Just finished chapter 52. ...I HEART YOU KAORU. You're so selfless. Kidding, kidding...well, since I don't believe chapter 53 is out yet, here's my own musings on Hikaru's reaction to Kaoru's confession.

Disclaimer: If I owned Ouran, I'd still be confused as to who would end up with Haruhi. I don't think even Bisco Hatori will know until she sends the final pages in to LaLa. (I think that's where Ouran's published...)

Summary: You're so much the same as I am Kaoru, in almost every way. So why am I so jealous of you? Hikaru/Haruhi, Haruhi/Kaoru

Hikaru couldn't breathe.

He ran away, heedless of the crowd. He was quite sure that he pushed more than a few people out of the way, but paid no mind to the shouting masses. They were faceless, angry people who didn't mean anything in the current moment.

When he finally stopped, he tried to breathe again, tried to forget what he'd just seen. What he had heard. His face burned red, angry and jealous that Kaoru--who was supposed to be the shyer twin, the quieter twin..had told Haruhi what Hikaru only longed to say. And it upset him in a way he'd never experienced before.

Then again, he thought as he slumped against a nearby wall, there had never been a reason for him to have been jealous of Kaoru before. They had shared everything. Always. They still did.

Even now, as Kaoru sat with Haruhi far across the park, and he only wished to scream at his own stupidity. And it wasn't fair.

Hikaru took a deep breath in, surprised to find it shaky. He realized he'd been crying, and he felt even worse. Why was he so jealous of Kaoru? Wasn't he supposed to be happy for his brother when good things happened? Wasn't this a good thing?

You're so much the same as I am, Kaoru, in almost every way. So why am I so jealous of you?

Hikaru wiped the tears from his eyes and tried to force the anger from his throat, where it curled in his vocal cords and was sure to lash out if he saw his brother again.

Hikaru, stupid..he told himself as he pulled his knees to his chest and stared blankly ahead, it's supposed to be a good thing. Be happy for your brother, you dolt. Don't be so selfish.

Hunny looked upwards at Takashi, surprised as Hikaru sped by, his cheeks ablaze and his eyes filled with tears.

"What do you think that was about, Takashi?"

Mori only shrugged, and pointed in the direction of Kaoru and Haruhi. The girl sat, stunned, as Kaoru left. Her hand lingered on her cheek.

"Oh," Hunny seemed genuinely surprised, "I see. That's why...should we go find Hika-chan?"

Mori shook his head.

"He needs to be alone."

Hunny nodded, and sighed. He cared about Haruhi as much as anyone else did; she brought them all together, made the whole host club closer knit. And yet now, it seemed her very presence was threatening it. First the twins, and soon, Tamaki and Kyouya...and even Takashi.

He wished there was some way they could all be happy. Tamaki and the twins and him and Takashi. And Haruhi. All of them.