Characters/Pairing: Tracy/Link + OCs [Sort Of...]

Word Count: 759

Link ran around the house, chasing after a giggling little girl who wore nothing but her diaper.

"Olive, really – I need to get you dressed before you catch a cold," he yelled after her, but only received an answering giggle as she ducked under a table.

"Tag!" She laughed, watching him crawl on his hands and knees to reach her. She laughed again as he finally grabbed her chubby legs, holding her close to him as he made his way out from under the table.

"Oh, you caught her," his wife appeared at the doorway, holding the hand of Olive's older brother.

"She's so fast," he grumbled as the little girl laughed again, her eyes lighting up at the site of her brother.

"Ewic!" she stretched out her hands and the little boy smiled brightly at her. Letting go of Tracy's hand, he walked towards Link and looked up at her younger sister.

"Mom said we gotta be good, Olive. Don't make Mr. Larkin chase you so much," he tried his best to scold, but his younger sister simply laughed again. Link sighed and made his way towards the spare room, where all the kids belongings were. Inside he found the oldest of the four siblings, James and Marla, playing a card game. They both looked up when he entered, Eric and Tracy both following him into the room.

"I never thought babysitting would give me such a work out," Link sighed, placing the little girl on one of the beds in the room as he began rooting through overnight bag that had been waiting for him.

"She likes to play," James said as he picked a card up from the deck, eyes brightening as he looked at whatever was in his hand.

"Any two's?" Marla asked, and then looked up at Link, "and she likes you!"

"Goldfish," her brother sang, eyes glinting happily. "Any fives?"

"You said you didn't have it when I asked!" She glared, handing him the card from her own hand.

"I just got it," was his reply as Eric sat down next to him, observing his older siblings to learn what they were playing. Tracy laughed as Marla huffed, and Link put the now finally dressed Olive down so she could go sit with her siblings. The young couple watched the four children as they sat in a circle, the older siblings arguing as they played their game, the younger boy trying to help his older brother cheat while drinking from a glass of grape juice that had been next to the deck, and the youngest daughter laughing at her sister's dwindling card pile as she chewed on a discarded Joker.

"How do you like the full house, Mr. Larkin," Tracy asked, giving her husband a big smile.

"I don't know where they get the energy; I'm exhausted just by chasing around a toddler!" His hand covered his eyes and he sighed wearily. Tracy laughed.

"You're doing rather well, though." She put a small hand on her growing belly, rubbing it lightly. "Soon we'll have our own little one to run after." He grinned then, feeling reenergized, and placed a long arm on her shoulders.

"True," he smiled, giving her a light squeeze, "I better learn to build up my stamina if I have any hope of keeping up with our kid." A loud giggle broke the moment as they looked up to see Olive had managed to dump the glass of grape juice on her once clean dress. She licked her fingers as her siblings laughed while trying to find something to clean up the mess, Eric bemoaning the loss of his drink.

"We'll consider this training," Tracy laughed as she helped the children save the cards before they got wet. Olive looked up at Link and grinned, seeming to know this event would mean a bath, which would mean she would get to play tag with him again.

"This is more tiring then when we danced on the show," Link moaned, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket and handing it to Tracy. She laughed again and together they managed to save the cards and clean up the mess. Looking at the once clean, now sticky, Olive who was already up on her feet, Link figured he'd give her a head start. She was out the door and laughing wildly and Tracy grinned as he turned to give chase. Hearing him shout for the little girl to stop running already, her grin blossomed into a smile. Link would make an amazing father.

A/N: Un'beta'd… I'm so rusty at writing!

This little ficlet is for a dear friend, who's trying to convince her Muse to come back from vacation. Names changed to protect the innocent... ;) Hope you don't mind bein' the inspiration love!

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