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Chapter One


Vincent stared. It was all he could do as he gazed down at the tiny little being that was, at the moment, sleeping soundly inside of a crib the Strife's had given them as a baby shower gift. Little puffs of breath escaped from parted pink, bow shaped lips that were barely discernible, even for his heightened senses. Since his death at the hands of Hojo, and the whole situation with the experiments and losing Lucrecia, he had thought that a normal life for him would be out of his reach. But now he had two people to care for, and who cared about him. He was a father. Yuffie was his partner, his girlfriend, though saying that word felt odd when analyzing the fact that he was chronologically sixty years old, give or take a few years.

He looked up and his eyes landed on the young ninja, who was also sleeping, and he noticed that she looked exhausted. He had observed that being a mother was one of the most tiring jobs, and he was usually forced to listen to Yuffie ranting about him not helping enough with their ten month-old daughter, Sadie. Her name meant Princess; fitting for the daughter of a princess.

Sadie Valentine had been born at midnight, in a small hospital located in Edge due to the fact that he and Yuffie had been visiting Cloud and Tifa when Yuffie had gone into labor and they had been too far from the hospital she had chosen to have the baby in. The girl was as stubborn as Yuffie, and just as beautiful, Vincent mused. The pregnancy had been hard on Yuffie because of the morning sickness, which had lasted all nine months, and because of all the aches and pains. Little Sadie had even been a week late from the due date that the doctors had given Yuffie. She had been more than happy to get the little trouble maker out of her.

Vincent was just thankful that Sadie was a normal child and had not inherited any of the repercussions of the experiments that had been done on him. That had been one of his biggest fears after the idea of being a father had finally sunken in, but Yuffie had been very positive from the start and she had been his strength. It was funny that even though she had been the one with the aches and pains, she had always found a way to placate his inner demons and fears as well. Though maybe once she grew-up, she would have a heightened sense of speed and strength above the average. That also went for Zack Strife, because of the Mako in Cloud's and his own bloodstreams.

Yuffie shifted in her sleep and grumbled something that sounded very much like, "Don't touch my Materia," and, "Go back to sleep, Sade, mommy's so tired." Then she flipped over and went back to sleep, an arm and a leg hanging off the side of the bed as she buried her face in a pillow.

Vincent looked back down at the girl and started when he saw that she was wide awake and she hadn't made a sound. Those shining, auburn colored eyes were looking at him somberly and Vincent kept watching her without a word. They stared at each other for a very long time, and if the child hadn't been only ten months old, he would've thought that she was challenging him to look away first. She then cracked a smile that showed the small teeth that were still growing out. In the safety of the darkness, he returned the smile before picking the infant up and holding her gently. Though he had promised to take care of her and Yuffie, to be there all the time, it had proved to be easier said than done.

He spent little time at home. He had been working for a company that needed all the monsters and dangerous creatures cleared out from the towns and roads that were being rebuilt. That meant that the responsibility of raising their child fell completely on Yuffie, and he was worried because in so many ways, she was still a child herself.

When he came home in the evening, Yuffie was usually exhausted and they had very little time together. Sometimes she was tired and irritated and that prompted arguments between them that shouldn't have been such a big deal in the first place. At other times, she was aggravated and couldn't stand the sight of him. Other times she left the girl in his arms as soon as he stepped through the door and locked herself in the bathroom for a nice hot bath and at least two hours of peace. The house was usually a mess that she cleaned up every other day, but he didn't demand anything from her. Mostly because he knew that she had her hands full with the baby and because he spent so little time at home with them.

He needed very little sleep, so whenever Sadie woke up fussy or for her nighttime feeding, he took care of it. At the moment, the sun was barely going down, but Yuffie had taken advantage of Sadie's nap time and had fallen asleep herself. Well, she would be happy to know that they had finally taken care of the last monsters and he had been paid a very nice sum that would ensure that he would get to watch his daughter and partner grow up. Maybe Yuffie would want to marry him now. She was against the idea of marriage, saying that she was a free spirit and that she wasn't going to turn into her mother. Though she had loved her very much, Yuffie's mother had been a homemaker, and the Ninja said that she wasn't cut out for that. So they were living together—in peace—but they rarely spent a lot of time together.

