I sat on the Hogwarts Express, watching as all the others played Exploding Snap. I never liked that game, mostly because I was the only one in the compartment that didn't grow up playing it. Marcus and Max were getting along, that was great. They are my best friends, even though they hate each other's guts. Skylar found a way to turn the game into a form of Russian Roulette. I see Kings Cross Station up ahead. This wonderful year is going to end in a matter of minutes. The train came to a halt and we all had to leave. Outside there were tons of parents and siblings of the students. I didn't have anyone. I watched as Max ran up to his parents. He looked exactly like his father, the Great Harry Potter. Marcus met up with Erica and Shenlong. He wanted to drag me along, but I told him it would be too awkward. Skylar ran up to her family. Professor Black was really starting to look pregnant. Niaomi went into the sea of red heads. Then Marcus started waving me over to them. I hastily went over.

"Dad, I'd like you to meet Jessica Ely." Marcus said. His father wasn't as evil as Max made him out to be. He shook my hand, and smiled.

"Nice to meet you." He said kindly.

"Same here. I'm sorry about what I did to your son. We were just fooling around and I didn't mean to hit him." I lied through my teeth. Marcus so owed me for this. I wonder what his dad would say if he learned that a Potter did this to his precious son.

"That's quite alright. I'm just glad Marcus made some friends, even if they were in Gryffindor." When he said Gryffindor I swear I saw a red flash in his eyes.

"Er… I'm going to say goodbye to my other friends. Bye Marcus, Erica. Maybe I'll see you in Diagon Alley at the end of summer." I quickly left the Malfoys. There was something really strange about Marcus's dad. Maybe Max was right about him,

"Ely! Over here!" Max called out. He was also in the sea of red heads. I pushed my way through the crowd and finally reached him.

"So, I can't talk you into staying with us?" Max asked.

"No, don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

"Alright. I'll owl you."

"Okay." I walked away from the sea of red and went over to an empty bench. I sat down and stayed there until I was the only one left on the platform. I needed to find somewhere to sleep tonight. So I left Platform 9 and ¾ and went into the streets of London.

Something that being an orphan has taught me through the years, everyone is a sucker. I have become a master scam artist. It was the only way I got my school supplies, my food, and my shelter when I ran away. If I stayed at the orphanage, I never would have been able to eat anything edible. Now that I have a huge trunk to haul around, it isn't going to be easy to just sneak away and disappear. I was thinking about stealing a cart to help me out, but I would get caught for sure.

My first stop was Gringotts. I remember vaguely how to get to Diagon Alley from here, but somehow I managed. Just wandering around brought me to the Leaky Cauldron. I had a little bit of wizard money left, so I went to get a room for the night. I took my clothes out of my trunk and shoved them in my school bag. Then took my trunk to Gringotts and put it in my vault. Yes, I have a vault. Sure it's empty, but I'll need it someday that I scam enough people. I found some chocolate frogs that Niaomi gave me last week and ate them for dinner. Now it was time to find the suckers.

"Step right up all wizarding folk!" I yelled in the crowd of people in Diagon Alley. Some people were drawn over to me. "Test your psychic skills. Only a sickle a try. Who knows, you could be a real seer." So this one man came up. I showed him the marble, and placed it under one of the cups. I moved them around so he couldn't possibly find it. Guess what, he found it. So the next morning after loosing money, I went to scam some Muggles. But something weird happened. In this big shop window, I saw the reflection of a boy my age with pointed ears. He was smiling at me. I whipped around to see him, but he wasn't there. I turned back to the reflection and he was gone. Lack of food must have been messing with my head.

So, I started at the park and got a 20-pound note from some Muggles that looked around the age of 15-16. Then moved up to cards, and finally resorted to pick pocketing. I don't like to steal. Usually just take a few small notes and take back the wallet to the person. That was until I got caught. After trying to pickpocket this girl with glasses and really freaky hair (it was dyed 3 different shades of brown) I must have slipped up because she grabbed my wrist.

"Ely?!" The girl yelled. She grabbed a hold of my face and turned my head to see if I had pointed ears.

"Skylar?! What the heck are you wearing?!" I yelled. She was wearing a business suit.

"I'm training to be an Auror. Why were you trying to steal my purse? And why aren't you at the orphanage?!" This was my cue to run. But she grabbed a hold of my hair and dragged me back to that cruddy place. I am without my clothes, food, and trunk.

So now I'm inside the orphanage. Good thing I put my trunk in the vault. There is a family wanting to adopt a child. They want me for some reason. No worries, I'll just escape again.

I didn't escape. They caught me. The family is giving me a trial visit. These people are a bunch of snobs. I can't stand them. They are American. The daughter wanted to develop a British accent so she could fit in better. I'm sleeping on a cot set up in her pink room. It's pink. I hate pink.

"Can you teach me some British slang?" She said in this preppy voice.

"What is slang?"

"You know, words that kids use for other words. Like hotty, sup, that kind of stuff."

"Go away you Muggle." I snapped.

"So does Muggle mean pest?"

"In your case, absolutely." She must be pretty dense, because she took it as a compliment. She started faking a really bad accent. I shoved her out of the room. How am I going to get back to Diagon Alley now?

God, help me. I've been here for three weeks. They want to adopt me. They are getting ready to leave to sign the papers. They treat me like dirt!

"Jessy, darling, come out here." The mother said. I hate being called Jessy. My name is Jessica!!!!

"What do you want?" I asked. They forced me to wear a pink dress so I look nice.

"We are going to go sign the papers now. Then we are going to get you enrolled in the same boarding school as Samantha is going to. Come along. Also you have an appointment with an amazing plastic surgeon to fix those horrid ears of yours." This is where I snapped.

"I already go school somewhere else!"

"Not according to your records. This school will be great for you. Make you more lady like."

"I AM NOT GOING TO A PREPPY BOARDING SCHOOL!" I yelled. I started to rise off the ground. My eyes started glowing red. A fierce wind started howling through the house. The lights started flickering.

"Mommy! What's happening?" Samantha shrieked. I glared at her and suddenly she turned into a toad. The mother started screaming, and the father jumped in front of me. I glared at him and he was thrown into the wall down the hall.

"You want to fix my 'horrid' ears? These ears are all I have left of whatever happened to my family." I yelled. Objects were flying all around me like some sort of tornado. "You made me clean this stupid house, do your stupid laundry, and made me put up with your daughter's stupid fake accent. You're going to pay." I glared at the mother and suddenly something grabbed me before I could turn her into a fire ant. Everything fell down, my eyes stopped glowing, and the mother passed out.

"Jessica Ely." Someone said before I passed out too.

This is a sneak preview of Through the Eyes of a Half-Breed Scam artist. For the rest you need to read the sequel which is posted already with 3 chapters, this one included.