A Maid in the Devil's Manor Part 4

Severus arrived at the Ministry precisely at eight, dressed in his familiar severity. The Aurors at the door asked him his purpose for visiting the Ministry this morning.

"New Potion Registration," Severus replied.

The Aurors let him pass. He walked down the hall past the open door of the Magical Licensing office, where Lucius Malfoy sat, glancing over some paperwork. The wizards did not see each other. Severus stopped at the Registration counter a short distance from Lucius' office.

A bored looking clerk chewing gum, looked up at him from her desk. She sighed, stood up and walked over to the counter, looked at Severus and said in a flat, practiced voice, "Welcome to the Ministry of Magic's Spells and Potions Registration Desk. Please take a form, fill out the creator or creators name and contact information, the actual name, secondary name and purpose of the spell or potion, return the completed form to this desk and take a seat. You will be seen shortly by the next available Ministry agent to arrange a date and time for a demonstration of said spell or potion. Thank you."

Severus took a form and a clipboard and sat at one of the desks lining the walls of the waiting rooms. He read over the short form and filled it out.

Creator(s) Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

Address: Snape Manor, Sargassa Moors

Contact: Same as Above, Owl Post Preferred

Registration Type: Potion, Elixir

Actual Name: Sarracenia Elixir

Secondary Name: Killing Curse Deterrent

Purpose: Stops the Avada Kedavra Curse

Status: Completed

Severus read over the form once more, and satisfied returned it to the clerk. She skimmed over it, and then her eyes widened. She looked up at Severus, then back down at the form, then at Severus again with a measuring look.

"Are you serious?" she asked him. "We get claims like this several times a year. The demonstrations always go badly."

Severus scowled at her.

"Madam, I assure you the potion does what I say it does," he said tightly.

"Very well," the clerk said. She walked over to her desk, opened a drawer and took out another paper. She brought it over to the Potions Master and slid it across the counter with a quill.

"You have to sign this form in front of me, freeing the Ministry of all responsibility in the case of disfigurement or death in relation to your demonstration. I assume you will be the test subject?"

"Yes," Severus said, signing the form. The clerk reached under the counter and retrieved a rubber stamp. She pressed it to the form, certifying it, then signed her own name. She then looked up at Severus.

"To demonstrate a potion of this particular type, it must be successful three times out of three demonstrations. Of course, if you fail even one time, that's it, isn't it?" she said, popping her gum and giving him a lopsided smile. Severus didn't answer her.

The clerk then duplicated both documents, stamped Severus' copies and said. "A Ministry certified copy of your registration suitable for framing will be owled to you within two to three weeks. Please take a seat and wait for the next available Ministry agent."

Severus returned to the waiting area and took a seat in the first row of chairs, stretching out his legs to wait. He wondered in what part of the building Hermione was, and when she would be brought out for the hearing. It was now twenty after eight. Hearings began at nine. Hopefully he would be through here in time to attend Hermione's hearing and speak in her defense.

Lucius Malfoy exited his office and walked to the registration counter to speak to the clerk, who was in the back office with Severus registration form. Severus' eyes narrowed as he watched the wizard approach the counter. Lucius was scanning a paper in his hand and didn't see the Potions Master sitting there.

The blonde wizard walked up to the counter, didn't see the clerk and scowled. He was a busy wizard, and couldn't stand around waiting on lowly clerks. He had work to do. He leaned on the counter and his gray eyes swept across the waiting room, fell on Severus and hardened. He smiled at the Potions Master unpleasantly.

"Severus, what brings you up out of the dungeons?" Lucius said, his eyes glittering with dislike.

Severus looked at Lucius evenly.

"I am here to register a potion created by Miss Granger and myself," he replied, knowing the mention of Hermione's name would instantly irritate the wizard. It did. He frowned.

"Ah, Miss Granger. Our current jailbird," Lucius drawled. Severus stiffened at this appellation. "Cast an Unforgivable, on a niffler I hear. Stupid thing to go to Azkaban for," he said chuckling.

"I assure you, Malfoy, that Hermione will no more see the inside of Azkaban than you did," Severus replied. "Her casting of the Unforgivable was during an experiment."

"Ah, the mysterious project you and she were purported to be working on," Lucius replied, "well you will need proof that such a project existed in order to validate the casting of the spell."

"Actually, that's why I am here, Lucius. The project was completed successfully. I have just registered the potion we developed. I am waiting to arrange a demonstration date and time. Afterwards, the potion will be licensed for distribution," said Severus.

"Ah, that means it will have to get by me," Lucius said, an unpleasant smile playing around his sensuous lips.

"I have a feeling, Lucius, that after the successful demonstration of this particular potion, you will have no choice but to license it as soon as possible. Every eye in the wizarding world will be on you concerning this," Severus said, his black eyes full of amusement. "Any hesitation on your part will bring you nothing but grief, I assure you."

"Really? This must be quite a potion," Lucius said, curious.

"It is, Lucius. It is," the Potions Master said and fell silent.

Lucius wondered what kind of potion Hermione and Severus created. Both were acknowledged as geniuses in their chosen fields. He lifted the countertop and walked through to the back. He saw the clerk.

"Abby, where is the registration paperwork for the wizard in the waiting room?" he asked the clerk, who colored when she saw the handsome wizard. She had a thing for Lucius Malfoy. Most of the witches in the Ministry did. His cold gray eyes flicked over her. Lucky for Abby, she was not his preferred type. He would consider indulging himself with a witch like Abby, slumming.

"Right here sir," she gushed, rushing up to him with Severus' paperwork. "I was just giving it to an agent. Looks like another crazy potion claim."

She handed the paperwork to Lucius, who read it over, his gray eyes widening. This couldn't be so. His eyes flicked to the clerk.

"Abby, I will handle arranging this demonstration personally. Please go out front and send Lord Snape to my office," he said, walking to his office by the back route.

"Yes sir," she called after the departing wizard. She sighed. He was so gorgeous. Who cared if he were married? Abby pushed her favorite fantasy about shagging Lucius on her desk out of her mind and walked back to the front. She walked to the counter and addressed the dark wizard sitting in the waiting room, scowling.

"Lord Malfoy will be handling your demonstration arrangements, Lord Snape. Please go to his office. It is the third door on your right. It should be open," Abby said pointing to the right.

Severus rose, walked down the hall and appeared in Lucius' doorway. Lucius was seated at his desk, looking at Severus' registration. He looked up and saw Severus standing there.

"Come in, Severus and take a seat," he said.

Severus entered the room and looked around. There were a lot of books, but he knew Lucius barely read. He had other, more twisted pursuits he indulged in. Lucius looked up at him.

"We get claims for potions like this several times a year. They never work and the demonstrators all die. Can it be that I will at last see you off to hell where you belong, Severus?" Lucius sneered at him.

"I am sure, Lucius that if I end up in hell, we most certainly will be neighbors," Severus replied smoothly, "Now I did not come here to chit-chat with you, Lucius. Give me my date and time so I may go. I don't want to be in your presence any longer than necessary."

"Same here, Traitor," Lucius snarled at him, "and to hasten your demise, I am setting your demonstration for today at three o'clock. Is that enough time to get your affairs in order?" he grinned at the Potions Master, not expecting him to be prepared for such a quick appointment.

"Three o'clock will be fine," Severus replied, rising and taking the appointment slip from Lucius' hand. He turned to leave.

"Oh, and Severus…I will be the one casting the curse at you. I can't wait to see you die," he said in a low voice. Severus raised one eyebrow at him.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to, Lucius. The potion works," he said.

"We'll see, dead man," Lucius said. Severus left.

The Aurors came for Hermione at a quarter after nine. Her hands were bound before her, and she was walked through the halls in full view of Ministry officials and visitors. Kingsley was there, and scowled. She should have been taken to the hearing by the back corridor. The Ministry was doing its best to make her feel like a criminal.

As she approached the hearing room, there was the pop of a flash bulb. Bozo Baggins got a clean shot of the bound, prison-garbed witch for the afternoon edition of the Prophet. His photo last night made the front page. This one would too.

A slew of news-wizards, held back by a line of Aurors shouted questions at Hermione, which she ignored. Severus walked up just as she was about to turn into the hearing room. Hermione looked up and saw him. Her amber eyes filled with tears. Severus' black eyes met hers and softened noticeably. He held up the registration papers and pointed to them, then gave her a smile. One of his real ones. His mother's smile. Hermione sniffed and smiled at him through her tears before she disappeared into the hearing room.

Tonks was on the boardroom door this morning, scowling at how they had bound Hermione and walked her to the hearing room in full view of the public. The bastards. Severus walked up to her.

"I need to get in there, Tonks," he said to her softly.

The Auror nodded and let him pass. He sat down at the back of the same boardroom that Hermione first confronted the board. A news-wizard sat next to him with an open notepad and quill in his hand. He glanced at the dark wizard, then returned his gaze to the front of the room. The same table was there, and the same twelve members of the board, as well as Minister Figglesworth.

They all wore triumphant looks on their faces when the bound, uniformed Hermione entered the boardroom, and sat in the same wooden chair, this time flanked by Aurors. The doors were closed.

"What are the charges?" Minister Figglesworth said, his eyes on the witch, who was seated and looking at the floor. She wasn't so cocky now, was she?

The Auror on the right of Hermione answered.

"She is charged with casting an Unforgivable, the Killing Curse, sir," the Auror said.

The Minister clucked his tongue.

"Miss Granger, casting an Unforgivable is instant time in Azkaban. Do you have a defense?" he asked her, looking down at a paper in front of him. "According to the arresting Auror, your wand was found to have cast the curse on…a niffler?"

The Minister looked flustered. "Is this correct?" he asked the clerk recording the hearing, who sat in the far left corner.

"Yes, sir. A niffler," she said, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head.

The Minister looked at Hermione.

"Miss Granger, would you care to explain why you killed a niffler with an Unforgivable?" he asked her.

Hermione looked at him. "It was an experiment," she said shortly, remembering what Tonks said. She looked over her shoulder and saw Severus. Good.

"Ah, I'm assuming you have proof of this? In the case of private research, an Unforgivable may be cast. But you must have proof of this project. You refused to tell us the nature of your project last time you were in our presence. Will you reveal it to us now? Or face Azkaban?" he asked her.

Lucius watched her carefully.

"I will reveal it. I was working on a deterrent for the Killing Curse," Hermione said.

At this admission laughter broke out in the boardroom. The news-wizard bolted from the boardroom.

"A deterrent for the Killing Curse? Miss Granger, that has been the dream of wizards and witches for centuries. There is no way to stop the Avada Kedavra curse," he half chuckled at her.

Severus rose and approached the front.

"I wonder if I may speak?" he said, addressing the Minister, who started.

"Ah, Lord Snape. You may approach," the Minister said, motioning for the wizard to advance. Severus walked up and stood just behind Hermione. He held up his registration.

"This morning I registered a potion under Miss Granger's name and my own, called the Sarracenia Elixir or the Killing Curse Deterrent. It is scheduled to be demonstrated this afternoon at three o'clock," he said.

The Minister motioned for the papers Severus held in his hand. Severus handed them to the Auror on Hermione's left, and the officer walked up to the table and passed the parchments to the Minister, who scanned them. He looked up at Severus.

"It says here, the potion is completed," Figglesworth said.

Severus nodded, "It is sir. Last night, Miss Granger cast the Killing Curse on my person. That was the signature that the Ministry detected. As you see, I am still here. The potion works."

The board members began to murmur among themselves loudly at Severus' claim to have survived the Killing Curse. The Minister frowned at him.

"You mean to stand here and tell me that you and Miss Granger have developed a potion that stops the Avada Kedavra curse, when hundreds if not thousands of witches and wizards before you have tried and failed?" he said in a disbelieving voice.

"Yes I do," Severus answered coolly.

The Minister conferred with a board member sitting on his right for a moment, then looked at Severus with narrowed eyes.

"Do you have the research for this so-called discovery?" the Minister asked him, his eyes hooded.

Severus smirked. "Our research is currently in the possession of my solicitor, Soledad Crummins. He is in the process of patenting the formula as we speak. Of course, you are free to petition him for the research. I am sure he will oblige you as soon as he's completed assigning the rights," Severus said smoothly.

The Minister's look grew black.

"You have yet to prove this deterrent works," the Minister growled, "and I would like proof that experiments actually occurred. I must insist our Aurors investigate your labs," the Minister said, grasping at straws. The research was beyond the Ministry's reach, but there might be something at the lab they could claim.

"You may send the Aurors to my Manor immediately after giving me the proper paperwork describing their purpose and limitations. My house elves have instructions to grant them access to the labs. I insist however, they be restricted to the lab areas only. That was where the work occured," Severus replied.

The Minister again conferred with the board member on his right. Hermione glanced back at the Potions Master, who nodded at her somberly, while his eyes glinted at her hotly. She felt a little tug in her belly at his look. Even in the hearing, he was thinking of their upcoming "settling of personal issues." He was incorrigible.

The Minister motioned for the Auror on Hermione's left to approach, whispered something to him, and handed him Severus' registration papers. The Auror returned the papers to Severus and exited the boardroom.

The Minister clasped his hands together and rested them on the table. He looked at Severus and Hermione.

"Because of the claims of the Unforgivable being cast during private research, the board has decided to refrain from judgment on Miss Granger's charge until after the demonstration this afternoon. Until then, Miss Granger will remain in Ministry custody. We are dismissed until three pm. We will reconvene in the Ministry amphitheater at that time, where we will observe the demonstration."

A gavel was banged and the board members rose and left the boardroom through a back entrance. The Auror helped Hermione to her feet. She turned and Severus stood there. The Potions Master looked at the Auror, who was also a member of the Order.

"May I have a quick word with Miss Granger?" Severus asked him.

The Auror looked around, then nodded, walking to the door and standing there to give them some privacy.

The Potions Master looked down at her bound hands.

"I'm so sorry, Hermione," he said softly.

She looked up at him. She could see he was miserable about her situation.

"Don't worry Severus, it will only be a couple more hours," she said.

"Yes, then I will bring you home, and make you forget about all of this," he said, heat in his voice and eyes. "I'll be all you'll know or need, Hermione."

He was looking at her so intensely, Hermione had to drop her eyes. His intensity made her feel a little frightened of returning to the Manor, but also excited. Then she thought of the demonstration.

"I'm in custody…who will cast the curse?" she asked.

"Malfoy," Severus replied, his eyes searching her face. "He is looking forward to it."

"That bastard. I wish we had a ricochet spell so the curse would bounce back on him," Hermione said bitterly.

"No matter. His failure to kill me will eat him up from the inside," Severus said.

The Auror began to approach. Their time was up.

"I will see you this afternoon, Hermione," Severus said. He leaned down and caught her lips in a kiss, savoring them and drawing away slowly.

