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It Matters Not, The World Keeps Turning

The Final Chapter

"He Should Know By Now That Death Happens All The Time,

The World Does Not Stop Turning. "

The sheets were damp. The curtains were damp. Cerulean's cheeks were damp as well as he lay there on his four-poster bed staring into his enormous mirror. The cracks were more visible as they grew larger in size. His reflection was barely visible due to the web like shards. He remembered…

Cerulean reached his bedroom chamber and shut the door behind him. Leaning up against the side of the mirror, he gently put his blue tinted hand on his sapphire pendant. Suddenly, it glowed brilliantly enough to illuminate the entire room. A sharp pain pierced through Ceruleans chest as he took a sharp intake of breath and clutched his robes.

The pain was incredible, almost too much for the ice king to handle. He fell to his knees clutching his heart, heaving, and trying to take in enough air for this pain to disappear from his heart.

'What is this pain? Could it be… my heart is breaking?' Looking down toward the ground, he was a small moist drop on the carpet. But how did it get there? He traced is hand up to his eye, and slowly brought it down, tracing his own cheek, like he once did to Naruto. Bringing his hand down, he stared in amazement as he discovered that he was crying.

Slowly making his way off the ground, he made it to his bed and collapsed. As soon as his head made contact with his pillow, a knock came from the door. In a small muffled voice, he answered to it.

"Enter." As soon as the last syllable left his mouth, the door to his chambers slowly opened as the one who knocked entered, holding a clipboard, and wearing a grim expression on his face.

"Why is it you have come? I have suffered enough and the need for company has disappeared along with my understanding of this world." The on that held the clipboard stuttered slightly and took a timid step forward.

"I-I'm sorry, your majesty, however, the results from the autopsy have come in." The king looked up into his servant's eyes. In a flash he rose and with giant strides made his way to the timid looking servant.

"Tell me! Why is it that the one I love was taken away from me?!" The sudden movements made the servant almost drop his clipboard. Regaining his composure, he flipped through his papers until he was satisfied on where it landed. Clearing his throat the servant looked at his king straight in the eyes.

"I wouldn't be surprised, Sire, if you knew nothing of this type of death. It is known as Hypothermia. Hypothermia is a condition in which an organism's temperature drops below that required for normal bodily functions. It can usually be summed up into three stages. As we examined the body, we have realized that he had gone through all three stages." Cerulean never took his eyes off of the servant. His mind was spinning.

'It couldn't have happened. He was fine the entire time, why so sudden? He showed no signs of being ill, and he was always smiling. He never once complained about the cold, even when we…'

"Kissed…" Cerulean put his hand to his lips. Could it have been that their last seal of love was what killed the sunshine that had once graced the ice king's life? Please God, if there was one. Please have it not be himself that had caused his innocent to fall in the throne room. Cerulean didn't think his breaking heart could handle it.

"I apologize for your loss, your highness."

"Leave!" The servant looked up at the sudden outburst and fled from the room. The ebony haired male made his way to the giant, now breaking, mirror and rested his head against it. It was his kiss that had killed his love. Then it was true with what Gaara had said.

"A child of the sun had no business being with a child of the moon. And it was because of my stubbornness that had lead to his demise. I deserve to be punished, not he." With a growl of frustration he ejected his fist into the already beaten mirror. Once his fist connected with the mirror, it shattered into thousands of pieces. The cracks reached all the way to the frame as shards of glass and ice fell to the floor, surrounding Cerulean as he stood there, releasing his tears as he begged for forgiveness from the boy who's life he took.

That was three hours ago. Since then, the king had lain there as his castle began to disappear as the warm summer sun came out from the once everlasting clouds. Cerulean's spell was broken and the village began to warm up, melting the snow and turning the once cold and bitter days into what the townspeople remembered them. The nice, dry days that Naruto use to dream about when he and the king sat down together near the fountain. The boy smiled so brilliantly whenever he thought of a time when there was no snow and when Cerulean's heart wouldn't be as cold as ice. To the king, the idea seemed very far-fetched, but as he lay there, reminiscing, he came to the conclusion that the dream Naruto once had actually became Cerulean's dream. However, the dream was gone, as well as Ceruleans will to rule.

For the sun to shine and there to be no snow. That was the wish that Cerulean granted to his once blazing ball of sunshine.

"I leave this empire as you would have wanted it, Naruto. I did it all for you."

'Thank you.' Cerulean's eyes opened slightly, revealing the image of his past lover, adorning his brilliant smile. The transparent image of the boy smiled down at the king with tears in his eyes to show his admiration. The king gathered his energy and moved his hand upward toward the boy as though to touch his scared cheek. Those marks, they suit him well.

