the podium's right sat the various vice-presidents of the company and head of the cybernetic laboratories, the president of the software company that Koji had invited just for this specific unveiling, and his beautiful wife, Karin.

The fifty something audience was made up of reporters that ranged from those working in local newspapers to those who have worked in giant news agencies like North American News Service whose 'NANS tickers' are seen in every town in the United States, Canada, and the Free Oil States.

Even some correspondents from Cable News Network (CNN) and other television networks were present in this news worthy event.

At his seat at the furthest left of the stage, Ikki was actually daydreaming as his best friend and now boss extolled the benefits of their newest product. He had thought back to the time when he and Koji were still little kids with a shared dream of becoming big time auto duelling stars.

As it had turned out, Ikki was now making headway on his path toward recognition as the American Automotive Dueling Association's (AADA) top driver while Koji had set up a small electronics company, along with some help from his well-known father - a magnate in the steel industry, that has grown into the giant that it is today.

A sudden nudge from Tir had snapped the duelist out of his rambling thoughts. Ikki then noticed a strange yet familiar three foot yellow robot being carried to the stage by two panting lab assistants through the middle aisle of the small auditorium.

Loud gasps could be heard all across the said auditorium as the audience had gawked at the metallic marvel being paraded before them. The robot had looked a lot like Metabee of the anime Medabots, which was famous decades ago and its syndicated re-runs were still being broadcasted each Saturday morning.

The yellow robot's right arm still carried its signature twin lasers medapart and on its left, the more powerful shotgun medapart. Actually, the weapons were just for show. The real surprise is inside the robot's movable digits and its computer brain.

Within the robot's silver shaded fingers are advanced USB "A" plugs, PS2 connectors and even some old fashioned jack plugs that attach to the readied sockets of the duel car's sensors and car computer. Its computer brain's computer speed is measured in Terra hertz and its memory in gigabytes, at par with the latest personal computers commonly used in offices today.

With these specifications, the beetle like machine could easily run its complete automotive maintenance software along with its own operating system at pretty much the same time without lagging either. Even its ruby shaped golden head that had carried the two fog horn-like launcher tubes for his seeker missiles final attack is successfully replicated.

The only thing different was that Metabee's usual blocky legs were replaced by tracked wheels underneath an almost pyramid-shaped titanium base with the same color as the robot's upper torso.

It had brought tears to Ikki's eyes as he had remembered watching the show as a young boy and now he gets to see a life-size version of his favorite medabot.

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the Maintenance Technical Backer 01 - the newest diagnostic robot from Karakuchi Industries," Koji said with pride as digital cameras started flashing and television cameras also focused their lenses at the unveiled prototype. "My dueltrack racing team will be using the MTB-01 along with a second prototype maintenance robot all this week in the pits."

He then added. "Also my best friend and first duelist to be fully sponsored by my company- Ikki Tenryou will duel with the MTB-01 in the Atlanta Classic this coming Saturday."

"And before I forget, the second prototype robot will be later unveiled by my lovely wife, Karin." Koji said before covering his smile with his right hand at his next choice of words. "The unveiling itself will be scheduled on Monday so we could all concentrate on the upcoming Atlanta Classic. It will also give her enough time to buy an appropriate dress for the occasion."

Karin had hid her reddening cheeks with her unfolded paper fan at her husband's antics on stage.

"Did I hear you right, Mr. Karakuchi? Ikki Tenryo will duel in the Atlanta Classic with the MTB-01?" A news reporter had nearly shouted as the whole auditorium went into an uproar at the words spoken.

"Yes, he will. The MTB-01 is not only a complete diagnostic robot but a formidable gunner as well, " answered Koji, his smile evident in his voice.

After taking a sip of the offered bottled water, he continued. "The same machine to machine protocol that allows it to literally 'plug in' and have the car's computer or sensors to tell it where the problem lies also allows complete control of the firing system which is quicker and more precise than any human gunner. There is no slow human/machine interface; the MTB-01 literally speaks the car's language."

"If that thing is as good as you say it is, why don't you have it drive the car too?" remarked a pink haired female reporter on the third row from the stage. Subdued laughter was now heard among the audience.

Koji had slowly counted to ten while clenching his fists inside the podium's upper cabinet, well hidden from the audience's view. Karin was looking at him worriedly but said nothing. Her lithe hands had clutched her beige skirt's hem in her anxiety.

