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Chapter Two


Yuffie snickered quietly as she watched Tifa and Shera get massaged. The brunette had fallen asleep and one of her arms was hanging limply down the side, while Shera was chatting with the woman who was massaging her shoulders expertly. There was something creepy about having a person's hands massaging her body when it wasn't Vincent, so she had declined the massage and was just sitting back in a comfortable chair while sipping on a glass of wine.

Living with Vincent had taught her many things, including how to pick out the best vintage wines. She knew what he liked to eat, and though she wasn't as good as Tifa at cooking, her food managed not to get burnt on the stove and tasted pretty good. At least that was what Vincent had said to her, and Sadie wasn't complaining either. Then again, Sadie wasn't old enough to complain yet. She sighed and wondered if her plan would work. What if he had changed his mind? What if she had taken too long to accept his proposal?

Well, she wouldn't know until he accompanied Cid to pick them up and she would have a chance to talk to him privately. If everything went well, she would soon be calling herself Mrs. Valentine. She'd been wildly jealous when the man at the front desk of the spa had called Tifa, Mrs. Strife, and Shera, Mrs. Highwind. They were both married, had children, and were happy, even though their men were sometimes complete morons when it came to romance. But they had survived so far, especially Tifa, who had waited so long for Cloud to finally come to his senses. They had a beautiful son and a stable marriage.

Shera had also had to deal with all the cursing, smoking, and general assholeness that made up Cid Highwind. They had twin girls that had Cid's blond hair and blue eyes, but had Shera's delicate and pretty features. She remembered that Cid had nearly blown a gasket when he had been told that he was a father of two girls. He'd wanted boys, but Yuffie had seen the look on his face when he had laid eyes on his two girls. He'd been a man smitten from the very start.

Vincent may not have been the most talkative person, but he knew romance and seduction. It only took one look from him to have her melting into a puddle of ninja at his feet whenever he willed it. Yuffie smirked to herself. He was also a very jealous and possessive man. He had expressed his dislike for her short shorts when a man had commented on her ass and legs one day, a few months ago. The poor man had almost soiled his pants when a three barreled gun had been pointed between his eyes. She had shown him how much she appreciated his feelings all that afternoon after putting Sadie to sleep.

Yuffie loved Vincent more than she had ever thought possible, and was only now realizing what a fool she had been for not accepting his marriage proposal. Tifa was right. Not many men wanted what Vincent was giving her so freely. Especially after it had taken her so long to break down those barriers of self-aversion he'd felt for himself, and of trying to get him to stop thinking that all that had happened with Lucrecia had been his fault. She felt her breath hitch as she thought of what it must've felt like for him to ask her something so important and have her reject him.

She wasn't Lucrecia. She loved him with all her heart and soul.

How could she have been so stupid? He loved her and Sadie. His job was over, wasn't it? That meant he would spend more time with her and their daughter now. Maybe he would stay with the baby a few times a week so that she could go and help Tifa out at her newly remodeled restaurant/bar.

She wondered how he was holding up with their daughter now. Sadie was turning out to be a handful, just like little Zack, who had bit Yuffie on the arm the other day. That boy was a real handful, but he was also a sweetie. Yuffie couldn't wait until he was old enough so that they could prank Cloud whenever opportunity presented itself. She smiled evilly as she made a mental list of all the things they could do to swordsman. Then she stood and stretched her legs. "How much longer is the massage?" she asked the woman working with Tifa.

"About half-an-hour more. Why? Do you need anything?" she asked.

Yuffie shook her head. "I need to step out for a moment, but I will return in thirty minutes. There's something I have to go check out," she said with a smile.

"Well, don't be too long, because up next you will be enjoying a nice mud bath and then a dip in our aroma therapy hot tub," the masseuse said.

"Don't worry. I'll be back soon," she said before heading for the locker room and changing the hotel's shorts into a pair of her own. She snickered. She had thrown out almost all of her really short shorts, but those khaki ones were her favorite and she usually only wore them around the house. She left on her two piece bathing suit and walked out of the hotel after pocketing some gil Vincent had made her bring, feeling a bit strange at having so little clothing on again. She still wore tight, little shirts, but she had calmed down a bit after having Sadie. The baby weight had been a bit of hell taking off, but her curves were more pronounced and she had kept a few pounds on her once lanky figure.