After he had overheard her and Tifa talking about her pregnancy all those months ago, they had found a small house there in Edge, but at a distance from the city, and had moved in together. After living in a near empty house for a month, Yuffie had persuaded him to go with her to visit her father in Wutai. The meeting hadn't gone so well, and the old man had disowned Yuffie for becoming pregnant out of wedlock and for shacking up with a man who was not a Wutai native.

Yuffie had just squared her shoulders, moved past Godo, and had taken back all the Materia the old man had kept in his private stash. Materia she had stolen for him. Then they had left and Yuffie hadn't looked back. She had sold half of the Materia and had bought some furniture for the house, against his wishes. That had been why he had chosen to find himself a job. He had refused to make Yuffie work in her condition and he didn't want her to do things that he was supposed to do.

A few weeks later he had found a good paying job. After all, a baby was on its way to their lives and though he knew very little of children, he had heard Cloud say that they were expensive and required a lot of attention. Every night as he had lay awake next to Yuffie, his thoughts would turn to the child growing in her womb. As his hand glided over the perfectly round bump of her stomach, the fear that this child would be cursed with the things that had been done to him had been a heavy burden on his shoulders. His heart had nearly been twisted out of his chest when he had felt her kick that very first time. When it had been clear that there was something very real growing inside of Yuffie's womb.

Then he had held the infant in his arms for the very first time, a red, squiggly thing with very healthy lungs, and all his fears and doubts had been laid to rest. The burden was gone. In his arms he had held a piece of himself that was living and breathing and had the most amazing eyes he had ever seen. It had been love at first sight. Sadie had been born a very normal baby with ten toes and ten fingers, two eyes, one nose, and one mouth. Her hair had been as dark and silky as his own and she'd had Yuffie's skin tone and features.

He would never forget the look in Yuffie's eyes as the girl had been placed on her chest. She had cried then and there and had said, "Nothing else matters, Vince. She's our daughter. She's perfect and beautiful." He had agreed wholeheartedly and had never thought that he would feel a love so deep and strong for the little creature. Even when she was at her worst and she refused to go to sleep, or she cried for three hours straight in the middle of the night. She was his daughter.

His phone began to shake in his pocket and he answered it once he was out of the bedroom, noticing that it was the Strife's number. "Yes?"

"Hello, Vincent. It's Tifa. Are you home yet?" she asked.

"I just arrived. Yuffie is sleeping."

"I thought so. I called once but she didn't answer so I decided to wait just in case she and the baby were asleep. I was trying to get in touch with her to see if she wants to take a break from mothering. Cloud is going to spend all day with Zack tomorrow, so I thought that maybe you would like to come over and spend your day here with Sadie and the guys."

"Where will you be going?" he asked in that deep monotone of his.

"Cid has agreed to fly Shera, Yuffie, and me to Costa Del Sol. We'll go to the beach and get pampered at one of the hotels spas or something, all courtesy of my wonderful husband. Zack has been driving me up the wall now that he has figured out how to climb over the bar so that he can shatter the shot-glasses on the floor, and I know that Yuffie has her hands full now that Sade can crawl and stand up."

Vincent looked at the girl in his arms and raised a brow. She knew how to stand up already? He really had missed a lot of time. "She will go. I will tell her when she awakes."

"Do you ever speak more than two or three sentences together?" asked Tifa with a laugh. "Sorry, about that, it was uncalled for. Okay then, she needs to be at Cid's tomorrow at eight in the morning. Will you be joining Cloud?"

"Yes. I will be there when Sadie wakes up," he replied.

"Goodbye and good luck," she said before hanging up.

"Who was that?" asked Yuffie as she walked into their living room, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"Tifa. She wants you to spend a day with her and Shera in order to relax from mothering," he replied, sitting on the couch and placing the baby so that she faced him. "I told her you would go."

"What?!" Yuffie hollered. "I don't have a babysitter for Sadie if Shera is going too! Besides, there's no way that I'm leaving her with a—"

Vincent kissed the girl's fingers as they touched his face. "I will take care of her."