Eilie, in turn, had glared at the impeccably dressed reporter from her seat which was the nearest to the podium. She was part of the design team that created MTB-01 (affectionately called Metabee by its creators) before her recent transfer to the Dueltrack team and that specific jibe had raised her hackles a lot.

Riou's hands were on her small shoulders in an instant and gave a slight squeeze, calming her down instantly.

He had stood up when the disparaging remark was made and knew he had to calm Eilie down before she would start an ugly argument with the reporter over the unveiled invention.

Both Tir and Kasumi had exchanged knowing looks as they remembered a certain autopilot/gunner software program specially developed for a customized black Trans-Am early in their respective careers. They had briefly wondered what had happened to that car and its then teen-aged owners.

Ikki himself was having mixed feelings about the remark. He was torn between defending his friend and thinking about the benefits of a having a driver-less car for people who could not drive for some reason.

Under this classification are people with various disabilities like blindness, crippled limbs, or in a worst case scenario - those who were paralyzed from the neck down. This invention would also be very useful in case of a freak accident that had only disabled the driver but not the car itself.

"For the same reason that robots haven't replaced reporters yet, Meer." Koji snapped back as he had gotten his temper under control.

"The electronic brain of the MTB-01, like all computers, takes directions very well and executes them flawlessly and blindingly fast," He said with finality. "Yet it lacks creativity and judgment, something that only we humans can posses. MTB-01 or what we informally call Metabee is a breakthrough in cybernetic engineering but it cannot replace human drivers either on the track or on the roads." .

With his speech ended, Koji had returned to his seat where his wife had fussed over him. The crowd had given Koji a standing ovation as Meer Campbell had slumped to her seat in defeat.

As the press conference was winding down, Ikki's thoughts had drifted back to his old neighborhood. He was sure Henry, Rintaro, Zuru, and all his other friends in the old neighborhood would be there in force.

All of them would be cheering loudly for his victory. The only person that he wished would be there cheering for him as well is Arika Amazake, his other childhood friend.

Arika had told him through e-mails that she had found a job in the Atlanta Inquirer as a sports columnist. That means they would only meet in an interview as she would surely be swamped with other interviews from his soon to be opponents. She may even interview the auto duel celebrities hanging around in town to watch the coming event.

It still confused him at first as to why Koji had to pick the Atlanta Classic to unveil his new toys even though both Metabee and Brass were ready three weeks before.

The black haired duelist had later realized that it would be good publicity and maybe some bragging rights for Koji as he would parade his inventions in front of their old friends' collective faces.


A short while later, Kasumi had gently shook Ikki out of his thoughts as the other guests were picking up their respective Manila folders filled with technical reports and heading out the exit. The conference room was now vacant save for the maintenance staff, the Karakuchis, and the Dueltrack team.

"Sorry, guys. I was just thinkin' about something," he said to his smirking friends as he raised his arms and yawned.

"Ikki, the only thing in your thoughts (if there is any) is a certain brunette reporter who is still single by the way." said Koji with a teasing smile before he was hit at the back of his head by his peeved wife.

"What was that for? Everyone knows about it except for those two dum-dums!" Koji yelped as he had rubbed on the sore spot.

"And I would rather leave them to do something about it! " said Karin, shocked at the sometime childishness of her dark haired husband. "Remember, dear. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have been engaged let alone married."

"Ok, ok. I'm really sorry, honey. But at the rate they're going, we'll probably have grand kids by the time they even consider dating." Koji said in reply.

"I'm still here, y' know." said Ikki, his cheeks flushing in both embarrassment and anger at the arguing duo.

"Oops, sorry Ikki." the couple said in unison as they had faced the embarrassed auto duelist.

"Please leave me and Erika out of this. We're both old enough to consider our options," Ikki said as he had suddenly stood up and in the process had accidentally let go of his gray briefcase's handle.

"Do those options have to do with whose house you guys will be doing the horizontal rumba?" said Tir before he too was hit at the back of his head. "Ow."

"Please excuse Mr. Pervert here; he has not been getting some lovin' for the past few days," said Kasumi with a slight smirk as she had held her rolled research papers tightly in her left hand.

The others had a good laugh at Tir's expense with his black haired wife's timely smack.

Although, in truth, everyone except for Tir himself were also secretly grateful for his "out of the blue" joke as it had successfully diffused the now tense atmosphere.

"That's because you and Eilie 'ave been busy with watsername?" said Tir as he had vigorously rubbed his own sore spot and messing up his black hair as he did so.

