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Harry Potter:

Looking Through Fresh Eyes

Chapter 1

To Where it All Started

Hogwarts, June 28,1997

Harry Potter stood in the middle of Hogwarts grounds, his green eyes gazing at the ruins that was once his school and home for the past seven years.

" How did it all come to this?" Harry asked as he caught sight of the memorial dedicated to all those who died in the final battle of Hogwarts, and the final battle with Voldemort.

The list was too long, that was the only way to describe it, nearly 250 people died in this battle Ron and Hermione included. Most of the Weasley's had also died, out of all the Weasley children only Bill and Percy were still alive and as for Arthur and Molly, Arthur was murdered in a death eater raid, and sadly Molly was sent to St Mungo's after she went insane by having to watch her children be killed in front of her. Hermione died at Harry's side along with Ron as well, both were covering him as he fought Voldemort, and it was thanks to them that he had actually managed to survive and deliver the killing blow.

It was the after math that got both his friends killed. When the death eaters saw that their master had been killed they panicked and tried to get their dark lords death avenged. Ron and Hermione were both hit by misguided killing curses.

"Why did every person I have ever cared for have to die? I thought after this dammed war I could finally live in peace and be at least a little more normal but even in his death Voldemort still had to take people away from me. To make things even worse the wizarding world is still in utter chaos with no leader on one knows what to do." Harry stated as he walked through more rubble as if searching for something.

"Ah there it is" he said picked up the sword of Godric Gryffindor. He could feel its power flowing through him as if it were welcoming him back. Harry sighed and said "I pray to Merlin to allow the wizarding world another chance, allow me to fix mistakes that I know I have made, please I wish to be sent back to when this whole thing started, to give everyone a second chance".

With that said Harry lifted the sword up and stabbed himself through the heart.

Harry's body started glowing brighter and brighter as he felt more and more of his life energy being pulled out of him, soon Harry found himself starring at his own lifeless body.

"I really hope this works" said Harry as he lifted his hand in front of him.

"Tempus Soulituris Unnus!!!!"

Harry's spirit dissolved a flash of golden light and then all went dark……

Harry awoke to the sound of someone singing to him and it really sounded nice. He opened his eyes and was shocked to see his Mother!???

"Mum?" he said or at least that is what he tried to say. What he actually said was (Moom?). (AN: this is Harry's baby talk is in Italics )

"Well good morning Harry, I hope you are hungry, we are all going to eat breakfast and then go and visit Mr. Dumbledore. How dose that sound?" his Mum, Lily said with a smile on her face.

"Huh?" said Harry as he thought "What the heck is going on?"

Lily laughed and said " Oh Harry you are too cute." as she picked him up. When she did so Harry caught sight of him self in a mirror and nearly screamed. He was a baby and form the look of it he was only one year old maybe a few months over. He almost started panicking but then clicked, " it worked the spell he used sent him back to his one year old selves body. Their souls were now merged, this merge would also explain the inability to talk properly which actually made sense, it just wouldn't do to have a one year old suddenly start talking like a war hardened 17 year old wizard.

Lily carried him down to the kitchen where he was placed in a high chair and started feeding him when his father walked into the kitchen.

" Hey good morning pal. Enjoying your breakfast? It looks good." James said as he bent down and kissed his forehead.

" So this is what it is like to be loved by your parents" Harry cherished the feeling, it made him feel warm and very happy inside.

As Harry continued to eat his porridge he was also deep in thought, thinking about what he should change first in this new time line. "I really hope I can prevent my parents death, but then what about Voldemort? His attempt to kill me weakened him for 13 years, and the wizarding world was at peace for that time. Jeez there has to be away to have my cake and eat it to. Hmmm so how do I do it" and just then it hit him literally!

The next thing Harry saw was a fat gray rat seemingly flying towards him. The rat landed face first right in the middle of his half eaten porridge Harry knowing who it really was, he suddenly got a wicked idea. Putting on a scared face he frantically pushed the bowl and rat off the high chair table. He then heard the most satisfying squeak!

