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The piercing scream had everyone covering their ears with their hands. Gaara's tower of sand slowly faded away to nothing as he kneeled down onto his knees like everyone else. When it stopped, they all collapsed to the ground. They were all pretty worn out, except for, of course, the person who said this, well rather screamed this.

Sakura stood as the only person still on their feet in the middle of the field. After ten minutes of recovering from her girlish scream, most of the people had gotten up.

Gai said a little dizzily, "O-okay class. That's all the f-fighting for to-today. Let's bring our GLITTER INSIDE! OH YEAH!" At the thought of his wonderful glitter, Gai became energetic and all too happy.

The rest of the class groaned and trudged back slowly into the building. The way they were acting, you would've thought that they had faced a whole horde of vampires and demons, than a very high-pitched scream.

Sakura stood a little behind and rubbed her head sheepishly. "Heheh, whoops."

Kakashi shook his head at her. "Oh whatever am I going to do with you?" He smiled fondly at her before shooing her away. "Run along now."

She bowed before running after her classmates, who all glanced at her rather warily.

"What are you going to do with her?"

The voice had startled Kakashi, despite being the ever so calculating ninja he was. He jumped and looked for the source of the voice. The man relaxed at seeing who it was.

"Oh it's just you Kurenai…. and Gai…. and Iruka…. and Tsunade…. and…. What the hell are all you guys doing here?"

To his complete and utter surprise, the whole entire teaching staff was staring back at him.

"Well," the Fifth Hokage started off. "to put it lightly…. We're slightly afraid Sakura is going to bring down the whole school is she continues like this. So-"

"So," Gai continued, oblivious to the glare he was receiving from Tsunade for being interrupted. "We have decided that we needed to find a way to get Sakura to calm down a little. And that is to-"

Kakashi sighed, stopping Gai mid-sentence. "I know. I was there when we discussed this, remember?"

The staff all paused at him in confusion before realization dawned on them. Oh, that was right. He was there!

"Good!" Kurenai said. "So we can discuss our plans and-"

"But I forgot everything." Kakashi sighed with his eyes closed and shrugged.

Everyone, excluding Kakashi, fell down anime style.

"You idiot! You just wasted ten seconds of our life!" Tsunade grabbed his collar and glared at him.

"I just wasted ten seconds of your life," he sung.

Everyone stared at him weirdly.

"It's a good song, even if it is only 11 seconds long." He replied to their unasked questions.

"Anyways," Shizune started slowly. "We decided to get Sakura together with a boy."

"WHAT?!" He yelled enraged. "WHO IN KAMI'S NAME THOUGHT OF THIS?!"

Tsunade gripped on his collar tighter and glared at him for spitting on her and for his stupidity. "It was your idea, baka."

"Huh. That's right." He scratched his head as everyone sweatdropped. "Well who did we decide?"

Tsunade dropped him down on the ground (well technically his feet were still on the ground as he was taller than her). "We haven't. Which is why we are trying different guys to see which is right for her."

Kakashi nodded. "And why all of a sudden are you so interested in my dear student?"

"Have you not been paying attention?" Some people yelled out simultaneously.

"Sort of."

Everyone just shook their heads at him and pulled him into a circle.

"Okay so this is what we'll do…." Tsunade started.

"So class, that's how you listen to an iPod," Kurenai said.

The class nodded, a little confused as to why they were being taught a civilian way of life. Wasn't this a class to improve you ninja skills?

"Now class, I want you to try it."

The class all held the different kinds of iPods in their hands. They slowly put the earphones in their ears and pressed the play button. Sakura caught Neji's eyes as he walked back to his seat from doing an errand.

"Sakura! I cannot believe that you pushed the pause button on the iPod! After I specifically said the play button! And Neji! How dare you condone it as you walk past! Detention for both you tonight at seven o' clock!"

The two teens stared at the teacher in shock before opening their mouths to protest. Wasn't the pause button the same as the play button? Wasn't the school supposed to be closed at 7 o' clock?