Yuffie walked down to the shop the woman at the spa had told her about and went in, feeling a bit uncertain. She had never been a dress-wearing type of girl, but tonight was going to be special and she had to do everything in her power to make it unforgettable. The woman at the counter smiled, but Yuffie didn't miss the way she eyed her skeptically because of her appearance. The boutique looked expensive and the woman was probably thinking that she wouldn't be able to afford a glass of water from the store.

"How can I help you, Miss?" she asked politely.

The ninja looked around at random dresses. "I need to find a dress for a special occasion. The only problem is that I don't usually wear dresses and I'm very picky about those things. Price is not a problem," she said dryly.

The woman nodded slightly and proceeded to show her the dresses. Yuffie sighed. She had never liked to wear dresses anyway, but she would make an exception today. Vincent wouldn't know what hit him, she thought with a grin.


Marlene and Denzel sat on the floor of the living room with Sadie and Zack, painting on large pieces of paper. They were covered from head to toe with red, yellow, green, and blue paint, but they were having fun. Sadie had taken to screeching her head off in glee every time Zack slapped his paint filled hands on the paper.

Cloud grimaced and turned to Vincent. "We'll have to get rid of those clothes so that Tifa and Yuffie don't see them ruined." He smirked as he eyed the man. "Feeling strange?"

Vincent just made a small noise. "A bit. It's been thirty years. I almost forgot what it felt like to look like this," he said.

"Oh, crap," said Cloud as Zack moved to the wall and decided to press his hands on the wall, leaving little hand prints made-up of different colors. "Hey, kid! Stop doing that or your mother will have our heads!" he yelled as he took off after Zack, and the boy laughed as he ran as well.

Vincent sighed and walked over to Sadie, who was in Marlene's arms. "She's so pretty," the girl said to him. "She looks like Yuffie, but more like you!"

He frowned slightly and wondered if he should feel insulted at the fact that Marlene had somewhat called him pretty. He took the girl and held her slightly away. "We should clean up and then go have lunch," he said.

The two older children nodded and ran off to take quick showers, now that they had separate bedrooms and with individual bathrooms. Cloud walked back in with Zack in his arms, and two handprints on his face. "This boy is going to be the death of me," he muttered. "Come on, you can use the guest bathroom to give her a quick bath while I use my own bathroom for the war to come."

Cloud sighed heavily. Why was this boy such a nightmare? Geez, it was like Zack Fair had been reborn in his son. He eyed the boy closely and shook his head. Even though he did look like him, with the dark spikes, and the blue eyes—but with his and Tifa's looks—the idea really was too farfetched. He smirked to himself. He'd have to ask Tifa what she thought of that.

As he warmed the bath for the child, he pulled off the paint filled clothes and stuck them inside a paper bag he had gotten from the kitchen. They would dispose of the incriminating evidence later. Now he had to survive not being drowned by his two-year-old son in shallow water. At the end of the day, none of the things the little brat did to him mattered. He loved his little Zack to death and would gladly give his life for him if he ever had to.

The deities had been good to him. He had his beautiful wife, Tifa, his wonderfully precious son, two other children who hadn't come from him and Tifa but were just as much a part of them and just as beautiful as their son. He also had a great marriage with its regular ups and downs, and a business in the food industry that was growing at a large rate. He hadn't told Tifa that the reason why they were being pampered at that expensive spa was because the owners of the hotels wanted to invest in their restaurant and open up a chain of them at every hotel they owned. He still needed to talk to her and ask her if she would be okay with it, but the hotel had agreed to make the women's stay there completely complementary. He checked the water and decided that it was warm enough and he placed the kid inside, his mind wandering to Vincent and how he was doing with Sadie.

The said gunman was having no problem with his little angel. The girl loved her baths and was splashing around as he held her with one arm and washed the paint from her face with a towel in the other. He had honestly never done this before either, but it was a terribly sweet moment to be sharing with his child. She had Yuffie's smile, and she was beautiful. No matter who said that she looked like him, he would always see her more similar to Yuffie.

They both shared the same childish innocence that he had once believed he would corrupt with his touch. But Yuffie wasn't tainted as he thought she would be. She was love and happiness and the light in his dark dark world. He smiled slightly as he watched Sadie look up at him from eyes nearly identical to his. They were more tilted at the corners than they had been when she had been born. He wrapped her in a fluffy towel and dressed her quickly after finally managing to get her diaper on without Cloud's help.

