Disclaimer: I think this is the last time I'll write this...it applies for the rest of the fic: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, that's the property of Disney and Square Enix.

Author's Note: Dang it! I met to write LuxordXDemyx, but this turned out with heavy AxelXDemyx (or DemyxXAxel). I suppose there's a reason that's my favorite pairing. So, anyways, at least one gets to see the other nakie, that has to account for something, right?

Summary: It's Luxord's "Get to Know You Night"

Pairing: more Akudemy than Luxord+Demyx or Demyx+Luxord...but it was the latter I was shooting for...

Rating: M

Strip Poker

It was tradition amongst the nobodies, whenever a new member would join they would have a "get to know you night" which usually involved either a drinking game or a game of cards or both. Xemnas never participated, feeling the others were bellow him, Saïx usually joined him in ignoring the others. Xigbar would usually drag either Xaldin or Vexen into it and Zexion would be dragged over by Lexeaus who insisted that the younger Nobody needed to socialize. Axel was there, he had been the first to his own, and had declared a game of "I Never" in which he had found out his ability to control fire. Demyx had come to his, but they were surprised to find that the nobody had come to the one after his, after all, he had wound up drunk and in bed with Axel the last time.

Luxord was the new nobody's name. He had short cut blond hair and a goatee, without the mustache, and spoke with a British sounding accent. Luxord was sitting at the table much the same way Axel had been when the group had filtered in. Finally with Zexion sitting down, they declared everyone that was coming was there. Demyx had brought a portable CD player and was playing some Flogging Molly, "Perfect music for getting drunk," he said.

As with tradition they finally asked Luxord, "So, what do you want to play?" When Demyx had joined they had played Go Fish which had morphed into another game as they got drunker.

"Poker," Luxord said. They all nodded but were shocked when he said, "Strip Poker. Person with the lowest hand must remove an article of clothing." He was shuffling the cards in his hands looking around.

"Sounds good to me, we played Go Fish on my 'get to know you' night and I still wound up naked by the end of the night," Demyx said, "might as well have the nakedness be the point of the game."

Axel nodded in agreement and soon they were all in. Luxord dealt five cards to everyone and sat the pile in the center. Luxord stayed as he was, Demyx drew three, as did Axel, Zexion drew two, Lexeaus drew one, Xaldin drew two, as did Xigbar. Luxord showed a full house (three sixes and two tens), Demyx a pair of nines (ten high), Axel a pair of eights (queen high), Zexion three aces (nine high), Lexeaus a flush (J, Q, K, A, 2 of hearts), Xaldin a queen high, and Xigbar a ten high. Xigbar striped one of his gloves off.

Luxord lost one glove in the next hand. Xigbar folded and had to drink a shot of the strong stuff, but Lexeaus lost a glove. Over the next few hands they all lost clothes, except Zexion, who probably could smell the subtle differences between the cards and know when he would lose before drawing and folded. Finally, though, he passed out, having to drink a lot of the strong stuff, and it was only Demyx and Luxord left with some clothing, the others dropping out when they only had their boxers.

Axel was watching the pair look over their cards glaring at one another, both were down to their boxers and had become very competitive. Axel just hoped to get laid, again, and wouldn't mind a three some. Luxord laid his cards down, an Ace high, Demyx' face fell as he laid down his cards, King high. Standing up, he dropped his boxers and sat back down, "Up for a game of 'I never?'" he asked.