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Chapter One

I just got home from working a sixteen hour shift when Mrs. O'Brien left from taking care of Cassandra my three year old daughter. I drank a cup of coffee and ate the dinner that Mrs. O'Brien cooked for me and after doing the dishes, I walked down the hall to check on my daughter.

Cassandra looks so much like Michelle that sometimes I get misty eyed knowing that I'll never see her beautiful face again. I go over and tuck the covers around my daughter and as I go to my room and get undressed and crawl under the covers, I close my eyes and ask God to take care of my wife.

Then the door opens and I hear "daddy me scared." I smile and say "come here and sleep with daddy" and she crawls onto the bed and as I wrap my arms around her and kiss her head she says "me love you daddy." I hug her and tell her "daddy loves his little girl" and then we both close our eyes and go to sleep.

In the morning as I open my eyes there sits my baby girl watching me and she smiles when she sees my eyes open and she says "me hungry daddy." I laugh and tell her "well then we better go get something to eat."

She gets down and paddles off towards the kitchen and as I follow her I smile because I hear her say "come on daddy." I get to the kitchen and she's sitting on the chair waiting for me to fix her a bowl of her favorite cereal Captain Crunch, and as I sit there watching her eat and waiting for the coffee to get done, I think that it's time for me to go home to Domino and try to patch up my relationship with my dad and then Cassandra can meet her grandfather who is really a great guy.

Mrs. O'Brien comes over to watch Cassandra as I go to work and today I tell my boss "Kenny, I have some vacation time coming and I have to go back home, there's a family thing that I have to attend and I'll be gone about two months."

Kenny smiles and tells me "it's about time that I take some time off and go home because your father isn't getting any younger and he really needs to meet his granddaughter." So today is going to be my last day at work and I call home and ask Mrs. O'Brien "would you please pack some of Cassandra's things for me, we're going to be taking a trip back to Domino and we'll be leaving tomorrow evening."

As I drive home that evening I think back to the day that I left Domino and what caused me to leave. It still seems like it was just yesterday that I left home.


It was a Thursday afternoon and I had just gotten home from school, when I noticed a car in the driveway of our home and when I went inside there sat a strange man and woman and they were talking to my dad. "Come on Greg, he needs to know the truth about his mother and the longer you put it off the harder it's going to be when you do tell him."

My dad then tells the man "Lenny, keep your nose out of my business, I'll tell Joseph when I think that he needs to know."

Then I step into the room and I say "know what dad? What haven't you told me about mom?"

My father starts to cry and then he says "Joseph, your mother wasn't your real mother. We adopted you when you were one month old because your birth mother didn't want you." I nearly passed out and then I asked "who was she, my birth mother?"

Dad wiped his eyes and then he said "come here son, it's a long story, when I was younger I fell in love with the woman who I though would be my wife and well we had sex and she became pregnant and that's when she told me "I'm not ready to become a mother yet, so when I have the baby either you raise it or I'll put it up for adoption."

I was just out of High School, no job and living with your grandparents and when your grandfather learned about the baby he said "we'll help you as much as we can, but you'll have to get a job and start saying money because babies are cheap to take care of" so from that moment on I was a daddy. Then I met your mom one afternoon while I was pushing your stroller around the park and you started crying and I was so scared and then that's when Victoria came into our lives and she never left. We got married and well you know the rest."

After that moment I knew how much my parents loved me and that they sacrificed a lot to raise me. Then came the fight of the century between my father and me.

I came home one day after school and there was a letter waiting for me from someone that I really loved, telling me that he loved me too. Well when my father opened that letter and read what Seto Kaiba wrote to me, well he went nuts and started calling me nasty names and when he said "you're acting just like that bitch that gave birth to you and I won't have it." Well I punched him in the face and said "what the hell is wrong with you? Didn't you and mom raise me to be the person that I am? What's wrong now?" Then he said "never call her mother again, she's nothing to you." Well I ran to my room and packed my things and went out the back door and never went back. I never wrote to him till he day that my daughter was born and sent him some pictures of her and he wrote back "asking me to forgive him for what he said." That's when I realized that he was a very lonely old man and that I needed to go home and try to patch things up before it was too late.