"I won't be leaving this Ministry without you," he whispered.

The Auror took Hermione's are apologetically. Severus nodded to him.

"Thank you," he said.

"Glad to do it," the Auror replied, "It's not every day you get to do a favor for the greatest witch and wizard in history."

Hermione and Severus looked at each other, then the Auror.

"After you demonstrate that potion, your names will be legends forever." the Auror said, smiling broadly.

He shook Severus' hand, then escorted Hermione through the back exit, discretely loosening her bonds as they walked.

Severus turned and exited the boardroom. He had to get back to the Manor and prepare for this afternoon's demonstration.

Once outside the Ministry, Severus walked by a newspaper stand and saw the photo of Hermione walking toward the Ministry flanked by the Aurors on the front page of the morning edition of the Daily Prophet. He paused but didn't stop. The newspaper would be at his Manor. He could read it later. He had other things to do. He apparated.

He reappeared just inside the door of the Manor. He could see the wall was open to the lab areas and apparated down to the lower levels.

Reappearing in the hall with a crack of thunder, Severus walked to the main lab. Eli was in there, leaning against a counter, his little arms crossed, grinning slightly as perplexed Aurors searched the pristine labs, trying to find some evidence of the work that went on there. One Auror had the cage of nifflers, who were chattering and very interested in the goings-on. An Auror walked up to Severus.

"We can't find any evidence of a project here," the Auror stated.

Severus pointed at the cage of nifflers. "You have the lab animals," he said shortly. "When Miss Granger was taken into custody, she was experimenting on those creatures. As you can see, we have several of them. They wouldn't be here if they weren't being utilized."

"Yes, but…there should be other evidence," the Auror said, looking around the lab.

"We run a clean ship," Severus replied, "Once the project was completed, the labs were cleaned for our next project. There was no way of us knowing the Ministry would be gracing us with a visit."

The Auror looked at Severus. He knew they had been duped and all of the work that could have been claimed by the Ministry had been destroyed. But there was no proof of this. They could only take the nifflers, who looked to be untouched.

"What about that room of plants in there?" he asked Severus. He was referring to the Ecolab. That is Miss Granger's Ecolab. A swamp environment she was studying," Severus said.

"Did it have anything to do with the project?" the Auror asked Severus.

The Potions Master looked at him evenly.

"Isn't it your job to figure that out?" he said, "There's nothing in that room but plants, small animals and bugs. You are welcome to take what you like from there if you think it will help you."

The Auror frowned at the Potions Master. He didn't feel like listening to his Aurors complain about catching bugs and frogs, or digging in the mud for plants. They had the nifflers. The Ministry would have to take that. The labs were clean. There was nothing they could claim.

Turning from the Potions Master, the Auror summoned his co-workers and told them the search was over. They all piled into the lift, nifflers included and after ascending to the main floor, left the Manor and disapparated back to the Ministry.

Eli handed Severus the paperwork the Aurors had given him when they arrived. Severus looked at it and put it in his robes pocket.

"How is the Miss," Eli asked, his ears slightly flattened.

"The Miss is fine. I will be bringing her home tonight," Severus said to the elf. "And I need you to make us a fine dinner on the veranda. Something special. Something that is conducive to the…in-outie,"

Eli's ears went straight up at this command from his Master. The elf blinked up at him.

"You means sir…" the elf said in a soft squeaky voice.

Severus nodded at the elf, which began dancing about with joy at his Master's coup with the Miss.

"Don't worry Master. Eli and the other will make all beautiful for the in-outie! Miss will be pleased. Master will be pleased. House elves will be very pleased!," Eli said, still hopping about in elfin glee.

"All right, Eli," Severus said, "but no enhancing of emotions, or other manipulations of our persons. I am quite sure we will not need 'help'."

Eli smiled at the Potions Master.

"No sir. We knows our Master needs no help with the in-outie. Our Master has waited long for the real in-outie, not the usual. It will be good for Master. He will come back to himself with the Miss. He will keep the Miss, " the elf said sagely, his wide eyes meeting Severus' directly.

Severus looked down at the elf, surprised at his statement. But he didn't question him.

"I am leaving it to you, Eli. Be prepared for our return this evening. She will be tired, so have a bath prepared as well. Make it nice for her." Severus said, apparating to his Potions Lab.

Eli rubbed his little hands together. He and the other elves would do their best to make the atmosphere perfect.

Severus removed two bottles of elixir from their hiding place, and wrapped them securely in velvet before depositing them in his robes pocket. One for the demonstration, and one to be left with the Ministry to keep with the paperwork. It would make no difference if they tested the elixir or not. By this time Soledad would have assigned the rights to Hermione and himself.

It was after eleven now. Severus departed his Potions Lab, resealing the door and warding it, then headed down to his study. He would relax, take a short nap and prepare himself mentally for the task ahead. He had no doubt that Malfoy was on pins and needles waiting for this afternoon's event. The blonde wizard had dreamed of exacting revenge on Severus, and now it appeared he would be able to do it legally and in full view of the public. He was probably hard as a rock with anticipation.

Severus fixed himself a cognac and sat down in the armchair facing the fireplace. He took a sip of the drink and immediately thought of Hermione the night she wanted to "tie one on" and told him how she wanted to hire a male prostitute to take care of her needs. Severus' dark eyes glowed with desire. After him, she wouldn't think of such a thing again, he'd make sure of it. He fully intended to make the witch fall in love with him tonight if he could. He would be thorough, meet her every need real and imagined. He didn't know how many lovers she'd had, or how good they were to her, but he wanted to leave no doubt in her mind that he was the best lover she had ever experienced. He knew what pleased women. The very things he longed to do to Hermione. He sipped his brandy, feeling himself tightening at the thought of the witch in his arms, lost to pleasure, saying his name over and over. That was what he wanted. That was what he would have tonight.

Severus finished his brandy, set the glass down and rested his head against the back of the armchair. In a minute or two, he was asleep.

Hermione had been returned to her room. Tonks brought her another ham sandwich and a glass of cold pumpkin juice. She told her that news of the demonstration had spread and there was a crowd outside clamoring to get it to witness it. So the Ministry was going to open a few seats to the public.

"But, they are hoping that the demonstration goes badly," Tonks said, "Otherwise they will have to admit they drove the best Spells Mistress in the history of the Ministry away. And Severus, my gods…they already owe him big time. If this demonstration goes good, they will go down in history as the administration that tormented, abused and defamed one of the greatest wizards in wizarding history. They aren't interested in ending the killing curse. They are interested in covering their own asses. Gits."

Hermione listened to Tonks as she ate her sandwich. A public demonstration. Her belly went tight as she thought of Severus in the middle of the amphitheater, with the majority of the audience hoping that the curse would kill him. But then, she knew that when he survived, he would receive the accolades and respect he deserved. And later on, something else he deserved. She blushed furiously. Hermione was no shrinking violet when it came to sex. She had a healthy appetite, and was quite physically expressive and explorative, just as she was with everything else. But the Potions Master's intensity was something that she'd never experienced with another wizard. Yes, the desire would be there, the hunger to mate, but with Severus there seemed to be a deeper promise. He wasn't like her other lovers, who wouldn't hesitate to act on her desire for sex. Severus had waited. She knew he wanted her, but he waited because he wanted her to be focused on him as someone desirable, not as a release. No other man had shown so much restraint. She knew tonight would be special. They just had to get through this demonstration.

After about half an hour, Tonks left Hermione. She was on crowd control for this afternoon's demonstration and had to be briefed. Kingsley was sent to St. Mungo's to escort several healers back. They would be on stand-by in case anything went wrong. But actually, if anything went wrong, a coroner would be more effective.

Hermione tried to nap, but her stomach was bothering her. She always got nerves before important events. Although Severus would be out there having the curse cast on him by that bastard Malfoy, she would be in the path of the blast as much as he. One thing she felt good about, was that her blast had been extended, whereas Malfoy would probably just blast him. The curse killed instantly. Sustained blasts weren't necessary. The elixir showed itself able to protect the user from repeated blasts for up to an hour, before it needed to be taken again. She was sure the demonstration would not last longer than that.

The minutes ticked by slowly, and Hermione sank into a kind of light doze. Suddenly the door was opened and an Auror came in.

"Time for the demonstration, Miss Granger" he said. Hermione rose, walked up to the Auror and stuck out her wrists to be bound. The Auror shook his head.

"I'm not about to walk in that demonstration having bound the witch that found a way to stop the Killing curse," the Auror said, taking her by the arm, "It's bad enough they won't let me give you your clothes. Let's go, Miss Granger. Destiny awaits."

Hermione gave him a small smile. She knew he too, was an Order member. She wondered how many of the Ministry's Auror's were members of the Light. Policy stated they couldn't be part of any other organization, but many Auror's joined secretly, tired of the Ministry's politics-based decisions when it came to the protection of the wizarding world.

Hermione was taken down a series of back corridors to the amphitheater, which was a one-story high oval with tiers enclosing an arena. The room had to have been magically enlarged and was filled to capacity with murmuring Ministry officials, news-wizards and ordinary witches and wizards. The board itself sat in an enclosed booth at ground level, the Minister of Magic having a higher seat than the others.

Hermione was escorted to a seat in a roped off area, and was the only occupant besides the Auror. She looked around. She saw Albus, Minerva and Madam Pomfrey seated just behind the board members. Albus winked at her, and she gave him a wan smile. Seeing the headmaster there in support of her and Severus made her feel a little better. People were pointing at her and whispering. She looked straight ahead. Suddenly a man walked into the arena. The crowd went silent as the wizard put his wand to his throat and invoked the Sonorous charm to increase the volume of his voice.

"Good afternoon board members, officials and guests. Today we are going to witness a demonstration of a potion created by Miss Hermione Granger and Lord Severus Snape. It is known as the Sarracenia Elixir or the Killing Curse Deterrent. It is purported to stop the dreaded Avada Kedavra curse.

At this statement, the crowd began to murmur again. The wizard held up his hand for silence.

"Our demonstrator of the potion is Lord Severus Snape," the wizard said, turning to look at a small door on the right of the arena. It opened and Severus walked out. A few jeers rose from the audience. The Potions Master ignored them as he walked to stand next to the announcer.

"And the wizard who will be casting the curse is our own board member, Lord Lucius Malfoy," the announcer continued. A door on the left of the arena opened, and Lucius Malfoy walked in, holding his wand by his side, waving at the audience.

"What a twit," Hermione breathed, her eyes hard as she watched the blonde wizard cross the arena to the announcer. He stopped next to the announcer and glared at Severus, who returned the favor.

The announcer continued.

"The demonstration will consist of three castings of the Avada Kedavra curse by Lord Malfoy on the person of Lord Snape. After three successful results, the potion will be declared effective and ready for licensing and distribution. In the event the potion fails, Lord Malfoy will not be held responsible for the resulting death of Lord Snape.

The announcer turned to Severus.

"Lord Snape, are you willing to stake your life on the purported ability of the potion you've created? This is your last chance to withdraw from the demonstration," he said to the dark wizard.

"I am willing. The potion works," Severus replied. Lucius gave a delighted and evil smirk at his response. The announcer turned to Lucius.

"Lord Malfoy, are you willing to accept the death of Lord Snape by your hands if the potions is not effective? This is your last chance to withdraw," he said to Lucius.

Lucius' cold gray eyes swept over Severus with undisguised hatred.

"I am most willing to accept the death of Lord Snape at my hands," he replied.

"Very well, gentlemen. Please take your positions. A distance of thirty meters is sufficient. I will give you your instructions and you will follow my directives. Is that clear?"

Both men nodded and walked to their positions. The crowd was silent and watchful as it looked down on the three men in the ring. The announcer walked a good distance away from the two wizards, who faced each other with stony expressions. Lucius' wand hand was twitching.

"Lord Snape, please present your potion," the announcer said.

Severus removed the bottle of elixir from his robe pocket and held it up for the entire crowd to see. There was some slight murmuring, but it soon fell back to silence.

The announcer continued.

"Lord Snape, uncap and consume your potion," he directed.

Severus opened the bottle and tilted it to his lips, drinking the entire contents. He returned the empty bottle to his pocket, and stood there a moment. Then he nodded at the announcer. His black eyes shifted to where Hermione was sitting. The witch was wide-eyed and leaning forward in her seat. He looked back at Malfoy, who was almost shuddering with his desire to cast the curse.

The announcer took another few steps back and said, "Lord Malfoy, cast the first curse."

Lucius raised his wand at Severus, hatred dancing in his gray eyes.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouted, throwing his wand are forward and sending a blast of deadly green light towards Severus. The crowd started screaming as the blast enveloped the wizard, whipping his robes and hair about. Lucius smiled in satisfaction as Severus slumped slightly and ended the curse, fully expecting the wizard to drop to the ground.

He didn't. Silence filled the entire amphitheater.

Severus lifted his head, and looked directly at Malfoy, then straightened to his full height.

"That's one," he said, looking at the wizard.

The crowd went wild. Hermione exhaled a breath she didn't know she was holding. The announcer called for silence. It was several minutes before the crowd calmed down.

Lucius was red-faced and trembling with rage. This couldn't be. He'd get him this time.

The announcer asked Severus if he were ready. The Potions Master nodded, his eyes never leaving Lucius' furious face.

"Lord Malfoy, cast the second curse," the announcer directed.

Lucius flung his wand arm forward viciously.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" he screamed, sending another bolt of green light to surround the Potions Master. He held it longer this time. Severus stood in the blast and his knees buckled. Lucius released the spell, panting this time…waiting for Severus to go down.

The Potions Master wavered a bit, then straightened with an effort. Again, he looked at Lucius as spectators rose out of their seats, cheering and stomping.

"That's two, Lucius," he said, giving the wizard a slight grin. His blasts were nothing compared to Hermione's.

Lucius turned purple with rage. The Potions Master was not dead yet. Damn him! The blonde wizard summoned up all the hatred in his black soul for the next casting. The man had to die.

The announcer looked at Severus.

"Are you ready for the final casting, Lord Snape?" he asked.

Severus nodded, bracing himself.

"Lord Malfoy, please cast the last and final curse," the announcer said.

Lucius stepped forward and flung his wand up at the hated wizard standing in front of him.

"AVADA KEDAVRAAAAA!" he roared, flinging the stream of light at Severus with all the hatred he could muster. The light enfolded the Potions Master, who was whipped about by the force of the curse. Lucius held it for almost a minute, perspiration streaming down his snarling face. Severus fell to his hands and knees. Gasping, Lucius ended the curse.

Severus' arms and legs were shaking as if they were about to give out. His hair hung in a curtain around his face. The crowd was completely silent as they watched the wizard, waiting for him to finally collapse.

Hermione was standing up now.

