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So, here's my story. As you can see, it was posted in 2007, almost a whole decade ago. I'm here writing this little message on the tail end of 2016 as I come back to touch it up a little bit. I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Found on the doorstep of Takahiro and Yoshie Matsuki, Kouki "Kou" Matsuki has lived his entire life as the brother of Takato, the couple's real son. So far, he has lived a normal life, despite his unknown past. The definition of "normal," however, is about to change for Kou, Takato, and all their friends. And it all starts with a red dinosaur...

Alpha-Gain-Force: The Digimon Tamers

Shinjuku, Matsuki Bakery

"Takato, Kou, hurry up!" yelled Yoshie Matsuki from down the stairs.

"We're hurrying, Mom!" Takato yelled back as he searched frantically for his Digimon Cards.

"Come on, Takato, get your cards already, we gotta go if we want time to play Kazu!" said Kou. He was wearing his usual outfit - a dark blue t-shirt with a silver stripe across the chest, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. He was about Takato's height, and he had brown hair and blue eyes.

"I'm looking!" said Takato as he pushed a pair of goggles off his desk. "There they are!"

"Good, now let's get out of here!" said Kou.

"Fine, fine!" said Takato. After walking down to the door, they both turned around to say goodbye to their mother. "We're leaving, Mom!"

"Okay!" Yoshie called back to them. "Be careful!"

"We will!" said Kou. "So, the park, as usual?"

"Yep," said Takato. "And I'm gonna beat Kazu today!"


Shinjuku, Central Park

"I can't believe I lost again!"

"Well, I can!" said Kazu proudly.

"Me too," said Kou.

"Hey you're supposed to be on my side!" said Takato. "Besides, all my cards were different for some reason!"

"That's because you took my deck, bro." said Kou, holding out Takato's own deck. "About halfway through my game with Kenta, we noticed I had your deck. Way too many Agumon related things to be mine."

"Oh…oops," said Takato. "Yeah, I was wondering where that Patamon card came from."

"Well, knowing Kou, he was probably the one that got them mixed up," said Kenta.

"Hey!" said Kou, "Just because I accidentally mixed up our clothes...and homework..."

"And toothbrushes," added Takato, shuddering. He had no idea why or how it had started, but this was one of Kou's particularly bad habits.

"…and toothbrushes," repeated Kou, "doesn't mean I was the one who mixed up our decks too!"

"Yeah, sure," said Takato as he checked the time on his card reader. "Ah! We gotta go!" Kazu, Kenta, and Kou rushed out, but Takato paused a second and took another look at the device in his hands. "Oh, and I think this is your card reader."

"Oh," said Kou with an embarrassed look on his face. "Sorry about that!" He reached in his pocket and found Takato's. "Here's yours."

"Thanks," Takato said, taking it. "Now let's ruuuun!"


Shinjuku, Yodobashi Elementary School

"Well, you three are lucky," said Ms. Nami Asaji. "The bell hasn't rung yet. I guess miracles do happen, after all. But where's Takato?"

"He's right…" began Kou as he looked around. Strangely enough, Takato wasn't there. "Well, what do know, he's not here."

"That's weird," said Kazu, "Chumley was right behind us when we left the park."

"That is weird," agreed Kenta.

"Well, class is starting, so sit down," ordered Ms. Asaji.

"This is weird, Takato was right behind us," Kou thought.

"I'm here Ms. Asaji!" came a cry from down the hall. "Don't count me laaaaate!"

"There he is," thought Kou, relieved.

"I'm sorry, Takato, but you know the rules," said Ms. Asaji. "You wait outside. And I want an apology this afternoon." Takato sighed.

"Yes, Ms. Asaji…" Takato said. Once Ms. Asaji turned had around, he quietly pulled out his notepad and began to draw.

"That again, huh?" thought Kou. "Hope he comes up with a name soon. I'm dying to see how that 'mon turns out. Oh well, better pay attention before Ms. Asaji bites my head off."

Not wanting to end up in his brother's position, Kou settled into his seat and the day went by as normal. Nothing extraordinary, and nothing cool, leaving him with nothing to do but wonder if they would air Digimon re-runs soon.

When the bell finally rang, Takato breathed a deep sigh and got out his notebook. Everyone else quickly filed out, but as Kou left, he noticed one girl approach his brother and begin to talk to him.

"Woof! So your better hurry up and write that apology!" said Jeri through her sock puppet.

"Er, ok, Jeri…" Takato said, a blush creeping onto his face.

"Good!" the puppet said. After letting out one final "woof," Jeri left, giggling. Kou stepped out of her way and crept back in the way she came.

