How The Fuck Was I Suppose To Know?

Summary: , Sasuke lost all his family to his Older brother. Sasuke admires big brother, that Sasuke secretly loves his Big brother. What will happen if Itachi instead of leaving becomes Sasuke's Keeper? Like he has a choice!

Tittle: Raven locks

Meaning: lock2 2 (locks) chiefly literary a person's hair.

Rated: M just in case! Might be lime or full lemons! And coarse language/actions

Pairings ItaSasu SasoDei KisOC

Warning: Yaoi, Incest, BrotherxBrother! ummm, First try at this... hope you like it... Don't Hate Appreciate! No Ninja Things

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Cause I never knew I, knew I would get this big

I never knew I, knew I'd effect this kid

I never knew I'd, get him to slit his wrist

I never knew I'd, get him to hit this bitch- Eminems Lyrics

Raven Locks

Who Knew

It was sure enough that Itachi went insane, he wanted to be free and himself, to rid of what was frustrating him ...well now he felt like he had done the stupidest thing in the world when he slit his father's throat and stabbed his own mother in the heart. The woman that had given him life!

Yet he couldn't resist disposing of them...

Yet there was only one person that wasn't here to see this.

He was somewhere else. School? Who the hell knows, Itachi never keeps much track of him,(tries not to) in fact he tries to avoid the little brat of a brother cause...cause...cause...he makes him feel something strange he doesn't know and that is just distracting!!.

Still, he is somehow beside him...

Itachi stood there waiting at the side of his parents for that particular person to arrive. He had one last thing to do, and that will tell him whether to leave him or take him . He needed hate to grow in the boy...

But... But! BUT!

Sasuke had a smile on his face as he ran home from school, he couldn't wait to get there his mom was making his favorite today!

He loved his mommy.

Despised, but Respected his father.

But Loves his Older brother. He wanted to grow up to be like him! To stay with him.

He slowed down once he noticed something was terribly wrong here in his home, way to quiet. Something was a miss.

His eyes widen as he saw people of his clan, comrades, thrown here and there split open and blood spilled and splatter everywhere. the maids too... what...?

He felt a shiver go through him and then a sense of fright.

"MOM!" he yelled.


"Itachi!!" oh god his brother had to be here somewhere and alright. His mommy must be safe with him. Then there was a laugh and Sasuke stopped short and there he was ITACHI!!

"Big Brother your alright!" Sasuke said in a sigh of relief and then he looked down to see his slaughter parents. His eyes widen in horror and Itachi smirked.

"Hello Little brother" he said indifferently.

"...What happened?..." Sasuke asked in a voice that was almost a whisper.

"I kill them!" Itachi said proudly and begun laughing like a mad man.

Sasuke looked at him with wide eyes full of confusion and pain as he felt pain in seeing his parents dead but then it hit him. His brother was proud at this and he wanted to be like his Big Brother. Big Brother was the best after all he must of had a good reason to do this! he MUST!

Slowly a smile spread at his lips.

"That is so... Awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Huh" said Itachi dumbly as he stopped laughing and looked down to see his brother smiling.

"This is so cool! I can't believe you killed the clan! What can I kill Aniki I wanna kill something too! You're the coolest I wanna be just like you I wanna grow up to be just like you!" Sasuke said excitedly.

"Huh" Itachi said again coking his head to the side.

"This one kid at school tried to hit me maybe I should cut his throat like you did father! Don't worry big brother! I wont disappoint you I will be the best mass murderer just like you" Sasuke grinned at him.



"Are you feeling alright? I just killed the WHOLE clan, MOM! Along with it!" Itachi said in hoping that reality will hit his little brother. And it had hit Sasuke, but his brother...he was the only one, he didn't want his older brother to kill him! nor did he want to be left alone... So Sasuke stared at him blankly, and his smile faded.

"So" he said shrugging his shoulders. Just Admire big brother!!

"Aren't you mad?" Asked Itachi and Sasuke started to think.

"Nope!" he said with that grin coming back im horrified! "Why would I be"

"Bu-Bu- but!"

Sasuke Yawned.

"Yeah, well when your able to speak again tell me, im going to bed! Im so freaking tired" Sasuke said as he went back upstairs to his room.

Itachi stood out in the living room all night with his mouth open in a gape and his eye twitched...what the hell just happened!? "I never knew, I ...SASUKE NO!!"

Uchiha's plainly were psychos

Cause I never knew I, knew I would get this big

I never knew I, knew I'd effect this kid

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