Lucky for him, Yuffie had paired up little outfits together, so that meant that he didn't have to worry about dressing his daughter properly. She was in a tiny, overall dress with frilly little shorts underneath, and a big, smiling moogle on the front of the outfit. He brushed her damp hair back and wondered who had helped Yuffie buy the outfit. Most likely Tifa, because the color of it brought out the red flecks in Sadie's eyes, and the boots she had on were curiously tiny and funny looking. He picked up the girl and walked out of the room.

Cloud was coming out of his bedroom, a new shirt on and with a sleepy looking toddler in his arms. "He's about ready to knock out, so let's head to the restaurant and have them cook us something before the kid falls asleep," he said. Marlene and Denzel ran over to them, clean and fresh as well and they all walked towards the restaurant/bar.


"Seriously, Tifa? This would actually work if I had any boobs," muttered Yuffie at the dress her friend had made her try on.

"You have boobs, Yuffie. Especially after having Sadie, but I think you're right about that dress. It's not working out. Are you sure you just can't wear your normal clothes?" Tifa asked with a frown.

Yuffie shook her head. "Tonight has to be special. I want to do this for Vincent to make up for the times I've rejected him. I realized that he is willing to do what he thought he couldn't and I shot him down. It's my turn to do something," she replied.

Shera brought over something that caught Yuffie's eyes. "How about this one? This color would look great on you and the cut will flatter your figure," said the blonde.

"Okay, let me try it on," Yuffie said as she took it and walked back into the changing room. As she pulled off the hideous dress Tifa had shoved at her and then pulled on the one Shera had found, her mind drifted to the love of her life. She wondered what Vincent's reaction would be when he saw her in a dress. She had not once worn a dress while they had been together, not even when she had been pregnant with Sadie.

But tonight would be the night when things would change. She wanted to be a good mother, and a good wife. If Vincent still wanted her to be his wife. She had come to the conclusion that she couldn't live her life second-guessing Vincent's feelings if she ever wanted them to be truly happy. Lucrecia was gone, and the ghosts in Vincent's eyes hadn't yet completely disappeared, but he was working to be a better man, little by little. Why couldn't she do the same? She had to let go of her fears and fully embrace the love she felt for the father of her daughter; for the man she had loved since she had been sixteen years old. Tonight would the start of a new chapter in their lives.


Vincent really didn't know how he had gotten conned into coming to the park with Cloud and the children. He was watching Marlene push Sadie in a baby swing, while Denzel and Zack were on one of the smallest slides with Cloud watching over them. Zack had taken to eating the sand if he wasn't kept in close watch. The laughter of his daughter caught his attention and a subconscious smile tugged at his lips. It was a wonderful sound, like Yuffie's laughter. Carefree and happy.

"Cid said that he would bring the twins over in just a little bit. He also agreed that we could stay longer in Costa del Sol so that you and Yuffie can have dinner alone or something. Have you thought about how you're going to approach this?"

Vincent shook his head once. "Not yet. But I will think of something," he replied.

"Valentine, is that you?" A voice asked from far away. Vincent turned and spotted Reno and Rude walking towards him; a little girl with blonde pigtails was holding Rude's hand. She looked to be about two-years-old, maybe younger.

"Wow, don't tell me you guys are a couple and you adopted a kid!" Cloud exclaimed, making Vincent expel a noise of amusement.

Reno glared at them. "Hell no!" he almost yelled. "Rude and me are straighter than straight. The rug rat is Tseng and Elena's kid. Name's Tess. If she weren't blonde, she would look just like her pops, though I never thought that those two would settle down seriously. Much less have a kid."

Rude nodded and picked up the girl. The red-head was indeed right. She was the spitting image of Tseng, but much more feminine. Even her eyes were the color of Tseng's. It was a strange combination, a black-eyed blonde. But she was a pretty little thing.

"Why would Tseng willingly leave his child with you two?" Vincent asked.

Reno shrugged. "The kid was driving them up the wall. Won't sleep in her own bed, and Laney was getting desperate for some alone time with the boss."

Rude grunted. "She'll skin you alive if she finds out you're saying that to anyone," he stated before taking the girl to the swings.

"You guys aren't gonna tell, are you?" Reno asked nonchalantly.

Vincent just grunted while Cloud shrugged and said, "Depends on whether you remember this the next time you try to feel up my wife."

