Title: Generation Chaos
Author: Gothic Valley Girl
Author email: duoslilangel@yahoo.com
Category: Humor
Keywords: 2nd Generation of HP characters
Spoilers: All four books
Rating: PG (just to be careful)
Summary: 15 years after the trio graduates. Now their kids are taking their places at Hogwarts
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Harry James Potter was sitting in his kitchen, enjoying the few minutes of peace before the hellions woke up. Ginny was sitting across from him reading the latest Witch Weekly Magazine. Then they heard screaming and yelling. Harry spilled boiling hot coffee all over himself.

"IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE!" Two children were practically falling down the stairs to get to their parents. One was Maxwell Potter, Harry's and Ginny's son. The other was Morgania Dursley.

"What's all the commotion?" Harry asked while wiping the hot coffee off the table.

"We got our letters!" Morgania said. Morgania just ran away from the Dursley's house for the 9th time this month. Harry enjoyed seeing her, mainly because she wasn't anything like her parents Dudley and Pansy, plus she had the knack of keeping the house interesting. Morgania was a person most people would try to avoid, especially her grandparents. She was gothic. At first Harry thought it was for attention, but then she starting asking for the strangest things for birthdays and Christmas's. Things like bats, swords, and a canteen. That's when Vernon and Petunia disowned her and took her out of the will. When Morgania was showing magical powers, Pansy told Dudley that she was a witch. Dudley divorced Pansy and framed her for attempted murder. So that left Morgania alone with the whale, er single father. He started dating again (once a month thanks to online dating), and Morgania was become more and more invisible. So she ran away. After a couple of weeks Dudley would finally realize she was gone, and went in search for her so he wouldn't be sent to jail for child neglect.

Max was the calm child in the family. He was quiet a lot because his mind was always filled with 20 different thoughts. Sometimes when you talked to him, or just stared at him, you could tell he was millions of miles away. He was best friends with Ron Weasley's daughter Niaomi. She was also friends with Morgania.

Niaomi was the genius of the Weasley family. Of course she was, Hermione was her mother. She teased people a lot, but in a nice way. She despised Slytherins. Her cousins were always bad mouthing them, saying that they were all jerks and dimwitted. So Niaomi was always calling people she didn't like Slytherins. She had no reason not to.

"Can I owl Niaomi? See if she got her letter?" Max said eagerly.

"Sure son, but no more bludgers. Rowe is too afraid to fly anymore." Ginny said as she ruffled his already messed up hair. She was recalling the incident that Max was trying to send Niaomi a birthday present, which just happened to be a bludger. Rowe, their owl, kept getting hit with it while carrying it, plus it was very heavy. Rowe is now afraid to leave her perch, even after her wing healed.

"Hello all you beautiful people!" Someone called. Skylar Black stepped into the kitchen. Harry fell off his chair spilling his second cup of coffee on the floor. Skylar was the dare devil of the family. She was Harry's god sister, since Sirius was finally freed. Her mother was Joanne Black. Joanne and Sirius met when Joanne first started teaching DADA. Skylar's surprise visit wasn't what surprised Harry; she was always dropping in unexpectedly. It was her hair that caused him to spill his coffee. Her hair was usually reddish brown, going past her ankles, and causing her to always trip. But today it had blue streaks through it, and cut pixie style.

"Whoa! What happened to your beautiful hair?" Ginny asked, taking some in her hand.

"Tim gave me a prototype for a WWW prank, and it exploded and got gum all through my hair and stained some of it blue. So I had to cut all of it off and the blue wouldn't come out." Skylar said happily.

"Why do you sound so happy about it?" Harry said.

"Well, this was the only way I could finally put blue in my hair." Skylar grinned cheekily.

"Wow, Skylar I like your hair!" Max said as he returned to the kitchen.

"Don't encourage her." Sirius said. He walked in, looking very angry. "I swear, that Weasley is going to blow himself up one of these days. Trying out all those prototypes."

"Dad, he doesn't try them out, I do. Now did I hear something about 2 of my bestest little buddies getting letters?"

"Yeah! We are accepted to Hogwarts!" Max and Morgania were jumping up and down again.

"Oh my dearest god bro, and my god bro's wife. You won't deprive me of the chance of taking them to Diagon Alley would you?"

"No pranks!" Ginny and Harry yelled as Max and Morgania ran out of the room to get ready.

At Diagon Alley, Skylar was pointing out the best places to get their supplies. After Max and Morgania got their wands, Skylar took them to WWW, Fred and George Weasley's joke shop. Tim was inside working behind the counter. Tim was a tall red head, the same age as Skylar.

"Hey Billy bob!" Skylar called.

"Hi Jim Bob Joe." Tim said. A rather large woman was lecturing her son inside, and was making it impossible to get anywhere. After squeezing through the small space between the wall and lady, Skylar leaned against the counter. Max and Morgania also squeezed through and joined Skylar.

"So what's the Beachball screaming about?" She whispered to Tim.

"Her son gave her a canary cluster, she looked like Big Bird. It didn't help any that she ate the whole tray of free samples."

"Who's Big Bird?" Max asked.