"Her name is Brass, better known as BRS- 02 (Basic Repair System -02). She will be the first female maintenance robot in the country, maybe even the world. She was the one the boss was referring to when he said that the second prototype maintenance robot will be unveiled by Miss Karin early next week. "

"Eh, seems like a waste of resources to me. How'd you even approve it, boss?" said Tir, ignoring the looks of disgust from the three women as he had looked instead at the brightly painted walls of the conference room. The black haired jester had even marveled at the landscape paintings that were hung there as he looked around the whole room.

"They have a secret weapon, Tir." answered Koji as the women had turned her attention to him. Sweat had flowed freely all over the young businessman's face at the intense glare of the three women especially that of his brown haired wife.

He too looked around the conference room and even tried to whistle a little tune to avoid meeting the women's narrowed eyes and prominent frowns that marred their angelic features. Both Ikki and Riou had shook their heads at their boss' and crew chief's wacky antics.

"I hear ya, boss." Tir replied as he had again averted his gaze from the females in the room.

"So why a female maintenance robot, Kasumi?" said Ikki, his right hand scratching his head as he clutched his fallen briefcase with his other hand.

"Easy, Ikki. Brass is made for the female drivers and mechanics that are either mistrusting or intimidated by Metabee's appearance and harsh voice," answered Kasumi as she and the other girls had calmed down at both the change in subject and sudden interest in their personal project.

"Also, her personality is a mix of a traditional Japanese woman and a modern American one. Thus, she would make a perfect maintenance partner and friend. This would be given even more emphasis with the emotion software upgrade we are developing just for her," added Karin.

"Hmm, no wonder boss man approved it. It would appeal to the female half of the market and maybe even reach out ta those who needed a companion on a lonely road," mused Ikki, as he had turned over the new information in his mind.

"Ikki, you have been hangin' around me for way too long," said Koji as laughter had again echoed throughout the nearly empty room.

"Hey, guys. I know we enjoy each others company and all but don't we have some things to do first?" said Eilie as she was nearing the door.

"Oh, right. Everyone, it's time for us to go to work and for Karin to get her weekly beauty treatment. God knows what she would look like if she didn't have that," said Koji before he had dodged Karin's quick left hook and immediately back pedaled to the opened exit.

The Karakuchi Industries CEO was still facing his angry wife every step of the way as he had continued on his way backwards to the double door leading outside.

"I'm just kidding, honey. You're still the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world to me." Koji said in an attempt to cool down his wife's temper.

"Flattery gets you nowhere, Koji dear." said Karin as she had chased her husband outside, her dainty fists still clenched tightly.

"Let's head back to the repair bay, Kasumi dearest. I'll make us lunch," said Tir as he had escorted his wife out the double door.

"Ok, but remember Gremio's cooking lessons or I will."

"Hey, Riou and Ikki. You guys goin'?" said Eilie as she had peeked into the room; her black hair, styled in a pageboy haircut, almost making contact with her shoulders.

Both men then nodded before they walked briskly across the conference hall's carpeted floor on their way out.

"Just don't do anything I would not do along the way, ok?" said Ikki with a sly wink as he had closed and locked the mahogany double door on his way out.

'Don't worry, Ikki. We won't," answered Riou as he had put his arm around his girlfriend's small waist as they had hugged in the hallway.

Eilie had leaned on her boyfriend's right shoulder and sighed in contentment as they had walked back to the Kobra's repair bay, now joined at the hip.

Neither the researcher nor the mechanic had cared about the mischievous looks and half-hearted jeers given to them by their amused co-workers they had met along the way.


Ikki had followed the rest of the team but he had first made two quick side. The first one was at the janitor's room to return the key that he had borrowed and the second was at the line of vending machines in the front lobby for a quick snack.

Unfortunately for him, the duelist had met a few of the press people (including a local TV station reporter and his camera man) that were also present in the just concluded unveiling of Metabee taking a break at the said lobby.

This had led to a quick Q & A session (in the lobby's sitting area) that included questions on what would be his game plan to win the Atlanta Classic and if he would use Metabee to ensure his victory there.

A few of the more brazen ones had even asked if Ikki had a special someone to whom he would dedicate his would-be victory. The duelist had deflected these kinds of personal questions in a professional manner while wearing a fake smile.

Ikki had also bit back all the harsh words he was about to say or risk embarrassing the team, the company he represents, and himself to the world.

The duelist had encountered these kinds of questions before from fans and local reporters alike and he was hard pressed to tell them to shove off and leave his personal life alone.

Thankfully, Tir and Riou knew when to back him up in the interviews and had even taught the professional racer on how to smile when he really did not want to as they had sat around in their trailer en-route to their next race.