"Thank you wormtail I believe you just gave me an idea, instead Voldemort coming to me maybe I will go to Voldemort." thought Harry.

About 5 seconds later Sirius runs in "has anyone seen Pete..er , Oh there he is I am sorry Worm…" Sirius never finished his apology for he and everyone else in the kitchen started laughing hysterically as a porridge covered rat walked out form under the high

chair. When he transformed back into a human they laughed even more, now he had it a over his face. "Sirius that is the last time I assist you with anything ever again." whined Peter. Everyone just continued to laugh harder.

Finally after every one had calmed down and Harry and Peter had been cleaned up they all flowed over to Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts.

Tea in Dumbledore's office was interesting to say the least, aside form his parents, Sirius and Wormtail, there was Snape, Remus Lupin, Molly and Arthur Weasley, and two other people that Harry recognized as Neville's parents, Frank and Alice Longbottom. " These are all member's of the order" thought Harry.

Everything was fine aside from his father and Snape shooting glares and insults at each other, until Dumbledore asked James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus to follow him to another room. Harry who had been sitting on Lily's lap was passed over to Peter much to Harry's disgust. After a minute of sitting in the sweaty hands of the traitor, Harry was quite uncomfortable, that is until Harry saw something that an idea on how to help speed up his original plan on seeing Voldemort and saving his parents at the same time. The very tip of the Dark mark was visible on Peters left wrist. Snape was sitting right beside him on the left, if he could get Snape to notice the dark mark on Wormtails wrist he would warn Dumbledore and Dumbledore would formulate a plan to make Peter's foolish betrayal an advantage on their side.

Harry quickly put his plan into action by pretending to be interested in playing with Wormtails left hand. When Wormtail protested to the fiddling Harry gave him his best glare as if to say ;You better let me do what I want with you or there will be hell to pay.

Harry nearly laughed when Peter whimpered and shut up, imagine that he was scared of a little baby, how pathetic. Well not that he was complaining, if Wormtail wasn't so spineless this wouldn't work. Harry then proceeded to pull Wormtails sleeve down slightly until the head of the dark mark was showing. He then made his move and tugged on Snape's arm to get his attention.

When Snape turned his head he looked like he might have yelled at Harry but then his eyes widened with shock for a second and he turned his head back as if he hadn't seen a thing. Harry smiled his plan was now set into motion and all he had to do was wait for the opportune moment to make his next move. When his parents, Remus and Sirius returned he could tell some thing had changed, it wasn't until they were all home that night did he find out why James and Lily seemed so worried. He pretended to play in the front room while he listened to his parents talk about what had happened.

"Oh James…what are we going to do? Harry is only a baby he can't deal with this, he can't understand that an insane, murderous dark lord want to kill him just because he may one day be a threat" said Lily quietly though Harry could tell there were tears in her voice.

James sighed, all the while gazing at his only child. "I think there is only one thing we can do Lily, is to protect him until he is old enough to understand and teach him all that we know. We must go into hiding, to prevent Harry and Voldemorts meeting until Harry is ready"

Harry almost froze, "they know the prophesy already?… Just great, this makes things so much harder" thought Harry. But for now all he could do was wait for an opportunity to present it self. "Maybe just for a little while I will enjoy this life while I can before fate drops my destiny upon me again" thought Harry to himself as Lily and James carried him to bed. "Only this time I can control when and where it will happen and the outcome will be different this time I'll make sure of it" and with that thought Harry fell asleep.

Over the last few days Harry simply enjoyed being with his parents again, although he continued keeping an eye opened for his opportunity to become the boy-who-soon lived again. Not that he wanted to of course, but if it meant his parents staying alive it would all be worth it. His chance soon came one afternoon when he saw Peter sneaking around in the backyard.

"Well so he finally figured out that he was found out, come on Wormtail come and get me, I have a soul to pick with your master." thought Harry to himself as he pretended not to see Peter hiding in the bushes. His parents were talking with each other beside him at the kitchen table still quite oblivious to their friends betrayal. Suddenly there was a rapid knocking on the front door and Dumbledore's voice yelling " Lily, James get your selves and Harry out of there NOW! Peter is a death eater!".

