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I will not…be destroyed.

I refuse to die. I will not allow it!

This shall not be the culmination of all my efforts; my fate is not to be discarded and forgotten. My fate is to conquer and rule!

I will rise again. I have been cheated of victory, but I will return. My enemies have not seen the last of me. I will claw my way to freedom, rally my forces for a new offensive, and then crush all who defy me.

My vengeance will be swift, but their suffering will be slow. I will not rest until I rip out every one of their still-pulsing sparks and hang their mangled chasses from the gates of Iacon!

This galaxy is mine by right, and I will not be denied!

They will all know my name; they will all fear my name.

For I am power! I am eternal!

I am