"—stranger," she finished slowly. "You? What about your job? Oh, no! Don't tell me that you got fired! They can't fire you!" she yelled indignantly. "You're the best at what you do…… I outta go down there and introduce them to some of my Materia…"

As she kept ranting, Vincent looked at his daughter and hoped fervently that she wouldn't have the ability to talk five hundred words a minute like her mother. The girl was looking at her mother and then back at him before stuffing her little hand in her mouth and smiling.

"The job is over. We rid the land of all the creatures, but if there is anything left, they will call me back," Vincent interrupted when he could take no more of her rapid talking. When he had first met her, he had thought that talking that much in one breath would end up harming her, but then he had noticed that it came naturally to her, so he hadn't worried anymore.

"So you weren't fired?" she asked as she sat next to them and pressed a kiss to the baby's neck, making her squirm and laugh.

Vincent shook his head and watched Yuffie as she and Sadie interacted with each other. "Why didn't you tell me that she can stand up now?" he asked quietly.

Yuffie shrugged and picked at her short nails. "I guess I forgot. There are so many things that she has accomplished, her milestones, and you haven't been here. I can't tell you about them all," she retorted without any bite or emotion to it.

Vincent touched her chin and tilted her face so that he could look her in the eyes. "I will listen, if you tell me," he whispered before leaning towards her and kissing her gently.

She smiled against the kiss and popped an eye open to watch their daughter as she played with the clasps of his cape. "This is the first time you offer to listen to me talk about anything," she said with a grin. "You'll have to keep up because there are so many things that I have to tell you!" Yuffie said excitedly. But then she paused. "Don't you want something to eat first? I had take-out delivered about two hours ago, I can reheat it if you want," she said, bouncing to her feet.

Vincent shook his head and pulled her back down. "Just tell me about the baby," he said quietly.

Yuffie smiled and nodded, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Well, I guess I should start with her first word and work from there, huh?"

He just nodded and settled Sadie between them after Yuffie found her pacifier and gave it to her. As Yuffie talked, he watched the shine in her eyes when she recounted Sadie's every accomplishment and realized that he loved her just as much as he loved his daughter. He loved them both more than he had ever loved Lucrecia, who was now only a fond memory.

Maybe spending time with two married women would convince her to finally accept his marriage proposal so that they could be a complete family.


Yuffie wrung her hands as she and Vincent waited for Cid to finish warming up The Shera. She wasn't too convinced of leaving Sadie with Vincent alone all day. It wasn't because she didn't trust him, it was just that he hadn't spent much time with the baby and she feared that he would be overwhelmed. But then she realized that Cloud knew about babies and Marlene and Denzel would be there as well. Was it wrong to trust two children with your baby than said child's own father?

Sadie peeked out from under a warm blanket Vincent had her wrapped in to protect her from the morning cold, and Yuffie kissed her cheek. "Here, let me give her a hug," she said, voice filled with emotion as she took her. "I'll be gone all day, sweetie, but I'll miss you and I'll be back soon, okay?" she asked as she hugged the baby to her. "Mommy loves you very much."

"This isn't the end of the world," said Vincent from beside her, voice flat.

"No, but it feels like it," said Yuffie snippily. She smiled when Tifa and Cloud approached them with a two-and-a-half year old swinging between them. "Look baby, your future husband is here," Yuffie said with a giggle.

Tifa echoed her and picked up Zack in her arms. "He's been awake since six in the morning. I really need this break," she said with a smile.

"What about this big girl?" Cloud asked, squeezing Sadie's cheek gently.

Yuffie grinned. "She puts anything she can in her mouth and she's learning how to stand up and pull herself around the living room. We can't be anywhere near stairs either," she said, bouncing the girl.

"I remember that phase," Tifa said tiredly. "Zack gave us a scare twice when we couldn't find him anywhere on the first floor. It turned out that he had crawled up the stairs and had locked himself in Denzel and Marlene's bedroom. Since then we have placed safety railings at the foot of the stairs for whenever we're downstairs. Marlene and Denzel hate it, but it's for Zack's safety so all they do is grumble."

Yuffie sighed and didn't want to hand her daughter over when she saw Cid coming over to them. "I think I'm having separation anxiety. I usually leave Sade with Shera for an hour or two, but leaving her all day……" she trailed off.

