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Sasuke: Idiot.

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The sky was grey and has always been since anyone could remember. The sun never shined, not a cloud could be found as the never-ending winter storm came and released its fury upon the poor, unsuspecting village. The village knew not of the warmth of the sun, the comfort of a spring breeze, nor the wonders of a moonlit night. The townspeople had to make due with the resources given to them to survive the everlasting snowfall that would one day bring their demise. However, it has not always been this way. Once upon a time, there was no snow and everyone could open their doors and greet the sun with great enthusiasm. That is, until the sorcerer came into power. Although the village was vast and rich in resources, it had no army, leaving them all susceptible to attack, and that is exactly what happened.

The sorcerer's name was Sasuke Uchiha, however, no one called him this for it was punishable by death. No. The underlings of the powerful sorcerer were to call him Cerulean. He came without warning and attacked with the rage of a thousand storms. Within three days the village was a vast land of ice and crystals. The sun was hidden behind a blanket of white and was never seen since. Even though the Sorcerer had become triumphant, he had not once left the sanctuary of his castle. Ebony eyes stared out the frosty window of his bedroom onto the village until the darkness had fallen and he grew tired. Walking to the silver four-poster bed, he would lay down in his dressings and stare into the starless night above him. Not once had he smiled.

Over the years, the townspeople had trained their strongest men to go against the snow demon who turned their precious town into a nightmare of frozen horrors. The heroes would make their way through the freezing ice and horrid winds, all the way to the top of the mountain where the castle of the Ice King stood. There, they would challenge the Sorcerer himself to a battle to the death over who would control the land. The Sorcerer would accept and the battle would begin.

Every battle ended with broken hearts as the heroes fell like the snow that covered their land. The bodies were never returned to their loved ones and still the snow fell. The townspeople were starting to lose hope of ever feeling the sun's healthy rays. The Sorcerer knew this day would come and he feasted on it for it was the broken hearts of the villagers that gave him his power.

Gazing into the crystal mirror, the Sorcerer would look into his noir eyes and see a bottomless pit that would never be filled. Then his eyes would fall upon his chest. There, rested a sapphire jewel around a sterling silver chain. It was in this necklace that his power resided. Of course, no one would have figured this out since not a single person had gotten close enough to see such a beautiful trinket nor would he allow anyone to venture so close. So there he stood, facing himself in the wall sized mirror for the rest of his days, that was, until someone would come and challenge him for the rights of the village. When that moment came, he descended from the spiral staircase that lead from his room to the main hall and into the throne room. There, he met his new opponent, though this time, he wasn't what the Sorcerer had expected.

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Sasuke: Cerulean… What the hell is Cerulean?

BPM: It's a Crayola Crayon color! My favorite to be exact. Seriously people! Go look in your brother or sister's crayon box. It's a very pretty blue! Well, this concludes my first chapter. I hope you enjoyed!