I know that it was supposed to be finished, but House deserves this much...


The End

It did not rain on the day of House's funeral, nor did a procession of people draped in black make their way along with his coffin.

Cuddy couldn't help but cry as the fall sunlight hit House's finally peaceful face. Chase held Cameron close, though neither of them cried, and Foreman stood aways apart and looked at his former boss's body with a mixture of different emotions.

Wilson's own face was a mask of stone. He gazed over at House with no expression. As the priest began his speech, Wilson cut in.

"He didn't believe in God," he said much to everyone's surprise. "In fact, he didn't believe in the afterlife either. This is stupid."

Everybody stared, dumbstruck, at the one person they had thought would benefit most from the funeral. Cuddy's tears stopped as she looked at him in incredulity.

"So what do you propose we do, Wilson?" She asked.

"If you really want to do something, burn him and save the ashes. I'm sure he'd enjoy that very much. You could even wear them around your neck in a vial."

Chase began to laugh, and Foreman gave a rueful grin. The priest's jaw dropped at this sudden and unexpected turn of events. Cameron nodded her head reluctantly.

Cuddy looked at Wilson for a moment. "That sounds exactly like something he'd say," she finally admitted. Wilson nodded, still serious.

"If you want to say something now, say it," he said to everybody.

"You were a crappy man, a hateful person, and an awful human being," Foreman said to the corpse, surprising everyone once more. "But I learned a lot from you, so...thanks." He stepped back to his place.

This inspired Chase. "To be honest, I hated your guts."

"You treated us all like crap," Cameron added.

"You screwed over patients, you were crabby, hell you even tried to kill yourself by sticking that knife in the socket," Cuddy said with a small, sad laugh.

"To sum it all up," Wilson concluded, quite serious, "you were a bastard."

Then, slowly, ever so slowly, a grin split his face. "But you were also my friend."

He began to laugh, an odd, slightly hysterical giggle. Cuddy started to laugh as well, followed by the rest, even the priest.

"I know you said that you didn't find any afterlife, but... I hope that just that once you were lying," Wilson said after he'd regained his composure.

"For my sake as much as yours...I hope you were lying."

Cameron and Chase lingered after the others left. Chase examined the tombstone. "What's up with the inscription?" he asked.

"Oh? Wilson wanted that put on it..." She too looked down at it.

"Poor guy," she said, looking over at the lonely figure still standing beneath an orange laden tree.

"I think he's waiting for us to leave so that he can say his final goodbye," Chase said, glancing over at Wilson who was staring into the distance at nothing. They nodded silently to each other and left.

Wilson watched them pull out of the parking lot and drive down the long and lonely back road til they disappeared. Only then did he walk down to House's newly covered grave. Kneeling down on the freshly turned soil, he rested his forehead down.

"Be happy, House," he whispered as a lone tear ran down his cheek and onto the grave. He got up and glanced one last time at the grave marker.

Gregory House

Didn't give a damn when he was born, Cared even less that he died, never mind when.

May he dream the dreams of one who was loved.

"Goodbye, Greg."


That's it. For those of you who read Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki was the one who said the saying seen on the gravestone. I do not own any of that artist's works either.