"My love, I'm doing this for you. I never meant for this to happen, I only wanted for us to be together always." Cerulean's eyes grew heavy and his breath labored, but he fought to stay with his lover until all that was said was said. Naruto smiled and blushed.

"And I thank you, my love. I understand and that is why I have come back. I came back for you." The spirit of the boy moved in closer to the king.

"Come with me, my king. That way, we will be together, always." Cerulean smiled and completed the kiss that would save him from this world and bring him to his love. He held onto that kiss until his strength ran out, and his breath grew short. The pendant around is neck lightened until it started to crack. Within seconds the pendant was destroyed and all that remained of it were small sapphire pieces that now littered Cerulean's robes. With his remaining breath, he looked at the fading silhouette of his sunshine.

"I will see you again…" said the king as his eyes grew heavy and his head fell to the side showing the noir eyes, lifeless, yet full of love. Naruto stared at the man that had given up everything and started to fade. Before his disappeared for the last time, he said,

"I will be waiting for you, Sasuke." The room went silent as a steady breeze filled the room. It was warm, if anyone were there to feel it.

The Next Day

The villagers rejoiced as the last snowflake melted away as and trees started to grow their leaves. The flowers poked their way through the revealed dirt and the birds came back bearing their beautiful colors and sounds that the villagers longed to hear.

Naruto's parents came out from their house. They looked around, staring at the families that had come out of their houses, singing and dancing. However, the Uzumaki family had a heavy burden on their shoulders. They knew that their son would not be coming back. Nevertheless, his mother smiled. She was proud of her boy. He had done the impossible and had melted the Ice King's heart, causing the curse to be broken. She looked in the direction of the castle.

"Are you wondering where he is?" She turned and faced her husband. There was a hint of hope in her eyes that her baby was still alive.

"Come. We will go to the castle and see if our son can come home. Also, we will see what has happened to the cursed Ice King." Upon this statement, other villagers turned their heads and nodded in agreement. Getting their equipment, they started to make their way to the disappearing castle.

The palace was empty. The servants had fled and the doors were left wide open. The townspeople slowly made their way in.

"We will split into groups. Half will take the West Wing, the other half will take the East Wing." They all nodded in agreement as they went their separate ways. The group that took the West Wing included Naruto's mother and father. They all ventured up the stairs until they found a long hallway. They all split up to cover more ground as they started opening doors that revealed elegant rooms that were not soaked in melting ice water. One of the villagers opened one door that once was were the peasant boy slept. However, it was unaware to them. They looked around and shut the door behind them as they made their way out.

Others looked around the hallway and with further inspection; they had found bloodstains that were never fully taken out when Haku was murdered. Once they were pointed out, Sir. Uzumaki became nervous.

Mrs. Uzumaki had ventured by herself and decided to go down the hallway to the last door. She put her hand on the handle and hesitated, She felt something. Slowly opening the door, she went inside and froze.

Her husband looked around nervously when he couldn't find his wife. Looking down the hallway, he found the last door and ran to it. Inside was his wife. He sighed in relief and went to her.

"You frightened me. I thought I lost you." She didn't answer, she just kept staring straight. Raising his eyebrow, he followed her gaze. His eyes widened. Behind the Uzumaki couple, the other part of the group and finally caught up. They made their way into the room and started looking around, until the found what the Uzumaki's were staring at.

In the center of the room was a four-poster bed. There, lying on top of it wearing his elegant sapphire robes was Cerulean. His ebony hair lay across his face and his eyes were closed. If they didn't know any better, they would have said he was sleeping. Next to him was what made the townspeople stare. Next to the deceased king, lay a small boy with bright blonde hair. His arms were wrapped around his king. To the villagers, it looked as if the two were stuck in a moment of affection. On the bedside table lay a necklace. It was silver and was adorned will diamonds. However, there was a jewel in the middle. It was a giant sapphire. Next to the necklace, a ruby was left.

The mother turned her head and nuzzled into her husband as he put his arm around her waist. The all bowed their heads in respect toward the deceased couple that took their place on the bed before them.

It made the villagers wonder, as well as those who use to serve the King. How exactly did the young boy's body make its way to where Cerulean had passed? What exactly happened in the three days that the Uzumaki boy was up in the castle of the dreaded Ice King? None of the townspeople knew, but all they did know, was that they both died, knowing that they had finally found the love of their life. That they were now together, dancing their last waltz.



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