"Get up, Severus!" she cried, "Get up!"

The Potions Master turned his head to look at her, panting heavily. In the stands Albus Dumbledore stood up.

"Yes, Severus, get up!" he shouted across the arena. Minerva joined him, also calling on the Potions Master to rise. Pomfrey joined them. Slowly the entire audience started to pick up the chant.

"Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!" they chanted at the Potions Master, cheering him on.

Severus listened to the people cheering for him in amazement. He managed to get a leg up and push off the ground. The chanting was almost deafening now as the audience stomped in time to the chant. Only the Ministry board and officials remained seated.

Slowly Severus rose and stood to his full height, panting but erect. The crowd broke out in a great roar of approval. Aurors appeared in the arena, punctuated by thunder.

Severus looked at the enraged Lucius.

"And that's three, Lucius. The curse is beaten," he said.

"NOOOO!" screamed Lucius, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

He shot another stream of green light at Severus as the crowd gasped in horror. It hit the Potions Master, but only for a split second. The Aurors took Malfoy down immediately with several stunners. The Potions Master buckled a little, but survived the final blast fine.

The announcer spoke.

"Lord Severus Snape has successfully demonstrated the properties of the Sarracenia Elixir or Killing Curse Deterrent. It has been proven effective and will be added to the registry of Spells and Potions. Congratulations Lord Snape, you and Miss Granger have made history today, and the entire wizarding world is in your debt."

The crowd went wild as members of the audience broke from the stands and flowed over the arena toward Severus, shouting and screaming his name. The Aurors surrounded him, holding the crowd back until they could apparate him to a safe room in the Ministry. The Aurors all shook his hand enthusiastically. He felt like his arm was about to fall off by the time they finished with him. His discovery was going to cut their losses immensely. Many Aurors were killed by the Killing curse. Now they had a better chance of capturing rogue Death Eaters, thanks to him.

"Where is Miss Granger," he asked one beaming Auror.

"She's back in processing. The board dismissed the charges immediately. She ought to be out in a few minutes. We'll bring her to you as soon as she's ready to go, sir."

Severus sunk down into the single folding chair the room, as Aurors continued to enter and leave the room, thanking him. Suddenly they left. Several members of the Ministry board walked in, their eyes round. Severus sat back in the chair and eyed them.

"Lord Snape, we…we just want to congratulate you on your amazing discovery, and extend our deepest apologies for suspecting you of passing information to the rogue Death Eaters. It was truly an unfortunate misunderstanding. Is there any way we can make this up to you?" a red-faced official said to him.

"No," the Potions Master replied shortly. The board members looked at each other helplessly.

"Ah, Miss Granger's record has been expunged of all charges made against her, and her good standing in the Spells Industry has been restored, " the wizard offered hopefully. "We are willing to offer her job back, with a substantial pay raise and a higher position than she currently occupies."

"As far as I'm concerned, you can all go stuff yourselves!" came a familiar female voice from behind them. The board members turned to see Hermione standing in the doorway, her hands on her hips, scowling at them.

"I wouldn't work for this bigoted, narrow-minded, discriminatory institution again if you offered me a million galleons a year!" she spat, walking through the group of wizards and taking Severus by the arm.

"Come on, Severus, let's get out of this madhouse," she said to him.

The Potions Master rose and slipped his arm in hers.

"Gentlemen," he said, arching an eyebrow at the silent board members as Hermione continued to scowl at them blackly.

Holding Hermione against him tightly, Severus disapparated.

Severus and Hermione reappeared on the Manor grounds, about one hundred meters from the Manor itself. Severus released Hermione and stood surveying the grounds for a moment. Then he raised his hands and performed an intricate motion. Hermione felt a powerful magical movement stir the surrounding landscape. Severus lowered his hands, and turned to her.

"That should insure our privacy," he said, his eyes sweeping over the witch in front of him, before taking her arm rather possessively and striding toward the Manor.

"What did you do?" Hermione asked the Potions Master.

"I cast an Impeturbable ward around the Manor," Severus said, "No one will be able to come within one hundred meters of my domicile. We are secured until such time as I choose to remove it.

He looked at Hermione.

"I imagine I won't even consider it until well after tomorrow morning," he said, looking down at her intensely. Hermione felt a melting sensation in her lower belly as she met his gaze. Severus smirked knowingly, then asked her

"How do you feel? Did they mistreat you?" his eyes were hard as he asked this. If she had been mistreated in any way, Mr. Apertiff could expect a very unfriendly visit.

"I need a bath, but otherwise, I'm fine. They weren't terribly bad to me," she replied, then her brow furrowed as she looked at him.

"But how do you feel Severus?" she asked, "Malfoy hit you pretty hard that third time. Even I didn't manage to spin you around."

"There is nothing wrong with me that a little pepper-up potion can't help," he said in a silky tone, his eyes glittering at her. "I am in excellent physical shape, as you will soon find out, Hermione."

Hermione felt a pulse run through her at his words.

They walked up the portico and entered the Manor. Severus pulled Hermione tight against his side and apparated with her to her study. He released her.

"A bath is drawn for you, Hermione. I want you to wash the memory of today away. I have new memories for you," he said softly. "Take your time. It is six now. Dinner will be served at eight. I would like you to join me on the veranda at that time."

He pulled Hermione against him, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her tenderly, capturing her lips in the way she was familiar with, closing his eyes and savoring the taste of her, recapturing her lips several times. He still did not invade her mouth, though it was half-open in invitation. But his reaction to kissing her was different this time. Much different. Hermione could feel his hard, lean body shudder slightly against hers, which in turn caused her to begin to tremble…with desire. They quaked against each other as if about to explode as they kissed, and Hermione could feel Severus starting to harden against her. She let out a gasp against his lips as a throbbing heat rose between her thighs.

With a great effort, Severus pulled back from her, his dark eyes full of lust and desire as he held her back by the shoulders. His touch burned, even through the fabric. Severus looked down at Hermione and swallowed reflexively, his Adam's apple working up and down. Finally he turned her and pushed her gently toward her bedroom.

"Go to your bath, Hermione, before we ruin a perfectly planned evening," he said hoarsely.

She looked back at him and hesitated. He motioned for her to go on, and slowly she complied, disappearing into her bedroom. Severus let out a long sigh, looking down at his tented robes, then back toward the bedroom where the witch was undressing. Gods help him make it through dinner. He was aching for her softness, aching to press his lips against her bare skin, aching to taste her thoroughly. She had felt his organ growing hard against her, and her gasp of desire had almost done him in.

Severus stood there several more moments, savoring the desire pulsing through him, tormenting himself as he heard the splash of her entering the tub, naked, willing, wanting him. But all of this was part of the delicious foreplay they had been experiencing for the last two months. Wanting but not having. Touching, but not too much. Relishing the heat between them. Tonight…tonight he would have her, and he meant to have her completely.

Deciding he had teased himself enough with Hermione's proximity, Severus apparated to the upper floors, to see what Eli had prepared for their meal.

Hermione left Severus reluctantly. He had been on the very edge, she knew. But he was a calculating man, and had probably taken great pains to make this night special for her. As tempting as it was, he probably didn't want to take her the first time on her study floor. His restraint had been sorely tested, and Hermione couldn't wait until he broke loose from the chains that bound him. She walked into her bedroom and undressed, still aware Severus was standing in her study. He hadn't left. She could feel his heat as if he were standing right in front of her. For a moment she entertained the wicked thought simply scourgifying herself and walking back out to him, nude and inviting, to see what he would do. Then she looked into the bath, and saw that the tub was lined with candles, and roses floated on the surface of the scented steaming water, laced with luxurious foam, calling to her. She slid into the tub, and her skin tingled deliciously. The elves had added something to the water that made her feel invigorated. She sank down into the warm depths, and picked up a rose. It was unscented. She smiled. The elves had placed the roses there for a visual. They knew the Master did not care for the scent. Instead, the bath was scented with jasmine.

Hermione slowly moved her arms and legs through the water, letting it soothe her muscles. But her skin was so sensitive. She was longing for Severus to smooth his palms across every inch of her. His palms, his long, sensuous fingers, his soft, hungry lips. She shuddered as she thought of his mouth on her body, kissing her, sucking her, and especially licking her. The knotted cherry stem floated up from her memories. Oh, she wanted to feel that talented tongue tie her into knots as well. And she longed to run her lips over that rippled belly he evidenced the day she watched him swim…and longed to trace the pattern of his scars with her fingertips, caressing the raised lines of those alabaster stripes, showing him she felt every part of him was beautiful, and that his sacrifices were not in vain. Most of all, she wanted to feel him thrusting wildly inside her, his cool, controlled composure gone, his restraint broken, his mind lost in passion, his member taking every inch of her. Hermione was a small woman, but a strong and lusty one. She had gone without so long, she wanted it all. And from what she had seen of the Potions Master, he was built to give it to her. She wanted every inch of him.

Hermione ducked herself beneath the water, then rose, feeling the water heavy in her hair. A bottle of shampoo rested on the rim of the tub, she hadn't noticed it there before. The house elves must be in attendance. She opened the bottle, poured some of the thick liquid in her hand and lathered her hair richly, remembering his hands buried in her locks, massaging her scalp, sending pleasure shooting up and down her body by the simple intimacy of the act. Hermione was suddenly aware of warm water being poured over her head. Hermione turned to see a blue green house elf with beautiful brown eyes, smiling down at her, a bowl in her clawed hand.

"I comes to attend you, Miss," she said in a low, soothing barely squeaky voice, pouring more water through Hermione's hair and smoothing it gently with her fingers. She was almost as good as Severus.

"Your hair is beautiful, Miss," the house elf said, "It will bring the Master much pleasure to touch it tonight."

Hermione closed her eyes as the elf continued to rinse her hair. She only half-wondered why she allowed the elf to attend her, as she felt the little creature gently urge her forward, and wash her back tenderly, as if preparing her for sacrifice. But it felt right, so she said nothing as the elf ministered to the difficult places to reach on her body. Finally the bathing stopped. Hermione turned to thank the elf, but she was gone, the washcloth and scented soap left neatly on the edge of the tub. Hermione picked these up and continued her bath, lingering over her thighs, and gently running the cloth over her center, quaking a bit at the sensation, visualizing Severus exploring her. She fought the urge to bring herself to climax. She would be cheating herself, when Severus would surely take her where she needed to go. She rose from the tub, feeling beautiful and desirable. Feeling the hunger for the Potions Master pulling at her center.

Hermione dried herself slowly, wrapping the towel around her body and letting the water out of the tub. She then applied a drying charm to her hair and walked into the bedroom. On the bed lay a simple sleeveless dress of green and silver, and a pair of matching panties, rather sheer. There was no bra. But Hermione's breasts could stand on their own. She slipped the panties on and then the dress. She looked at herself in the mirror. The dress fit her flatteringly, accentuating every curve but not clinging. Hermione felt feminine, but powerful. She looked for the shoes. There were none. She opened the closet. Not a single pair of shoes was in evidence. She smiled. She was supposed to go to him barefoot.

She noticed a green and silver hairclip on the dresser. She was supposed to wear her hair up. She brushed her chestnut locks out until they were softly shining, then inserted the clip. She left two curled strands to hang free on the sides. The smooth curve of her neck looked inviting this way…she could almost feel Severus' lips locked on her throat, and the ache between her legs returned. She took one more look in the mirror, and smiled sexily. She was sure the Potions Master would approve.

Severus apparated to the veranda, to find nothing set up. He bellowed for Eli.

The elf immediately winked in and informed him that by the time he showered and dressed, all would be in order. The elf added that it wouldn't do for the food to sit idle.

"It must be fresh!" Eli exclaimed with quite a stubborn look on his face.

Rather than haggle with the house elf, Severus apparated to his bedroom, brushed his teeth and showered. He dried off, and after consideration, decided not to apply the sandalwood oil. It didn't taste as good as it smelled, and he didn't want to inhibit Hermione in any way. The thought of her lips on his body made his member throb, and he drew in a deep breath to center himself. Despite what he had gone through this afternoon, he didn't feel tired or out of sorts. He felt strong, ready to consume Hermione from head to toe. But he drank the pepper-up potion anyway, to be sure. He walked into his bedroom and found a white button up shirt, black dress pants, green silk boxers and a belt laid out on the bed. He looked at the clothing, then shrugged and put them on. He looked for socks, but there were none. His black house slippers sat on the floor in front of the bed. He put them on, then brushed his silky hair.

Severus looked at himself in the mirror, adjusting his cuffs and trying to decide whether to put his hair in a ponytail or not. He decided he would. If Hermione wanted his hair out, he would accommodate her. He looked at himself in the mirror, and saw a dark desire reflected back at him. He wanted her so badly, he hoped his ardor would not take him beyond her threshold. He was brutal with women he paid for. What would he be like with Hermione when his great passion for her took him over? Would he have to hold back, or would she accept all of him? He would have to find out before he took her what she wanted, what she could take. He didn't want to break her. He wanted to please her, to make her want all of him. To make her want to stay with him.

Severus took one more look at himself in the mirror. The clothes the elves chose accentuated his lean, muscular form. He knew Hermione would appreciate what she saw. He left his bedroom and headed for the veranda. It was a quarter to eight.

Severus stared down at the table in amazement. First, Eli must have decided that he and Hermione sitting across from each other was not proper in-outie protocol, because the dinner table that Severus was looking at was like nothing he had ever seen before.

The elf had made the table triangular, so whatever side they took they would be sitting perpendicular to each other instead of opposite. Then he had placed the chairs close to the apex of the same corner so they were next to each other. And there wasn't a single utensil in sight. Everything on the table was to be eaten by hand. The intent of the meal was obvious by the foods that were present. There was a wide variety ranging from vegetables, meats and fruits.

Eli was as subtle as a herd of charging bicorns. Erection-shaped marinated mushrooms, labia-shaped dried figs, and engorged cockheaded plums screamed in-outie from the innocent platters they rested on. A bowl of peeled bananas sat in white chocolate syrup, ready for dripping, erotic consumption. There were other foods, less conspicuous by shape, but overtly sexual by the way they would be consumed. A single large artichoke sat on a platter in the center of the table, the leaves ready to be plucked and drawn through the teeth to remove the succulent, buttery flesh. Other foods inspired sucking fingers clean, such as the apple slices ready to dip in honey, thin slices of crunchy honey comb, a variety of cubed cheeses dribbled with truffle and/or olive oil, or Lavender honey, and glistening sweet and sour chicken wingettes.