"Hey, bro, how's the 'mon coming?" asked Kou.

"I'm writing an apology, Kou," said Takato.

"Sure you are," said Kou sarcastically. "But you worked on the dino in the hall right? Got a name yet?"

"Nah, but he's got some attacks," said Takato.

"What are they?" asked Kou excitedly, leaning over to peek at Takato's paper. He frowned when he realized it really was Ms. Asaji's apology.

"I'll tell you when we get home," said Takato, grinning. "By the way, I'm gonna be here a while. Would you go home and tell mom I'm at Kazu's or something? She'll be angry if she finds out we were late again."

"You were late," said Kou. "I made it here on time. And that reminds me, where were you anyway?"

"Oh, I, uh…" Takato hesitated a moment. "I, um, dropped my cards on the way out. I had to pick them up." Kou looked doubtful, but decided to let it slide for now.

"Ok," said Kou. "I'll cover for you. Want me to get your cards on the way home?"

"No, I'll get them," responded Takato, a tad too quickly.

"You sure?" said Kou. "I've gotta get mine anyway."

"No, you just make sure you have yours and no one else's," said Takato. "I don't want to get Kazu or Kenta mixed up in this, uh… mix-up… thing of yours."

"Fine, fine," said Kou. "See you at home!" As Kou walked to the door, he paused a moment. "One more question Takato. The girl that walked out of here earlier…was it Jeri?"

"SH-SHUT UP!" yelled Takato as he jumped out of his seat. Kou just laughed and ran away.


Shinjuku, Matsuki Bakery

It had been nearly three hours since school had let out, and Takato hadn't home arrived yet.

"Hope he's ok…" thought Kou. "There's no way even he could take that long to write an apology."

"Kou, dinner's ready!" called Takahiro from downstairs. "You better hurry before your mother kills us both!"

"Coming, Dad!" Kou called back, smiling. Though he knew that the Matsukis were not his real parents, they never once made him feel like an outsider. Even if it wasn't the one he was born into, Kou was quite satisfied with his family.

"Though I'd be more satisfied if there was one more of us present… oh, well," thought Kou as he headed down the stairs.

"So, where is Takato again?" asked Yoshie as her adopted son took his place at the table. "He didn't have to write another apology for Ms. Asaji, did he?"

"No, Mom," said Kou. "I already told you, he went to Kazu's place for a rematch. I sorta… switched our decks this morning, so he lost." Yoshie looked doubtful. "Really, Mom! If he was late, I would have been too! Besides, it wouldn't take three hours to write an apology. Even for Takato."

"He's got a point, Yoshie," said Takahiro. "I doubt Kou would leave Takato behind if he was late."

"Thanks, Dad," thought Kou.

"But I'm worried about Takato," Takahiro continued, "I'm going to call Kazu's parents and see if he's still there."

"Un-thanks, Dad," thought Kou as he raced for the phone before Takahiro could reach it. "Don't worry about it, I'll call them!"

"Umm… ok, I guess," said Takahiro.

"Phew, that was close," thought Kou. "Now let's see, what was Kazu's number again? Oh, yeah, that's it."


Shinjuku, Shioda Residence

"Answer the phone Kazu!" called Mr. Shioda.

"Fine, fine!" yelled Kazu, picking up the phone. "Hello?"


"Eh? Is that you, Kou?"

This is Kou, I was wondering if Takato was still there?

"Hey, Buddy, Chumley never came over."

He just left? Ok, thank you!

The line dropped with a click, leaving Kazu blankly stare at the phone in confusion.

"What the…"


Shinjuku, Matsuki Bakery

"Wow, I owe Kazu an apology tomorrow for that one," thought Kou. "Takato better hurry up, now, though."

"Well?" questioned Yoshie, "Where is he?"

"He's on his way back," said Kou. Before he could sit down to finish eating, however, there was a knock at the door. "That's probably him now. I'll go let him in."

When Kou opened the door, he was startled by what he saw. It was Takato alright, but he was filthy, and there was a large tear down his pant leg. But before he could comment on this, Takato dragged him outside.

"You have to see this!" exclaimed Takato as he lead Kou behind the bakery. "It's really him, it's... it's Guilmon!"

"What?" thought Kou, confused. "Oh, he must have named that Digimon he was drawing. But that doesn't explain the ripped clothes or why he's so filthy." He sighed. "Can't you show me that drawing inside Takato? We're in the middle of dinn… er…." He trailed off as Takato brought him before what had to be the reason he was late. He couldn't believe his eyes. Was this real?

He stood there, eyes wide, face to face with a real, live, crimson dinosaur. Face to face with Guilmon.