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Author's Note: Well today is September the First or 9/1, and in honor of the date I bring you the first of my Demyx Month stories. I missed Axel Month, but I refuse to miss Demyx month.

Summary: Demyx has a catch phrase.

Pairing: Implied Xemnas/Demyx

Under Orders

"Oh, we do to have hearts," it was his catch phrase, much like number eight's "Got it memorized?" only he didn't finish every other sentence with those words. It was his honest belief that they did have hearts, they all had them at one time, just because they were no longer with in their bodies didn't mean they still didn't have them.

"Number Nine, must I educate you on the truth, again?" the leader said, looking impassively at the younger Nobody.

"BUT WE DO TO HAVE HEARTS, I KNOW WE DO!" shouted the younger glaring at the Superior. He dropped his voice down to a normal volume and said, "Just because they're no longer tied to these mortal shells we call bodies doesn't mean that they've ceased to exist, why else will we be looking for them?"

It was a good thing they were in Xemnas' office, had Demyx said this outside that room he would have been lucky to only be threatened to become a Dusk, as it were the other's look told him he did not appreciate being talked to in such a manner. However, Xemnas paused his mind going over what the other had just told him, truth be told there was a reason he had not already turned the "useless" member of the Organization into a Dusk, and that was because the goof was actually quite smart with a different way of thinking than Vexen or Zexion.

Xemnas silently admitted to himself that if Demyx, or Emyd as he was before, had been one of Ansem's apprentices he might not have become a Nobody. He wasn't going to admit it out loud though, "While your theory has merit, it is not upheld by scientific fact, if you could prove this hypothesis of yours, write a report for me and I'll read it. Meanwhile, you are dismissed."

Demyx stood, arms akimbo, he smirked, "I'll prove my theory to be true in such a way that even Vexen would have to think about it." With the smirk still on his face he dropped his arms to his side and left the room, turning with a flourish.

Xemnas sat back in his chair watching the ninth member of the organization exit his office, a smirk on his face, "Oh yes, Demyx, you can prove it," he licked his lips, naughty thoughts roaming his brain as he turned back to his work.