I'm still working on this one and I'm not sure how everything will turn out...but here it is! Well, the introduction anyway... REMEMBER: I DON'T OWN JIMMY NEUTRON!!! (You're all probably sick of reading that, but..oh, well!)


By: CraazyOne


Deserted island or not, Cindy didn't want to leave. She listened to the soft melody of the island at night and thought it was the most beautiful music she'd ever heard. Sure, she missed Libby and even her parents, but at the moment those emotions were almost completely swallowed up in her joy. Lying back on the cot she'd formed out of branches and palm fronds yesterday, she didn't notice that it was uncomfortable. She was far too happy to care.

Just a few yards away was Jimmy's own tree house, where Jimmy was probably asleep by now. But Cindy couldn't sleep—not yet. She relived the last two days and told herself that every day for the rest of her life will be just as amazing.

She knew just what her friend would say if she were here right now: Girl, are ya gushin' over Jimmy again? Snap outta your sappy daydreams and get a hold of yourself! But even practical Libby couldn't have kept Cindy from daydreaming. Out here on the island, it was just her and Jimmy…and, right now, that was all she really wanted.

Twirling the blue flower she'd picked earlier between her finger and thumb, Cindy studied it with a smile. It still hadn't withered. She set it gently in a vase she'd formed out of an empty coconut shell, then lay back down on her cot and slowly slipped into a peaceful sleep.

The sun shining in her eyes woke her up. Although it was still quite early, she just couldn't sleep any longer, so she rose and combed her hair. Leaving her tree house, she scanned the beach, but Jimmy was nowhere in sight. Since the "elevator" to his tree house was lowered, Cindy figured he must have left to find fruit.

She reached into her pocket and an idea struck her. Smiling faintly, she headed for the jungle. It only took a few moments for her to find the perfect tree. Removing her pocketknife, she worked carefully and diligently for a couple minutes before stepping back to admire her handiwork: "J+C" encircled by a heart.

Jimmy might find it. But then, if he did, why should she care, anyway? Out here on the island, they've become close. She was sure now that he cared for her as much as she cared for him.

On impulse, she carved the word "Forever" beneath the heart.


Cindy rolled over in bed and the voice called again.

"Cynthia Vortex! The bus will be here in half an hour!"

Cindy sat up quickly at her mother's words. Surrounding her were the pink walls of her bedroom—not the flowers and palm trees of the island. She'd been dreaming…again. She glanced through her window at the Neutron residence across the street. Only a street away, but the gap might as well have been a hundred miles.

And "J + C Forever"? More likely to be "J + B Forever". Cindy grimaced as she thought of Betty Quinlan. The mere idea of her ignited jealousy in Cindy's heart—and a firm resolution. She slipped out of bed and got ready for school as her resolve hardened.

Someday, somehow, she would find a way to keep Betty from getting between her and Jimmy.