A/N: Thanks to Havenward for betaing. I've got about three quarters of this fic written but not typed up, so chapters will be posted whenever I find the time to do so (and send them to my beta). I wrote this on a whim while travelling, so chapters are short and will continue to be so. Sorry.

I'd like to post a disclaimer right now stating I haven't been to Disney World in several years now so my information is out of date, and I will be taking a few liberties in terms of plot (like apparently season passes have thumb prints now...).

(real) Disclaimer: Supernatural doesn't belong to me. Neither does anything Disney related.


Dean breathed a quiet sigh of relief when the credits to Dumbo began to roll. He didn't care that it was currently Sammy's favorite movie – that scene where Dumbo got drunk was freaky. Not to mention it had led to Sammy innocently asking their father if that was what Dad saw every time he drank.

Sammy was snuggled up beside him in the hotel room's sofa chair. At five and nine years old respectively, they fit in the chair with room to spare. Dad was out gathering information, and Dean was supposed to get Sam ready for bed after the movie, but he didn't feel inclined to move just yet.

Commercials came on. Dean really wanted a Hot Shot action figure, but Dad would never go for it. Maybe if he got cute, little Sammy to ask…The sounds of giant robots battling came to an end, followed by an advertisement for Disney World. It didn't appeal to Dean, but he could feel Sammy leaning forward when the screen showed a happy child and his parent soaring upwards in a plastic elephant.

"Dean," said Sammy, and his eyes were shinning with hope, "Can we go to Disney World?"

Dean figured the only way that was going to happen was if Mickey Mouse got eaten by a werewolf. Still, Dean knew from experience he should nip this in the bud now before Sammy bothered Dad.

"I don't think so, Sammy," he said. "Ol' Walt Disney and Dad had an Argument."

"Oh," said Sammy, losing interest once he realized it was impossible. Sammy had recently seen what happened when Dad argued with people.

"Hey, you go get ready for bed."

"Now?" Sammy pouted.

"You need to sleep now if you want me to wake you for Transformers," said Dean, congratulating himself for being so good at dealing with Sammy. Who cared about Disney World anyway?