End of Flashback:

When I got home I told my daughter "that we were going to take a trip to see her grandfather who lives in Domino" and she got all excited and started jumping up and down.

That evening as I was sitting on my bed I looked at the picture of Michelle, Cassandra and myself and I said "honey, I'm going home to see my dad and to let Cassandra get to know him and who knows maybe we'll even get to know each other better."

The only person that Joey kept in contact with was Yugi and then he asked Yugi "please don't let any of the others to know where I am especially Seto."

Yugi knew why Joey had to leave but was really surprised when Joey wrote telling him about finding a young woman by the name of Michelle, falling in love with her and then they had a baby together.

It nearly killed Joey when Michelle was killed by a drunk driver, but luckily Cassandra wasn't with her the baby was with Joey that day. Joey contacted Yugi and told him that "he and his daughter were coming home to see his dad and would Yugi please meet them at the Airport and drive them to Joey's father's home?"

As the plane took off Joey was holding his sleeping little girl in his arms and as he looked down into her angel like face, he thought back to the day he first met her momma.


Joey had just arrived in America to stay with his deceased mothers sister, who knew about the adoption but still treated Joey as family, when a young lady came over to see if Theresa needed anything from the store and when Michelle and Joey's eyes met something clicked and after that day they were always together except when either one was at work.

They had known each other for over three months when Joey asked her to marry him (and he really did love her even though he had at one time thought that he loved Seto) and she accepted and in two weeks they were married at the Justice of the Peace's Office with his Aunt and her older brother as witnesses. They had been married for two month when Michelle found out she was pregnant and they were both overjoyed with the idea of being parents.

When Cassandra was born, Joey was there beside Michelle and he got to hold his daughter and as he looked down into her sweet face he remarked "she looks like a Cassandra Marie to me" and Michelle smiled up at him and she said "that's what we'll name her Cassandra Marie Wheeler.

Then came the dreadful day when Michelle had a doctor's appointment and Joey took a day off the watch their daughter and then there was a knock on the door and two Officers stood there and they said "are you Joseph Wheeler" and when he said "yes" they told him that his wife Michelle and been killed by a drunk driver coming home." Joey's world fell apart and it wasn't for his Aunt, Michelle's older brother and Cassandra he would of given up living, but they helped to pull him out of that abyss of despair and sorrow and back to the world of the living.

End of Flashback.

Cassandra woke up and touched Joey's face and brought him back to the present and he said "is daddy's little girl hungry?" Cassandra smiled at him and said "me hungry" and Joey asked "the Attendant if he could please get some crackers and juice for his daughter?" She smiled and went to get him some and when she got back she asked "how old is she?"

Joey proudly said "she'll be four in three days." Cassandra took the crackers and said "thank you" and started eating them and offered Joey a bite and when he took it he kissed her head and she smiled up at her daddy.

It had been about five hours since the plane left New York and then the Pilot announced "we'll be landing in Japan in about one hour." The Attendants then told everyone to make sure that their seats were in the upright position and they needed to buckle up their seat belts."

Joey then looked out the window and there was Japan and soon they would be in Domino and he told Cassandra "soon we'll be at grandpa's house."

When they got into the Domino Airport, Joey called "Yugi and said "we're here in Domino" and Yugi said "I'll be here in a few minutes." Joey got their luggage and they waited outside for Yugi.

When Yugi got there, they hugged and then he introduced his daughter to Yugi "Cassandra this is my friend Yugi." Cassandra hid her face for a moment and then she shyly said "hi." Yugi smiled and said "nice to meet you." Then he helped Joey load their luggage and as he got into the car, Yugi drove him to his dad's home and it looked the same as the day he left.

Yugi unloaded their things and asked "do you want me to wait till you know he's here?" Joey then said "alright" as he walked up to the door and knocked on it and waited. Then the door opened and Joey said "hi, dad."

Greg opened the door to find Joey standing there holding a little girl in his arms and Greg said "son, it's good to see you again and who's this little one?" Cassandra looked at her father and said "is he grandpa?"

Joey smiled and said "yes honey, he's your grandpa." Yugi then said "Joey, I'll see you later" and then he drove home.

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