Kurenai held up a hand. "Not a word from either of you. I'm already disappointed as it is." Her eyes had a fake sadness in them as she clasped her hands and stared wistfully off into space.

She turned back to her two students sharply. "Remember, 7 o' clock! And don't be late!"

Sakura arrived before Kurenai's room five minutes ahead of schedule. Great, she already had detention on the first day of school. How funny her mood changed from being happy-go-lucky to rather sarcastic. How horrible this detention was going to be. She sighed before knocking and entering.

To her surprise, Neji was already there.

"Hi," she quietly said to him. She took a seat two down from him in the front row.

He nodded back in response and they both sat in silence, waiting for Kurenai to come.

The door slammed open at exactly 7:00 and Sakura jumped a little.

Kurenai briskly walked over to the two targets and looked at them sternly. "Both of your detentions will last until 9:00. So you have two hours in here. Together. Alone."

Both nodded.

"Now you might want to know what your punishment is."

Both nodded again.

"Well you two are to stare deeply in each other's eyes for two hours."

"WHAT?!" They both yelled simultaneously.

"Both of you are going to stare deeply in the other's eyes for two hours. And there will be cameras, so I will know whether you are following my instructions or not."

"Sensei? How come?!" They both asked concurrently.

Kurenai quickly made up an excuse in her head. "Well, uh, it's a new method we're trying out for people in double detentions whose last name has the same initial as the other. Well I'll leave you two to be." She walked as quickly out, as she had in and closed the door behind her. They were left in the classroom. Together. Alone.

The two sat uncomfortably in an awkward silence for a few minutes before Sakura turned towards him.

"Well she said there will be cameras right? So we might as well."

He grunted in response and after a few seconds of silence, turned towards her. "Fine."

It was rather gauche at first, after just being told you had to stare intently into the eyes of an acquaintance of sorts. But after a few minutes passed by, they got more into it.

Neji had never noticed how beautiful her large green eyes were. They were so full of innocence and honesty, not what you would suspect from a kunoichi. They appeared apple-green at first, but when ever she made a movement of sorts, it would turn a bottle-green. Whenever the sun shined down upon her, her eyes radiated a brilliant emerald. And she had wonderful flecks of blue that gave them more color. But then she looked away and broke eye contact.

Sakura loved his pale lavender eyes. They looked so soft and nice. Even the fact that he didn't seem to have those…. those…. pupils was it? didn't seem to bother her. They were very pretty. In the light they were a luminescent lavender that seemed to glow. When the light wasn't shining on them, they turned to a lighter shade of violet that had flecks of a color she couldn't name. It was very suiting though. Sakura had never thought Neji to have such…. such…. kind and stunning eyes. His body wasn't so bad either…. NO! Bad Sakura! Bad Sakura! Stop thinking these thoughts!

She looked at the clock to dispel her thoughts away from those gorgeous eyes. 110 minutes had passed by. Only 10 more minutes Sakura. Forget about the cameras, just stop looking at his eyes! But alas, she couldn't resist the temptation to sneak another peak at him, so she did exactly that. And she was once again caught by his alluring gaze.

Sakura and Neji were slowing inching closer together until there was only an inch of space between them. They started to lean in unconsciously when suddenly the door banged open.

The two leaped feet apart, on opposite sides of the row. There, standing in the doorway, was Kurenai, with a hint of a smirk on her face.

"That will be all for now," she said to them. "You both are dismissed."

She left, leaving the two in the classroom. Together. Alone.

"Uh…. well…. I'll guess I'll be leaving then." Sakura whispered, beet-root red.

The other boy had a very faint blush on his cheeks, which Sakura was not used to seeing. He gave a noncommittal grunt.

As they both made for the exit, he turned towards her.

"Next time, try not to hit the pause button instead of the play button," he said jokingly, cracking a half-smile.

Sakura smiled up at him. "Okay."

When she was by herself outside of the school (it might've been a little awkward walking home with him), she stopped for a moment. That was the first time she heard Neji joke. That was also the first time she had seen him smile, or at least half-smile. It was…. different. She smiled to herself before continuing home

Maybe the detention wasn't so horrible after all.

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