There was also a large variety of delicious finger foods in general, presented as samplers. Eggplant pockets filled with herbed ricotta cheese, tomato & basil tarts, tomato, goat cheese and basil Bites, goat cheese tartlets, crab meat bacon rolls, stuffed eggs, zucchini parmesan slices, chicken croquettes, stuffed avocados, salmon & cucumber bites, and crab fritters

The most phallic presentation on the table was the large bowl of sausages which consisted of large kielbasas, small cocktail franks, medium sized Italian sausages and a few bangers. Looking at them, Severus wondered if Hermione liked sausages. He hoped so. He'd enjoy the suggestiveness of her eating them.

There were a number of libations, ranging from white and red wines to pumpkin juice. As Severus looked down at the sexually inspired dinner, Hermione quietly walked up to the open veranda doors and stood looking at him, her heart pounding so loudly in her chest that she thought he must hear it. Maybe he did, because he looked up and saw her standing there. His black eyes swept her body, glinting approval at the Slytherin colored dress she wore, and the way her hair was swept up and clipped, showing the delicious nape of her neck. His eyes dropped to her small bare feet, and for a moment he thought about sucking her toes. His eyes flickered back to her face, searching her eyes and seeing the excitement there, just beneath the surface. She looked beautiful, almost too beautiful for words.

Hermione's eyes ran over the table.

"I've never seen so much food that said SEX before," she breathed, grinning. "The elves?"

Severus nodded. He walked over to her, and took her gently by the hand. His contact burned, and Hermione's eyes shot to his face, showing him what she felt. He walked her over to the triangular table and pulled out her chair for her. He then seated himself.

"You look beautiful, Hermione…absolutely lovely," he said sincerely, opening up a napkin and laying it on his lap.

"Thank you Severus," Hermione replied, "You look quite nice yourself," she said, eyeing the buttons on his shirt. Those would be the first to go. The Potions Master gave her a small smile.

"Thank you," he replied. He looked at the food, then at Hermione. "Well, let's enjoy our meal."

Hermione looked over the table.

"There's no utensils," she said.

"No. We have to eat with our fingers," Severus replied, admiring her.

Hermione gave him a little wicked grin. Time to go for broke.

"Oh, I love big, fat, juicy kielbasas!" she exclaimed, picking up the largest piece of sausage and wrapping her mouth around it. She planned to drive him crazy.

Severus' bottom lip hung a bit as he watched Hermione slurp the sausage, sucking out the juices much more erotically than necessary. He hardened instantly at her wanton display. So, she was going to be this way again, eh?

"Hermione, are you trying to arouse me?" he asked her.

She pulled the sausage out of her mouth with a pop. Severus stifled a groan.

"Why?" she asked, "Is it working?"

"Yes," he hissed.

"Good," she said, sliding the meat back into her mouth. This time she bit it and actually started chewing.

Severus looked at the table. His black eyes fell on the dried figs, then shifted up to Hermione, who was consuming the sausage and watching him. He reached over and picked up a fig, showing it to her. It did look a little like the lips of a vagina. Hermione's eyes glazed over as he licked the piece of fruit slowly and suggestively, running the tip of his tongue inside the opening, his eyes on her.

"Severus, are you trying to arouse me? Because if you are, it's working," Hermione said in a husky voice, her amber eyes fixed on his mouth as he licked, sucked and nibbled the blatantly sexual fruit. Hermione pressed her thighs together to fight the tingling she felt in her core. She bit her lip, and squirmed in her chair a bit. They were sitting close, so Severus saw her legs tighten, and his nostrils flared as he popped the fig into his mouth and chewed it, his eyes resting on her thighs.

Hermione saw where his eyes rested, and felt herself getting wet. She desperately looked at the table again, and her eyes fell on the peeled bananas resting in the white chocolate syrup. Severus looked up, followed her gaze and saw what she was looking at.

"No," he thought, his tool throbbing terribly, "Not the bananas in syrup, Hermione."

Hermione smirked at him as if reading his mind. She reached over and slowly lifted a banana, letting the syrup drip from the tip of it. Severus watched, swallowing as she dipped the banana back into the syrup, collecting more on the tip. Tilting the banana slightly so as not to drip the syrup on the table, she lifted it high over her face…

Severus was actually shaking his head in negation as she slowly inverted it, lifting her face and catching the drips of white syrup in her mouth. Some got on her lip, and she looked at him, her eyes glowing, and licked the white liquid off her lip with her tongue. Severus' mouth dropped open, then he closed his eyes as his organ gave a powerful throb. His black eyes opened, burning into hers.

"Hermione…if you keep this up, we're not going to make it through dinner," he groaned.

Hermione felt triumphant as she heard his groan of desire. She slid the banana into her mouth, the syrup pooling on her lips as she slid the fruit between them. Severus gripped the table with both hands, leaning toward her impulsively. Hermione bit the banana and licked the syrup from around her mouth with one circular motion of her pink tongue.

Severus stared at her mouth, then said…"Hermione, you make me want to replace that fruit with something else…"

"In a little while, Severus," she answered him, "I think I might want to replace it with something else too…your cock."

It was like an explosion went off in the Potion Master's brain. In a moment he was out of his seat, snatching Hermione up from hers and pulling her to him roughly, pressing his body tight to hers, rubbing hard against her so she felt his arousal, and thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, tasting her for the first time.

For Hermione it was sensory overload. She wrestled back with her tongue, and worked her body against him, moaning with desire as his hands slipped down over her hips, then around to her bum, his fingers gripping her buttocks, pulling her tight against him as he raped her mouth hungrily.

Severus was ready to take Hermione right now. What a minx she was. He had no idea she was such a sexual animal. She had, by her language and her attitude, taken this dinner to another level and quickly. Severus pulled away from her mouth, his eyes blazing down into her desire-filled orbs. As far as she was concerned he could shag her on top of the damned food.

"Hermione, tell me, can you take a good, hard shagging? I mean hard," he asked her, panting heavily as he continued to press himself against her. "I need to know how to treat you," he breathed. "I need to know what you like. Tell me."

"I like…everything," she said, her knees threatening to give out. Severus searched her face desperately when she gave that answer. There was no hesitation. No fear. No second thoughts. All he could see was her desire for him.

"Then that's what you'll get, my little minx," he growled, apparating with her to the lower levels

Severus and Hermione appeared in the hall leading to her bedroom, mouths locked and wrapped tightly around each other. Severus had lifted her up to make her level with him as he kissed her passionately, his tongue exploring every hot inch of her sweet mouth. He hadn't kissed a woman like this in a long time, and was losing himself in the pleasure of it. Hermione had her arms wrapped around the Potions Master's next like twin boa constrictors, her head cocking right to left and back as she opened her mouth to him, granting him access while getting her own, swept away by his sudden, uncontrollable burst of passion. His mouth was hot, demanding, hungry as he claimed her, snaking his limber muscle in and out of her mouth, swirling it around the roof of it, and capturing her tongue over and over. Hermione rubbed her body against his as best she could, loving the feel of his muscular chest beneath his shirt, and the hardness of his member, still restrained in his pants, rubbing against her lower belly.

Severus broke the kiss, his black eyes alight with hunger as he looked at her face. Hermione's lips were swollen from the ardor of his kiss, and parted as she gasped with arousal, her amber eyes meeting his, the look of need unmistakable. Severus' belly twisted at her look as she continued to work her body against his wantonly. Hermione's eyes widened slightly, her pupils dilated with lust.

"Do me, Severus. I need you inside me so badly," the witch groaned, "you've teased me for months. I want you now."

Severus groaned with her. What dirty words were coming out of that pretty little mouth.

"I will Hermione, but not yet. There's things I want to do to you first, sweet, do to your body," he whispered, "and things I want you to do to me, if you're willing."

"I'll do anything," Hermione breathed, lost to the empty ache throbbing between her thighs. She locked her lips to his throat, sucking it and running her tongue over the pulsing artery. He growled at the sensation of her warm mouth sliding on his neck as he turned and carried her to her bedroom.

The elves had filled Hermione's room with candles, and the warm light bathed the panting couple as they stumbled in. With some effort, Severus pulled the clinging witch from him. The moment Hermione hit the floor, her fingers went to the buttons of Severus' shirt. She was breathing heavily, her eyes locked to the buttons she was undoing, licking her lips as more and more of his pale, muscular chest was revealed. Severus stood there, watching her undress him, drinking in her desire like fine wine. It had been so long since a woman wanted him like this. And Hermione was just not any woman. She was arguably the most brilliant witch in the wizarding world. And she wanted him. Him alone.

He caught his breath as Hermione roughly jerked his shirttails out of his pants and spread his shirt wide, locking her mouth to his chest and covering it with kisses. His leaned his head back, and one hand rested lightly on the back of her head as her lips pressed against his skin, leaving wet trails of fire behind them as her tongue traced his musculature. He jerked as she latched on to a nipple, sucking gently as her soft hands slid up his back. He could feel her tracing his scars with her fingertips, before sliding her palms over his shoulders and down to the small of his back, as her mouth moved against him, over the ridges of his abdomen.

He couldn't remember the last time a woman gave him attention in this way. He looked down at the small witch kissing his body, and a guttural groan issued from deep within him. Hermione's amber eyes looked up at him. She pulled back slightly.

"You like my mouth on you, Severus?" she asked him.

"Oh, yes Hermione," he said in a low voice, caressing her hair.

"If you like my mouth on your belly, then you are going to love this…" she said, unbuckling his belt.

Severus almost started to hyperventilate as he watched Hermione open his pants and lower them. She pressed her hand against his erection through his silk boxers, and caressed it, looking up at him to see his reaction. He was breathing quickly, his dark eyes pleading with her to continue.

"Touch me, Hermione," he breathed, unable to help himself from telling her what he wanted. "Wrap that hot little hand around me. Feel how ready I am for you…"

"You want me to touch you, Severus?" she replied, her voice low and husky, teasing him, rubbing her hand on his lower belly.

"I want you to more than touch it," he groaned. She smiled at him then, a dirty little smile that made a jolt of desire shoot down his spine and into his enormous erection. Hermione was naughty, and loved being that way, he could tell. He pushed his hips forward, and Hermione slid her hand beneath the waistband of his boxers and grasped his pulsing erection firmly in her small, soft, warm hand. Severus hissed with pleasure.

"You're so big, Severus. You're huge," she said appreciatively, her eyes darkening with lust.

"Gods, Hermione…more. Please," he breathed, looking down at her hand buried in his shorts. He wanted to feel her hot mouth wrap around him. He wanted her to want to do it.

Hermione loved the control she had over her soon-to-be lover. He was putty in her hands. Who would have known that the man who gave her so much grief, would one day be begging her to touch him, to do delicious, intimate things to him. She lowered his boxers and pulled him free, working her hand up and down the hot, thick shaft. Severus looked as if he would pass out from the pleasure of her stroking his organ, milking him gently. He put both hands on her head for support, but before he knew it, he was pushing her head down. He heard her chuckle as she allowed him to do it. She slowly dropped to her knees before him.

"We've come a long way, Professor," she said throatily. Then he felt her hot, wet mouth close over him.

The use of his title made little bolts of desire shoot through him. She was reminding him she had been his student. Something about that made him shudder deliciously. Every male teacher's fantasy perhaps? Severus had never thought of Hermione in such a way when she attended Hogwarts…but now his mind was full of lusty images of what could have been as she swallowed him. No. The images showed her as she was now, not then as a younger woman. It was the mature Hermione who moved him to lust.

"Merlin," he breathed as Hermione sucked him hard, then ran her tongue around the fluting of the red swollen tip. Severus jerked in her mouth, then pushed forward into her wetness. She pulled back, and his tool came out of her mouth with an audible pop. He groaned as she licked him from the head, down to the base, her hot tongue slipping over and under the shaft, not missing any of it. Then she took his scrotum into her mouth, and his hands tightened in her hair.

She released him and ran her lips up his shaft and kissed the head of his organ before looking up into his dark, hungry eyes.

"Do you want me to make you come, Severus?" she asked him.

"Yes," he said in a strangled voice, "make me come, Hermione."

She returned her mouth to him, slipping her lips over his length, her hands resting on his thighs. She sucked him gently at first, sliding his hardness over her tongue and to the back of her throat, jerking her head slightly, then applying more suction as she eased back over his shaft, hooking her mouth on the flange of the head, looping her tongue around it, then nibbling with her teeth. Severus was trembling with pleasure, his belly tightening as she repeated her ministrations over and over, drawing him closer to releasing, her mouth working its own magic on him, his pale fingers tangled in her soft, jasmine scented hair.


He gasped her name passionately as she brought him quaking to the pinnacle, and he stiffened, holding back as long as he could, then released powerfully, his come blasting through him with a long groan. He locked his hands in her hair and pushed deep into her mouth, biting his lip as she swallowed every drop of his seed, shuddering in her own sweet release. Severus stood there, his tool embedded in her mouth, his head flung back, savoring the sensation of a beautiful, willing woman drinking him down and deriving great pleasure from his climax. Finally he dropped his head, locking his eyes on Hermione, who slowly released him, panting. She lifted her amber eyes to him, her lips glistening wetly and he never saw anything more beautiful. He gently leaned and caught her arms, drawing her upward, wrapping his arms around her and kissed her deeply, tasting himself on her tongue.

"Your turn," he whispered against her mouth, before lowering her to the floor, and catching the bottom of her dress, pulling it up over body, revealing her the sheer panties, her belly, breasts before Hermione raised her arms automatically and let him remove the dress completely. Severus dropped the dress to the floor, his eyes raking over her body as he swiftly removed his shirt, pants and boxers. He straightened, his eyes meeting hers. He reached out and caressed her cheek. Hermione closed her eyes, leaning into his touch. Watching her response, he drew his hand down her throat, and over her shoulder, then stepped into her brushing her lips with his mouth, then sliding over her chin to her throat, slowly bending his knees as he moved lower, his mouth moving between her breasts as his hands slid over her hips, caressing her soft skin, his palms smoothing over her waist, and rising to cup her full breasts as his mouth found her hardened nipple and drew it in, suckling her gently, swirling his tongue on the tight peak. Hermione groaned, her hands moving to his hair, pulling on his ponytail then finding the hair tie and removing it, releasing his silky locks as he laved her other breast, his hands sweeping over the small of her back, the fullness of her buttocks and smoothness of her thighs. Hermione sighed with pleasure as his hands moved over her body, familiarizing himself with every curve.

Severus could smell her arousal, and his mouth watered as he slid one hand down her belly, through the soft pubic hair to her sex and cupped her core. Hermione gasped in shock and need, arching her body against him and Severus wrapped an arm around her waist, and rubbed two fingers over her moist button, wetting them with her juices. He brought his fingers to his mouth and tasted her. Gods, so sweet. He stood up and swept her into his arms, her lips pressed to his throat as he carried her to her four poster bed and gently laid her writhing body down, gently removing her clutching arms and looking down on her, witnessing her need, his member swollen with desire as she reached for him imploringly.