Tifa patted her shoulder in understanding. "I felt that way during Zack's first year, but now I can't get away fast enough," she said, kissing the boy's cheek.

"Are we ready?" Cid asked as he walked over to them.

"We're ready," Tifa said with a small smile as she gazed at her baby. "But I was wrong. I'm feeling that separation anxiety now."

Yuffie nodded and reluctantly handed over her daughter. "I packed some mushed food in the bag. She loves to eat applesauce, and she can eat a banana too, just make sure to give her small pieces so that she doesn't choke. She has a bottle of milk before her afternoon nap and she sleeps with this raggedy old bear that used to be mine."

"Why didn't you just write it all down for him in a book?" Cloud muttered.

Yuffie glared at him. "Pipe down, spiky. I'm just making sure that he will know what to give her. Tifa should be doing the same for you. I can just picture Marlene and Denzel doing all the work around the house," she said snidely.

Cloud returned the glare before he took his son from Tifa and kissed her. "Have fun and don't worry about the kid. He'll be fine with me and his siblings," he said with a smile. "Oh, and don't go picking up surfers or men without their shirts on. Remember that you're taken and that your husband is a very jealous man."

Tifa laughed and wrapped her arms around Cloud and Zack. "Don't worry. You two are the only men in my life. Besides, just because I won't make a move doesn't mean I can't look," she said before kissing their cheeks and moving towards Cid.

The blond frowned and was about to retort when he saw that Vincent was having a hard time trying to keep Yuffie from snatching the baby out of his arms. "You need to go now," Vincent said to her.

Yuffie looked as if she were in pain. Then she let out a heavy sigh and nodded. "This had to happen sooner or later. Please, please take care of her. I know that you're a good father, but the truth is that I'm a little freaked out because you haven't spent a lot of time with her and you may get overwhelmed."

Vincent placed his daughter in Tifa's arms before pulling Yuffie off towards the side. "I understand your reluctance to leave her with me, but she and I need to get to know each other as father and daughter. I… apologize for not being there, but you have to trust me," he said in a low voice.

The ninja bit her lip and sighed heavily. "Fine. But I'm not so fond of being airsick throughout the whole trip," she mumbled, smiling when his gloved hand cupped her face.

"Relax and have fun," he murmured before kissing her gently.

Yuffie sighed happily against his lips and smiled when he pulled away and walked back over to take Sadie back from Tifa. Wow, Vincent hated to make public displays like those, but it warmed her heart to know that he bent his rules for her, just to make her feel better. She let out a slow breath and nodded to herself. "Okay, I'm ready," she said to the group. She walked over to her daughter and kissed the little face. "You be nice for daddy, okay?" she murmured before stepping back and walking towards the ship with Tifa.

"They'll be okay," Tifa said, trying to sound reassuring. The ninja just nodded as they joined Shera in the cockpit, she also looked teary.

"Who did you leave the kids with?" asked Yuffie.

"The neighbors. Cid will look after them when he returns," she replied with a fond smile.

"Are you sure your twins should be staying with Cid? I'd think you would avoid that because of all the cursing and smoking," Yuffie said.

Tifa stifled a laugh and Shera smiled. "Cid doesn't smoke or curse around us. He knows better, and we even have a swear jar!"

All the women broke into giggles just as the topic of their conversation walked in. he eyed them all narrowly before moving to the controls of the ship. "You hags ready to go?" he asked them.

"Hags?!" The women exclaimed.

"Call me a hag again, captain, and you will be sleeping on the couch for the next week," Shera said slyly.

Yuffie and Tifa snickered and walked towards the glass panes so that they could get a last glimpse of their partners and their children. Cloud waved at them and Yuffie waved at Vincent, already knowing that he wouldn't wave back as he held the baby in one arm. "We need to trust them and have fun today. Who knows when we'll be able to have another break like this," Tifa said, guiding Yuffie to a chair as Cid took off abruptly, making the ninja sway.

"How long 'till we arrive?" she asked with a groan of sickness.

"Two hours. Do you want me to help you to a room so that you can lay down?" Tifa asked her.

Yuffie nodded. "Please. Before I empty last night's dinner on Cid's pristine floor." Both women walked out and towards one of the private rooms. Yuffie lay down on a small bunk and Tifa walked over to wet a towel for her.

