By: Trivette Lover Heather


"Doc Ibold said he'll be back in the morning to see how he is." Rick sighed and took a seat on the couch; TC doing the same taking immediately to rubbing his temples.

"Right, well I'm going to turn in, I trust one of you will be staying the night?"

"I am" Both Rick and TC replied together.

"One of you can stay here, another in one of the rooms in the main house."

"I'll stay here." Again the two replied at the same time.

TC sighed. "We will both crash here Higgins, its better we are both here…in case he has another episode."

"I understand, well good night gentlemen, should you need anything, just call." He finished and headed up the stairs.

The two friends began to get comfortable and eventually drifted off to sleep. That is until…

"Wake up guys, wake up." Magnum shook his friends awake.

Both got up quickly. "Thomas, you alright?"

"I'm fine… listen…nap time is over… I know where they are."

TC and Rick exchanged looks. "Where who is Thomas?"

"The VC holding Langley and Granderson…I got a fix on 'em…let's move."

Magnum began to head up the stairs, his pistol in hand, taking soft steps and peering around him as if in the middle of a jungle.

"There was only 4 guards…we should be able to get them in and out…"

"Thomas listen buddy… there is no VC…no jungle…you're home man, the states, you're home now."

Magnum shook his head. "TC we don't have time for joking around… Langley was hurt bad far as I could tell, more time we waste, more chance of losing him…so get up and lets move!"

TC stood next to his friend. "Magnum, you're home man…'Nam is over…this isn't real, you're dreaming, the war is over."

"I cant stand here and listen to this…Langley and Grandersen are waiting for us…they're as good as dead if you keep this up…I know where they are…and I'm getting them out with or without you." He started up the stairs quickly.

"Thomas!" The two friends chased after him.

In the main house, the Lads began barking and Higgins headed outside the doors. He saw Magnum coming toward him, TC following close behind yelling his name.

The dogs started out but Higgins called them back.

"We got him TC, I'll take out the first guard." Magnum aimed his gun.

"Thomas NO!" TC ran as fast as he could and tackled Magnum to the ground, but it was too late. He had fired.

TC and Magnum struggled while Rick tended to Higgins. And in the matter of an instant Thomas snapped back into reality.

"What is going on?" Thomas yelled and TC released his hold on him.

"Ambulance is on its way!!" Rick hollered over to the two men.

"Ambulance?" Thomas asked confused. He got up and raced over to Higgins body. "Rick, who shot him, what the hell happened?"

Rick eyed TC.

"You di…" Rick began.

"We don't know man…we just came out and found him this way. There were too many of them so I had to stop you from going after them." TC finished.

"Where the hell is the ambulance?! He's lost a lot of blood."

Just then the ambulance sirens were within distance. Rick and TC both knew they would have a very long night ahead.