"Severus, please," she whispered, her amber eyes burning. He watched as she slid her own hands over her breasts and belly, down to her thighs, rubbing them and parting her legs invitingly. He climbed into the bed and straddled her body on his hands and knees, lowered his head and kissed her, allowing no other part of his body to touch her but his mouth and tongue. Hermione took him in hungrily, arching her body up, pulling down on him with her hands, to no avail. He continued to kiss her, driving her wild with the need for more contact. She reached between his legs and started stroking his organ, which responded. He caught his breath and moved downward, his tool slipping out of her grasp as he applied himself to her body, kissing, licking and sucking her throat, then descending further, his mouth moving over her breasts, his hair softly falling over her body, tantalizing her as he moved downward, crawling back, his mouth on her belly now, dipping his tongue into her navel, her pelvis arching up, the scent of her sex filling his nostrils as his head moved lower, down between her thighs and he lowered himself to the bed, having reached his destination. Hermione lifted her head to watch him as he parted her thighs and looked at her glistening core. His black eyes met hers, and he licked his lips, then lowered his head, and took a long taste of her, sighing with pleasure before spreading her labia and diving into her with his tongue.

Hermione squealed and bucked against him as his tongue began to lash her, and he wrapped his arms around her thighs to hold her steady, as he fulfilled his need to nibble, sip and drink at her flowing fountain. And flow Hermione did, her spigot turned on high by the Potion Master's talented ministrations as he knotted up her stem, and she cried out his name for the first time, making him go wild, plunging his tongue deep inside her, twisting and curling it, taking her to higher heights of almost unbearable pleasure, pulses of delight rushing through her body from her toes to the top of her flailing head, her hands locked in his hair, pulling him closer, unintelligible words flowing from her lips as the Potions Master showed her the price of eating bananas dripping with white chocolate syrup erotically in his presence.

Hermione never experienced a total meltdown on the end of a man's tongue before, but Severus brought her the heat that made her boil, and spill over, screaming her release in the form of his name as Severus fought to hold her arching, quivering, shuddering, five foot three inch body to the bed, and swallow down every bit of the creamy ambrosia she gifted him with. Hermione's body was glistening with perspiration, and she gasped for air, her heart pounding as the delicious pulsing of her orgasm shook her again and again. Severus finished drinking her in, savoring the sensation of the walls of her sex clutching his tongue as he lapped the last of her powerful release.

That particular appetite sated, Severus lifted himself from between her thighs and climbed up her body slowly, his lips trailing a path to her mouth, which he claimed tenderly, giving her the flavor of herself before he lay his full length lightly on top of her panting body, feeling her heart pounding against his chest. She felt good under him, her breasts mashed to his chest, and he could feel the heat of her core on his lower belly. He was taller than she, so his member was on the bed. He hadn't made the adjustment yet to enter her, though he longed to do it. He wanted to feel her beneath him right now, let her come down, see how she felt about what he had done to her. He released her mouth and leaned to the side a bit, propping himself up on his elbow and looking down at her. He brought his other hand to her belly and moved it in soft circles against her skin.

"Did I satisfy you?" he asked her softly, "If not, I could always try again."

Hermione's amber eyes shifted to him, her breasts still heaving. He licked his lips suggestively.

"I never felt anything like that in my life," she said, looking at him in wonder. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"Stay with me, and I will make you feel this way any time you want, Hermione" he said persuasively.

"Stay with you?" she said softly, her brow furrowing a moment.

"Yes," he said, entwining his fingers with hers, his black eyes on her face.

She was silent for a moment.

"But Severus, the project is over. Our association is finished. I can't live off you," she said.

He lowered his mouth to one round breast, sucking it into his mouth before capturing her nipple between his lips and pulling it gently until it snapped back. Hermione groaned, turning into him, her pelvis leading the rest of her body.

"There are other projects we can work on. Two Unforgivables are left to find answers for," he whispered, "And you won't have to live off me. You will be a rich woman in a few weeks," he said, "Just stay here with me, Hermione."

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, her brow furrowing again and Severus captured her mouth, kissing her deeply, tangling her tongue with his, pressing his body against her until the protest she was about to speak melted into a hungry, yearning whimper.

Severus pulled back from her, his black eyes liquid as he looked at her.

"Let's see if I can convince you," he said, rolling on the witch and sliding upward, positioning himself between her thighs.

Hermione gasped as she felt his hardness pressing lightly against her entrance. Severus raised his upper body up on his arms so he could see her clearly, surging beneath him, pushing her hips against him urgently, wanting him to slide inside her

"Let's see if I can make you want to stay," he whispered.

Severus looked down at the small witch buckling beneath him, deriving pleasure from her desperate motions and her whispered pleadings. This was what he had been missing at the brothel…the passion, the lust and the honest need of a woman. Hermione was beautiful in her urgency, her amber eyes burning up at him, her hair damp and swirled around her head in a tangle.

"You are delicious, Hermione." He breathed down at her, "In more ways then one."

"Less talk, more fuck," she breathed back up at him impatiently, making him chuckle as he hitched his pelvis against her, the thick head pressing against her but not entering, making her groan at his teasing.

"You are a wanton little witch. And what a mouth," he said, rubbing his stiffness up and down against her wetness, over her nub, making her cry out an obscenity at him, as she writhed in need. The swollen head of his tool glistened with her juices as he savored her wanting him so badly.

"You are a fucking tease, Severus Snape. Still a cruel bastard!" Hermione cried out in frustration. His black eyes glittered at her comment. He felt the familiar darkness coming down on him as her nude body arched up toward him hungrily. She didn't know how cruel he could be.

Suddenly, Hermione said in a cold voice, "Get off of me."

Severus looked down at her in shock. Her amber eyes were hard. The darkness rolled back.

"Hermione? What…?" he asked her, wondering what happened.

"Severus, get off me…right now!" Hermione said angrily.

Perplexed, Severus complied and rolled off her body. He lay there facing her, at a complete loss.

Hermione sat up on her elbows, frowning at him.

"After all this time going without, I don't have the patience for your macho wizard "beg for it" shit," she said, "I'm fucking randy, Severus"

Then Hermione lunged for him, catching the Potions Master by surprise and rolling him on to his back. She was a quick little minx. Hermione then climbed over his body and straddled his thighs, her wet center catching his erection between their bodies.

Severus lay on his back, looking up at her, realizing what she intended to do. He could have thrown her off easily, but…why?

Hermione raised her body up and grasped Severus by his member firmly, making the wizard gasp as she held it erect and positioned herself over it. Then she lowered herself on him, moaning and hissing as her body stretched to receive and accommodate his size. Severus groaned as his organ slid into her tight, wet heat, and his pale hands gripped her waist automatically as he looked up at her.

Oh gods you feel so good," Hermione groaned as she raised herself, sliding up the long shaft then dropped down on him full weight, plunging him deep inside her, gasping as she ground down on him as hard as she could. She threw her head back rolling her hips, then threw it forward, her hair falling in her face as she stared hungrily into his eyes and gripped his shoulder for leverage. She looked like a wild woman. Hermione began to ride him hard, rising and falling on his long organ and screeching, rocking Severus' body with the force of her motions.

The Potions Master was in ecstasy as the beautiful witch took her pleasure of him, her body and breast bouncing, his member being buried in that sweet, sweet sleeve over and over, her juices bathing him, pooling around his base, as he plowed through her. He hit bottom again and again, beginning to help her, lifting her and pulling her down on his organ, a grimace of pleasure locked on his face as Hermione rode him. Her eyes were closed in concentration as she tried to impale every part of herself on his hard flesh, her voice rising as her delight grew. Yes, she could take a hard shagging, and this was the best she could ever remember. Severus began to thrust upward, deepening his penetration, and she cried out as he plunged so deep she shifted inside, and began to shudder, on the edge of release. Severus felt her body growing hotter under his hands and sped up, bouncing her body up and down and grunting with his efforts. She tightened around him, calling his name over and over as he stroked her faster and faster, trembling beneath his hands.

"Come for me, Hermione," Severus breathed, forcing himself as deep as he could go in this position. Then he pulled her down so she laid on top of his body, wrapped his arms around her back, locked his mouth to hers and started pistoning in and out of her, holding her tightly in place. He buried himself in the witch to the hilt, swallowing her screams as he turned on the power. Hermione was lost, Severus' plunging organ tearing into her, his tongue mimicking his thrusts, and it was all sensation and surrender as she gave herself over to the wizard, her body, her mind becoming his. There was nothing else to do but receive him, feeling the pounding of his heart against her own as he pinned her body to his tightly, his member surging between her thighs. He let loose of her mouth, his breath hot against her ear.

"Stay with me, Hermione," Severus gasped as he took her, shoving himself as deep as he could, making her buckle. "Say you'll stay with me."

Hermione couldn't handle both his passionate plea and his plunging penetration, and suddenly exploded, screaming his name in pleasure as her body clamped down on Severus with a great pulsing pressure, releasing a rolling liquid heat that made the Potions Master howl and try to drive himself through the gasping, screaming, witch as she orgasmed.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Hermione, gods…shit!" he gasped as she washed over him, soaking his pelvis with her release, shuddering powerfully in his arms, her voice dropping to whimpers as he stroked her through her climax. Severus felt himself starting to tighten and gritted his teeth against the pleasurable pressure of his building release as he plunged into her, determined to get every bit of her beautiful, trembling body before he blew. Finally he couldn't hold back any longer and rammed his organ into Hermione as far as he could, eliciting a howl from her as he blasted her full of come, his eyes rolling back into his head, every vein in his neck bulging as he groaned loud and long. He clutched her so hard he almost crushed her as his pulsing release poured into her softness. The Potions Master eased his hold on Hermione and bucked his hips as his release slowed, his pulsing member winding down, softening inside her, giving her his last throbbing trickles of come.

They lay there, panting against each other, Severus holding Hermione to his chest, still embedded inside her heat, kissing the perspiration from her brow, and letting out a luxurious growl of satisfaction. Hermione lifted her head, turned her face toward him and gave him the sweetest kiss he could ever remember, a slow, tender, gentle invasion of his mouth, punctuated by a light quaking as her body returned to normal.

"That was sooo good, Severus," she breathed, smiling at him lazily.

"Will you stay with me, Hermione?" he asked her, caressing her hair gently and looking into her sated amber eyes.

"For a little while, Severus," she whispered.

"How long is 'a little while'?" he responded, his brow furrowed.

"Until one of us gets tired of the other," she said, snuggling against him.

The Potions Master smiled to himself. Hermione was going to be at the Manor a long, long time.

He looked at her, her amber eyes closed and her breathing evening out. Let her sleep for now. Technically, she had taken him…he hadn't yet taken her though he shagged her to her satisfaction. He'd rectify that in a little while. He closed his eyes and relaxed, marveling over the witch's ardor. Hermione was a real gift on many levels. He had no idea when he bumped into her in that apocathery, that it would end like this, with the beautiful witch sleeping in his arms after riding him into the home stretch like a champion jockey. She was a good lover. A damn good lover. Passionate, driven and a bit selfish, just as he was. He couldn't wait to get back inside her. Severus kissed her temple, and she gave a little sigh. He then closed his eyes, drifting into a light, satisfied doze.

All the elves gathered in the kitchen, anxiously awaiting Eli's report on how things were going for the Master. There had been a little row as the elves prepared dinner, more than half wanting a traditional meal and the others agreeing with Eli, that the meal should say 'in-outie' in an unmistakable way. Eli eventually won out, saying he was the one most in contact with both the Miss and the Master, and he knew what they needed better than any other house elf. He added that he had been inside the Miss' mind, and knew she would use the food to excite the Master quickly, because she wanted the in-outie very badly.

As a result, a little elf-to-elf betting went on, the exchange being chores. The winner would either assign his worst chore to the loser or take the loser's best chore. The bet was how long the couple would stay at dinner, and what foods they would select first. With Hermione, the betting was evenly split between the sausages and bananas in white chocolate syrup as her first food choice. The witch was not subtle, after all. The Master however, was expected to go for the cherries again, since he impressed her with his stem tying skills, though Eli was certain he would take the figs, since they looked like female sexual organs and would be sure to hit the Miss where she tingled.

The kitchen door opened, and Eli walked in importantly, his ears pressed forward and a smug look on his wizened face. The elves all started talking at once, gathering around him. Eli held up his claws, quieting them.

"They have gone to the lower rooms to do the in-outie!" he announced. Cheers went up as the elves danced with joy, swinging each other around by the hands and doing little cha-chas on the kitchen counters. Some sent sparks up into the air from their fingertips, as others cart wheeled and did little somersaults. Eli let them rejoice for a while before giving them details of what happened at dinner.

"Miss took the biggest sausage first," he announced. Elves clapped and groaned, exchanging chores. Then they looked at Eli expectantly to find out what the Master chose in response.

" The Master picked the dried figs, likes I said," Eli said, puffing out his chest at this undeniable proof of his knowledge of his Master's ways.

There was more grumbling and hand clapping as more chores were exchanged.

"How long before they left to do the in-outie, Eli?" one squeaky voice piped up, followed by the inquiries of other elves.

"After Master chose the figs, the Miss chose the bananas with white chocolate sauce," Eli said, "and the Master said something, and she said something back, and then the Master grabbed the Miss and apparated. Maybe ten minutes after they sat down," Eli said.

There was a final exchange of chores. Many elves lost that bet, thinking it would take longer. Eli had won every single bet he placed. He knew his Master, and the Miss as well.

One dissident voice rose up. An elf that worked in the gardens.

"How does we know they do the in-outie? Remember the bath?" he squeaked. He was a little miffed because he lost all three bets. Eli looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"You is out in the gardens. You do not connect with the Master enough. I knows because I can feel his pleasure. It is very good for him. The Miss is very good at in-outie. They souls is singing, " Eli said, crossing his arms.

This answer was good enough for the elves. They continued to dance and celebrate their Master's good fortune on finding a Miss to make him whole.

Severus woke spooned around Hermione's warm body, his arms wrapped around her waist, her buttocks pressed against his tool. She was still sleeping, her breasts rising and falling slowly. Severus began to harden immediately from the contact and the memory of the witch riding him wantonly. He began to kiss her neck gently, and running his lips over her shoulder, and pressing his erection against her buttocks. She sighed and shifted back against him. This was a good sign.

Severus adjusted himself and slipped his length between her inner thighs, rubbing his shaft sensuously against her labia, grasping her by her breasts, massaging them, tweaking her nipples and continuing to press his lips against her throat. She began to groan and thrust her hips, rubbing herself against his hard shaft. She gasped and buckled as he shifted his body so the swollen head of his organ rubbed hard against her core.