"How are things between you and Vincent?" asked Tifa as she handed over the wet towel and Yuffie lay down on the small bed.

"We're okay," she said evasively.

Her friend frowned. "What is 'okay'? Good, or not so good?"

Yuffie sighed heavily. "He's been gone so long because of his job. Sadie and I have grown without him. I love him, I know that, and he's asked me to marry him. Twice. But I don't know if I can take that last step. I'm a free spirit, even Godo couldn't keep me locked down. I just don't know if I'm cut out for marriage."

Tifa sat down on a chair by the door. "But you've been living with him for more than a year, almost two. What's one more step?"

"I don't know why I'm so scared of marriage. He's told me he loves me, but…" she trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

"I would've thought that you would have jumped at the idea of marrying Vincent," Tifa said.

"Me too," Yuffie muttered, turning to face the wall. "But I'm scared that his love for Lucrecia will outweigh the love he says he feels for me."


Vincent watched curiously as Zack Strife worked on a very complex puzzle for a child his age and had it done in a matter of minutes. Cloud stepped into the room and handed him a glass of some type of fruit juice. "He is very smart," he commented to Cloud, his eyes moving to where Sadie was sleeping on the couch to his right.

Cloud gave a nod. "That's Tifa's doing. We all know that his intelligence doesn't come from me," he joked.

The gunman cracked a very small smile. "Are you and Tifa planning on having more?"

The blond shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe one more when Zack is a little older. Right now we have our hands full with this one and the other two. Zack just walked into his terrible two's and he's being a little difficult right now. What about you and Yuffie?"

Vincent just sat back, an expressionless look on his face. "We haven't really talked about more children."

Cloud eyed him. "What about marriage? Do you want to marry her?"

"I've asked her already and she refuses."

"Yuffie doesn't want to marry you? Wow," said Cloud quietly.

Vincent nodded. "She says she is a free spirit. That she's happy with us just living together with Sadie. I don't know whether to believe her or not."

Cloud didn't know what to say. He usually wasn't good at giving advice. That was Tifa's department and she was damn good at it. It was strange; Yuffie, who had been in love with Vincent since they had met, was refusing to marry him. "Just have a bit of patience. She'll come around. Maybe she's afraid of something that she hasn't shared with you. Have you spoken to her about marriage. I mean like an in-depth conversation about where you both want your relationship to be?" Vincent just shook his head. "Maybe she's scared of taking that last step."

The dark-haired man looked slightly puzzled. "Why? We already live together and we have a child as well."

Cloud nodded. "This is Yuffie we're talking about; she's not a normal female. Who knows how her mind functions," he said with a smirk. "I don't know why she refuses, but I think you should really talk to her about it. There has to be a serious reason why she hasn't accepted your proposal. Have you gotten her a ring?" he asked as he took Zack out of his large play-pen and handed him a cup of juice.

"I haven't bought a ring. Is that a… requirement?" Vincent asked as he watched the small boy sip his juice twice before he turned the cup upside down and emptied its contents over the couch, the floor, and Cloud's shoes. He hid a smirk when Cloud muttered a curse and placed Zack in the pen after checking that no juice had spilled on the boy's clothes.

"Tifa warned me not to give him the juice like that until he was at least three," he said as he walked to the kitchen to get some things to clean up the mess.

Zack smiled at Vincent before hurling a stuffed moogle at him that narrowly missed his face. Were children just plain evil at that age? Movement out of the corner of his eye had him turning and lunging forward, catching Sadie as she rolled off the couch and almost hit the floor had it not been for his hands catching her. He swallowed hard and stood from the half-crouch he had been in, holding the girl to his chest as she started to cry from the scare.

He only now realized how dangerous it was to keep his claw while around Sadie, and even Yuffie—especially during passionate moments when he forgot that the points in his claw were sharp. It would take some getting used to, but it was something he had to do. Yuffie would be pleasantly surprised when she returned, especially after she had woken up many mornings with bruises on her right hip. She had been trying to get him to get rid of the metal claw for a couple of months now.