"Or mine," said Vincent, running a hand over the Cerberus, which was still in its holster.

"But Yuffie isn't your wife," Reno said nervously.

"It doesn't matter. She lives with me and is the mother of my child. That's pretty close," he replied seriously.

"Fine, fine. Where are you kids by the way?" Reno asked, wanting to get away from the two dangerous men.

Cloud pointed to the swings, where Denzel and Zack were with Marlene and Sadie, and the Turk nearly ran off. "He tried to feel on Yuffie?" the blond asked the taller man.

"He thought I wasn't looking," Vincent said.

"But you're always looking, aren't you?" Cloud asked with a smirk.

Vincent nodded once. "Aren't you? I've seen many a men vying for Tifa's attention, even though they know that she's married and has your son."

Cloud's eyes narrowed into slits. "And have you seen them at the bar more than once?"

The gunman thought about it for a moment and smirked. There was a strong gust of wind coming from the large field used for baseball games, before they saw Cid's ship land there. Luckily no one was occupying the field now.

"Why doesn't he just get a car?" Reno asked Rude as they watched the ex-smoking pilot walk down the ramp of his ship with his two girls.

"Vincent? What the fu—I mean, is that you?" Cid asked as he took in Vincent's new appearance.

Vincent nodded and watched as the girls ran off to play on the slides. "They're still alive after spending time alone with you."

"Hey! This isn't the first fu—freakin' time I baby-sit them on my own. I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to my girls," Cid snapped.

"No, he's only a complete idiot when it comes to Shera," muttered Cloud before running towards Zack, who had a handful of sand in his hand.

"Look who's talking… the man who took years before finally noticing that the love of his life had been by his side the whole time," Cid called after him. He didn't even question the fact that Reno and Rude were watching over a little blonde girl. He turned to Vincent. "You takin' care of the brat? And I don't mean the baby."

"She stopped being a brat a long time ago," said Vincent.

"I know," said Cid. "But I still see her as the brat we met when she was sixteen, no matter that she has that cute kid there now. So, you makin' her happy?"

"I'd like to think I am," came the somber reply.

"You make her cry?"

"Not since she was pregnant and overly emotional."

"You make her mad?"

"Why haven't you asked her all of this?"

"Because I'm asking you. Man to man. I do hope she's happy Vincent, or else I'll be forced to kill you," Cid said seriously.

Vincent met his eyes head-on. "You will walk her down the isle when the time comes?"

Cid smirked. "If she'll let me."

"She sees you as a father," Vincent said.

"I see her as a pain-in-the-ass, but she's family," Cid said softly.

Vincent nodded. "Good."

"The baby walking yet?" Cid asked as they walked towards the children.

"Not yet, but she's close," replied the tall man.

"Looks more like you than Yuffie."

"I prefer she looked more like Yuffie."

"You're a good man," Cid said quietly. "You make her eyes light up when you're around. That kid is proof that there's something good between you and Yuffie. Something right. Make her happy Vince, she deserves it."

Vincent nodded and picked up Sadie when she stretched her little arms towards him.

Cid cleared his throat and watched his girls slide and play in the sand. "You'll… keep this conversation between us?"

"Certainly," was the reply he got before Vincent walked off to the shade of the trees again, cradling a sleepy baby in gentle arms that no longer wore the leather or the claw that had been his formal clothing for nearly thirty-five years. It was time for a new start. It was time to show Yuffie that he was willing to do anything and everything for her.


"How do I look?" Yuffie asked as she twirled in front of the mirror of the room they had gotten at the hotel after their spa treatments had been completed. All three women were scrubbed, massaged—with the exception of Yuffie—and exfoliated, manicured, and made-over. Each one of them had been styled by a professional who had worked on their hair and make-up.

The room had been used to hold the dress while they were at the spa, and would now be the setting of Yuffie's plan to be set in motion. It had a grand terrace where a dinner would be served, and a huge, king-sized bed where something much more intimate would hopefully go on.

"You'd look even more beautiful if you managed to stay in those heels for more than two minutes," said Shera.

Yuffie huffed. "Maybe you're used to high-heels, but girls like Tifa and me aren't. I'll probably break my hip or something along those lines if I actually wear those shoes. I'll just go barefoot. Who else but Vincent is going to notice?" she asked as she looked at her reflection one more time.

