Characters/Pairing: Link Larkin + Tracy Turnblad
Word Count: 191


Link could remember the exact moment his admiration started to change into something more. Admittedly, he never really acknowledged her existence until he saw her in detention; but one firm smack on her bottom ensured her as a permanent fixture in his life.

Not that he minded, of course.

Even so, it was the next day that the extraordinary feelings had started; the day he felt his heart clench and the butterflies start to flutter. He had been focused on twisting his hips to the rockin' beat when she made her way to the center of the dance floor. She had exchanged a few words and hugged one of the Negro boys; at this he was surprised to feel just a small pang of jealousy; then made her way to the center of the white side.

As he watched her dance her way into a multitude of hearts, he felt a smile growing on his lips. When she finally made eye contact and twirled her way towards the stage, he knew it then; just as surely as he knew it now.


That was the day he started to fall for her.


A/N: Wow... it's been... four years since I last posted anything! Yeesh.

Anyhow, every time I watch this scene in the movie, I'm always thinking - that's the moment! That's when it begins! It's just too cute.

Also, thanks to Saro who was my temp-beta for this! Hopefully, I've improved!