Then everything started happening so fast, Just before his mother went to grab him he heard, "Accio Harry Potter!" and he felt himself flying back towards Peter who held him roughly as he started running away towards the closest spot for apparation outside the Potters house ward limits. Harry acted his part as the confused and frightened toddler, desperately want to be back in there arms of his parents, that part he wasn't acting but he knew that this had to be done. The last thing he saw was his parents running after him looking more scared then anyone he had ever seen, then the world went black.

When the world came back into focus he saw he was in an old dusty house and Voldemort was in it. Harry could feel him, he may not have his scar just yet but Voldemorts magic was so familiar to him he could sense it anywhere. Wormtail carried him through the many dark corridors of the old house, Voldemorts presents getting stronger and stronger as they went. They finally arrived at a large dining room where Harry could see Voldemort sitting at the very end with many rows of Death eaters bowing before him. Voldemorts red eyes were on him trying to figure out an proper death for the boy that has the ability to defeat him.

"Well Wormtail, I see you finally managed to succeed in your task… Good, place the boy down and leave, all of you leave us" said Voldemort in his insanely calm voice. All at once they all left the room, leaving Voldemort and Harry alone.

Voldemort rose form his seat and glided over to Harry, wand drawn and ready for use.

" You Harry Potter are the last thing stopping me form reaching my true power. How or why that is I can not be sure, but I simply can't allow you to become a possible threat, and to show how merciful I am to children, death by torture shall be weaved, yes a simple Avadra Kedavra will do". said Voldemort as he lifted his wand and aimed it a Harry's forehead and then spoke the fatal curse.

"Avadra Kedavra!"

But Harry was ready or at least he hoped he was. He had summand all the ancient blood magic within his body, magic and soul. If he was correct this shield should be enough to protect him from the full effect of the curse.

When the curse and shield connected something happen that neither Harry nor Voldemort had intended. Instead of the spell rebounding off of him like it did last time, the shield seemed absorb the spell, but Harry knew he couldn't keep this up for much longer, his head began to hurt A LOT. Harry then realized it was because his forehead was bleeding through a lightning blot shaped cut. "but how?! The spell hasn't even touched me yet."

But then Harry noticed a lightning blot shape crack in his shield. That was when he realized that if his shield broke he was a goner. All his life was in the shield if it broke he was done for and this would have all been for nothing. The shield was also radiating with the curse, if he could only direct it at Voldemort the curse should be directed back at him, causing the curse to backfire on him just like last time.

Harry lifted his head to meet Voldemorts gaze and looked him in the eye. "Come on, do it!" thought Harry. As obeying Harry's thoughts Voldemort lifted the curse and started to walk towards him. As Harry saw Voldemort come closer he struggled to keep the built up magic from exploding, Voldemort had to be touching him for this to work. If Voldemort touched him he would act like a Avadra Kedavra bomb.

" Perhaps you are a threat already, a mere baby being able to block the Avadra Kedavra curse? I must admit I envy you and if you were anyone else I would raise you as a Death Eater. But I can not simply let you live" whispered Voldemort if Harry didn't know any better he would say that Voldemort was scared. Then he saw Voldemort take out a dagger from his cloak. The dagger was very sharp and double bladed, the were emerald's crested in the silver handle. Harry knew that the blade was highly magical and most likely carried a curse upon it.

"Merlin help me" thought Harry before he felt Voldemort put the tip to his throat. As soon as the blade touched Harry's neck the built up magic of the killing curse flooded out, like a balloon popped with a pin the magic exploded from Harry and converged on Voldemort.

"What!? No!" yelled Voldemort as the curse laced it's way inside him. With one last ear piercing screech Voldemort's body evaporated leaving a very weak spirit behind him and then he fled out the window.

Harry felt his vision grow dim and began feeling weaker and weaker. A warm sticky liquid seeped down his front. "It seems Tom managed to get me after all" thought Harry as felt fainter and fainter by the second. Just before he passes out he could have sworn he heard someone say his name.

" Harry Potter? Oh Merlin!"

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