Chapter 1

All the professors sat at the kitchen table, taking their peaceful weekend slowly. Logan sipped on his blackened coffee, Ororo, Jean, and Scott sipped on their green-tea. Xavier and Hank enjoyed their morning Orange Juice.

The day was going good, until something happened to Logan, he never thought would happen.

A little girl, about the age of six, walked into the kitchen and tugged on his shirt. "Professor Logan," she said, her voice still high pitched. Logan looked at her and grinned, "What's up doll," he asked and picked her up, setting her on his knee.

"I heard Rogue and Bobby talkin'…" she started and fiddled with his shirt. "Uh-huh," Logan said and nodded. He glanced at Ororo and Jean and shrugged a little.

"What are the Birds and the Bees," the little girl asked and looked at Logan. She had the straightest look on her face.

Logan blushed uncontrollably, causing the other professors to giggle hysterically. Logan's eyes widened as he looked in the blue eyes of the young innocent girl that sat in his lap.

"Uh…" he started and blinked a few times, "Why exactly do you want to know," he asked, trying to avoid having to explain it to her, and make an ass of himself.

Logan was usually tough and rough, but something like this always made him feel like a pansy.

"Because they told me to ask you," she said honestly and continued to fiddle with Logan's shirt. "Maybe you should as Dr. Grey, I'm sure she can tell you more easily that I can," she said and set her down.

Sighed heavily Logan watched the girl shake her head. "I want you to tell me," she said innocently as she tugged on his shirt once more. Logan sighed again and looked at Jean, who was giggling slightly covering her face.

Logan picked the girl back up, setting her in his lap, and smiled sweetly. "Do you know how babies are made," he asked, trying not to sound too graphic for the child.

The girl nodded, "It's like when two adults are wrestling right," she said innocently. Logan's eyes widened even more and shook his head in disbelief.

"Sort of," he said and turned to a grinning Charles Xavier. "Who told you that," he asked and the little girl grinned, "John," she said sweetly.

Logan nodded, "Okay," he said and sighed. The little girl smiled and kissed his cheek before jumping off his lap. "Thank you Logan," she said cutely and ran out of the room.

Logan turned back to the other professors and covered his blushed faced and mumbled a few words. "Hey Logan," Scott started and stood up walking towards him.

He sat in Logan's lap and wrapped his arms out Logan's neck, "What are the birds and the bees," he asked sarcastically and got off his lap before Logan could react physically.

"Kiss my ass Scooter," Logan yelled and left the room furiously.