Cloud walked back into the room and proceeded to clean up the mess as he gave Zack a scolding. The boy merely smiled and went back to destroy his puzzle, ignoring his father's rants. "He's more like the original Zack than anyone knows," he muttered. Then he turned to Vincent. "About the ring. You can't propose and not have a ring. It's like the biggest taboo for women or something. I don't know. Women are strange creatures and they have an even stranger way of thinking. Maybe that's why Yuffie has said no, because she doesn't see this as a serious commitment without a ring." He stopped at the look on Vincent's face. "What's wrong?"

Vincent held Sadie at a slight distance. "I'm realizing why Yuffie didn't want to leave me alone with her. I have not yet…… learned how to change a diaper properly," he said flatly.

Cloud's eyes widened in understanding. "Well, you're lucky then, that Tifa showed me how to do it from the day Zack was born…… I'll get the gloves and the face masks," he said before leaving the room again.


Tifa and Shera winced as Yuffie barreled down the ramp of the airship and almost face planted with the pavement. "Land! Sweet land!" she cried before rolling onto her back and taking deep breath of fresh sea air. Tifa helped her up and pulled her a distance away as Shera said goodbye to Cid.

"Shera, not in front of the brat," they heard Cid whine.

"Captain, you'll kiss me in front of all the Costa Del Sol populace if I asked you to," said Shera in a sweet voice.

Yuffie and Tifa broke into laughter as Cid gave Shera a very fast peck and glared at them before running back into his ship. "I'm never going to let him forget the day I saw him get whipped," said Yuffie as they walked the short distance to where the spa was located inside one of the fanciest hotels there.

"Wow, this looks expensive," Shera murmured as they gazed at the hotel they had stopped in front of.

"I wonder how Cloud pulled this off," Tifa said, eyes wide.

Yuffie looked at her. "You don't know how he got us a deal at a place like this without it costing him a fortune?" the shorter woman asked. Tifa shook her head as they walked inside and towards the lobby desk.

The man there smiled widely and welcomed them. "You must be Mrs. Strife, Mrs. Highwind, and Miss Kisaragi. Welcome to Costa Del Sol's Hotel and Spa. If you will follow me please, I will take you to the locker room where you can change and leave your things."

Yuffie frowned. "You know, I'm just now realizing how much I would like to be called Mrs. Valentine."

Tifa smiled. "Then maybe you should accept Vincent's proposal," she said.

Shera gasped. "He proposed to you?"

Yuffie nodded. "Twice. But I said no. I don't know, I mean, he didn't even have a ring!" she exclaimed as the man stopped in front of a door that said, 'Ladies Locker Room.'

"Is that really the only reason why you said no?" Shera asked as they thanked the man and walked into the locker room to change into their two-piece bathing suits and terry cloth shorts that went with the white, fluffy robes the spa provided.

Tifa tied her long hair into a bun. "Come on, Yuffie. Fess up. Why is it that you really don't want to marry Vincent?"

Yuffie sighed and placed her clothes in the locker and twisted the key. "I'm scared," she said in a small voice." At the questioning look from her friends, she sighed heavily. "I'm scared that he won't love me the way he loved Lucrecia once upon a time. I mean, he's this amazing man who spent years mourning over this woman. How can I be sure that he's still not in love with her? He's barely spent time with me and Sadie to the point where I had to sit down with him yesterday and recount all the things he has missed. It took me two, almost three hours to tell him all that our kid has done in his absence," said Yuffie as she pulled on the robe and they were walked towards an open room that allowed the sea breeze in and would be where they would get facials to start off. "We don't talk all that much. Well, that's mostly because I talk to much and in order to get me to shut up he kisses me, and then it always ends up with him and me… you know," she said, blushing slightly.

"Have you told him all of this?" Shera asked with a small smile.

Yuffie shook her head. "No. Like I said, we barely even talk. I understood that his job would pay him a great amount of money, but he was away for so long. I know a lot of things about him, but still, how can I know that he's not just gonna up and leave us if another job comes along? I've always been insecure where Vincent is concerned. Just because we have a baby together doesn't mean he's always going to be with me. What if he stops loving me?"