When he arrived in the Kobra's personal repair bay thirty minutes later, Ikki had found even more journalists from the electronic or science publications like Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

This was a mixed blessing to the pit crew and Ikki himself since they themselves subscribe to the said magazines for research purposes.

Plus, the contributors from the various racing and automotive magazines(as well as the persistent TV crew) who had followed Ikki from the lobby after their brief Q & A session, had joined the racing team later from the hallway as soon as the Karakuchis had entered.

The media men were earlier delayed by two burly and well armed security guards (both of the said guards were stationed at the hallway leading to the repair bay) who had asked for their passes in order to enter the hallway itself.

The hallway is usually off limits to non-personnel but special passes were given to those who were approved by the companies' six vice presidents and Koji himself.

Thanks to the delay, four tabloid reporters who had missed the earlier conference joined them.

The media men had made their way around this problem by politely requesting for a second interview as Ikki had not answered all the given questions before he left. One reporter had even tearfully added that his flight back to New Orleans was scheduled that very afternoon.

The portly man did not even have enough time to apply for the pass, get the interview, and catch the airship before it leaves. He only had enough fare for a round-trip ticket as he had explained his plight to the confused guards. The said guards had caved in from the sob story and reluctantly let the reporter in.

Unfortunately, the guards' kind action had caused an uproar among the remaining group. All of them were saying that all of them were entitled to enter, not just one of them.

One of the nervous guards had called for his superior who in turn had called the security chief on what would be the best course of action.

The buck passing had continued on until Koji, who was escorting his now calm wife to their white Cadillac DTS limousine, was paged by his secretary on the company's public address system.

Koji had gone to the nearest intercom unit and told the security chief to have the guards bring the media men to the repair bay's door and hold them there until he and Karin arrive.

Karin sighed as she had called her favorite salon to reschedule her appointment to five in the afternoon.

The couple had run back to Koji's office and picked up as many pamphlets and transparencies as they could carry.

The black haired company President had also left further instructions to his secretary that the overhead projector and its accompanying mobile screen be carried to the repair bay immediately as he was exiting his office.


All of the journalists then interviewed the now flustered pit crew and driver as well as the newly arrived Karakuchis. Each one was looking for a scoop on the inner workings of both robots, the duel track car or even all three.

It was here that the BRS-02 was also first seen and photographed or shown on television albeit accidentally.

As soon as the audio-visual equipment were set in place and powered up, Karin had started her lecture about the capabilities of BRS-02 as the unit itself was placed in full view of the audience.

She was followed by Eilie who then discussed the more technical details of the BRS series prototype and Koji who had talked about its usefulness to its would-be customers who were either listening to the radio or watching TV.

There was a even a little demonstration of both maintenance robots' capabilities, which had elicited loud cheers from the crowd gathered.

To everyone who saw it, BRS-02 actually looked a lot like Brass from the Medabots series especially with her pink bow above her chest plate but like MTB-01, she too ran on tracked wheels underneath a silver-coated base.

Her revolver cannon medaparts (installed on both arms) were also just for show as she had shared the same computer brain, connectors, and maintenance software as her male counterpart.

An unscrupulous tabloid reporter even had gone as far as trying to get some gossip material on the pit crew and Karakuchis but was carried (and thrown haphazardly) outside the company's gates by two of the company's beefy security guards.

Another had tried to figure out the "inner workings" of Eilie but was personally given the boot by an angry Riou.

After an hour of the impromptu press conference, it was finally over. The rest of the reporters had left for their respective publications or TV stations as they have now gotten their scoops.

The journalists in the print media had to compile their hastily scribbled notes to meet their nearing deadlines while those in the video media were already called to cover other events nearby.

A tired Koji had told his secretary to re-schedule all his afternoon meetings for tomorrow morning and to take any incoming calls as he would take the rest of the afternoon off with his lovely wife.

It was only after everyone else had left that the team had finally changed to their greasy overalls and Ikki, his rumpled dark red race suit.


The pit crew and Ikki had spent the rest of the day on calibrating the power plant, active suspensions and differential of the Karakuchi Kobra. The girls had also made some final software debugging on both Metabee's and Brass' computer brains.

The Karakuchi Kobra's gleaming body is similar in design to Formula One racers of today. The only difference is the addition of a weapon port and a turret for shooting at its competition in the hopes of knocking them out.

In addition, its small dashboard was supplemented by a high resolution targeting computer, weapons switches, and ammunition indicators.