"You certainly know how to wake a witch up," Hermione murmured, sighing as his lips ran over her throat and his hands caressed her breasts. He slid one hand down her belly, then lower, his fingers gently rifling her soft pubic hair as he continued to slide his member between her legs, over her quickly moistening core.

"Cock…a-doodle-do," he breathed against her neck, his lips curling into a small lascivious smile against her skin.

Hermione was breathing heavily now, completely aroused and ready for round two.

"Severus, am I going to have to ravish you again?" she gasped at him, the ache between her legs making her pump her body against him invitingly, "You really need to work on your follow-through."

"Can I help it if I savor your desire, Hermione?" he said, lifting her leg and sliding down in the bed to angle himself to enter her. "You're the first woman who has wanted me, for me, in many, many years."

"Those women missed out on someone very, very special, Severus. I'm only glad I haven't," she breathed sincerely. Severus raised his head a moment, looking down on her profile. Hermione turned her head back to him slightly so her eyes met his.

"I mean that, Severus," she said softly.

The Potions Master swallowed as her admission washed over him, his heart swelling. At last, someone in his life who appreciated him as a man. Someone brilliant and beautiful. He wanted to get closer to the woman pressing against him, closer than anyone had ever been to her. He bit his lip against the powerful throb of desire that pulsed through his body.

"I want to wipe away the memory of any man who had you before me, Hermione," he breathed against her ear, pressed tight against her entrance.

"Any man I was with Severus, was only practice for the real thing. You," she purred, pressing back on him. Severus groaned and slid inside her, both of them gasping with the pleasure of his penetration.

"Severus…gods," Hermione moaned, "give me everything…all of you."

That was all he needed to hear. His nostrils flaring, Severus drew back and plunged himself into the little witch with all his might, groaning as she cried out at his powerful thrust, then urged him on. His hands slid up and gripped Hermione's shoulders, and he yanked her body downward as he slid his organ in and out of her, his eyes closed, reveling in her passionate gasps and cries as he took her strongly. His loins banged against her soft cheeks as he slammed into her, jerking her body, her softness gripping and sliding over his shaft, wet and hot, her juices squishing around him as he filled her, pounding into her as if digging for gold. And there was gold there, a richness of bliss and delight buried between her thighs that he uncovered with every grunting thrust. As she sobbed her pleasure and her passion, he brought his lips to her ear and whispered to her about how good she felt around him, how deep he wanted to be inside her, and how he wished he could take her like this forever. He felt a fresh, hot flow of lubrication wash over him as she wailed, her pleasure swelling inside her at every increasingly powerful thrust Severus gave her.

Severus stopped and pulled Hermione up, making her rise to her hands and knees before spooning his lean body over her back, entering her from behind and planting his hands on either side of her body, his chin resting at the top of her head. He slammed into her, making her back arch up from his power and she screamed as he hunched over her, pummeling her body savagely now, losing what little control he had held on to. He straightened and grasped her shoulders, pulling her back on him, penetrating her with all his strength, watching his glistening organ bury its length and girth inside her over and over, his pelvis slapping against her bum, making the soft flesh ripple. His black eyes watched her rounded globes bounce and jiggle as he slammed inside her over and over. He experimentally slapped her buttock.

"Shit! Severus! Oh gods!" Hermione gasped, thrusting back against him, shuddering around him and making him hiss.

Since Hermione didn't say stop, Severus assumed she liked what he did. So he kept doing it, spanking her buttocks with the flat of his palm, alternating sides and burying himself inside her quaking body, loving the feel of her bucking around his plunging organ every time his hand connected sharply with her flesh, until the witch was almost incoherent with pain/pleasure. Then he rubbed her reddened cheeks gently as he continued to take her hard, the combination of gentleness and brutality taking her over the edge. She sang like a siren as she burst around him, covering his shaft in hot creamy come, bearing down on his thickness, her sleeve sucking his member like a long, wet mouth. Severus groaned as her body clutched him, gripping her small waist and drawing her back on him, thrusting through her pulsing tightness.

"Damn Herimone," he growled through gritted teeth, spooning over her, wrapping one arm around her waist to hold her against him, supporting himself on the other, hunching into her faster and faster as he approached his own release, his back arching over her small body, his black hair swinging as perspiration dripped from his body and onto her back. He locked his lips to the side of her throat, sucking and nipping her lightly as he bowed into her, reveling in her weakening cries as she fell back from her climax, then he exploded, biting her a bit harder than he intended as his release blew threw him, tasting blood as he came, a growl of delight issuing from the back of his throat as he rammed his tool deep inside her and held it, feeling his seed splash against her cervix and flow back over his shaft, bathing him in heat even as it filled her.

Hermione had let out a weak cry when Severus' teeth broke her skin…now he sucked on the small wound gently, like a vampiric lover, trying to sooth her as he finished pulsing. As soon as he was spent, he released his lips from her throat gently, whispering tender apologies in her ear for losing control and hurting her. Hermione shuddered against him…he was still spooned over her, embedded inside her, deflating and holding her tightly by the waist as if afraid to let her loose.

"It kind of felt good, Severus," she breathed, lifting her head so her cheek rested against his for a moment. "Now, let me down. I'm exhausted," she murmured.

Severus slid his limp organ out of her gently, and released his hold on her, letting her down slowly to the bed, following her, resting on her back for a moment, before rolling to the side and pulling her up against him, so he was once more spooned around her body. He kissed the small wound on her neck gently…it was his mark. He had claimed her. She gave one more shudder.

"I've never been shagged like this before," she said softly, stretching like a cat against him, then curling up again.

"Is that a good thing?" he breathed against her ear, enjoying the warmth of her body against him.

She half turned in his arms, her amber eyes sated, but still liquid with desire. "It's a damn good thing, Severus. I should have been doing you years ago. I wouldn't have wasted so much time trying to teach my beaus how to do me, and just got the good stuff from the start," she said, scowling slightly.

Severus embraced her a little, his ego stoked.

"So you think I've got the good stuff, eh?" he said, fishing for more compliments.

"No. You've got the great stuff," she replied, turning completely in his arms and facing him, her eyes searching his face.

"Do you think I've got good stuff?" she asked him, dipping her own line in the proverbial waters.

He looked at her, his dark eyes as liquid as her own.

"Gods, yes Hermione. You're the kind of woman that will keep a man in bed for days," he said, capturing her lips and tasting them gently. He heard a slight rumble.

"Was that you?" he asked Hermione.

"Yes," Hermione replied, "I didn't get a chance to actually eat that banana. I'm hungry," she said.

Severus nodded. He was hungry too.

He started to bellow for Eli, when his eyes fell on the triangular table, complete with candles and chairs, set up in the middle of the floor. There was fresh food, but all still suggestive, all to be eaten by hand. When had they did that? They must have done it the moment Hermione said she was hungry. He would have noticed the candlelight.

"It seems the house elves have once again perceived what we both needed," Severus said, shifting so Hermione could see the food-laden table. She sat up at once, wincing just a bit, to Severus' satisfaction. He liked knowing he made an impression on her. She started to climb over him to get to the food.

"No," he said, crooking his finger at the table, which lifted and floated closer, landing next to the bed.

"I'll feed you," Severus said, his eyes falling to her mouth. "Then you can feed me. " His eyes swept over her and he licked his lips. "You'll make the perfect platter."

"Platter?" Hermione said, cocking her head at him, a mock scowl on her face, "well if you plan to eat food off of me, then I'm not missing out. You're going to be a platter for me too. Your abs have the perfect little ridges to hold finger foods."

Severus looked down at his belly. She was right.

"And I go first," she added, hunger and naughtiness giving her a renewed burst of energy.

Severus scourgified both of them, then laid flat on the bed, his arms at his side.

"Your platter awaits, Madam," he said, smirking slightly.

Hermione grinned.

As the lovers took their pleasure of each other, mayhem was occurring outside the Manor. Crowds of news-wizards, well-wishers, groupies and Spell company representative milled around the perimeter of the wards Severus set up. A few were testing the strength of the ward with their wands. Others were on brooms trying to descend to the Manor from above, but the Potions Master had secured the grounds completely, the ward forming a dome over the entire Manor. A few had set up tents and were having the wizard equivalent of tailgate parties in celebration of the breaking of the Avada Kedavra curse. Pictures of Hermione and Severus were in evidence all around these makeshift camps.

Severus was aware this would happen, which was why he placed the wards in the first place. He didn't want his night with Hermione interrupted. There would be time for the circus that their lives would become later on. Tonight was just for them.

Ron and Harry stood facing the invisible barrier. Harry had put his wand away, but Ron was still trying to find a weakness.

"What do you think he's doing to her in there, Harry?" Ron said, "Probably taking advantage of her."

Ron was feeling guilty at not having been at Hermione's side during her brief incarceration. He and Harry had been on a reconnaissance mission, following a lead about a deatheater stronghold. It ended up being a dry lead, and by the time they returned, Hermione's problems were all over. Harry looked at Ron.

"Ron, if Snape is doing anything to her, she probably is ok with it. You heard what she told us. If she wanted to let him shag her, it's her choice," he said to his friend.

Actually, Harry was pretty sure that's exactly what was happening. Although he didn't really care for Snape, he realized the dark wizard and Hermione had been through a lot together in the past few weeks and may have formed a bond that went beyond a work relationship. He had heard about how Hermione blasted the Ministry board about how they treated the Potions Master. Obviously she felt strongly about the man. And when he saw her that day at the Manor, Hermione didn't look as if she were being mistreated. She had actually seemed happy. If letting the Potions Master crawl all over her was what she wanted, then, they had to accept it.

Ron turned green at the thought of the Potions Master even touching Hermione.

"But…Harry," Ron began.

Harry leveled a steady gaze at the red-haired wizard.

"Ron, Hermione isn't a girl at Hogwarts anymore. She's a grown woman. She's had boyfriends she's shagged before. She's been alone a long time, and if she finds some happiness being with Snape, then we should let her be. Do you want to lose her as a friend? Keep it up and you will," Harry said to him, as he began to walk away from the warded Manor.

Ron took another longing glance at the Manor, pocketed his wand and followed the black-haired wizard. He fell in step beside him.

"But it is bloody fantastic, what they did together," he said thoughtfully, "They beat the killing curse. That's really something."

"That's more than something, Ron. They will be the most famous witch and wizard team in history. Even defeating Voldemort doesn't hold a candle to what they've done," Harry said, "and who knows what else they will do. There are still two Unforgivables left. Maybe they will break those too. They make a good team, you have to admit."

Ron shrugged. "Yeah, they do. But…" Here Ron shivered. "I just can't see Hermione…you know…shagging him."

"Then don't think about it, Ron," Harry said. "Come on, let's get out of here. When Hermione wants to see us, she'll contact us."

Both wizards disapparated.

Rita Skeeter was a deep shade of purple as she read the evening edition of the Daily Prophet.

"Noooo," she cried despairingly, "Noooo. Not her. Not him. Shit!"

She was resting on her stomach in St. Mungo's the Prophet spread on the pillow in front of her, looking at a photo of Severus rising from the ground after being hit by the killing curse for a third time. She looked at the headline again.


Rita cursed again, thinking about the public apology she would have to make to the couple, and to her readers for misleading them. She shifted, the stretched flesh of her ass falling to either side of the cot, the visible ends resting heavily on the floor. She had just got the news from the healers that there was nothing they could do for her, and her only option was to go to a muggle doctor called a "plastic surgeon" and have the leftover skin from her enormous ass surgically removed in a procedure called a "butt tuck" It was costly and painful, but she had agreed to it, of course. There was nothing else for it. She couldn't function with her ass dragging behind her. Now she was waiting for the healers to locate and make arrangements with a muggle doctor who wouldn't ask too many questions.

She wished she could find out who the anonymous tip-giver had been. She'd hex him into last year if she could just find him. The son-of-a-bitch.

The Ministry board had reconvened in the boardroom for an emergency hearing. The Minister of Magic and the rest of the board members were present, but one chair was conspicuously empty. That was because its occupant was seated in a small, hard wooden chair, facing his co-members, wandless, with Aurors flanking either side of him.

Lucius Malfoy.

He sat scowling at his fellow board members, an anti-apparation bracelet locked around his wrist, listening to the Minister address him.

"Lord Malfoy," Minister Figglesworth was saying, a frown on his face, "You cast a non-sanctioned Unforgivable on a successful demonstrator in front of more than a thousand witnesses. Your murderous intent was clear to all present. To attack such an obvious hero of the people is, in a word, unforgivable. To do so as a member of this board is completely intolerable. It is my duty as Minister of Magic, to make sure you serve the established penalty for your crime. You are hereby sentenced to no less than seven years in Azkaban. As this is a crime that has a set sentence, there will be no appeals, and no chance of parole."

"You won't keep me there," Lucius said in a low, dangerous voice, "the walls of Azkaban will not hold me. I will have my revenge on that traitorous scum, the mudblood wench, and this entire board, mark my words."

The Minister blanched a bit, as did the other board members. Figglesworth cleared his throat.

"Well, Lord Malfoy, after that statement I guess it would make no sense to ask you if you have any apologies or regrets to express for your actions," he said.

"My only regret is not killing Snape," Lucius spat.

The Minister nodded. "Very well, Malfoy," he said.

The Minister made a motion to the Aurors on either side of Lucius. They pulled the blonde wizard to his feet, and with their wands changed his clothing to an orange uniform that read POA on the back, then bound his ankles and hands magically, holding him up between them.

One Auror pulled a small ball out of his pocket.

"I'll be back!" Lucius snarled as the Auror activated the port key, and they all disappeared, heading for Azkaban.

The Minister turned to the board member on his right.

"Was his wife notified?" he asked the board member, who nodded.

The Minister looked thoughtful.

"I wonder why she didn't come?" he said, shaking his head, "She might have pled for leniency because they were trying to conceive an heir. It could have taken a couple of years off his sentence at least."

At Malfoy Manor, a slightly inebriated Narcissa was lounging half-naked in the lap of her latest, and very talented lover, drinking champagne and celebrating her next seven years of freedom in a most delightful way.

Hermione really was very hungry, and at first Severus served as an actual living platter for her food selections, though she did strategically place them on his body. She placed a cheese cube dripping with truffle oil at the base of his throat, a few crab meat bacon rolls on his upper chest, two small pieces of honeycomb on his nipples, marinated mushrooms down his belly, and some goat cheese and bagel bites on his thighs. As an afterthought, she peeled two buttery artichoke leaves from the vegetable and placed them upside down between his teeth.

Severus lay very still as she placed the food on his body, his black eyes watching her concentration as she decided where to place each piece, as she thoughtfully chewed on a chicken wingette as she made her choices. She sat back a moment to admire her handiwork.

