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My eyes snapped open and I narrowed them in a menacing way. "Absolutely not, Edward."

It didn't stop the words that tumbled out of his mouth next: "We have to leave."

The past couple of days, he had changed his mind many times about his future. I had seen the confusion that came along with each of the decisions - none had lasted long. But as he called this family meeting, it became final. It became something that I could see. We were leaving Forks, Washington. We were leaving behind Bella.

He, of course, ignored my words and I scowled before I studied the faces of my family members. Jasper, my love, wasn't present. He was in Denali, Alaska with Tanya and her family. I would be heading up there later tonight, I knew. I missed Jasper, but I wanted to give him a couple days of peace. I could afford that.

Rose's face held her glee; Esme's face held pain and remorse for Edward losing – no, giving up – his true love; Carlisle's face held understanding, but you could tell that he wasn't really happy with Edward's choice; Emmett's face was somewhat disgusted; Edward's face was contorted with pain and self-loathing. I'm not sure which emotion my own face was displaying – I was so angry at Edward for choosing this.

"Why?" Esme's voice was soft and gentle.

Edward let out a frustrated sigh. He wasn't strong enough. Perhaps if we asked him enough questions... he would change his mind. "Because, Bella deserves more than being someone's lunch. As sick as it is, I've put her in too much danger. No, I can't do that to her anymore. She deserves more. She'll be happier this way," Edward reasoned. I could hear in his voice that he was still trying to convince himself of this.

"No, she won't." I didn't need a vision to see that. I knew that Bella needed Edward. Edward, too, needed Bella. She had such a pull on Edward's world that he couldn't do anything about it. No, if we walked out of her life, we would be back before long.

And then, I did see a vision. I felt my eyes go wide, but I could only watch the scene in front of me play out. Bella wasn't happy. She was too thin, too tired, too... un-Bella. Then, she disappeared from my sight. That had never happened before. That couldn't be good.

"Alice." I heard my name called and blinked, snapping back to my pre-vision state. I was still pissed at my brother. How stupid could he be? "We will leave. It's what Edward wishes," Carlisle said to me before staring pointedly at my brother. They were having a silent conversation, I noted.

With a sigh, I pulled myself from the table. "I'm going to Denali," I told them with finality. Turning to face just Edward, I gave him a grave warning: "If you walk out on Bella tomorrow, you might never be able to return to what you once held. There might be nothing for you to return to."

I watched his eyes flicker with curiosity before darkening again. "I'll keep that in mind," he responded, nodding his head, but his expression never changed.

How I hated Edward.

Denali would hopefully provide me with some peace of mind.


...Until it did, I was pissed.