The pit crew had also added a special compartment between the driver seat and the power plant where Metabee would be "plugged in" to the car's weapon systems. Only his seeker missile launch tubes would be seen just behind the turreted Vulcan machine gun.

All of these were done while answering more questions from various reporters who just arrived from the Fulton County Airfield -Brown Field and had missed both the first and second press conferences and was now making up for lost time.


By eight in the evening, everyone in the pits was dog tired and eager to head home. They had agreed to do the rest of the maintenance work the following day.

A slumping Ikki then headed straight for his black Porsche 997 GT3 (Night Hawk). The said sports car was armed with two .50 caliber machine guns in its front grille and a pulse laser on its roof pop up turret.

It was called the Night Hawk because it has shared with its namesake (the F-117 stealth fighter) the latter's stealth capabilities. This said ability had made it hard to track down on the targeting computer and much harder to detect on radar.

The uneventful ride back to the hotel had given Ikki enough time to contemplate a bit but was his mind was too fuzzy for any coherent thought to come through.

As he drove, Ikki had absentmindedly turned on the car's CD player and the opening bars of "One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head were heard from the car's speakers. The racer had smiled as the song finally registered in his head as it relaxes him somehow .

As the duelist had listened to the song itself, he then cleared his cluttered thoughts. Ikki still did not know whether it was the lyrics or the catchy melody that relaxed him. Maybe it was both as the spoken lyrics are quite funny and the melody is enticing enough to dance with.

With his mind now refreshed, Ikki once again had thought about the pros and cons of having Metabee and Brass with him in the pits and in the race course.

It was expected that a lot of people would be put off by the existence of two robots that not only helped maintain his dueltrack machine but either one may also double as its gunner in the race itself.

Some people would actually even consider it as a form of electronic cheating. On the other hand, those two prototypes may become the revolutionary gadgets that would change the world of Dueltrack forever.


The duelist had arrived in Marriott Marquis Hotel at around nine pm. After taking his room keys from the counter, Ikki had headed up to his fourth floor Studio Suite room.

As he arrived in his room, Ikki had gone to the room's luxurious bathroom for a hot shower and a soothing sonic rubdown, the latter to dry his body while giving him a needed massage.

After Ikki had changed to his usual nightwear (a white T-shirt and boxers), he had briefly inspected the nearly hidden security devices installed in the room before heading for his bed.


A sudden noise had awakened Ikki an hour before sun up. He groggily opened his eyes only to see a shadowy figure about to stab him. Thinking quickly, he had surprised the intruder with surprise jab to the latter's midsection.

His right fist had risen with the double blanket covering it towards the point of impact.

The intruder had dropped the knife he was holding as he had doubled over, clutching his sore stomach. The thief had staggered weakly to the door, visibly wincing through his latex mask while still clutching his aching belly.

Ikki had tried to chase him but had gotten caught up trying to remove the two blankets the duelist had used to cover himself with the night before. This had given the intruder the needed time to escape down the hall.

By the time the duelist exited his room, the intruder was already long gone. Only an open window at the left end of the hallway, with a grappling hook hanging at its windowsill, had served as proof of the would-be assassin's escape act.

A disappointed Ikki had returned to his room only to find a matchbook on the carpeted floor just outside his door. On its pale green cover were the words "Poison Ivy Bar & Grill.

The duelist had picked up the matchbook and returned to his room where he had found a nasty looking Bowie knife on the floor near his bed with a note beside it.

It was only when he returned to the room that he had shivered from the chill as he left the air conditioning system running for too long.

The note said: "Stop working on both the MTB-01 and BRS-02 or the next knife won't miss." Ikki was about to fold the note and place it in his briefcase when he had heard some gentle knocking on his door. Ikki had put on the hotel's cotton robe before he opened the door.

Outside, two men in dark blue uniformed suits with neckties were waiting for the duelist, one of them was holding the grappling hook he had seen earlier. The taller one spoke first as he had flashed his ID.

"Hotel Security, Mr. Tenryo. Someone called about a fight or something."

Ikki had let them in and gently closed the door. After they had sat down in the lounge chairs near the door, the duelist explained what had happened earlier prompting the second plain clothes man holding the steel hook to give it his partner.

The detective had contacted the hotel's phone operator through the room's desk. Being informed of the whole situation, she had called Atlanta's Finest immediately.

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The second technician moved to one side so that his companion could move a bit to weld a still loosened arm. In their jostling, Ikki had seen what they had been working on - an exact replica of Metabee.

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