"It's a muggle kiddy show. I can't remember what it was called though. So are you two excited to be going to Hogwarts?" Tim said.

"Yeah, this means I can find out how to turn my dad into a cockroach!" Morgania said.

"He'd be a mighty big ol' cockroach." Skylar said. "Bet that would make a big crunch when you step on him."

"Well, here, don't tell your parents." Tim whispered. He gave Max and Morgania each a large bag of pranks. "It's a beginners pack. Inside there is anything you need for your first month of pranking."

"Only a month?!" Morgania said shocked. "This seems like it would last a year!"

"Gees, I think it will only last a week." Skylar said. Then another person came into the store. She had auburn hair. She yelped when she saw the Beachball and managed to squeeze through the crack and get to the counter.

"Hello Hill-Billy Joe Bob." Tim and Skylar said.

"Hey guys." She whispered. "I'm not supposed to be in here, but shhhh. The Beachball should block the view from my parents."

"Why do you guys keep calling her Beachball?" Max asked, causing the others you cover his mouth with their hands to 'shh' him.

"Well, when I first got my wand, she was in the shop with me." Tim said. "When I finally found one, I turned her into a Beachball." The woman glared at them, and pushed her son out the door. She tried to leave, but she got stuck in the door. Tim sighed and grabbed the mop behind him. He used the handle to push her out of the door. And then he used it to wipe up all the crumbs she left on the floor, and the slobber.

"So Tim, where's your dad and uncle? I hope that they didn't leave you all alone, with all these pranks." The girl said.

"Sorry to burst your bubble Meg, but they are in the back. Now what can I get for you?" Tim said.

"I need 2 boxes of Extra Strength Bad Breath gum, 4 boxes of wet start fireworks, and 3 Combustible Ink Wells." She counted off her fingers.

"Alright." He disappeared under the counter, and came back up with 9 boxes placing on top of one and other. "That comes up to 15 galleons, and 3 knuts." Meg pulled out a silver pouch and placed the money on the counter.

"What? Don't I get a frequent buyer discount?" She asked.

"You did, but if we did that for you anymore, we'd go bankrupt. You two are our main source of income." Fred Weasley said.

"Hello Mr. Weasley." All the children said.

"Meg, your mom is thinking about putting your picture on our counter saying 'DO NOT SELL TO THIS PERSON'. I heard you blew up your neighbors lawn mower." Fred said.

"Well it was bugging me. All that noise, and grass cutting who could stand it anymore?" Meg said. "But you'll still sell to me right? Even if my mom does put up that poster?"

"As long as you come in disguise." Fred joked. "So Skylar, I haven't seen your dad lately."
"Well, ever since the first time I came home from a mishap of WWW he's been all serious and... uh, um, you know what I mean."

All the Hogwarts students left. Tim was given the rest of the day off since he was traumatized from the Beachball incident. As the group was walking down the street, Max sniffed the air.

"Is it just me, or do I smell smoke?" Max said. The others also sniffed.

"Maybe someone is smoking a pipe or something?" Morgania said.

"Or set off fireworks?" Tim said.

"Or set a building on fire!" Skylar screamed. She broke into a dead run, dropping all her bags in the process. The others quickly followed her.

The Quidditch supplies shop was engulfed in flames. Skylar was the first person to reach it. She could hear the screams of people inside. The other children arrived.

"What are we going to do?" Meg said frantically.

"I'll go get help." Morgania said. She ran toward the Leaky Cauldron. The Quidditch supply shop was in a remote part of the street, some wizards and witches were gathering in front of the store. Skylar ripped the sleeve off of her robes and covered her mouth. Tim tried grabbing her, but she disappeared into the smoke.

"What is she? Crazy?" He screamed.

"You're forgetting who you're talking about. This is Skylar and just the sort of thing she does." Max said.

Skylar was trying to see through the smoke, but it was almost impossible. It was stinging her eyes. She finally reached the store. She could see some flames through the window. She grabbed the doorknob, and yelled in pain. She kicked at the door, until it finally gave. She covered her eyes from the blinding flames. She saw a little girl in the corner crying. She threw off her robe (she was wearing clothes underneath it) and tried to extinguish the flames around the girl. She pulled out her wand and screamed 'Aquaus'. At first it succeeded, but then all the flames she just put out, sprung back to life. Skylar grabbed the girl and ran out of the shop. Her hand was still burning. When she reached the outside, she saw wizards and witches trying to put out the fire. Tim, Max, and Meg all hugged her when she got out of the smoke. Skylar put the little girl down, and looked down at her hand. There was an imprint of the doorknob burned into the flesh of her palm.

"Ouch." Tim said as he looked at her palm.

No one could put out the fire. They had to wait until it burned out. This was the front-page news of the Daily Prophet.

'Diagon Alley Store Burns In Mysterious Accident'
That's what the newspaper called it. An accident. The article went on to tell about how the Ministry of Magic was researching the cause of the fire, and the heroic deeds of one Skylar Black. But only 5 knew about the mark on her hand, Skylar herself, Tim, Meg, Max, and the person who caused the fire because he was looking on as this all happened.

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