"They should be here in about ten minutes," Tifa said as she stood and grabbed her purse. "Don't you worry about Sadie. We'll take good care of her while you and Vincent make another baby."

"Oh, I miss my little Sade, and there won't be another kid coming until Sadie can at least hold on a real conversation," Yuffie muttered, running a hand down her perfectly flat stomach. "Baby weight is a drag, and I am not a fan of all that pain either."

"But the end result is wonderful, isn't it?" Shera asked as she remembered the look in Cid's eyes when he had first laid eyes on their baby girls. "Children sometimes bring out the best in their father's."

Tifa nodded and smiled. "Unless it's Zack. That boy is more trouble each day. While I watch over the restaurant, Cloud watches over him. The house is upside down when I check on them, and my poor hubby is almost half-dead with exhaustion." The women laughed, imagining poor Cloud now. Her cell-phone rang and she spoke to Cloud for a few seconds, asking how the babies were doing. "Okay, we'll be there in five minutes," she said before hanging up.

"Did he tell you how Sadie was doing?" Yuffie asked as she tried not to run an agitated hand through her hair. After all, she wanted to keep the whispy strands in the style that had taken the stylist a while to accomplish.

"Yes. He said that she was drinking a bottle of juice while she and Zack played in the playpen Cloud brought over. We'll get going and we'll send Vincent over to you. Good luck," she said before hugging the small woman, Shera doing the same.

Yuffie wrung her hands and was about to call room service to see if they had sent up dinner when there was a knock at the door. She opened it and the man smiled as he walked in with a cart with food.

"Where would you like this, miss?" he asked politely.

"On the table outside, thanks," Yuffie said as she tried on her shoes for the tenth time and then toed them off. High-heels were not her friends. There was nothing she could do but look at her reflection in the mirror or pace. She decided to pace.

"Do you need anything else, miss?" asked the man as he came back into the room.

She shook her head and grinned. "Maybe a paper bag because I feel like I'm going to be sick," she said, sitting down heavily.

"Nervous much?" he asked.

Yuffie nodded. "I'm waiting for someone important to me. Hopefully we'll be able to resolve some things before midnight," she said, managing a smile and standing up to give the guy a tip.

"I hope everything goes well for you," the man said before he was out the door.

"Thank you," she said, smoothing out her dress. She turned to walk out to the terrace and sighed. She hoped everything went well too.


Vincent didn't know whether to be intrigued or suspicious. He'd been thinking on how to approach Yuffie about all that he wanted to say to her, but when they had arrived at Costa Del Sol, Tifa and Shera had showed up and handed him a keycard for a hotel room, telling him that Yuffie was expecting him. Yuffie had always liked to act mysterious around him, but she had never really accomplished it. Now she had.

After leaving Sadie with Tifa and Shera, he had walked over to the hotel and had made his way to the room. He used the keycard and stepped into a huge room. The sliding door was open and the sea breeze was blowing into the room, ruffling his hair. He stepped out and his eyes instantly found her.

He blinked in shock, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. Yuffie was standing by the railing, clad in a simple, silver colored gown with thin straps over her shoulders and that highlighted her slim waist and cascaded down to the floor. Her hair was different as well, and the wind blew the strands out of her face. She turned to him, the air ruffling the hem of the dress and her hair. Her eyes were wide as she took him in. "Vince?" she asked with a smile on her face.

He nodded once and stepped towards her, letting her take in the change of his appearance. He had forgone the old leather and a cloak for a tailored, black-on-black suit. He'd left his hair the length it had been all these years, but now he had on a long black sash instead of the red one. Cerberus was still attached to his hip though, and the gun was something he would never give up, and he was happy that she hadn't asked him to either.

"Wow," Yuffie said, smoothing a hand up his chest. "You look great."

"You look beautiful, but I wasn't expecting to ever see you in a dress," he murmured, noticing that she was barefoot. A small smile tugged at his lips.

"I know," she said wrapping her arms around his trim waist. "But I wanted tonight to be really special. I didn't ask you to change your look either. I just want you to get rid of that damned claw," she muttered, placing her head against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat, steady and strong was reassuring.

Vincent wrapped her in his arms. "Why did you want tonight to be special?"

Yuffie grinned and ran her fingers through his silky hair. "Let's have dinner and enjoy the view first. Okay?" she asked as she pulled him along towards the table that was set for two. She had ordered Wutain plates and had been only mildly shocked that the hotel made the plates she had asked for.

