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Ok, I know I was supposed to post another chapter of She Was Like, but my beta had broken his hand, and he's now currently working on the story. This just came to me while my parents were doing karaoke (don't ask me why, I have absolutely no idea) and so I wrote it down. Enjoy!!


"And so this is what we're going to do: We have decided to combine the Konoha High and Suna High together, so as to bring out more cooperation. So this school is now The Academy for the Gifted Nins. Only some of you have been selected to attend this school. Now remember, you are still learning about ninja techniques and stuff. But we will be throwing in some academic courses to help you more as becoming a ninja. Understand? Good, you are now dismissed. You may now go to your homeroom classes."

Everyone shuffled out slowly, heading towards different sections of the newly-made 4-story building.

A teenage rosette-haired girl yawned. That hour-long assembly sure was exhausting. She didn't know why they needed it for that long. And kind of name was The Academy for the Gifted Nins? Oh god, her back was sore now.

"Sakura-chan!!" A voice called out in the middle of her stretching.

The young kunoichi turned around to be met with an orange and black blur hurtling towards her. She dodged out of the way just in time.

In a matter of seconds, an orange heap was lying just where she was standing a few seconds ago. It moved and soon it took the form of a teenage boy.

"Ah, Sakura-chan, there you are! I was only going to hug you."

Haruno Sakura stared at the boy in curiosity. How was it, out of both schools, he was the only one was still hyper?

"Ne, Sakura-chan, who do you have for homeroom?"

Sakura snapped out of her ponderings and searched her head for the information. God knows why she didn't just look at the schedule in her hand. "Uh, Hatake Kakashi."

"Really?" He brightened up considerably.


The blue-eyed boy nodded enthusiastically before dragging her off to the west wing. "Really? Me too, c'mon let's go!"

"Uh, Naruto? Do you even know where we're going?"

He almost tripped before standing back up. "Of course I do! We're going to Tahake Shikaka's homeroom, which is this way!" He pointed to a random direction, and started marching off, dragging his best friend of 10 years after him.

Sakura groaned. He obviously had no idea where he was going.


After searching the entire school, they came back to the auditorium, where they first started. And it turned out that Kakashi's room was right down he hall from the auditorium. Oh, how stupid she felt now.

But, surprisingly, when she had entered the room with Naruto, the teacher wasn't even there yet.

The two of them surveyed the room. There were only three empty seats left.

Sakura took the one in the third row, while Naruto took the one in the last row, right behind her.

Everyone was talking for some time before the door slammed open. Almost everyone in the room jumped up. They all returned to their seats, thinking it was the teacher.

A red-haired guy came strolling through. He scanned the class with his cyan eyes, and realized the only seat left was the one by the pink-haired girl.

Everyone watched him walked. They were all focused on either his red tattoo on his forehead, his black-rimmed eyes, or his black apparel.

The boy plopped down in his seat and spared Sakura a glance.

She smiled at him. "Hi, I'm Sakura, nice to meet you."

He analyzed her before replying. "Gaara."

Sakura frowned from the lack of response, but curiosity soon replaced that, as she looked at him. "Can I ask you a question?"

He smirked. "You just did."

"Well I'm going to ask you another one."

"Hn," He folded his arms and stared blankly at the clock.

" So those black rings around your eyes?"


"Is that eyeliner?"

The room had quietened considerably, everyone wanted to know his answer.

The redhead closed his eyes and sighed at the frequently asked question. "No."

"Is it eye shadow?"

His eyes shot open. "No."

The pink-haired teen looked at him in sympathy. "Oh, so it's smudged mascara."

Naruto snickered from behind.

"I hate it when that happens. Don't y-"

Gaara's eye twitched, and he didn't hear the rest of her ramblings. "No."

Sakura, who was clearly startled at being interrupted, looked back towards him. "Did you get hit by someone in both eyes?"

He was starting to get annoyed now. Sabaku no Gaara does not get hurt! He glared back at her.

The girl, who was getting more confused by the minute, continued on asking questions. "Then you smeared paint all over your eyes?"


"You fell in dog crap that was incidentally black? Spray paint?"

A vein was forming. "No."

Temari, who was sitting on the other side of Gaara started laughing out loud, which caused him to glare at her.

"You colored it with permanent marker?"

Oh look, now there was an additional vein. "No."

"Oh, your sibling drew on your face when you were sleeping."

There were now six veins on his on his head. "No."

"You got ink on you face, right?"

"Nooo." His patience was wearing thin.

She contemplated her thoughts. "Ah, you were trying to dye your hair black, but you missed and accidentally got your eyes."

He looked at her, wondering how such a seemingly smart person was so dense. How complicated humans are.

She stared right back at him in confusion for a couple of seconds before realization dawned on her face. " Oh, oh! I get it now!"

He sighed in relief. Thank god she had figured out he was an insomniac. Even thought it had took her some time. She wouldn't bother him now.

"You were abducted in you sleep by brain-washed cows who gave you to the butterfly-eating fairies, who sold you to the paperclip obsessed aliens, who shipped you to the flying evil monkeys, who flew you to the talking rocks, who attempted to cut you up with a rubber bracelet, but then decided to launch you in space, and when you were in space, you get sucked in by a black hole, and somehow the blackness of the hole rubbed off onto your body, so when you managed to get back to our world, you washed all the black sticky stuff off of you, but the part around your eyes wouldn't go away, so now you are sitting in class with black stuff around your eyes." She took a huge breath.

There was silence. Then almost everyone in the room burst out into laughter.

Gaara growled and stood up. "NANI?" That had to be the stupidest thing he had ever heard.

Sakura took another big breath. "Well, you were abducted in you sleep by br-"

"GODAMMIT WOMAN!! IS IT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND?! I'M AN INSOMNIAC! INSOMNIAC! I-N-S-O-N-M-E-A-C! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD!!" He huffed and sat back down. Everyone was a little scared of the outburst.

She stared at him blankly. " You spelled insomniac wrong. It's i-n-s-o-"

He clutched his head. "Ah!! What would it take to get you to shut up?"

The pink-haired girl blinked at him a few times before smirking devilishly. "Fifty bucks and a bar of chocolate."

He fumbled around in his pockets for some time before pulling out a few crumpled bills and handing them to her.

She looked at the two twenty's and a ten in her hand before turning back to the red-headed insomniac. "You know, it's spelled i-n-s-o-m-"

"Okay, okay!" He waved his hands in front of himself. "I'll buy you the chocolate at lunch."

Sakura smiled coyly before turning back around in her seat, waiting for the teacher to come. So far, she liked the first day of her new school.


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