Hey. Well, here it is.. My epic fanfiction. Lengthwise, at least. You guys will have to let me know about content.

This will focus on Hyoutei and Seigaku, and the pairings that come with them.. (TezuFuji, GP, InuKai, slight MomoRyo, AtoJi, Dirty Pair, Silver Pair, etc.)

Title: Counting Days

Author: bjont

Summary: It's the normal days that often end up the strangest. When tragedy strikes Tokyo, the seventeen members of Seigaku and Hyoutei must join forces if they wish to survive. Character death.

Rating: M (Yaoi, violence, etc. but nothing too awful.)


"Doubles two, Inui-Kaidoh pair. Doubles one, Oishi-Kikumaru pair. Singles three, Echizen. Singles two, Fuji. Singles one, me." Tezuka Kunimitsu looked up from the clipboard in his hands, surveying his team with a stern gaze. "Remember, the fact that these are mock tournament matches should not weaken your guard. Let's proceed carefully. Hyoutei is strong." There was a collective nod from the team before Momoshiro raised his fist.

"Seigaku, fight!" he cried, his teammates eagerly joining in, their voices mingling in the crisp, autumn air.


"Mukahi, Oshitari. Do not let Ore-sama down." Hyoutei's original doubles pair nodded at their captain in unison before turning away to enter the court.

"Gakuto," Oshitari drawled, his dark eyes sweeping over the opposition, "Inui will remember your trouble with stamina. Those two will aim for a long match." A sly grin spread across Mukahi's face, and he shook a strand of cranberry-red hair from his eyes.

"Let's give it to them, then. Ne, Yuushi?" His bespectacled partner grinned back.

"Of course."

Across the net, Kaidoh hissed darkly.

"Inui-senpai, do you need time to collect data today?" he asked, eyeing the opposing pair with fierce determination.

"No, Kaidoh," Inui replied, flipping through his notebook. "What I have at the moment should be sufficient enough to allow me to play and analyze simultaneously."

"If you say so," Kaidoh agreed, and took a step toward the net, where Oshitari and Mukahi waited. Inui set his notebook down and followed.

"Inui and Kaidoh, is it?" Mukahi gave a little laugh before sticking his hand over the net. Kaidoh took it in a tight grip and lifted it slightly, before letting it drop with distaste. Gakuto laughed again. "Don't be bitter yet, Kaidoh. The game's hardly begun."

"Oshitari, I'm afraid the odds are against you," Inui stated, clasping the Kansai boy's hand in his lightly. Oshitari chuckled.

"Inui, I'm afraid I don't deal in numbers. Not on the tennis courts, at least," he replied.

"In any case, let's have a good game," Inui finished, releasing Oshitari's hand and stepping back.

"Yes," Oshitari agreed, "let's."

"One set match. Inui-Kaidoh pair to serve."

"Inui-senpai, don't use that right away," Kaidoh called over his shoulder from where he was hunched at the net. "They haven't earned it yet."

"Of course, Kaidoh," Inui replied, smiling slightly. He tossed the ball high, feeling his body coil naturally as it prepared to serve. This was perhaps his favorite aspect of the game; the beginning. He enjoyed the way he naturally responded to the ball, blasting into the serve as his weight transferred perfectly, naturally. His usual serve was fast; faster than most, but nothing compared to his Waterfall. Oshitari returned the ball with some difficulty, Inui noted. Kaidoh poached the return as a down-the-line volley, giving him time to retreat to the baseline. Neither he nor Inui were comfortable at the net, and with Kaidoh's snake and Inui's placement, they could easily win points from the back. "Kaidoh," Inui murmured as he drove a forehand cross-court, "hit Mukahi with the Snake when the appropriate shot comes. Leave Oshitari to me, he struggles with particularly strong shots."

"Yes, senpai," Kaidoh replied, slicing his backhand over to Gakuto, who returned it with a volley off a back-spring. The viper growled. "Acrobatics," he mumbled, "annoying." Inui chuckled and prepared to drop the ball at Oshitari's feet. The shot was well executed, but at the last moment, Gakuto dove across the court and returned the drop-ball while balanced on one hand. Kaidoh quickly picked up the return and hit it cross-court, to the wide gap left by Mukahi's jump. Oshitari had foreseen this, however, and was there in a flash, driving the ball down the center.

"Love, fifteen!"

"Not yet, hmm, Kaidoh?" Inui called from the baseline.

"Not yet, Inui-senpai," was the affirmative reply.

The next point went quickly, and the two teams continued to battle it out, each edging for the upper-hand. Forty minutes later, the score lay tied at 4 games all. Kaidoh rubbed a towel over his face, clearing the sweat-beads from his forehead.

"As I predicted, Mukahi has overcome his stamina problems," Inui said, setting his water bottle down and retrieving his racket. "Are you doing alright, Kaidoh?"

"Of course, senpai," Kaidoh growled. Inui smiled to himself. Kaidoh prided himself on his strength and stamina, just as Inui did, if not more. He would never admit fatigue.

"Kaidoh, I think it might be time to use it. Let's let the others play." Kaidoh looked up, and a slow smile crossed his full lips. He nodded silently and raised a fist toward Inui, who grinned in return and touched Kaidoh's knuckles with his own.

"Let's play, senpai."


"Game, Seigaku, 7 games to 5!"

"Damn it, Yuushi. That Boomerang Snake or whatever ought to be illegal. And what's with his stupid hissing? What, is he species-confused or something? Damn it! And what was with that data-geek's serve? And the way he muttered under his breath, too! What a creep!" Oshitari chuckled.

"It was a good game, Gakuto. We'll beat them next time."

"If there is a next time, Yuushi," Gakuto reminded his partner, who simply smiled.

"There will be a next time, Gakuto," he replied, before kneeling down to slip his racket into his bag. "Now," he pulled his jacket over his shoulders and rose to face the indignant acrobat, "let's go watch the next match." He started off toward the court, his long strides carrying him across the grass with ease. He hadn't gone far, however, when he realized that Mukahi was not following. He turned, and found his partner scrutinizing the sky. "Gakuto," he called, "come on."

"Yuushi," Mukahi replied, without looking down, "what is that?"

Oshitari lifted his dark eyes to the sky, following Gakuto's line of vision. Squinting slightly, he surveyed the horizon. Or, what should have been the horizon. A cloud of darkness had gathered above the hills, and as it neared, Oshitari could hear the slight whirring of blades and the roars and coughs of engines. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and something erupted on the ground not more than fifty miles away, sending a thick grey cloud of dust and debris into the air. The army of airships, helicopters, and planes slowly faded into the dust as they approached the city. Seconds later, another explosion shook the ground, and Mukahi stumbled slightly as a dark cloud billowed over head, littered with debris.

"Gakuto," Oshitari's voice was trembling slightly. He opened his mouth to continue, when a ear-splitting roar sliced through the air. Gakuto could only watch as a mammoth airship appeared out of nowhere, casting a long, dark shadow over the grounds.

"Gakuto," Oshitari was screaming now, "get down!"


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