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Earlier that day, Pazu and Sheeta had spoken the spell of destruction together, and Laputa was no more. They bid farewell to Dola and her family/crew, and were on the way to Sheeta's home in the Gondor mountains. Pazu and Sheeta had landed for the night.

They lay in a small abandoned barn with a small lamp inside. They both ate some bread Pazu had managed to save after all this time. There's been an uncomfortable silence for a long time. All that could be heard where crickets and the sound of bread being chewed.

"Pazu?" Sheeta said softly.

"Yes, Sheeta?" he replied.

"I'd like to ask you something," she stated.

"Anything," Pazu said.

"Well, I was just sort of wondering…well…why?" she asked. There was a short awkward pause.

"Well, what do you mean, 'why'? Why what?" Pazu questioned, not really sure what she meant.

"Well…why did Laputa float away? Why can it just be a historical artifact or something? You waited for so long before you could even see Laputa, and now it's gone forever. Doesn't that upset you, just a little bit?"

Pazu thought before speaking. "Laputa's time was fulfilled. It used to be a great kingdom, but once the people in it realized how corrupt they were becoming they left. And now Muska and any other bad men can't get it. I'm not really upset about it.

He paused again. "Well, I guess in a way it does upset me a little bit. But I was doing this for my father; all he wanted was to prove that Laputa was real. Now I have that proof, and that's all that matters."

Sheeta was silent for a while. Pazu was thoughtful.

"I suppose it should matter more to you than to me," Pazu said. "I mean, that was the kingdom of your ancestors, so I understand why that might hurt you a little." Pazu paused again. "And Laputa was a beautiful place. I suppose it's a shame for all that beauty to go to waste."

There was another long, awkward pause that seemed to last forever.

"Pazu, I have another question," Sheeta said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Sure. What is it?" Pazu replied.

"Well, I was sort of wondering….why?" she asked.

Pazu hesitated. "Sheeta, that's the same thing you just asked."

"No, I mean…well…" Sheeta stumbled, not sure how to say what she was saying. "Why do you care?"

Pazu wasn't sure what she meant. "Huh?"

"Well, I just sort of fell out of the sky, and you took care of me and fed me and stood by me when you didn't have to. And you almost got yourself killed just to save me from Muska. Why'd you do that for me?"

Puza thought long and hard. "I guess I just care about you that way."

"But…why?" Sheeta asked, not really getting the answer she wanted.

Pazu thought over what she said again. " I'm not sure. You know, sometimes you can't always ask why. Sometimes why is a question with no answer."

Sheeta seemed to think this over for a long time. After a while, she said "How do you care about me, Pazu?"

Pazu thought for a moment. He remembered he'd said 'I guess I just care about you that way.' and he figured she was asking about that.

"Well…" he said. Slowly, he went over and kissed Sheeta lightly on the cheek. "That's how."

Sheeta blushed lightly. Pazu smiled widely.

Soon they turned out the lamps and went to bed, and Sheeta had one burning question. But this time it was slightly different.

She wanted to know was why she enjoyed it so much.

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