"Why aren't you wearing shoes?" he asked her in amusement.

"Because I can't walk in them. I tried, but high-heels will be the death of me," she said with a giggle. "How is our baby? How did you handle being with her all day?"

Vincent smiled faintly. "She was an angel. Cloud and I… handled the diaper… situation."

Yuffie burst out laughing. "I had forgotten that you had never changed a diaper before. But you weren't too overwhelmed?"

He shook his head. "She behaved herself. We went to the park with Cloud and Cid. Even Rude and Reno were there with Tseng and Elena's daughter."

She almost choked on the food she was chewing. She took a sip of water and gave him a shocked look. "I didn't know they had a daughter! Wow, they sure kept this confidential. But, why would they willingly leave their kid with Reno? Rude, I get, but Reno?"

Vincent nodded. "Why did we leave Sadie with Tifa and Cloud?" he asked with meaning.

Yuffie nodded in understanding before pouring them both a glass of wine. They finished eating in silence, leaving the dessert for later. She stood and walked around to lean against Vincent. Even sitting down, he almost reached her shoulders. He was that tall and she was that short. She ran her hands through his long hair again and smiled when his eyes met hers.

"The reason why I wanted tonight to be special, is because I have been thinking. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I want to apologize to you," she said softly.

Vincent looked surprised at her words. "For what?"

"For being such an idiot and denying what I have wanted for a very long time. I'm sorry I rejected you when you asked me to marry you. I don't really know why I said no. I guess I was just afraid that you still weren't over Lucrecia," Yuffie admitted, her eyes moving towards the shore.

He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him again. "That is understandable. But you and Sadie have been my reason for living for a very long time. Lucrecia is… she is only a memory now. She is the past; you and our child are my future," he said quietly.

Yuffie felt her eyes water and moved forward to kiss him gently. Her breath left her in a sigh as his lips responded easily, as her own lips caught his taste and the taste of wine in his mouth. She had grown accustomed to his kiss, to his taste. How could she ever live without him? She broke the kiss gently, trying to calm her breathing and looked him in the eyes. "Marry me?" she murmured before she lost her nerve.

Vincent smirked and rubbed a thumb over the stray tear that had trailed down her cheek. "Now you have gone and ruined my moment," he said in a low tone.

Yuffie pulled back. "What? What the hell does that mean?!" she almost shrieked, eyes lit with angry fire as he stood and almost towered over her.

"It simply means that you've ruined my plans," he said gently, easing the ring he had bought her onto her ring finger. Yuffie looked down at her hand with wide eyes and gasped when she fully took in the ring.

"Oh, Vincent," she breathed, at a loss of words. "It's beautiful," she said, taking in the rubies and shurikens all around the silver band. She turned those watery eyes to his again, and in that moment, he knew that he would give anything to make her happy. "You were going to ask me to marry you again?"

He nodded. "What is that saying? The third time is the charm?" he asked in amusement.

Yuffie giggled and threw her arms around his neck, grinning when his arms slipped around her waist and hugged her to him. "I'm sorry for making you wait. I let my insecurities get in the way of us being happy," she murmured against his neck.

Vincent carried her into the bedroom and kissed her again. "I agree that it was partly my fault. I was not there when you needed me the most. The job was good financially, but it kept me away longer than I wanted. Thank you… for waiting for me and being understanding."

She smiled, and it was the smile Sadie had inherited. "I wasn't always understanding. I made things rougher than they had to be," she said as he set her down at the foot of the bed. "But I can work on that. Together we can work on making things better."

"Hmm," he agreed before placing another kiss on her lips. "You should know that I would do anything and everything for you and Sadie. Nothing else will ever matter to me," he murmured.

Yuffie grinned and kissed him again. "Does this mean that you want me to start wearing dresses?" she asked, making a face.

Vincent shook his head once. "No, but I hope this means that you have no problems with me and the way I look now."

"You'll always be dead sexy, no matter what you look like," she whispered. He kissed her again, and for the remainder of the night, no other words were spoken in that bedroom.

A month later, Yuffie got her wish and became Mrs. Valentine. And she realized that she had lied to Tifa because nine months after her marriage proposal to Vincent, a boy identical to his father was born in the same hospital little Sadie had been delivered in.

The End

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