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"Dude, why do I have to be some sort of cripple?" asked Dean. They were waiting for their complementary wheelchair. Dean had his foot in a light cast and was leaning on Sam in the absence of a crutch. Sam had refused to let him use a stolen golf club as a cane – said it wouldn't be authentic.

"Here's your chair. Make sure you return it when you leave. Have a great time!" said the smiling employee, or 'cast member' as Disney creepily referred to them.

"We will," said Sam with a big smile, as if he was attempting to win some sort of smile-down contest. "Leroy was worried he wouldn't be able to ride 'It's a Small World' because of his leg."

The cast member just smiled, as Sam pushed the chair away as fast as possible. Dean twisted around to glare at Sam, though the angle made his neck hurt. Usually it was him making fun of his little brother, but he had already had a great time having a go at "Samantha" at the gates. "Well, Sammy, if I ride 'It's a Small World', you're going to have to check out the Dumbo ride, and those spinning teacups they always put on commercials." There was no way 'It's a Small World' was as bad as anyone over ten said it was, and Dean thought it would be a hell of a lot less embarrassing than riding in a flying elephant.

Sam looked tolerant, which was never a good sign. "Dumbo and the teacups are outside so we don't have to ride them, but 'It's a Small World'? That's all yours if you want it, Dean."

"Tough luck," said Dean, thinking fast.


"I won't be able to get on the ride without your help."

"I hate you," said Sam.

On their third day in the park, they reached a new level of desperation. Dean still couldn't believe they'd sat through an entire performance of the Country Bears.

"I think I need a whole bottle of tequila to erase the past hour from my mind," said Dean, staring longingly at the Tiki Bar.

"We have 18 dollars between us. At their prices, that's a drink each," pointed out Sam.

Dean threw a frustrated punch at a fake parrot, which caused those few visitors not absorbed in their own drama to stare. Sam gave his best 'we're harmless and he's just stressed' smile to the crowds who shuffled on past. They heard a mother admonishing her daughter as she dragged her by, "You do not stick your hand up Tigger's butt, young lady!"

"That's it," said Dean, and rolled off towards the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Sam followed. He'd never admit it, but he was very impressed by how well Dean handled a wheel chair at this point.

They had been on every ride in the park by now. Dean had ridden Space Mountain and Splash Mountain several times, insisting that something might be hidden in the dark. Sam couldn't prove it, but he was certain Dean had ridden the Buzz Lightyear ride twice because "a friggin seven-year old" beat his score the first time. Meanwhile, Sam had been impressed in spite of himself by the effects in The Haunted Mansion; he wished ghosts always looked that good. He had almost gotten thrown out of the park yesterday while doing readings in Mickey's Toontown since one woman thought he was recording her children.

Dean rolled up to a wall, and after a quick look around for any cast members, rammed his chair into the wall, making a hidden door pop open. By this point, they knew where all the secret entrances into "behind the scenes" were. They both slipped in and found themselves in a bare, white hallway. Dean stood up. "We need costumes," he muttered, looking both ways. Sam scanned the floor. There was dust from people's shoes, and it was definitely thicker to the left.

"That way," Sam said, pointing left. Dean nodded, and wheeled the chair along with them until they hit a storage closet where it was roughly shoved inside. They came around a corner. One direction led to faint sounds of "yo ho ho" while another was a dressing room for the cast members. Sam saw Dean considering Jack Sparrow's costume. "If we dress up as someone popular, the crowds out there will mob us," he warned.

Fifteen minutes later they were running down the underground hallways dressed as pirate cast members.