"You look good enough to eat," she grinned at the Potions Master, who couldn't respond because of the artichoke leaves between his lips. Finishing her wingette, Hermione tossed the bone on the table, and leaned over Severus' face, gripping an artichoke leaf firmly, pressing her lips against his mouth in the process, kissing him before sliding her teeth along the leaf, stripping the buttery flesh from the end sensuously as Severus held it tightly in his mouth. She chewed, looking down at him, before returning, again kissing him in the process of devouring the flesh of the other leaf. Then she plucked the stripped leaves from between his lips and placed them on the table as well. She slid her lips down his throat, letting her teeth graze his skin as she ate the cheese cube, then licked the oil up slowly, running her tongue over his neck deliciously, noting his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed reflexively. She pressed her lips to it, sucking lightly as she moved lower to the bacon rolls, which she picked up one by one, dragging her mouth across his chest, chewing and swallowing before moving to the next.

Finished with the rolls, she moved to the honeycombs balanced on his hardened nipples. She sucked them off of each puckered point, keeping her lips pressed to him as she chewed, the motion of her mouth stimulating him. Then she licked the honey up, taking a little longer than necessary, and Severus helplessly arched upward as her tongue teased him. Then she followed the trail of mushrooms down his belly, sucking them up and his skin with them, licking their drippings from his body. Her mouth grazed his length, and she blew warm air on it before sucking the goat cheese basil bites from his thighs. Thinking she was finished, Severus started to sit up.

"No…now dessert," she said pushing his chest so he lay back down, his nostrils flared wide open with his desire to feed off her. She reached over and picked up the bowl of honey and an apple slice.

"This may get a little messy," she said, smiling wickedly at the Potions Master as she used the slice of apple to drip honey all over his torso, belly, tool and thighs. Severus bucked a little as the honey fell on his body, particularly when she drizzled it on his member.

"Merlin, Hermione," he breathed as she ate the apple slice, looking down at him, her eyes glowing. She then leaned over him and began licking the honey from his body as if he were the world's biggest lollipop. Severus groaned as she swirled her tongue all over his chest, and his hand came up and rested on the back of her head as she moved lower and lower, getting every sticky sweet bit of honey. When she licked his member, it instantly hardened, making the honey run down around it, so of course she had to lift it and lick it thoroughly, Severus gasping and groaning. To be sure she got every drop, she slid her mouth over as much of his shaft as she could and sucked it several times before moving to the base and balls and licking them as well, though there was no honey there. Severus was so ready to do her again, despite being hungry as she moved away from his tool and began on his thighs. It was sheer torture, as she took her time. Finally she sat back on her heels.

"That took the edge off," she said.

Severus sat up and attempted to push her back and mount her, his black eyes glowing with lust. The food could wait. But Hermione stopped him.

"No, you need to eat, Severus…it's only fair," she said pushing him back.

The Potions Master seriously considered forcing himself on her for a moment. He was throbbing. But she had a no-nonsense look in her amber eyes and he sighed. He didn't want to make her angry and not let him take her again.

He moved to the edge of the bed and watched as Hermione lay down, arms at her sides and legs together. Uh uh. He reached down and made her spread her legs and lift her knees up.

Hermione looked at him and rolled her eyes, grinning. Obviously, he had some strategic placements in mind too. He gave her a little half-smile and turned to the table, looking thoughtfully at the sausages. He grinned wickedly to himself as he picked up a chicken wingette and bit into it.

He placed a cherry between her lips, then several dripping cheeses down her throat. She squealed as he pushed her hair back behind her ears and actually stuck a tiny mushroom in each of them. He ringed each breast with the rolled bacon bites, topping her nipples with the smallest dried figs in the bowl. He rested a stuffed egg on her belly, and drizzled honey into her navel. Then he lifted a cocktail frank and eyed her. Hermione's eyes widened but she had the cherry between her lips and couldn't talk around it. Severus slipped his hand between her legs and inserted it partially inside her tightness, grinning wickedly at her. Then he turned and started his meal.

He sucked the marinated mushrooms out of each of her ears, inserting his tongue, licking up the tangy juice, as she winced and squealed. He then pressed his lips to hers, which she relaxed to pass him the cherry. Suddenly he pushed it into her mouth and spent a few minutes delving his tongue inside her heat, supposedly trying to retrieve the fruit. Finally, he pulled it out with his tongue, chewing it slowly, looking into her heated eyes. That had been some kiss.

He sucked each cheese cube off her throat, running his tongue over it, licking up the oil, then proceeded to eat the bacon rolls that ringed her breasts, using his lips, teeth and tongue to retrieve them, causing Hermione to moan as she tried to be a good platter and hold still. He moved his mouth over the swell of her breasts to the fig-covered nipples. He sucked one off her tightened peak, and continued to suck her breast, running his tongue over her nipple, before moving to the other and giving her more of the same. Hermione was struggling to remain still. He gave her a little respite as he ate the stuffed egg, but dove right back in, tonguing the honey out of her navel, lapping and licking before sucking the balance out, then cleaning it thoroughly with his tongue. Then he climbed into the bed, sliding down between her raised knees to retrieve the cocktail frank. He locked his arms around her thighs and pressed his mouth against her sex. Hermione groaned as he licked all around the cocktail frank, flicking his tongue over her nub several times before catching the small link between his teeth and working it back and forth, making her hips buck, before consuming it, then thrusting his tongue inside her and swirling it, getting all the flavor from the tiny wiener until she tasted like herself again. He pulled himself up her body and rested on top of her, looking into her hot eyes. Her hips pumped against him urgently, and he smirked at her.

"More?" he asked her, knowing full well she was ready for him again.

"Much more," she responded.

Severus lifted himself off her, and pulled her legs up so they rested on his shoulders, opening her wide to him. He positioned himself against her, raising himself up on his arms, looking at the thickness and length of his member poised over the entrance to her small body, and feeling his stomach clench. He looked much too big for her to handle, though he knew now Hermione loved him riding her hard and could take it as good as he could give it.

"Much more?" he hissed at her, trembling a little from holding back.

"Much, much, much more, Severus," Hermione breathed, her eyes slitted with need.

Damn, she was a wanton little witch.

WARNING: This section has non-consensual M/M rape.
The two Aurors and Lucius reappeared in a small, gray room. Two rather shifty looking guards sat at a wooden desk and looked up at the Aurors and their new inmate.

"Lucius Malfoy. Cast an Unforgivable. Seven years. Single cell," the Auror on Lucius' left said to the guards.

One guard stood up and with his wand replaced the ropes on Lucius legs and arms with shackles. The Aurors stepped away from him.

"He's all yours," the other Auror said. Both touched the ball port key. In an instant, they were gone.

One guard got up, walked from behind the desk and walked around Lucius.

"Malfoy, eh?" he said to the blonde wizard.

"That's Lord Malfoy," Lucius spat at him.

The guard raised his eyebrows.

"'Lord' Malfoy, is it? Hey Tray, looks like we got ourselves an aristocrat here. 'Lord' Malfoy," the guard said with an ugly smirk.

Tray looked up from the desk.

"Ain't no fucking lords in Azkaban. Only criminals," he said shortly, looking back down at the paperwork he was filling out.

Not being used to being dismissed so easily, especially by such obviously lowborn wizards, Malfoy swelled up indignantly.

"I am a Lord, and insist on being treated like one, you insignificant peasants!" he snarled.

The guard at the table looked up at Lucius, then at his partner.

"The "Lord" here wants special treatment, Fred," he said to the other guard, who smiled rather lewdly.

Fred looked at Lucius. He had never liked aristocracy. Always looking down their snooty noses at good, hard-working types and throwing their money around.

"I think we can arrange that for him, Tray," Fred said consideringly, "There's no single cells ready yet. We can put him in with Bawdin for tonight."

"Bawdin? Gods, you can't be serious Fred. Bawdin hasn't had a … cellmate for years. You know…" Tray said, his brown eyes large.

Fred cut him off.

"No I think Bawdin's just right for this guy. You was a deatheater wasn't you?" Fred said to Lucius.

"How dare you! I was under the Imperio curse when I served under Voldemort," Lucius snapped. Fred looked at him, seeing right through the wizard's lie. He was an Azkaban guard. He heard how Lucius slipped by pretending to be under Voldemort's power via other deatheaters less fortunate.

"Sure you was," Fred said frowning. He had lost a child to deatheaters, a little girl…in a most horrible manner. He caught Lucius by the arm.

"Come on," he said.

Lucius pulled away from him, and Fred stuck his wand against his ribs, shocking the wizard. Lucius shuddered, his teeth chattering together as the current ran through him. He slumped and Fred took the wand away.

"Now you come along, 'Lord' Malfoy," Fred said, helping the wizard stand up straight.

"You'll pay for that you fucking piece of dragon dung," Lucius said weakly, shuffling along with Fred as he opened the door and turned down a corridor.

They walked past an endless amount of warded wooden doors, with small windows. Prisoners pressed up against them, silently watching the passing wizards. They walked a distance, turning down several more corridors. The cells became barred, and the corridors more dank and dark.

Finally, Fred stopped in front of a darkened cell.

"Bawdin, you stay where you are," Fred said warningly. Then he looked at Lucius evilly and said as he opened the door and pushed him in, "Got a present for you. A cellmate."

Fred pointed his wand at Lucius and his shackles disappeared. The wizard rubbed his wrists and turned to survey his new surroundings. There was a dirty toilet, a filthy sink and bunk beds. In the bottom bunk was a huge mound that shifted and turned over. Lucius' eyes grew wide as the man swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up, slouching so his head wouldn't hit the top bunk. The prisoner stood up. He was huge. Extremely huge.

Bawdin had been in Azkaban for fourteen years now, and hadn't had a cellmate in eight. There was a good reason for that. The bald, six-foot eight, three hundred and sixty five pound wizard looked down on Malfoy.

"You got nice long blonde hair," he said in a slow, deep voice as his eyes raked over the smaller wizard. "I like blondes."

Lucius looked at the huge wizard in horror.

Bawdin's watery green eyes settled on Lucius' handsome features. "You're pretty too," he said, reaching out a hand to touch the wizard's face. Lucius jerked his head back.

"Oh, that's not going to do. You have to be nicer than that," Bawdin said, advancing on the wizard.

"You…you…stay away from me, you big oaf!" Lucius said, backing against the bars and putting up his hands as if to fight.

Bawdin stopped and considered the wizard.

"You called me an oaf? That's no good. You need an attitude adjustment," the big wizard said, and swung at Lucius, crashing through his defense and knocking him into the wall, causing his head to spin.

Lucius was aware of being dragged from the corner, before being hit again, this time a crushing blow to his stomach that made him wretch and double over, falling to his knees. He was pulled up by his hair, and dragged over to the toilet.

"Grab the seat with both hands," Bawdin said, bending Lucius down.

"I will not!" Lucius cried struggling to stand, only to get a crashing blow to the right side of his head that slammed him into the wall again. His head pounding he was dragged back to the toilet.

"Now you grab that fucking seat, pretty boy or I'll break your ribs next," Bawdin growled.

Lucius, his mouth full of blood, held on to the seat, bent over. He felt Bawdin tugging at his pants. He twisted away and received a crushing blow to his ribs. He heard them crack and crumpled. A brawny arm lifted him by the waist and Bawdin said, "They're only cracked…next time I break them and one will probably puncture something. You want to die in here? Fight back again. Now grab the bowl."

In intense pain, Lucius obediently bent over the bowl and felt Bawdin jerk his pants down, muttering to himself. Then the big man moved against him, and Lucius' eyes widened…

"Such pretty long hair," Bawdin breathed, wrapping Lucius' hair around his fist.

Fred and Tray heard Lucius' ragged screams of pain even from their office. The guards listened, idly tossing cards down until the screams died away.

"Looks like 'Lord' Malfoy got his special treatment," Fred said, collecting his winning hand.

"Going to leave him there the whole night?" Tray asked him, shuffling the cards again.

"Thinking 'bout leaving him there the whole week," Fred answered, "He should've been here eight years ago, the filthy, lying child-killing bastard. He's getting what he deserves. Let him make up his time."

The two guards continued playing cards as Lucius began to scream again.

Hermione watched as Severus' black eyes raked down her body, resting on his organ positioned between her thighs. He had her legs hooked over his shoulders so her thighs were helplessly open to him, the soft, pink flesh between her labia clearly visible, the warm, hole gaping slightly. The Potions Master licked his lips unconsciously, and Hermione thought it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen as his eyes returned to her face, studying her, his head cocking a bit as she looked down on her.

"Were you always this wanton, Hermione? I wouldn't have suspected you loved sex so much," he breathed, dipping into her slightly, the fat head entering her about an inch or so. Hermione groaned, and bucked her hips up at him, wanting more depth. So he was back to this again. Bastard.

Severus withdrew then dipped only the swollen head into her again a few times, groaning as he selfishly stimulated himself with short, jerking motions, a smirk on his face as she thrust her hips forward desperately and cursed at him.

Hermione grasped his buttocks tightly with her small hands and tried to drag him down so he would slide his long shaft deep within her. He resisted, bouncing his head in her a little as held himself aloft. She frowned up at him, biting her lip with need and frustration.

Finally, pissed and desperate for release, Hermione stuck her nails into Severus' lower back, and pulled, drawing eight fine lines of blood across his pale skin. Severus roared at the pain, grabbed her wrists, holding her hands down so she couldn't scratch him again, and snarling, slammed into her viciously, cursing.

"Oh shit! Severus!" she shrieked as the irate Potions Master began to pound her.

"You minx! You want this that bad?" he hissed, pounding into Hermione, the darkness rolling over him as he buried himself into her softness, intent on giving her the hardest shagging of her life.

Hermione let out a steady stream of broken, rhythmic wails as Severus tore into her, his black eyes burning into her amber orbs, driving his iron hard shaft to the hilt over and over, smashing into her cervix. His pelvis slapped against her thighs and he rebounded off her body as the mattress threw her back into his thrusts.

Hermione writhed under his pounding, unable to do anything but submit as her body swallowed his length, the soft inner skin clutching at his hardness, bathing him in her increasing wetness. Brutal as he was, he was feeding a dark need in her to be possessed, to lose her sense of self and become part of another. Every stroke of the Potion Master's organ brought her closer to a place she yearned to go, a place she couldn't reach without him. There was pain but a deeper pleasure welling up from her depths, a longing for all of his strength, to know intimately what power surged inside the dark wizard, and a need to reach that point of breaking beyond anything she had ever experienced. Severus was like another heartbeat, pounding between her thighs, testing the limits of her passion, raw, untamed, feral, finding the true pulse beneath all she was, taking her body into the realm of his control, and leading her quaking and shuddering to the point of ultimate release.