"What if he gets tired of waiting for you to come around?" Tifa asked her as they say down in large, comfortable reclining chairs. "I mean, I highly doubt that because you said it yourself, he spent years being devoted to one woman. The fact that he's with you and Sadie now means that his heart and devotion has shifted to you and that he'll be with you for as long as possible. But love can dwindle if both sides don't put in as much as themselves as they can."

Yuffie sat back as one of the women in charge there came over with a smile. "We are going to start with a basic cleanser, then we will move to a cucumber moisturizer. It will leave skin soft and smooth and years younger!" she said brightly.

"Okay, that sounds great," said Yuffie. Then she looked back at Tifa. "You think I should tell him all of this?" she asked.

Tifa shrugged. "That's up to you. Maybe talking things over with Vincent will clear things up for you. He wants to marry you, Yuffie. You have a daughter together, why does marriage seem like such a hard decision to make on your part? There aren't that many men out there that want the entire package. Living together, a child, commitment, and marriage."

Yuffie sighed and nodded. "You're right," she murmured as the lady next to her began to spread some type of sticky, clear goop over her face. "Is there some sort of boutique nearby?" she asked her.

The woman nodded. "You can try out the one here at the hotel, but there is a store down two blocks where they make special gowns and other custom made clothing for a more reasonable price," she replied.

"What are you planning, Yuff?" Tifa asked, trying to move her face the least amount as possible.

Yuffie smiled, despite the fact that the stuff on her face was drying at a rapid rate. "Will you and Shera help me in planning out my scheme?" she asked excitedly, sitting up and causing the stuff on her face to drip down her chest.

"Sure! What's on your mind?" Tifa asked as Shera nodded.


Vincent sighed in aggravation. Who knew how hard it was to shop for a bloody ring? But then again, proposing for the third time to the woman you loved merited a special ring, right? Cloud was standing next to him as he looked over the jewelry that was behind bullet proof glass. On his back, on a sling was little Zack, who was slapping him in the back of the head repeatedly, laughing in glee. In his arms he was holding Sadie while Vincent kept looking.

"You've been living with her for almost two years, what does she like?" Cloud asked as he adjusted the baby in his arms.

Vincent thought about it for a long moment. "Yuffie doesn't wear jewelry. But she likes…… plain things. Plain and shiny," he said with a smirk.

The jeweler smiled and brought out a ring, showing it to the tall man with the intimidating gun on his hip. "Then I believe that this ring would suit her perfectly," he said.

The two men looked down at it and made a noise of approval. It was a silver band with four, small red rubies embedded all around. Between each ruby there was a design that looked suspiciously like really tiny Shurikens. "Is this ring tied to Wutai in any way?" asked Vincent.

The man nodded. "Yes. An old friend, who is no longer living, made it. He was born in Wutai and was taught from an early age how to forge jewelry. He decided to make only a set of four rings. One of amethyst, one of jade, and another of sapphire. This one is made of rubies. This was his favorite and the one he didn't want to part with unless it was for a very special person."

"Why are you selling it now then?" Cloud asked.

"Because I know who you both are," the man admitted. "I also know that the daughter of Lord Godo is the one you want to propose to, and my friend was once a good friend to the mother of Lady Kisaragi, Miss Yuffie's mother. He would've wanted you to give it to her," he said, placing the ring into a velvet box and showing it to Vincent again.

Cloud gave Vincent a questioning look before the taller man nodded. "She'll like it. Especially because it has to do with Wutai. Now I just have to figure out a way to get her to accept me."

Cloud clapped him on the shoulder. "She'll accept, man. We'll go pick them up with Cid today. We'll see if we can stay a bit longer and you can take her out to the shore or something romantic like that, and you can ask her to marry you. Tifa and I will watch over Sadie," he offered.

The jeweler smiled and nodded. "And just because I know who you are and who you will be proposing to, I will offer the ring at half price."

"Thank you." Vincent nodded and handed over the gil as the man placed the ring inside another box and then inside a bag.

"Good luck!" said the jeweler as they walked out.

Cloud sighed and handed over the girl in his arms after Vincent had put the ring into the safety of his pocket. "What else would you be willing to do for Yuffie?" he asked as they passed a men's clothing store.

Vincent looked at him with a raised brow and sighed. "Anything. I would do anything and everything for her," he said quietly.

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