"Is this what you like, Hermione?" the Potions Master hissed down at her, his black hair a rapidly swinging curtain around his face, his eyes intense, his body flexing and surging as he plowed into her repeatedly, showing no sign of letting up. He felt pleasure, but this was about more than pleasure, this was about showing Hermione the side of him she hadn't seen before, the side of him she released when she opted to give him pain. He pulled back and rammed deep into her, making her buckle and shriek, yet her eyes were still hungry, still hot. She wasn't running. She was taking everything he had to give her.

"Is this what you like?" he hissed at the witch jerking below him, "Answer me, Hermione!"

"Yes!" she sobbed

Severus released her hands and dropped on her, covering her body with his own, skin-to-skin. He let her legs down off his shoulders and locked his mouth to hers, plundering it with his tongue wildly. He slipped his arms under her back and grasped her shoulders with his hands. He continued to drive into her, using her shoulders for leverage, pulling himself into her, jerking his wet body forward so he slid slickly over her, plunging into her so hard she arched under him as he hit bottom and moved beyond it. He released her mouth and pressed his face against her cheek, and began whispering in her ear as he continued possessing her.

"I know you saw me naked, Hermione. At the Ministry, you mentioned my scars. I wondered how you knew. You watched me. You saw all of me," he said, falling to her throat and groaning as she began to heat up, working her hips desperately at his words. He knew and it turned her on that he knew she had secretly watched him. Severus responded to her increasing ardor, slamming into her harder, again and again, gyrating his pelvis, rolling his hardness hungrily inside her, working Hermione to a fever pitch as his own release approached. He was going with her this time.

An intense sweetness began to grow in the pit of Hermione's belly, and rolled through her body, slow, like molasses, like thick honey, a sensation so sweet, so bliss-filled that she whimpered and let out a long guttural purr as her toes began to curl against the beauty of it. Severus felt her begin to tighten around him, and looked into her eyes, fascinated by the passionate fluctuations he saw there, slowing his stroke to a gentler motion as her body moved sensuously beneath him, undulating in increasing ecstasy.

Her eyes locked to his suddenly and she whispered, full of wonder, "Severus. Severus, what are you doing to me?"

"What you need done, Hermione," he whispered back passionately, the darkness receding. He locked his mouth to hers as she climaxed with a gentle cry, and drifted away, quaking softly, to bliss beyond bliss. Severus groaned as her inner body locked around him, the pressure drawing him in, pleasure rippling over his shaft as her release broke over him in subtle waves of liquid heat. He stiffened, hissed and released, shooting his own powerful pulses of fire deep into her body, shuddering as he clasped her to him, body straining, his mouth dropping open in pleasure at their mutual eruption and flow. They rode their climax out together, a slow roll through what had to be heaven.

Severus relaxed heavily on the witch beneath him for several minutes, feeling her heart pounding against his chest, savoring his sense of completeness before raising himself slightly and looking down at her. Her eyes were half-lidded and sleepy, her amber irises meeting his through her lush lashes. She shifted slightly as Severus kissed her lips gently, then rolled off of her to his back, his face turned toward her.

"You shouldn't have scratched me," he said softly, his eyes glittering.

Hermione looked at him consideringly from beneath her lashes.

After a moment she said, "After that toe-curling orgasm, your back is hereby placed on notice. Now I know what sets you off and I will use it if I need to."

Severus raised himself up on his elbow and looked down at her.

"You mean to tell me," he said, "that you will resort to causing me pain in order to reach your own selfish ends?"

"That's exactly what I'm telling you," Hermione replied, her amber eyes flashing at him defiantly, but lustfully.

Severus lay back down and slipped his arm under the witch's shoulders, drawing her into him, sighing and closing his eyes.

"You really should have been in Slytherin," he observed.

"I don't know about that," Hermione responded, "but I know one thing. I certainly like Slytherin in me."

Severus smirked and pulled her even closer, not opening his eyes.

"Sleep," he said.

Hermione yawned, and complied.

Hermione was the first to awake the next morning. Somehow, they had shifted in the bed, and Hermione was facing outward, closest to the bathroom, Severus on the inside closest to the wall, spooned around her, one arm thrown across her waist.

The Potions Master was snoring lightly. Hermione looked back at him, and smiled. His long hair was thrown across his face, his lips pursed as if waiting for a kiss. Hermione didn't kiss him, but decided to let him sleep while she took a nice hot shower. She was a bit sore, inside and out. She gently lifted Severus' arm and slipped out from under it, then slid out the bed and stood up. The table of food was gone, as were all the candles. The elves must have passed through, no doubt elated that their Master had finally gotten laid the way he wanted and needed to.

Hermione stretched luxuriously, loving the slight ache between her legs that testified of a very thorough bout of sex. She felt sated. She looked back at the sleeping wizard, and a little jolt went through her at the memory of his intense black eyes looking down at her as he plowed into her.

Well, she was mostly sated.

She walked into the bathroom, picked up her toothbrush, wet it and put some tooth powder on it. She brushed her teeth thoroughly, rinsed, washed out her toothbrush and put it back. She then used the loo, wincing at the little sting she felt as she urinated. Well, every good thing has its price. She lifted her foot on to the bowl of the loo, and pressed her hand to her inner thigh, watching closely. A small square patch appeared. It glowed blue. She smiled. The contraceptive patch still had a lot of power. Severus had come in her so much, she knew without it she would have definitely conceived. She tapped the patch again, and it disappeared.

Hermione walked over to the shower and turned it on, mixing the water. She took two large fluffy towels and a washcloth out of the linen closet, laid them on the basin and stepped into the large enclosure, closing the door.

Severus opened one eye the moment he heard the shower turn on. He rolled to his back and stretched, then scratched. His tool woke up with him, swelling immediately. He lay there a moment, listening to the water running, knowing Hermione was in there, naked. He rolled out of the bed and walked into the bathroom, utilizing the loo and looking at the blurred form of Hermione standing under the water, letting it run over her head. Severus looked on the basin. Sure enough, his toothbrush was there. Good elves. He quickly brushed his teeth, glancing over at the shower. Hermione was just starting to wash. He rinsed his mouth and the toothbrush, then walked over to the shower. He threw it open, gazing at Hermione.

The witch froze, her amber eyes meeting his black ones, water streaming down her body. Severus' gaze dropped from her face, lingering over her breasts and the dark triangle of hair between her thighs, before flicking back to her face again. Hermione backed up as he stepped into the water's spray, looking at her, his erection evident. His eyes had a hard, hungry look to them, and he began to walk toward her slowly, almost menacingly. She backed up until her back hit the cold wall. He placed one hand on the wall next to her head. She swallowed.

He moved in closer.

"Good morning," he purred at her, his eyes sweeping her body again. He licked his lips.

"Morning," Hermione said back to him.

"I believe," Severus said moving closer so his body was only an inch or two away from her, "that a good morning kiss is customary."

Before Hermione could respond, he was on her, pressing his body hard against hers, thrusting his tongue in her mouth, his hands gripping her shoulders lightly, before sliding down her arms and over her hips, reaching around to her buttocks and pulling her into him. His erection was crushed between them, pulsing against her belly. Hermione felt herself heating up as he began to rub himself against her suggestively.

He pulled her from the wall and lifted her up against him. Her legs automatically wrapped around his waist, trapping his hardness against her core.

"You're very hot, Hermione" he said feeling the heat of her sex on his swollen shaft. He carried her back under the spray and pressed her back against the wall. "Let me see if I can cool you off."

Severus was in no mood to tease this morning. He unwound Hermione's legs from around his waist, and hung them over his arms, opening her thighs wide.

"Guide me," he breathed, his breath hitching as Hermione's warm little hand wrapped around his shaft and placed him at her entrance. He slid into her hard, making her gasp.

"Yes," Severus groaned, and started stroking into the witch, leaning back, his eyes closed in pleasure as he drove into her softness once again, his pelvis bumping against her inner thighs, sliding her up and down the wet wall. He was hitting her deeply, but not too forcefully. He didn't want to bruise her, this time. Her hot walls wrapped around his shaft deliciously, her lubrication greasing his organ from stem to head.

"You are pure gold," he hissed, his black eyes snapping open, gazing at the moaning witch as he pumped inside her, "and you're so beautiful." He began to angle his strokes, rotating his hips to reach every part of her, reveling in her gasps and moans of pleasure.

"I make you feel good, Hermione?" he panted, thrusting.

"Oh, yes Severus," she gasped back.

"You'll only give this to me," he said, more of a statement than a question, hitting her a little harder to show his possession. As far as he was concerned, Hermione was off the market and his totally.

"And you won't go back to the brothel," she gasped, her amber eyes meeting his.

"No. I have you now. I want no substitutions," he breathed, increasing his stroke, sliding her up and down the wall, before pulling her away and immersing both of them under the full spray, lifting her up and pulling her on to him over and over again as the water washed over them. Hermione was wailing now, her voice jerking as Severus pistoned into her, hitting bottom like a jackhammer, bringing her to the brink, then pushing her over with a shriek as she clutched him close, her body clamping down on his thrusting organ, come rolling over him as he gasped and followed her

"Yes! Oh gods, Hermione!" he groaned as he exploded into her, his knees buckling as he gushed. He quickly moved her back against the wall, pressing into her as deep as possible as he filled her with his seed, his mouth locked to her throat as he groaned in tangent with her soft cries of release. He pinned her there, holding her until the last pulse died away, and he felt himself soften within her slick warmth.

He kissed her tenderly, still breathing heavily.

"I wouldn't be adverse to waking up to this every morning," he gasped, slowly letting her down. Hermione gave him a crooked smile as she leaned back against the wall.

"I'll have calluses if left to you," she said, touching her sex and wincing. It had been good, so good, but now she really felt the effects of the ardent Potions Master.

Severus looked at her, concerned now. She grinned up at him.

"I've never read or heard of a witch getting calluses, Severus. I was just joking. I am sure it will remain soft and pliant, though I'm not sure about tight. You are pretty big, and pretty randy. You might stretch it out of shape in a few weeks," she said moving back into the spray and picking up her washcloth. She soaped it, and rubbed it around Severus' neck and shoulders, before lathering his chest and belly. Severus looked down at her. He had never had a woman wash him before, yet she did it with an easy intimacy that he found wonderful. Yes, he could get used to this. She washed his arms, making him lift them so she could get his armpits.

"You know, Hermione, I have potions that will keep you 'in shape'. You don't have to worry I will literally 'wear you out' though I intend to indulge in you as much as you will allow me to," he said to her, gasping a little as she washed his tool thoroughly, then dropped before him to wash his legs and feet. He placed his hand on her head as he lifted one foot, then the other.

"One of the benefits of sleeping with a Potions Master," she said as she turned him around and started washing the back of him, resoaping the rag. She goosed him when she came to his buttocks, and Severus jumped, scowling at her.

"There will be NONE of that," he seethed. "I've had to protect that orifice for years as a servant of the Dark Lord, and you will not tamper with it now.

Hermione looked at him, shocked.

"You mean the Dark Lord…" she began.

"Let's just say there were other options available as punishment besides being whipped, beaten and hexed with the Cruciatus curse. Options I chose not to take," he said, his dark eyes growing darker with the memory.

"Oh, Severus…" Hermione said, embracing him.

Severus stood there awkwardly for a moment, unused to accepting sympathy. Then his arms went around the witch and he relaxed into her embrace, drawing comfort from her. After a few moments, he broke the embrace and took the washcloth and soap from her.

"Your turn," he said, soaping the cloth.

They emerged from the bathroom to find clothes for each of them laid out on the bed, courtesy of the house elves. Hermione had a simple pullover floral print dress, with cute sheer white panties (no bra) and Severus had a button down white shirt, black pants, silk boxers and a belt with the Slytherin crest. They dressed, and Severus wrapped his arms around Hermione and apparated to the veranda, where a hearty breakfast was laid out in readiness. Sausages, eggs, biscuits, honey, pancakes, fried potatoes, slices of ham, jelly, and fresh butter awaited them. Coffee, tea, milk, orange juice and pumpkin juice also graced the table.

Severus pulled out Hermione's chair, then took his seat. The couple was starved so little was said other than "pass the ham, or pass the potatoes or pass whatever" for about fifteen minutes as they ate.

With the edge of his hunger sated, Severus looked at Hermione and said, "I think I need to adjust the anti-apparation ward so you may apparate in and out of the Manor."

"That would be very convenient, though I do like tucking into you to go places," Hermione replied, smiling at him.

"I enjoy tucking into you, too," Severus said, arching an eyebrow at her suggestively.

Hermione laughed.

Suddenly a beaming Eli appeared beside the table.

"Good morning, Master…Miss," the elf said, bowing deeply to both of them, before giving another broad smile.

"Good morning, Eli," Severus said.

"Hi, Eli," Hermione responded, looking at the elf, "You look extraordinarily happy today."

Indeed, Eli was so bright and animated, one would have thought it was he who completed a satisfactory in-outie.

"I am happy for the Master and Miss. It is a happy day for all in the Manor," the elf replied.

For a moment, Hermione felt like she had slept with the entire staff of Snape Manor as well as Severus. She shook the thought from her head, shuddering a little. Severus noticed.

"Are you all right?" he asked her, his brow furrowed.

"Yes. I was just thinking that my bed was a little crowded last night," she responded.

Severus snorted back a laugh, noticing Hermione was looking at the grinning Eli with a slight frown.

"We did NOT watch," the elf said defensively. "We just knows because we can feel our Master's pleasure, though…" here the elf looked a little perplexed, "We senses Master in pain and very angry too, but not long."

Severus and Hermione just looked at each other, then down at the elf.

"It was nothing, Eli," Severus said.

"Oh, I don't know about that," said Hermione, her amber eyes turning rather smoky.

The elf looked back and forth between the two, then shrugged his shoulders.

"As long as you is both happy," he said. Then he turned to Severus.

"Master, we does not know what to do about the outside," Eli said, his small face serious now.

"The outside?" Severus asked him.

"Yes sir. If you is finished with breakfast sir, I will show you," Eli said bowing.

Severus wiped his mouth with his napkin and rose. Hermione rose also. Both followed the elf down the corridor and to the front door.

"The outside likes this since yesterday, sir," the elf said, opening the door and walking outside, down the portico and toward the Manor grounds. Severus and Hermione followed him.

As soon as they cleared the portico, they saw what Eli referred to. Crowds of people were milling about on the outside of the ward Severus placed. There were photographers, news-wizards, well-wishers with 'thank you' signs and holding up posters of the pair, spell company representatives holding up logos and contracts, and a little farther back, what looked like a makeshift campground filled with tents and cooking fires. Severus looked up. Wizards and witches on broomsticks filled the sky.

Hermione moved closer to the Potions Master, her eyes round as she looked at all the people.

"Severus," she breathed, "What is all of this?"

Severus surveyed the circus before them.

"Fame, Hermione, he replied, "This is Fame."


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